Orgonite Goes Mainstream, Celebrities Start Using and Promoting Life Giving Energy Device

(Justin Deschamps) Vital energy, sometimes called prana or chi, is quickly becoming the latest health craze. In early 2019, search engines saw a 100% increase in searches of the health-imparting substance. Orgonite is made from resins, natural crystals, conductive metals, and other substances, which users report impart healing, reduce electromagnetic pollution, keep food fresh, and much more. In recent years, big-name celebrities started using orgonite—What do they know that the rest of us don’t?

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How to Protect Your Electromagnetic Health

(Light on Conspiracies) No matter how many billions are spent keeping this information FROM you by the telecom companies, the truth remains, wireless technology is killing you slowly while jamming your thoughts and even breaking your DNA for generations to come; negatively affecting your life on a cellular level. No matter how much you don’t want this to be true, it IS the truth.

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Food Preservation with Orgonite (Video)

How many times have you had to throw out perfectly good fruits and veggies because they rotted before you had a chance to eat them?  I used to have this problem and it made me feel so frustrated to throw away perfectly good food and the hard earned money I spent on it.   But then I learned about orgone energy and tried this really great trick and found that the food in my fridge was lasting up to 3 times longer!

Orgone energy is the lifeforce energy around every living cell which gives off a blue glow under a microscope. Orgonite, is a composite made with certain organic and metallic materials that emits negative ions which helps to preserve the orgone energy in all life forms.

We discovered something interesting when we began to use our orgone charge plates. We put two of our plates in the fridge and freezer and it had turned the entire refrigerator into an orgone accumulator box! The end result is that you get preserved fruits, vegetables, dairy, etc. The foods in our  fridge last much longer than normal. No longer are we having problems keeping fresh lettuce longer than a week. We simply peel off one or two dying leaves on the outside and still have edible lettuce underneath.

Here are a couple of pics of our orgonite plates in our fridge and freezer.

orgonite-food-preservation-1-225x300 Food Preservation with Orgonite (Video)

orgonite-food-preservation-2-300x255 Food Preservation with Orgonite (Video)

orgonite-structured-ice-freezer-300x225 Food Preservation with Orgonite (Video)

Having the orgone charge plates in our refrigerator has made a difference. We now can enjoy all of our fruits and veg while saving money in the long run. The passive, life-preserving scalar field emitted from orgone products is truly the gift that keeps on giving. We were so excited about this discovery that we’ve made a video to share our experience. The clip also goes more in detail as to what orgone accumulators do to living organisms inside of them.  You can watch this video here.

For More information on ordering our handmade orgonite charge plates for your fridge please click the link below.

orgonite-shungite-charging-plates Food Preservation with Orgonite (Video)


Heal Yourself From Chemtrails (Video)

Heavy metals from chemtrails are making a lot of people sick. Many people feel overwhelmed and think that there isn’t anything that they can do to heal themselves. In this article and video we will show you some solutions that can help you to protect yourself from chemtrails and detox yourself from the heavy metals that chemtrails have put in our bodies.

Chemtrails are a mixture of aerosols that contain heavy metals such as aluminum strontium and barium.  These are just the chemicals that we do know about, but there may be other elements that are in chemtrails that have not been made public. Chemtrails come from airplanes that spray them across the skies all over the planet. Chemtrails are used in geoengineering in an attempt to control the weather.  They are used in conjunction with electromagnetic frequencies emitted from machines such as HAARP. One way of looking at how they work together is to imagine that the chemtrails are like the canvas and the electromagnetic fields are like the paintbrush.

Heavy metals from chemtrails have been linked to many different health problems such as nervous system impairment, memory loss, fatigue, kidney failure, digestive problems, frequent cold and flu like symptoms and many other health issues to numerous to list here. (we will be doing another video discussing this more in depth) If you want to improve your health one of the best things you can do is to get the heavy metals out of your environment and your body.

Chemicals falling from the sky from chemtrails can be stopped using orgonite pyramids.  In this video, Hopegirl and Tivon from the Fix the World Organization in Morocco talk about chemtrails and orgonite and how you can use orgonite pyramids to create a shield or grid around your property to clear up the chemtrails above your home.

Watch the video Here

Also if you are interested in purchasing our orgonite pyramids we are running some special offers. We handmake all of our orgonite and ship everywhere in the world.   Click here to order our orgonite pyramids!

orgonite-shungite-pyramids-chemtrails Heal Yourself From Chemtrails (Video)


Our contest was so popular this past month we are doing it again for the month of December!  Congratulations to the winner of Novembers Orgonite giveaway: Trisha Carter!  She is so excited to win this orgonite I can almost hear her jumping up and down all the way from here in Morocco!  It has been such a pleasure to run this contest and see the amazing response from such wonderful people. We are doing it again! Here is a quick video of us announcing the winner.

To enter to win for the month of December all you need to do is enter your email address to enter our contest to win $1,000 worth of our orgonite products from Fix the World Morocco! This natural technology of orgone energy can help protect you against EMF and electronic pollution. It can help to clean your water and preserve your food. It can help you sleep better and grow bigger plants. It can also help clear up chemtrails above your house. We make all of our orgone products by hand in our little workshop in Morocco and ship worldwide. Keep reading below to enter your email and for more information on what you can win.

win-1000-of-orgonite-from-fix-the-world-morocco ENTER TO WIN $1,000 OF ORGONITE!

Enter Your Name and Email

To Enter the Orgonite Contest

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About the Orgonite Contest

All you need to do is write your email address in the form below to enter our contest to win $1,000 worth of our orgonite products.   Here’s what’s included in the orgonite sweepstakes package:

five-pendants ENTER TO WIN $1,000 OF ORGONITE!

5 Bronze Orgonite pendants. Helps to shield your body against EMF, wifi and cell phone towers. Promotes overall well being by cleaning up electronic pollution around you.

two-orgone-charge-plates ENTER TO WIN $1,000 OF ORGONITE!

2 Bronze Orgone Charge Plates. Can be used to preserve food longer, structure your drinking water to be more energized, placed under a pillow to help you sleep, or placed in a room to clean up electronic pollution and shield against EMF, wifi and cell phones.

shungite-charge-plate ENTER TO WIN $1,000 OF ORGONITE!

1 Shungite Charge plate. While all of our orgonite products contain shungite, this charge plate has extra shungite in it for a more powerful effect. Shungite is a very rare stone that comes from a meteor that can only be found in Karelia Russia. This mineral has some incredible scientific properties that can be used to improve your health and environment. It is the only known natural material that contains fullerenes which are powerful antioxidants.

four-pyramids ENTER TO WIN $1,000 OF ORGONITE!

4 Orgone Pyramids. These pyramids can be placed around your home or office to create a protective grid over your property. Due to the pyramid shape, the tip points the ion energy straight up into the atmosphere and can clear up chemtrails above your home.


About Orgone

Orgone is a word used to describe the life-force energy which permeates all of nature and living beings. Orgonite is a natural technology created to emit neutralizing orgone energy that can be measured as negative ions in the atmosphere.

Our orgone products are handmade passive ionizers that help to clean the environment around you and your home. We make our orgonite in our little workshop in Morocco using a blend of quartz, shungite brass and iron oxide powders encased in an epoxy resin. Many people use orgonite to help defend against electronic pollution in their environment caused by things such as cell phones, wifi, and electromagnetic microwaves.

Contest Guidelines:

Entries will be collected for this contest for approximately one month. The contest Winner will be chosen and announced on November 15th.  The contest winners name and country will be emailed the announcement will be put up on the website page and also on Facebook.  (we will never share anyone’s personal information or address. Just your name and country)

All materials including shipping is paid for by the FTW organization and we will ship the package anywhere in the world. Please allow up to 30 days for delivery as we handmake each product to order.

The only thing we ask for from the contest winner is that they take a photo of the orgonite they received so that we have something to share with others publicly. This can be a photo of your package arriving, or where you chose to place the orgonite, or of yourself holding the orgonite.

If you have any issue with your order please contact us at and Tivon or Naima of the Fix the World Organization will personally assist you.