Three Keys, One Chapter and One Psalm: Your Future?

By Anna Von Reitz

I work with confused people every day.  Most often they are confused about the very foundations of their lives and their existences.  

Many believe that they are free, when in fact, they are enslaved.  Many believe that they are “US Citizens”, when in fact, they are Americans.  Many think they are “Christian”, but in fact, they are practicing a foreign religion.  

The Essence of Evil is deceit and confusion. 

We fail to recognize Evil, and do what is wrong, because we believe that the Evil we are doing is right.   We are confused.  

“Forgive them, for they know not what they do,” says it all.   

We go to war, thinking that we are protecting our country, when in fact we are murdering innocent people to profit evil men.  

We store up symbols of wealth and power, and we worship these idols, believing that they have value.  

We enter into marriage as a commercial contract, because we have been taught no better.   

Truly, wherever you look, you see that the world is upside down.  Doctors promote disease.  Lawyers peddle injustice.  Servants rule.  The Good suffer and the Evil prosper. 

Yet, we take all this for granted and stumble on?   

We already have “one world religion” —- the Religion of Lies.  It has served Satan since the early days and was so at the time of Jesus and still is now. 

There is some information I need to give to everyone, regardless of what religion you may follow — practical information you will need to make sense of things. 

Is there one united group of all those who love Jesus at the end– a universal church, though it may not be called a church at all?  

Yes, there are those who belong to him who come from all nations and churches and even other faiths.  John 10:16.  This is the first key.  Expect this. Know this. 

How will you recognize Him despite all the confusion and false prophets?  

The most simple and natural means of all: his voice. 

You will know him the same way you know the voice of a family member.  John 10:3-5.  This is the second key.  There is one voice, and you will know it.  

What is the truth about these times and the nature of Mankind? 

“They know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness; all the foundations of the earth are out of course” —- yet, “I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.”  Psalm 82:5-6. 

These are our times and this is our nature.  This is the third key.  

Those who correct their understanding and yield to the Truth within them, will live as children of the most High God.  They will rise up and be like the Good Shepherd they follow, certain of their steps, humble in their gladness. 

No earthly power can cheat them of what they are.  All their treasure is in Heaven; who will take it from them?  Surely, their portion is set aside, and what part of it was not earned? 

These are things for us to think upon and know in these days when we are tested and the Devil tries his final Grand Slams, his Biggest Lies, his most devious Plans.  

We shall come from the far corners of the Earth, from all races and nations, from all faiths and systems of belief, for we are called as a sheep is called by its name and by its Shepherd.  We are called despite all differences. 

We shall hear his voice and we shall answer.  We will not be deceived.  We will not be confused.  At no moment will we be left unguarded.  We are safe with our Shepherd and our Shepherd is with us.  

We shall see the Darkness, but not be dismayed; we are the children of the most High God, made for this day and in His image.

So now you know who you truly are and what to expect in the days to come. Let nothing make you afraid, for the days of Satan are done and his outcome is assured.  


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