By Anna Von Reitz

I remember picking bouquets of wild bittersweet in Wisconsin as a child and making wreaths of the orange-berried vines to hang on the doors of the house as a fall-time decoration. 

This was simple enough to do and made a cheerful long-lasting wreath that lasted through Thanksgiving, when again, we’d venture out into the forest and collect fragrant pine boughs for Christmas wreaths.  

Everything had its place and its season, it’s colors and it’s smells.  

Fourth of July was no different.  

Always blueberry pie. Always watermelon. Always days on cool silvan lakes and afternoon walks on shaded paths covered deep in pine needles. Always chasing fireflies and whirling trails  of comet-like sparklers in the still evening air and at night, everyone sprawled on picnic blankets along the lakeshore or perched above the dam reservoir watching the public fireworks.  

Everyone knew everybody in our little town, for better or worse.  You had a place in the scheme of things, just like you had a known face.  And all the grown-ups watched over all the children like so many eagles, ready to swoop down from on high to correct our squabbles and guide our play. 

We just took them for granted and never thought their job would fall to us one day.

The word “bittersweet” came to me in another context today from our Wisconsin Assembly via the recount of the lonely experience of going to a family picnic and both seeing the ranks decimated by Covid Fear and knowing that you are the only one present who knows the history and the present condition of the People’s Government. 

Funny how we all celebrate the government of, for, and by the People, though most of us no longer know what that is, what it means, and that we have to participate in it to make it real and give it life. 

Otherwise, we are just celebrating a hazy memory and trotting out the bunting. 

Someone else suggested that our government is wired “Catholic” with a single man at the helm, to which I observed— no, it isn’t. 

The Federal Government may have that kind of hierarchy with power flowing from the top down, but the actual government of this country (when in Session) operates in the exact opposite direction— from the bottom up, with the least among us having just as much to say as any President. 

So ask yourselves, where is that government now?  When is the last time you actually pulled an oar and took active part in self-governance?   And didn’t just hand away your power and your proxy to some unaccountable politician? 

There are, because some of us cared enough to think and to read, fifty State Assemblies —- the properly populated Assemblies of, for, and by the People of this country have finally come home and are clearing for action, getting ready to take care of long overdue business. 

And where are you? Standing around staring at the fireworks, watching the celebration of something that you have otherwise forgotten? 

Wake up, America. Remember who you are. Stand up and restore your government. Join your State Assembly and make it real.  

The health of our country depends on the checks and balances our Forefathers built into our government.  

The check on top-down Federal police power must be provided by the bottom-up power of the People’s Government — and you all need to be part of it. 


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The Little Rain Cloud

By Anna Von Reitz

My Mother described me in terms of being a “stubborn little rain cloud” of the kind that appears in the late afternoon and by bedtime has become a storm, complete with thunder and lightning.
Guilty as charged. I appear as a harbinger of things to come.
A great many patriots who have been depending, waiting, and believing that surely, Mr. Trump would deliver the long-awaited disclosures on July 4th—- have been sadly disappointed.
No whisper of any gallant military intervention in Business as Usual. No hint that the traitors in Congress have been dealt with. No, nothing of the sort. No announcements about new currency or rescued children or even an end to the senselessly destructive Covid-19 Farce.
Just more platitudes about what a great country this is and how inventive and plucky and talented our people are.
In fact the only real message the President Trump delivered was veiled as an attributed saying of Martin Luther King, Jr., almost an hour and forty minutes (1:38:44) into the Mount Rushmore speech, in which MLK (and Donald Trump) assert that our Founding Fathers signed a “Promissory Note” applying to future generations.
Well, Mr. President, let’s all have a look at that premise right now.
What happens to their debts when people die? They are supposed to be collected from their estate or written off; they are in no case supposed to accrue as debt owed by their progeny.
Yet, using this idea of a non-existent “Promissory Note” —generations of Americans have been saddled with debts that they do not in fact owe.
All debts of all Americans were paid off during the Andrew Jackson Administration and no further indebtedness was entered into (much to the chagrin of the European Central Banks) by Americans ever since.
We are in fact the Priority Creditors of these institutions, including the Federal Reserve.
So why is President Trump standing there in the shoes of FDR, referring to Promissory Notes written by the Founders? All their promissory notes have been paid off since before the Civil War.
The entire debt accrued since then has not been at the behest of the American States and People. Instead, all those Promissory Notes have been signed by British Territorial U.S. Citizens, most of whom don’t exist, and by Municipal PERSONS that don’t exist, either.
Think of a fraud scheme in which 640 million fake “legal persons” are created out of thin air, via the use of unconscionable contracting processes, and the assets of the people these “legal persons” are named after, are attached as collateral backing the debts of these poppets? These voo-doo doll-like “legal constructs”?
That’s what has been going on here in this country ever since the Civil War. And we have been conscripted and enslaved and our property assets have been stolen to pay the debts of these fabricated “citizens”.
Mr. Trump, do you really want to talk about Promissory Notes and debts owed by the Founding Fathers? I think you should instead pay attention to the Promissory Notes being floated by members of the U.S. Congress and the “Congress of the [Municipal] United States”.
All our debts are long paid and we have stood on the Creditor side of the ledger since the days of Andrew Jackson. The debts are not ours and we did not knowingly or willingly conscript ourselves and neither did our Mothers “donate” us as Wards of any Territorial State of State.
These horrible and egregious wrongs against the American States and People will not go away or be misinterpreted as anything but the criminal and predatory Breach of Trust and Commercial Contract that they are.
Your corporations, Mr. Trump, and their Principals, are at fault.
You guys have been the ones writing all the Promissory Notes against our assets behind our backs and you are the ones that owe us a complete accounting and a forthright and honest settlement of all these accounts that you have created “in our names” without any authority or conscionable contract to do so.
We stand upon the land and soil of this great country and no amount of European charlatanism will change the facts. This horrific commercial fraud and crime against your Employers has got to end.
In recent days, it has been rumored that you, Mr. Trump, have out-blackmailed the professional blackmailers at the Vatican. We have been informed of this dubious triumph, but the end effect is that we have a better blackmailer working for us, as opposed to having an honest government and the moral high ground that the American States and People are owed.
If we leave it at the cheaters being out-cheated, what good is that?
The times will change and more cheating will abound, new and different excuses for enslaving future generations will be found. How does what you proposed — the existence of “promissory notes” written by earlier generations— correct the actual problem, which is systemic, institutionalized commercial and international fraud and Breach of Trust against the American people?
It doesn’t.
And that’s why, Mr. Trump, despite all the nice words for this Fourth of July, your actions fall far short of any satisfactory answer or due correction.


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What Kind of "Assembly"?

By Anna Von Reitz

Some patriots point to the fact that there were Christian assemblies functioning as elements of the government that existed prior to the Revolution and try to make a case for thinking that Christian assemblies are what are referenced with respect to our lawful government.  This is not true. 

Our Founders made a very decided choice when constructing our government and they very purposefully did not create a theocracy of any kind.  

They wanted to avoid the kind of religious oppression that they and their ancestors experienced in Europe and they knew that in order to secure freedom of religion for themselves, they would have to guarantee freedom of religion for everyone else. 

The Separation of Church and State was adopted, and religion was (hopefully forever) admitted to be a private matter.  

This wise decision on their part and the creation of secular State Assemblies to run the government of this country, is what keeps radical Muslim and Jewish groups at bay and prevents the kind of religious strife that consumes other countries to this day.  

So our State Assemblies are not Christian assemblies and not meant to be. Our State Assemblies are secular in nature, and everyone of every creed, color, and ethnicity is welcome to participate. 

Another important point about our State Assemblies, is that they are not State-of-State “Assemblies”.  

Along with the other semantic deceits that have crept into popular use is the misuse of the word “Assembly” to describe State-of-State organizations composed of U.S. Citizens or even “citizens of the United States”.  

These organizations are properly called “societies” or “associations” —-  but the pernicious mis-labeling of these groups has led to no end of confusion and continued attempts by U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States to form “assemblies”. 

State Assemblies are formed by the American People claiming their singular allegiance to their State of the Union.  

Any group of American Persons owing allegiance to the British Monarch or the Pope, is not an assembly by definition, and everyone concerned needs to be fully aware of that fact. 

This is why actual State Assemblies are at such pains to be sure that all members complete their paperwork and declarations and record the same, so that the honor and nature of the State Assembly is unsullied and their authority is unquestionable with regard to the land and soil of this country.  

Any one who wishes to retain any vestige of allegiance to the British Monarch or the Pope is foreclosed from joining the State Assembly and operating as a State Citizen.  Our Forefathers separated the jurisdictions to prevent conflicts of interest and we maintain that separation for the same reasons. 

Finally, let it be noted throughout that while our Public Government is Secular and Non-Sectarian, our British and Papal Subcontractors have adopted structures opposed to our government.  

The British Territorial Government is a democracy. 

The Papist Municipal Government is a theocracy.  

And our actual government is neither.  

So, when you join an actual State Assembly as a State Citizen, be prepared to chuck all other affiliations and allegiances at the door.  Realize that you are not part of any democracy or a theocracy of any kind anymore; you are instead one of the living progeny, one of the People of this country, living in a republican State of the Union.  

Actual State Assembly = republican State of the Union = American People = Jural Assemblies.

Subcontracting British Territorial Government = Democracy = U.S. Citizens = Jural Societies and Associations.

Subcontracting Municipal Government = Theocracy = “citizens of the United States” = Jural Commissions and Councils.

When our actual State Assemblies encounter would-be members who don’t (1) knowingly and willingly produce their proper Declarations or (2) fail to publicly record the same or (3) persist in speaking and acting in terms of Federal or Municipal code (which is all foreign law to us), or (4) follow a pattern of trying to use the Assembly for their personal grievances or (5) cause disruption to the good order and function and credibility and honor of the Assembly —– our Assemblies are encouraged to educate such people if possible, and to, if necessary, ban them from participation.  

Having the right to participate in a State Assembly is based upon acceptance of the grave public responsibility involved.  This requires a thorough understanding of exactly which level of government the actual State Assembly occupies and the capacity in which the State Assembly acts.  

Those who mistake the actual State Assembly for a State-of-State “Assembly” (should be called a “Society” or “Association”)  and those who would attempt to commandeer our State Assembly to function as a State-of-State level entity, must be barred from participation. 


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The Act of 1871 Was Repealed

By Anna Von Reitz

The Act of 1871 was indeed passed in 1871. Repealed in 1874. Then by piecemeal finally revived and passed in 1877, implemented in 1878. And it had precious little to do with us, as it was actually a restructuring of one of the foreign Federal Subcontractors to better avoid culpability for and to profit from crimes that the same Guilty Parties had already committed against us. 

After the Civil War the victorious Union Army that fought for the Northern Confederation  reorganized what was left of the Federal Territorial Government to settle the bankruptcy Lincoln started in 1863, which he declared the day after he  issued  the first ever Executive Order—- General Order 100.  

Among other things prior to the Act of 1871, a Scottish Commercial Corporation merely calling itself  “The United States of America, Incorporated” foisted off it’s corporate Articles of Incorporation as “the” Constitution in 1868. 

So they formed a substitute entity, a foreign commercial corporation, named it after us, and started doing business “in our names”—- impersonating us and illegally accessing our assets and credit— starting in 1868.  

And in 1871, they began this same process of impersonation “for” the District of Columbia— by creating the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation.  

Call me old-fashioned, but the Switcheroo that took place in 1868 is what should be of most concern to us as Americans, and only secondarily should the corollary fraud taking place in the District of Columbia concern us.

In both cases, the actual government was usurped and our assets seized upon illegally and unlawfully via members of “the US” Congress pretending to “represent” us and all operated under conditions of non-disclosure, fraud, breach of trust, and deceit. 

To put it bluntly— instead of functioning as our Fiduciary Deputies in the office we defined for them, these Post-Civil War reprobates evaded that responsibility and began operating as  “Trustees” of our State assets, and as our purported proxies voting “for” us in their own corporate shareholder elections.

And they never told us a word about all these  arrangements being made “for” us and in our names. 

The actual American Government was thus by-passed and settled into dormancy while  our Employees contrived to become our Masters—-literally. 

Yes, the Act of 1871 is a window on the process of this criminality overtaking a foreign subcontractor of ours, but that’s hardly our concern.  A subcontractor of ours could choose to reorganize its own internal affairs and decide to incorporate its business and it’s no skin off our noses, is it? 

What is really important about the Act of 1871 is that it shows what went on in Scotland and America in 1868. 

And all without our knowledge or permission. 


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