One Assembly Per State

By Anna Von Reitz

There is an obvious error being played out across the country and all sorts of various groups forming and claiming to be this or that version of “United States”, but all these activities which are taking place outside the framework of our government are acts of insurrection and attempted commercial and international fraud that cannot go unanswered. 

There is only one Assembly per State because there is only one recognizable Body Politic in each State of the Union.  If there were two Body Politics, there would be two States.  Or three.  Or a half a dozen. 

As you can see, there is only one entity called “California” and we do not see any “California 2” in evidence. 

Each single State Assembly is made up of Natural-born Americans or Legal Immigrants who have adopted that physically-defined State of the Union as their permanent house and home, and declared themselves State Citizens—- Lawful Persons also known as “People”. 

This is the Body Politic forming each one of our State Governments and there is no other.  

There are no provisions for any other kinds of “Assemblies” inhabited by Federal Citizens operating as U.S. Citizens or citizens of the United States, and no sanction for “clubs” or “associations” calling themselves by similar names like “United Allied States” and blah, blah, blah which are all foreign commercial corporations trying to pull another Fast One on unwary people.  

If you are an American, you were born in or immigrated to, a physically defined State with borders, rocks, trees, and other features.  This is where you live, breathe, and have your home.  This State is called by a single, simple Proper Name like this: Oregon, Vermont, Wisconsin, Texas, etc. 

Each one of these States has one State Assembly.  You are naturally part of that State Assembly and either acting as a State National or a State Citizen, until or unless you go to work for the Federal Government or otherwise knowingly, willingly, and voluntarily adopt foreign citizenship. 

In order to function in your natural birthright capacities, any other citizenship or political status “conferred” upon you without your knowledge has to be disclaimed, including any Federal Citizenship.  

Federal Citizens all act as Persons (Territorial) or PERSONS (Municipal) and cannot act as one of the People of this country, and do not fall under the protections of, nor are they inheritors of, the guarantees of the Constitutions. 

So, if you want your Constitutional Guarantees to be upheld, you have to take action to declare and record your political status as an American State National or American State Citizen.   Otherwise, you are in Limbo Land.  

All those who can do so are urged to join your State Assembly and support it as State Citizens.  

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