Patient One and Other Housekeeping

By Anna Von Reitz

So now we have a definitive answer to the question asked by the Chinese last week — who was Patient One?  
So here’s the emerging picture.  The Bioweapons Research Lab at Fort Detrick closed in September.  
In October, an American Sergeant stationed at Fort Belvoir on the Potomac attended the World Games, and brought the “enhanced” Coronavirus along with him.  He was Patient One.  
So we have an “enhanced” Common Cold Virus developed and patented by the British Pirbright Institute, financed by DARPA and the Gates Foundation, being transported to China by an American soldier from Fort Belvoir, home of the INS, DTRA (Defense Threat Reduction Agency), the US Army Corps of Engineers, and numerous other “specialty” military ops groups, just shortly after the closure of Fort Detrick’s Bioweapons Lab. 
Common sense would suggest that DTRA was involved in salvaging samples of the virus originally housed at Fort Detrick and it escaped.  Our bad.  It’s not an “American Virus”, but it’s certainly not a “Chinese Virus” either.  If we want to pin the blame on the donkey it belongs to, it’s a British Virus.  
And as I have said from the beginning, it’s the British again.  Always. Monotonously. Forever. Dig deep enough into the dog pile, and there they are. 
The other 200 countries in the world really do need to sit down and think hard about Britain and how to make crime unprofitable for them.  It’s the only way we are ever going to have any peace. 
Next, I want to caution everyone — again — about not taking any wooden nickels or accepting any money, any checks, any “benefit” at all from the Federal Government with an unrestricted signature.  
They are going to try to claim that you have settled your claim against the bankrupt Municipal Corporation “in equitable exchange” for a pittance amount of credit based on your own gold and silver assets. 
If they send you any check to “help” you through this period of induced unemployment, endorse it very carefully, using your private copyright notice – the small copyright “c” in a circle, and the words, “without prejudice or settlement” or “accepted as a gift” above your signature. Keep a copy front and back and let Mnuchin know you didn’t fall for it. 
The Congress Critters would love to claim that you accepted almost nothing for your share and left the rest for them.  
And now, for a blast of fresh air more than ten years in the making — here’s the Granada Forum and Dr. Bill, with insight into the use and misuse of our civilian medical personnel as “Uniformed Officers” illegally conscripted and “licensed” under Federal Title 37.  
I am not a big video watcher or fan and prefer to engage my information in written form, but these are unusual videos.  Dr. Bill knew his topic and he moves right along—- not for anyone with weak stomachs or weak minds, but highly recommended anyhow: