Kp Message 7-13-18… “Just watched the movie, ‘Pacific Rim’… Here is the message I received about the Alliance and Donald J. Trump”

[*Please see the Kp note at the end.*]

I’ve had the movie “Pacific Rim” in my Amazon watchlist for several weeks now. I finally watched it during the last 48 hours. I’m glad I did. I was not sure what would “jump out” from this movie, but here is what did “jump out”.

In the movie, IMDB says, “As a war between humankind and monstrous sea creatures [Kaiju] wages on, a former pilot and a trainee are paired up to drive a seemingly obsolete special weapon in a desperate effort to save the world from the apocalypse.” The Kaiju are rather like the Luciferians (Dracos) we often hear about. At the end of the movie, the commander, Stacker Pentecost (interesting Biblical name, yes? (Pentecost ref.)) gets ready to lead the final battle against the Kaiju, and at 1:40:43 says this:

“Today, at the edge of our hope, at the end of our time, we have chosen not only to believe in ourselves, but in each other.

“Today there’s not a man or woman in here that shall stand alone. Not today.

“Today we face the monsters that are at our door, and bring the fight to them.

“Today we are cancelling the Apocalypse!”

This powerful message resonated deeply within me. To me this illustrates precisely what is occurring at this time. The “monsters” (Luciferians / Dracos) are being faced today. “The fight” is indeed being brought to them. And “the Apocalypse is being cancelled” (although I might use a different word than “apocalypse”, maybe a more precise one would be “Armageddon”).

Certain people are here to play key roles in this final “takedown” of the cabal (deep state). The US military, Donald J. Trump, Vladimir Putin, and many others. And of course, it also includes each of us who are communicating elements of what is occurring on the planet, and how this is occurring, whether anyone out there “likes it” or not.

One of the key parts of the Kaiju take down in the movie was when a couple of “nerd types” tapped into the neural network of the Kaiju. Those “nerd types” might very well represent the “anons” who are currently working with the Q messages to communicate to others what the Alliance next steps might be. They might also represent the “nerd types” (e.g., Snowden, Assange, Wikileaks, etc.) and/or military types, who have infiltrated the NSA and are now using that data against “the cabal”.


Donald J. Trump came in (at the request of the Alliance) to stand up to and “face down” the Luciferian cabal (see the links at the end). And he is doing so. He is NOT the “standard US President” and he does not behave like the “standard US President”. He never will. Remember that the “Luciferian cabal” is comprised of entities like NATO, US Congress, UK Parliament, European Union, Republicans, Democrats, conservative, liberal, and very significantly, THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA. He (and the Alliance) is facing up to all of them.

The main stream media, let’s see, let’s name a few: ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NY Times, Reuters, Huffington Post, Comedy Central, etc., etc., etc. (and, yes, surely Fox has also played its role in this as well). They are the MDGN (Modern Day Goebbels Network) equivalent… write the propaganda, control the narrative, and be the smooth operating propaganda placement experts… (don’t they have to take the class, “Mind Control 101”?). And it appears to have been very effective, because usually when I hear people “complain” about Trump, they use phrases like “He’s racist (misogynist, etc.)”, or “He’s not fit to be president”, or “We’ve just got to resist”, etc. And almost always there is ZERO substance to their phrases.

THE TRUMP CARD has been played. And it has thrown the “All h— is breaking loose” card into the planetary game. That is precisely what was needed and what this planet needed. I, like many others, was absolutely thrilled when DJT began calling out the MSM for all of their mis-truths and misdeeds and propaganda. This will continue until the MDGN MSM is gone.

[Some may wish to check out the first few minutes of this PrayingMedic interview where he had a vision that WE are the new MSM).]


These things are also happening to us individually. All that needs to be “faced up to” and “cleared away” is coming up in awareness… BIG TIME. We can make it through, and we will make it through these apocalypses. We are each finding the “Hero” within ourselves.


We are currently in the Heroic Times of the Hero’s Journey. David Wilcock has spoken and written about this extensively. Many of us are playing a part in this. Each person’s role is important, and most who are involved with this are “anonymous”.

I do not mind if others do not like or agree with this, but this movie, Pacific Rim, strongly “pounded” this message home. Perhaps like a “Thor’s Hammer” (Mjolnir) would. Very strong.

I do strongly believe that in dealing with the “Luciferian /Draconian cabal” a “Thor’s Hammer” is needed… on many levels. Most people on this planet are not going to have the tools to do this, but the Alliance and DJT do, and they are willing to do the work… the really tough work. Each of us can support what is being done, can contribute in our own way, and if neither of those apply, step out of the way and let this happen.

Aloha to all, on the Hero’s Journey,

*[Kp note: Below I have place several links and notes from individual articles which illustrate my understanding about why the Alliance chose Donald J. Trump to run for President, why he was elected President and why the Alliance is here, now. If you have issues with those links, then I suggest reading, “David Wilcock 7-3-18 update on his latest article… “This may not be the Alliance you WANT, but it is the Alliance you HAVE”“. I am not going to “debate” anyone or anything about this. Those links simply illustrate what is behind my understanding.


Links and Notes from individual articles which illustrate why the Alliance chose Donald J. Trump to run for President, why he was elected President and why the Alliance is here, now

SphereBeingAlliance Blog 8-22-16… “Corey Goode Intel Update Part 2” (8-22-16)

“Gonzales said that the Cabal would not allow Trump to become the President of the United States, even if they had to have an asset run up and stab him on his inauguration day… There have been quiet movements of DHS assets and operatives that are positioning themselves to prepare for social unrest. They intended to put down any such unrest violently. This compelled various groups in the military to shadow these operatives with special forces teams. These groups are traveling in plain clothes and taking jobs in areas where they were assigned to blend in.”

Corey Goode (with David Wilcock)… “Excerpts from his recent article relating to Trump, the Alliance, and the cabal” (11-9-18)

“[Kp] For myself, after viewing multiple sources of information, it became very clear that “The Donald” represented a clear and present danger to the cabal, could not be bought by the cabal, and was willing to stand out in front of everyone on the planet and say so. A wide variety of others, like James Gilliland, Lada Ray, pointed out the same. And it also became clear to me that the “cabal choice” was Hillary. So then when I read here that Gonzales told Corey that “Donald Trump is indeed being backed by the Alliance“, that was another strong piece for my “data book”.

“[CG] [Gonzales] confirmed that Donald Trump is indeed being backed by the Alliance. Trump is certainly not entering into this battle free from his own baggage… He does not, however, represent a group that actively seeks to kill billions of people by starting World War III as soon as possible.… Gonzales stated that there had been a shift recently after certain U.S. military leaders had expressed they would not stand for a stolen election or any violence to prevent an exchange of power.”


Dr. Michael Salla, 4-12-18… “QAnon is US Military Intelligence that recruited Trump for President to prevent Coup D’etat” (4-12-18)

“According to veteran investigative reporter and best selling author, Dr. Jerome Corsi, he was approached three years ago by a group of generals and told that Donald Trump had been recruited by U.S. military intelligence to run in the 2016 Presidential elections, and subsequently help remove corrupt Deep State officials from positions of power. Corsi claims that QAnon represents the same group of senior military intelligence officials who are exposing the Deep State corruption and officials involved in a history of treasonous actions against the U.S. Republic.”

REPOST (with new video link) Dr. Jerome Corsi 4-11-18… “Confirmation that ‘The Alliance’ asked Donald Trump to run for President” (4-27-18)

“Several times I have mentioned (in posts, radio shows, etc.) that David Wilcock and Corey Goode had revealed, back in 2016, that a military/SSP Alliance (aka, “The Alliance”) preferred Donald Trump over HRC as Presidential choice, for a variety of reasons, and that Trump had agreed to work with them. Here is a Nov., 2016, Kp blog post that is related to this (and has several other relevant links).”

David Wilcock notes on the Jerome Corsi 4-11-18 speech (in the last post)… “Why Donald Trump is in the President’s office” (4-27-18)

This pact between military and Trump has held, he said. This immediately caught my attention, as it mirrored intel I had heard on my own, and was indirectly referred to in the early Q Anon material.

“What I heard was that these generals sat Trump down for a two-week-long briefing, in which he was shown at least a good part of what we are calling The Fundamental. This included some of the most disturbing Pizzagate-type material, complete with sickening video proof no one would ever want to see.

The generals essentially had to beg him to run for office… [but] had studied him and knew he was not a Deep State / Cabal member. His public recognition would help him “go the distance” once he finally came out and started exposing the Deep State as a candidate, unlike anyone before… Trump could self-finance his own campaign without needing to take money from Deep State entities…”