Only Nine (9) to Go!

By Anna Von Reitz

I mentioned yesterday that when the so-called Civil War began in 1860 there were only 37 states enrolled in the Union. Most of what we think of as the Western States were still being populated and were in territorial status at the time, and Alaska and Hawaii were not even close to being on the radar for statehood.
So, given the situation we now know existed after the “Civil War” with the British Territorial United States pulling its fraud and Breach of Trust — where did it leave those states?
In limbo.
The (Territorial) United States Congress promised them “statehood” but because there was no National Congress in session, these states-in-waiting could never actually be enrolled. Instead, the Territorial United States Congress established “State” land trusts named after the actual States called “Montana State” and “Nevada State” and so on, and then papered over these “federal trust lands” with their very own state-of-state organizations operating under deceitfully similar names as the “(Territorial) State of Montana, (Territorial) State of Idaho, etc.
So, in truth and in fact, even though these Western States are owed full statehood like any of the other states of the Union, they still are technically in territorial status and still being administered as presumed “public trusts” of the Territorial United States. With that entity now being in Chapter 11 Reorganization, these states are in grave jeopardy. Again, in theory, they could be subjected to a false claim of abandonment, and sold off to the Secondary Creditors of the bankrupt Territorial United States.
The actual sovereign government operated as The United States of America (Unincorporated) has stepped forward and claimed them back, but until we can get our land jurisdiction counties and States back on the board and a National Congress convened, all these Western States are still in limbo. Their people are, and are not, recognized as Americans, and their land remains largely held in trust by the Federales instead of being in their own hands.
As of last Thursday, 21 of the original 37 States are present and accounted for. Only nine more to go, before we have a quorum competent to reopen the National Congress for the first time since 1860.
I have been preaching for many months the importance of two things— getting your own political status corrected, and then, getting your local county jural assembly restored to full function.
There is nothing of greater importance that you can do to assure your own safety and that of your family, and nothing more important you can do for your country. Imagine living in one of the Western States right about now, and realizing that you have built your life and sunk everything into homes and ranches and businesses that technically “belong to” a bankrupt foreign corporation? And the only thing standing between you and their Secondary Creditors is a badly neglected 242 year-old Union of States that still uses Silver Dollars as its currency?
So, everyone reading this — you are on a Mission to save your own bacon and save the Western States.
The Michigan General Jural Assembly has stepped to the plate to help all of you get organized, and as of last week, they had exciting news to share:
As of March 22nd 2018 9pm to 10pm Thursday night 21 states had representation present in the first DeJure national quorum since 1861 with a roll call and minutes of the meeting recorded. The next meeting is scheduled for next Thursday evening March 29th 2018 at 9pm to 10pm eastern time. We no longer just have a national assembly training call. After 2 years of work We THE People have organized into a lawful assembly as per Article 1 of the Bill of Rights! At the point when we have 30 states present for roll call we will be able to move forward.
New website being developed for the national assembly and soon to be made public.
For now please visit for resources and information.
Send an email to with your state in the subject line to be added to your state’s assembly.
(End message from MGJA.)
Please, if you’ve been sitting on your rump, wondering what to do next—-organize your local county. Maybe at the start it will only be “me and you and Ted and Alice” — but that doesn’t matter. If there is even only one American standing up and claiming their birthright political status in a county, that county is still populated and still counts in the State Assembly.
I hope I am getting the urgency and importance of your action across to you. This is something that only Americans claiming their birthright political status can do. Nobody can do it “for” us, and if you don’t, who will?
It has been a hundred and fifty years since we convened a National Level Congress and took care of business — like formally enrolling the Western States as States and collecting our rent as Priority Creditors of the Territorial and Municipal Governments and receiving back all our lands that have been held in “trusts”—-don’t you think its about time that you paid attention and got involved?
For your own sake, for your state and for everyone else?
Michigan General Jural Assembly holds a National Conference Call every Thursday night, nine o’clock EST1-712-720-4160  participant code 226823# .
They also offer a Hotline from 2-7 pm, Monday – Thursday1-989-450-5522.

Get a move on, America! Only nine states left to go!

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