Orgonite Goes Mainstream, Celebrities Start Using and Promoting Life Giving Energy Device

(Justin Deschamps) Vital energy, sometimes called prana or chi, is quickly becoming the latest health craze. In early 2019, search engines saw a 100% increase in searches of the health-imparting substance. Orgonite is made from resins, natural crystals, conductive metals, and other substances, which users report impart healing, reduce electromagnetic pollution, keep food fresh, and much more. In recent years, big-name celebrities started using orgonite—What do they know that the rest of us don’t?

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It’s clear that there are health effects associated with wireless radiation, and the problem will only get worse with the installation of 5G cell towers dotting our neighborhoods and communities. Our communities had no say as to whether they wanted the cell masts or not, yet the local councils erected them anyway. And not everyone […]

5G EMF Protection With a Heavy Metal Detox.

The missing puzzle piece when discussing the toxic effects high frequency electromagnetic radiation is heavy metal toxicity in the body. Metals in aerosols, water and the food supply has led to slow bio-accumulation. In combination with wireless technology, heavy metal toxicity has created a very dangerous mix that puts everyone at risk. In a sea […]


This is what they don’t tell you about 5G. The frequencies used are much higher than 4G and not good for humans. Your skin is a sponge for these higher frequencies and as a consequence, can cause inflammation due to its ability to trigger the body’s pain receptors. The same type of technology is already […]

Is 5G “A Thing?” (Video)

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States are not regulating 5G. Instead has been fast tracked. has gathered 3600 peer-reviewed studies relating to the biological health effects of electromagnetic radiation. is a University of California Berkeley School of Public Health website which looks at scientific research worldwide around electromagnetic radiation safety. […]

Pyramid Shape Study and Chemtrails

Ever wonder why we use lightning rods on our rooftops? In electrostatics, it is well known that electric charges accumulate at the tip or edge of metallic objects more readily than a smooth surface. This is why it is good practice to fit the roof or high point of homes with lightning rods and spark gaps in case of direct lightning strikes during thunderstorms. The accumulated charge on the rod safely draws the lightning bolt away from the house. Likewise, pyramid shapes have the ability to focus both electrical and torsion fields at the apex. You may be amazed to know that the torsion field created by orgonite based composites can effects a very long range, although subtle. This can be utilized to help clear up chemtrails.

The most famous pyramid energy studies were the Russian research by Ukrainian scientist Alexander Golod. The University of Moscow – funded research granted the construction of seventeen multi-story fiberglass pyramid. The most recent construction (which recently blew down during a major storm) was 46 meters high and made from 55 tons of fiberglass! Since 1999, after five years of construction, it had attracted tourists, the curious and researchers. According to Golod, the fiberglass pyramid is capable of boosting the immune system to help fight cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease, curing impotence and reducing the effects of radiation.

russian-pyramid Pyramid Shape Study and Chemtrails

What is also fascinating about these pyramids was the discovery of a persistent negative ion column coming from the apex of the structure extending into the upper stratosphere when observed by measuring equipment in both helicopter and science balloon.

negative-ion-pyramid-effect Pyramid Shape Study and Chemtrails

pyramid-shape-study Pyramid Shape Study and Chemtrails

There is a constant electric field of 100 volts per meter, between the Earth’s ionosphere and the ground. Like a large capacitor in an electric circuit, electrical energy is stored in the atmosphere, these large pyramids, and Earth’s crust, where the ground and upper atmosphere are acting as the capacitor’s conductive plates. With this in mind, are large pyramid structures electrically altering the local environment? The effects witnessed within these pyramids are certainly similar to the healing effects within Dr.Wilhelm Reich’s orgone accumulator boxes.

Orgone accumulators and other orgone-based composites do not need to be so large to impact the conditions in the local environment. The layers of metal and organic material store potential energies that are both electrical and etheric in nature. This interaction somehow creates torsion fields from stray fluctuations in the environment, and the number of layers of metal and organic material within a volume of space determines the strength of the effect. The electrodynamic nature of this technology is only a part of a greater whole.  In this video Tivon and HopeGirl discuss the effects of orgonite pyramids and chemtrails.

If your interested in our orgonite pyramids you can find out more at the link below:


orgonite-shungite-pyramids-chemtrails Pyramid Shape Study and Chemtrails

Structured Water: Why is it so Good For you?

We’ve done some research on structured water that we wanted to share with you, so that you may realize how it may benefit your health. The research of structured water is currently pioneered by the work or Dr. Pollack of the University of Washington in his book “The Fourth Phase of Water” (published 2013).

structured-water-1024x435 Structured Water: Why is it so Good For you?

Structured water is a molecular arrangement of water molecules that are organized in hexagonal structures. These hexagonal structures love to attach to hydrophilic (water loving) surfaces (impurities in the water, living cellular walls, etc.). Like ice, these hexagonal water molecules join to form larger single layer sheets, except these sheets are flexible and move independently. Did you know that the majority of water in your body is structured?

When water is spun through a vortex, some water molecules separate into hydrogen and oxygen. This freed oxygen is mixed up uniformly with the oxygen already present in the water. Since oxygen is itself hydrophilic, hexagonal sheets of structured water begin to grow outward from it, layer by layer.

However, structured water doesn’t just consist of the hexagonal sheets of water molecules, but also the water immediately surrounding them! As the hexagonal layers grow, protons are ejected into the nearby water. As a result an electrical voltage exists between the structured water and the water surrounding it. In other words, structured water stores energy, much like a battery.


orgonite-structured-water-ice-test Structured Water: Why is it so Good For you?

You may be asking, “If structured water is a battery, what charges it?” Dr. Pollack discovered that structured water becomes electrically polarized by absorbing radiant energy. Both light waves and infrared waves from the environment charge structured water with energy.


The scalar vortex (torsion field) that is emitted from orgone products passively structures water and gives the water structure and energy. The ‘information’ of the field is imprinted in the water and can be captured in an ice test above the charge plate (seen above). The energy funnel can be clearly seen with frozen ‘filaments’ converging toward the center and vertical axis. As the water molecules forms the vortex structure, it becomes electrically polarized.

ice-test-orgonite-structure-filaments-300x225 Structured Water: Why is it so Good For you?
Filaments in ice indicate dense structured ‘orgonized’ water (tested with orgone pendant)

orgonite-structured-ice-freezer-300x225 Structured Water: Why is it so Good For you?


HopeGirl and Tivon give a brief discussion about structured water and its health benefits in the clip below. Watch the video here.

If you are interested we make orgonite charge plates by hand and ship all over the world. You can order your plates at the special offer found here!

orgonite-shungite-charging-plates Structured Water: Why is it so Good For you?



Food Preservation with Orgonite (Video)

How many times have you had to throw out perfectly good fruits and veggies because they rotted before you had a chance to eat them?  I used to have this problem and it made me feel so frustrated to throw away perfectly good food and the hard earned money I spent on it.   But then I learned about orgone energy and tried this really great trick and found that the food in my fridge was lasting up to 3 times longer!

Orgone energy is the lifeforce energy around every living cell which gives off a blue glow under a microscope. Orgonite, is a composite made with certain organic and metallic materials that emits negative ions which helps to preserve the orgone energy in all life forms.

We discovered something interesting when we began to use our orgone charge plates. We put two of our plates in the fridge and freezer and it had turned the entire refrigerator into an orgone accumulator box! The end result is that you get preserved fruits, vegetables, dairy, etc. The foods in our  fridge last much longer than normal. No longer are we having problems keeping fresh lettuce longer than a week. We simply peel off one or two dying leaves on the outside and still have edible lettuce underneath.

Here are a couple of pics of our orgonite plates in our fridge and freezer.

orgonite-food-preservation-1-225x300 Food Preservation with Orgonite (Video)

orgonite-food-preservation-2-300x255 Food Preservation with Orgonite (Video)

orgonite-structured-ice-freezer-300x225 Food Preservation with Orgonite (Video)

Having the orgone charge plates in our refrigerator has made a difference. We now can enjoy all of our fruits and veg while saving money in the long run. The passive, life-preserving scalar field emitted from orgone products is truly the gift that keeps on giving. We were so excited about this discovery that we’ve made a video to share our experience. The clip also goes more in detail as to what orgone accumulators do to living organisms inside of them.  You can watch this video here.

For More information on ordering our handmade orgonite charge plates for your fridge please click the link below.

orgonite-shungite-charging-plates Food Preservation with Orgonite (Video)