Okay, Here’s the Story So Far….

By Anna Von Reitz

My oldest (and most reliable) colleagues in science and math and fellow “Sufferers of the Gubmint” began reporting strange dealings going on in China last June. 

According to two of them, both isolated sources, people who don’t know each other and who come from radically different corners of the globe, the Elites (ahem, yes, well, according to some people anyway….) were bribing China to radically reduce the population “voluntarily”.  The implications of this are obvious and horrifying. 

The Cabal was, reportedly, offering China gold on a per head basis to reduce its population, plus, in separate talks, offering China ownership of certain patents….to certain drugs and vaccines….so…..?  

The implication then was that the Communist Chinese Government was being bribed to kill off their own people and, at the same time, given the antidote/preventative measures so that the culprits could do this safely and when the desired population reduction had been achieved, could: (1) halt the epidemic, and (2) make everyone else in the world pay for the antidote/vaccines — while making themselves look like heroes. 

This plan accomplishes numerous objectives of the cabal and the Chinese Government and guarantees that the direct profits (gold from the Cabal) and indirect profits (payment from other countries for the “cure”) would make all this discomfort and loss of “livestock” financially worthwhile.  

This “involuntary” shutdown of Chinese productive capacity for a period of months would also neatly rebuff and undercut Trump’s new Trade Deal with China, which left the Cabal out of the loop and allowed China to keep the profits of its currency exchanges.  

Of course, both post-Brexit and US Suppliers would profit handsomely, too, as this would promote a giant scramble to locate “safe” suppliers of many, many commodities that China normally produces — everything from kitchen towels, to fan belts, to micro chips, to medicines.  

The world would be forced to find new suppliers of critically needed commodities, and to make up for the “inconvenience”, those suppliers get to name their prices, don’t they?  

All the SARS family viruses cause various forms of respiratory failure and hemorrhagic fever.  If they gain a real foothold they attack the membranes and connective tissues and extra-cellular matrix materials in the body and cause them to rupture and bleed.  

People with few collagen sources and limited Vitamin C are especially at risk and that includes most of the population of industrialized China. 

When I first heard about this I was appalled — and thought, no, it would be too obvious, too easy to trace back through the Patent Offices.  And how would they do the mammoth gold transfers under our noses, without everyone knowing? 

Answer: By cutting a deal with the Government of the Philippines or the Government of Indonesia, either one. 

I put all that information in my “Chew On It” bin and then when all this nastiness blew up in Wuhan (yes, an inverse anagram for “Human”) I had cause to chew on it again.  Plus, more Intel from my original sources, who were hopping mad and baying for corporate blood— and still more offerings from other old and respected sources who are always grim to listen to —- but usually right. 

As I originally surmised, the track at the Patent Office was well-beaten and led immediately to the usual suspects in Britain and the US —  and then….. took a not entirely illogical jog to….Monsanto…..and US NAVY and NASA and Blackwater…. 

So…. if those guys are involved in it, you know something is truly and well-rotten in Luxembourg.  This is possibly a double-cross on the Chinese, who, most likely, got a different “product” than they bargained for—- but then it becomes a game of who has the vaccine or medicine or whatever will stop the infection. 

The initial symptoms and description of the disease coming out of Wuhan from official Chinese sources were consistent with the “offer” made to the Chinese Government last June — quick, clean, painless death, Asian and colored males targeted.  And then, very decidedly, the descriptions began to shift and things got chaotic.  

The description coming out of Wuhan changed to — not only true hemorrhagic fever symptoms, but, an artificially accelerated nanobot delivery system and production of foreign poisons similar to reptile venom that also cause death by internal hemorrhage and nerve damage.  

What would superficially appear to be consistent with a natural outbreak of a hemorrhagic fever would be hopped up with a GMO Transfer Agent, such is used to produce strains of GMO soybeans, to mainline the virus into the body in much greater quantities, and the altered DNA would be tweaked to produce literal poison — similar to the way GMO corn produces herbicide and insecticide internally.  

Then, to top off this Horror Story, the “package” would be delivered by micron dust — more nanobot stuff, rendering the spread of the disease unstoppable, with the worst of it being carried Westward with the prevailing winds. 

The men who created this now-presumed-from-the-evidence to exist unnatural pathogen and swapped it for the originally agreed upon pathogen, are now in possession of the means to stop the plague they have unleashed and created, which they may be willing to do for either a great price or their own necks. 

Or they may simply be nutcases who believe all the shinola about needing to severely reduce the population. 

I am not temperamentally suited to be a dabbler in speculations— but I am an old hand when it comes to research.  

That long practice leads me to look for things that “should be there” and aren’t.  And what gives this (above) intelligence report some credibility in my mind is: (1) the Cabal was insanely maddened by Trump’s Trade Deal and we know that; (2) you (and I) aren’t hearing any reports of survival statistics. 

All that is coming out of China or anywhere else are not survival statistics — which should be present — all we are hearing is number of infections confirmed and number of deaths.  The kind of horrific bioweapon described above, using a GMO Transfer Agent and nanobot delivery would guarantee a near-100% mortality rate without the correct antigens and antiviral therapy. 

And that could be the reason we aren’t hearing any survival statistics. 

It’s certainly part of the reason that I am asking Mr. Trump and his Administration to get to the bottom of this, and to make public disclosure of the findings.  

We do have the means to track down those responsible and I am suggesting that we do so with great alacrity—- and if such a hyped-up version of corona virus has been deployed — make it public.  Name the names.  Name the corporations responsible. 

And liquidate them. With great prejudice. 

Of course, for all we know, all of this could be an elaborate False Flag and another Red Herring designed to keep out attention detained while other important things slip by under the radar.  

I am a great admirer of Jon Rappoport, one of the last independent journalists left alive, and I am more than willing to concede—- he may be right. This could be just another way to gin up mega-profits for Big Pharma. He is certainly right that we have little to no reason to trust conventional medicine, the FDA, or commercial doctors who long ago forgot about being physicians: 


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A Court Order is Like an Order for French Fries, Okay?

By Anna Von Reitz

The Judge gives his Order and the for-hire private security force goons acting under Color of Law as “Sheriffs” and as, for example, “State of Vermont Troopers” –then swing into clueless action to bring him his booty.

But, what happens if someone intercepts and cancels his order?

“Hey, yah, Jaime, cancel that order for fries—!”

Then nothing happens. The “Order” just disappears. Nobody scurries around. The potatoes don’t go in the oil. The house doesn’t get sold. The whole thing gets dropped.

And that is what needs to happen with all these foreclosure cases that are taking place under false legal presumptions and color of law.

There are now three really good reasons why the Foreclosure Mills need to shut down.

(1) All the Federal States of States and Federal State Trusts have been seized upon and rolled back into the actual sovereign States. That reverses the legal presumptions all these courts have been operating under and takes all the “franchise” property off the table. They can no longer “presume” that anyone is acting in the capacity of a federal “citizen”. Instead, they have to presume that you are acting in your private trade capacity under the Public Law owed to this country.

(2) They are using your bond to fund their case. You have every right to subrogate the case and dismiss it with extreme prejudice —and can easily put teeth into the claim by claiming the Case (Contract) Number as the collateral and the Court’s Name and Address as the Debtor. Use your Trade Name (First, Middle, Last) as the Secured Party and mention that it is a Trade Name of the living-man: first-middle-last to whom all the property, assets, and interest belongs. Check the Non-UCC-Lien box on the UCC-1 Form, and present a certified copy to the Court Clerk. Then instead of them getting to claim your assets, you get to claim theirs, and they promptly start losing money as a result of their criminal racketeering, which gives them motive to stop doing what they are doing.

(3) You are indemnified in the strongest terms possible from suffering any “loss or damage” as a result of the existence of these “federal franchises”. In fact, you are exempt from claims and your VESSELS are already tax pre-paid. So how is it that these “courts” are dragging YOU in and railroading you with their “Orders”? Could it be that you aren’t cancelling their Orders?

Yes, it could. If you just stand there and let their “orders” be served by the clueless police, they win because you don’t do anything effective to cancel their order.

It’s just a little bit more complicated than saying, “Hey, Jaimie….”

You take their “Court Order” and you write: “Accepted for Indemnification Value” on it, and you write: Private Registered Indemnity Bond Number: RA 393 427 640 US — AMRI00001 -1 (California or Ohio or whichever State) and you sign it with your Upper and Lower Case Trade Name using a by-line, that is, pretend you are an author and sign it by: Your Signature, and date it.

Take copies. And either return it to the Clerk of Court via Registered Mail as soon as you get it, Return Receipt Requested, of course.

Or take two copies into the Clerk of Court’s Office, get both date-stamped, and give the original to her, keeping your own date-stamped copy for yourself.

Consider the “Order” to sell YOUR house cancelled. Along with the French Fries.

Now, the “lawful conversion” back to the States is somewhat recent and not all courts will be aware of the reversal at the same time. Several Judges will no doubt have to step on the landmine before it is universal knowledge. It could take a few months.

The subrogation of your bond can be used right now.

And you can cancel their Orders to seize upon you or your assets by claiming against the indemnity bond, too. You are insured against loss or damage and your “policy number” is there on file and up to date.

Oh, and let’s add a Fourth Reason — a really BIG Reason — why all these Foreclosure Mills need to shut down: no living man or woman ever owed any “mortgage” to begin with.

So, time to bat your eyelashes at the Judge and say, “Oh, and by the way….., your Honor, I wish to see the Bill connected to this case…..”

And if the Judge doesn’t have it ready for you to sign off, then you bat your eyelashes again and say, “I wish for dismissal of this claim with extreme prejudice, and I wish for the Prosecutor to pay me three times damages and court costs in the amount of…..”

Calculate this number based on current value of the property that has been put at risk and a realistic idea of what the case has cost you in terms of time and money and angst. Don’t go overboard, but make your point. And then walk away.

Some judges are honorable men and some are not. Be forewarned that some will try to trick you by addressing you as “Mister” or “Miss” or by calling you a “resident” or attempting to give you an “order” from the bench, such as, “Uh, Mister Johnson, come back here….. ” Or, “Miss St. James, sit down….”

When they do this, they are trying to establish a basis for claiming jurisdiction they don’t have. They are grasping at straws for some excuse to claim that you are subservient to them. Object to any attempt to call you “Mister” or “Missus” or “Miss” or anything else like that, and also to calling you a “resident” or giving you any orders.

You are the sovereign and they are the servants.


Get your attitude adjusted and your facts and processes in hand — and stop sending me sad and desperate letters and emails about these vermin taking your farms and homes.

We are doing all we can to stop this criminality on a systemic level. Until we do, you have all you need to defend yourselves one by one.

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