Ordo ab Chao

By Anna Von Reitz

A few days ago I reported that Queen Elizabeth II is stepping down from her perch as leader of the infamous “Committee of 300”.  

The Committee of 300 was formed to oversee the wealth resulting from the investment of the D’Avila Trust and other private trust assets — the interest and rollovers and new assets developed from the deployment of these private trust assets that never belonged to the Committee in the first place and still don’t belong to them now.  

Essentially, the bankers and the governments involved decided to defraud private people and to seize upon and use private assets left as “Special Deposits” in the care of the banks for their own investment purposes.  By and by, these shady bank investments bore fruit and the Committee of 300 was then formed to oversee the use and management of the profits. 

So now they will have a new leader for this illicit group engaged in profiteering and theft, and he allegedly made the following statement: “The 13 ruling bloodlines and I have had enough of this world and the minions charged with its curation.  All Sovereign Heads of State and all respective governments are fired. Ordo ab Chao.” 

Pretty heady stuff for the leader of an un-elected group engaged in criminal activity, don’t you think? 

Am I the only one with a visceral “slap them silly” response?  

“Ordo ab Chao” means “Order Out of Chaos” and it is the peculiar anthem and watchword of Scottish Rite Masons of the Thirty-Third Degree.  

He is calling out to his Scottish Rite Brethren worldwide to impose “order” on all the rest of us by undermining and unseating all the Heads of State.  

Sounds like the “Hidden Hand” isn’t so hidden anymore— if it ever really was.  

Also sounds like the Scottish Rite needs to be viewed as an insurrectionist and criminal conspiracy aimed at the overthrow of all conventional governments, using resources stolen from private individuals by banks.  

Now, isn’t that fascinating?  First, we corrupt the banks and steal the use of resources that don’t belong to us, to make profits that also don’t belong to us, and then we use those profits to destroy traditional governments worldwide —- in order to do what? 

Obviously, to create a global kingdom of Mammon at the expense of everyone else, ruled via a Nazi-like sense of “order” imposed by whoever to Hell these monsters are. 

Do I have to underscore the importance of getting your local and State Jural Assemblies up and running?


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