Penguin: Elastic Open Source War on Amazon

This Software Giant Declared War On Amazon. Will Other Open Source Companies Follow? now open and being loaded. now open pending loading. now open pending loading.

NOW FREE ONLINE: The Original Open Source Everything Manifesto

All Hail Daniel Pinchbeck, who got me to write this book and crafted the title, and North Atlantic Books, one of the finest publishers I have ever worked with, with Random House publishing and distribution. Writing this book changed my life. By agreement North Atlantic is taking the book out of print, and English language …

Stephen E. Arnold: Open Source Software: The Community Model in 2021

Open Source Software: The Community Model in 2021 I read “Why I Wouldn’t Invest in Open-Source Companies, Even Though I Ran One.” I became interested in open source search when I was assembling the first of three editions of Enterprise Search Report in the early 2000s. I debated whether to include Compass Search, the precursor …

Penguin: Benefits of Using Open Source?

What are the benefits of using Open Source? The flexibility of open source software means that business users can tweak solutions to suit their needs. Economies of scale Innovation through collaboration Security Intellectual property Scalability and reliability Flexibility Share and share alike Read full article. See Also: Open Source @ Phi Beta Iota