Charles Ward VIDEO 8-13-20… “Tom Sidney Bushnell Talking Numbers and Numerology with Charlie Ward” (aka, “The Italian word for ‘Jaws’ is ‘Fauci’!!”)

Yes, I was watching this live, and caught the last 10 minutes or so. One thing that “popped out”, at about 22:30 of the final video, where he talks about the movie, “Back to the Future 2”, and where Marty goes into the future, and sees a massive holographic shark pop out of an ad on a tele-screen. The movie being advertised is “Jaws 19”. Well, Tom points out that the Italian word for ‘Jaws’ is ‘Fauci’. I did a Google translate search and found this was correct (click for a screenshot).

A lot of fascinating information here. As I know is true for many, I am very much connected to numerology, and for myself, numbers often give “Guidance” during missions, etc.

Enjoy this one, baby!!

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CORRECTION by TOM :::::: First couple mins Charlie talks about his wife NURSEL & he says he got all wanted with her & FIFTY PERCENT… Incorrectly Tom said from memory that Fifty Percent = 88
it actually equals 147
1(4)7 = 14 for Nesara & 1×47 = 47 for atomic number of SILVER ?

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Amazing Stargate Atlantis Ascension Episode Synchronicities

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