War Room With Owen Shroyer… Steve Pieczenik VIDEO 11-5-20… “Intelligence Insider: President Trump Setup Democrats In “Sting Operation” To Catch Them Stealing Election!” (#Sting #Watermark #trusttheplan) (…the biggest sting operation… that we’ve ever had)

More validation of the sting operation using the watermarks. Very, very fascinating! More exposure, baby!!

Steve says, “This is the biggest sting operation, probably, in our country, that we’ve ever had”. He also explains that he had received permission to share this information at this time.

“Dr. Steve Pieczenick drops a huge bombshell exclusively on The War Room. Dr. Pieczenick claims that election ballots across America have been watermarked and the Democrats will be exposed when they attempt to cheat!”

Video link: https://79days.news/watch?id=5fa480cc65f2d419a08b54e2

Note: earlier someone had sent this same video (a shorter version) with this link. Some may wish to view that as well.