Passing Along "CROWNgate" and More….

By Anna Von Reitz

Although I have explained the guile and depravity and dishonesty of the British Crown and the Gross Breach of Trust we have suffered at the hands of their “Britannic Majesties” and the Lord Mayors of London presiding over the so-called Inner City and have also exposed the roles of Scotland and France as vehicles and tools employed by these monsters in suits to implement their deceits — this article by State of the Nation is concise and easy to understand:

The basic message I wish to ingrain in your minds and hearts about all of this, is that it is a criminal enterprise that is responsible.  Not political.  Not religious. Not philosophical. 

This circumstance is a matter of piracy, kidnapping, enslavement, identity theft, fraud, press-ganging, conspiracy against the actual Constitution, counterfeiting, illegal securitization, extra-terrestrial trespassing, international Breach of Trust and commercial service contracts.


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