Ora.tv 1-9-19… “Larry King Now: UFO truther Bob Lazar & filmmaker Jeremy Corbell” (and David Wilcock’s comments on this)

I’m listening to this now, and learned about it from an update on David Wilcock’s latest article. I found this to be an excellent overview of Bob’s life and his experiences at Area 51 in the past, and in the now.

I was unable to embed the video or audio here, but I was able to link to them. You may click below and they will play in a new window or tab (or download to computer and play that way), or one may always view at the Ora.tv link. Remember that these are properties of ORA.tv and Larry King Now.

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Links to the Bob Lazar movie are in DW’s comments.

UFO truther Bob Lazar & filmmaker Jeremy Corbell
UFO enthusiast Jeremy Corbell joins Bob Lazar to discuss his new film ‘Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers’.Plus, why the duo believe the government is still following Bob almost 30 years after he claimed to have helped reverse engineer an alien spacecraft.


David Wilcock’s comments on this:


Larry King and his people reached out to Lazar after the success of this film and asked for an interview — and it just aired. Both Corbell and Lazar are terrific in this interview. There is no shaming or “laugh factor” from Larry. It is all taken very seriously. The scope and depth of information here, and the overall quality, is so good that I would consider this to be “required viewing” before seeing the movie itself.

“Lazar has EXACTLY the same type of qualities — humility, dazzling articulation, unhesitating honesty — that I have seen with every genuine insider. Furthermore, Lazar confirmed that the massive federal raid on his property, covered in the movie, was likely them looking for Element 115. Corbell was obviously taken aback when Lazar decided to come clean on Larry King and admit that this was what they had talked about in their “secret interview” the day before.

Click here for the dedicated link to this video on Larry King’s site. This was a very impressive interview! A truly legendary event in UFO history.

“After seeing something like this with my own eyes, I feel even more strongly that Disclosure is upon us. We will have much more to say on that in the next article.

TRULY MIND-BLOWING. Seeing Bob Lazar come full-circle and re-appear in the public eye is a truly mind-blowing experience for a UFO historian like me. I highly recommend you check it out. It is available to rent or to own on all the top video-streaming platforms:

iTunes linkAmazon [link]

“There are many interesting specifics where Jeremy Corbell followed up on research leads Lazar had put out, and hit pay dirt. Viewing this film is also a way to directly support the mission of disclosure by providing critically-needed funding when it is needed most.”