Steven Seagal demonstrates “‘Harmonizing’ with the Opposition” (and “why the h— is this being posted here?”)

[Kp note: no need to view the entire video, of course. I believe he talked about the “harmonizing” about half way in.]

I never follow this type of thing (anything martial artsy), but I saw this early morning and because I’ve been processing several 3D type deals that I’ve been somewhat “struggling” with, this showed up as one of the messages (clues) that were “mine” to see.

What connected with me was he spoke about “harmonizing” with the opponent (I would call
it, “partner in contrast”). Not punching, not bashing, not confronting, not calling it names, not viewing it as “the enemy”.

Many times we are moving through “planetary matrices” which, if we attribute them as “evil” or “dark” or “something to be feared”, that’s what they become. Yet if we view them as simply “partner in contrast”, it can be something that we can harmonize with, sort of, in the “matrix dance”… as we “dance our way” (instead of “fight our way”) out of the matrix.

Thanks to PAB for posting on FB.

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