On Kings

By Anna Von Reitz

Our family has been avoiding the task of ruling over other people— and has instead advocated the empowerment and education necessary for men to engage in self-government— since 487 A. D.   We are the ones who wrote the Magna Carta.  We are the ones who declared and established the sovereignty of the American People. 

It is the utter height of idiocy for anyone to imagine that we ever wanted to be kings or queens over anyone.  Ruling over other people is a tremendously inappropriate, thankless, tedious, nasty job and there is no reason for it.

We have one (1) Creator and he is our True Father, Lord, and King. 

This Canaanite idea that we should choose kings and lift up one among us to rule over everyone else and that we should so worship and honor a man is blasphemy—– and also stupidity, because it doesn’t reliably work. 

If you get lucky and get a good king, he expends his life as a sacrifice for the good of the kingdom.  Next time around you may get an idiot who abdicates all responsibility and grinds the kingdom into the ground.  There is no way to guarantee any good result from a human monarchy — never has been and never will be.

It is an idea and practice and institution that has consistently failed since the days of Samuel.

THAT is why we have advocated that men should worship their Creator as they best understand their Creator, and love themselves and each other and the rest of all creation—– and each one should be given the education and support to become an ethical and self-governing man or woman. 

Not bundled together in a herd and treated like sheep and ruled over by a despotic False Shepherd.

Everyone who does not consider himself a king, envies the king and imagines “what it would be like to be king” —- but knows nothing at all about the realities of fulfilling such a position.  A good king or queen becomes a living sacrifice to the job. They have no life of their own.  They are criticized and venerated and threatened at every turn, accosted by every madman, undermined by every politician, surrounded by people who would rather avoid their own responsibilities in life in exchange for subjection and a pension.

Thus, both from the standpoint of the sovereign and the standpoint of the subject, monarchy is a lousy, unstable, unworkable, sacrificial, blasphemous Canannite system — and always has been. 

We are all supposed to be the kings and queens of our own lives, to bear our own responsibilities, to educate and exercise ourselves, to make our own decisions, to establish our values, ethics, and precepts, and yes, to rule over our own lives, our families, our communities, our nations and our world as individual people. 

It is as unique living beings with individual responsibilities and rights that we are to be honored and protected and valued— the kings and queens of our own lives.  

Now, all those who are making these rumors that I want my son to be “king of the world” —- why would any Mother, knowing what a miserable job being “king” really is, want that for her son?   Why would anyone knowing what I know and what my family has always known about monarchy want to continue such a failed system?  

You have The Settlement of the Norman Conquest, The Magna Carta, The Declaration of Independence, our silence for six generations, and our silence throughout our own lives until our old age to prove that, no,  we don’t want to be kings—- but those who are spreading the rumors that we do, are also revealing something to you.

They are revealing that they accept monarchy and support the idea of monarchy, either as would-be kings or would-be subjects.

There is one King who should rule our hearts— the Lord of the Earth, the Prince of Peace, the Wonderful Counselor, the Everlasting Father— and if you have the sense of a turnip, it should now be apparent that he is more than all the king we shall ever need or accept to rule over us.  Let that king enter and rule your hearts and minds and bless your lives and you won’t have to worry about who — or what — rules over you.


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