Light in the Darkness and Darkness in the Light

By Anna Von Reitz

We briefly discussed the Ancient Religion of Mandamus aka “Magic”. 

This Celtic Religion defined things in terms of opposites and balancing of opposites around a Zero Point — the point of creation balancing the Great Dipole, which is endlessly repeated and which resonates throughout all creation, including within each one of us.  

DNA is not just a pattern of amino acids.  It is an antenna— a multi-channel trilateral transceiver.  

The messages picked up by this antenna lock and unlock a vast number of epigenetic codes and variations operating at different frequencies and different scales (like musical scales) within your biological and electronic organism.  

You may think of this — in analogy — as involving different kinds of media. 

Imagine a machine that can play any kind of media you are familiar with — CDs and DVDs, Floppy Disks, Cassette Tapes, TV film, MP3s, Live TV,  Radio, 8 Track, USB, you name it, this machine can play it.   Now imagine that you can 
tune this machine into any form of media or source signal you like. 

Your DNA receives signals in the same way as this machine, and sends signals out through the entire network of “Ordered Energy Entities” in the Universe, not just to your organism, that is, your space suit and its electromagnetic field, but to all the rest of the Created Universe as well.  

Make no mistake.  Everything that you see and sense and come to know is created.  Rocks are created.  Elements are created. It’s all math, physics, chemistry, electronics, sound dynamics, magnetism—-and vast amounts of energy, and it all derives from interactions among simple “dipolar systems”.  

Sound (1) or Silence (0) or Neutral (+/-)
Positive (1) or Negative (0) or Neutral (+/-)
Pixel (1) or Anti-Pixel (0) or Neutral (+/-)

You get the idea.  Just as binary computer systems speaks a Binary Language of zeroes and ones, a trinary computer system speaks a Trinary Language of zeroes, ones, and neutrals.  

So, in such a system, there are three states of being — symbolized by the Maid, Mother, and Crone (one side of the Dipole) and the Boy, Man, and Sage (the other side of the Dipole) and now you come to the “direction” of the energy — toward the light or toward the darkness— or as the Celts put it, the “Right-hand Path” or the “Left-hand Path”.  

Now depending on how you are talking about this, it can sound like sorcery or it can sound like advanced physics, but not advanced physics as we have been taught in school.  

Notice a couple of things — (1) this system is set up to maintain an eternal balance, a complete Zero Point overall, and (2) all movement in this system is an illusion.  

What creates the illusion of constant movement in the presence of eternal stillness is a doughnut-shaped “torroidal” electromagnetic field twisted into the form of a Mobius strip.  It’s a closed loop with all force vectors zeroed out at the center, but kept in constant flow by magnetic constants. 

Those who are familiar with math will now be slapping themselves: a 3D infinity symbol. Those familiar with physics will also be leaping ahead, but what we want to notice next is what the Ancient Peoples of the Earth noticed. 

The Zero Point is “a time without a time and a place without a place”, because otherwise, time is location.   The Zero Point is a portal outside of time and place. 

The other notable take home message is that while in transition from one extreme to the other, light and darkness “pollute” each other to a greater or lesser extent, as they translate one into the other, until they come to a tipping point when they are completely balanced. 

It is that position of neutrality which is the ultimate position of power.  

In terms of the Celtic Wheel,  the Queens of High Summer are ironically the Queens of Death and Cold.  Why?  Because they turn the corner heading into darkness.  Just as ironically, the Queens of Mid-Winter are the Queens of Life and Warmth.  It’s exactly the opposite of what you might suppose. 

In the same way, you might think that the position of power within the sequence of Maid, Mother, and Crone would be either the “Maid” in full potential, or the “Crone” unleashing potential —- but again, it’s the Mother who holds the secret to both the “Maid” and the “Crone” and it is the neutral, middle position that guards all the rest, by being able to wield both hot and cold.  

So in the realm of Celtic Religion you begin new enterprises under the New Moon (the Maid) and you finish them under the Full Moon (the Crone) and in between the cycle that mirrors the Great Dipole, is either “waxing” or “waning” as the light grows in the darkness, or the darkness grows in the light — and that whole process on both sides of the cycle is ruled by the Great Mother, who gives birth and substance to both the light and dark.  

All of this mirrors the physics and math underlying our existence, the same way a fable or a parable reveals an eternal truth.  So however you come to the truth, through the math  or through the parables of an extremely ancient religion, you still arrive at the truth.  

All this has been preserved for us, generation to generation, season to season, by the Ancient Religion of the Celts, and most notably, as it is still practiced in Western Ireland, Scotland, and the Outer Islands. Who knew?  The Secrets of the Universe were hidden in plain view, discussed over tea, and shared by schoolchildren at recess. 


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Playing With A Full Deck

By Anna Von Reitz

It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out what is going on in the world, you simply have to step back far enough to observe what is going on.  Don’t get lost in the detail.  Figure out who is who.  Then you know what is what. 

Why is China suffering the outbreak of a dangerous 1918 Influenza-type viral epidemic?  It’s their payback for signing a new trade deal with Trump— a love letter from Bill Gates and the other Ubermensch who incubated the virus at Texas A and M and patented it for profit.   

The proof is right there in their patent application, including the “revolving” genetic key that makes the virus mutate at a rapid rate.   A virus, you must understand, is just a small bit of self-replicating DNA that inserts itself into our own cell system DNA and hijacks the machinery to produce nasty side effects. 

They thought they could make the virus mutate fast enough to cover their tracks— that is, by the time we recovered “the bullet”, the ballistics would have changed so as to look like it came from a different source. 

Surprise, surprise, surprise, as Gomer Pyle would say. 

When this sort of thing — biological warfare — is carried out by “private” corporations as a mercenary operation in retaliation for trade deals, it’s time to shut those corporations down.  

It’s time to put an end to the Bill Gates hegemony at Microsoft.  And put Gates in a nice mental hospital.  

Come to that, anyone who believes in “human caused climate change” based on increased carbon dioxide emissions (that “impact” is on 1/300th of one percent of the atmosphere) is mentally unbalanced. 

Bill Gates qualifies as a mental incompetent for buying into that rubbish, but more pointedly, by pulling this caper, he qualifies as an emotional and moral incompetent, too.  

The corporations of the world are allowed to exist “for any lawful purpose” — not “any legal purpose”.  

This means that when they cross the line and start killing innocent people and causing vast property damage here, or in any other country on Earth, they forfeit their right to exist.  

And, as I pointed out the Pope Francis, hiding the old evil behind new names is no longer an option.  These imaginary THINGS called “corporations” that cause misery on Earth need to be dismantled, and the men behind them and responsible for them, need to be punished.  

This is as pure and simple and self-evident as rain falling. 
We cannot allow criminals to rampage around — whether in the guise of corporations, or in the guise of armed gangs.

The men directing the criminal actions of these corporations can’t be held harmless and allowed to turn around and spin off new corporations to continue their activities, either.  

They need to permanently lose their ability to participate in corporate affairs of any kind, and their personal fortunes need to be docked for the damage they cause.  

If they can’t think things through for themselves, the rest of us will have to do their thinking for them.  


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The UN’s Agenda for World Domination

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Gallant Australia – Hot Off the Presses

By Anna Von Reitz

I know that many of my readers have been following the massive destruction of Australia by weather warfare, manipulation of the Southern Hemisphere Jet Streams and Chemtrail incendiary spray, which kills trees (causing dry wood for fires, deforestation, and depleted oxygen levels) and further sets the stage for massive wildfires, loss of property, loss of life, loss of oxygen and loss of biological diversity.

On the ground in Australia there are actually two horns of the dilemma, because the manipulation of the Jet Stream that causes the tinderbox dry conditions in some areas also means unnaturally wet conditions in other areas, so you have fire and floods going on at the same time.

The madmen creating these conditions — particularly those at the Vatican who are paying for the Chemtrail spraying and promoting and causing these problems in an effort to sell their bogus human-caused climate change and carbon tax agenda — really do need to be stopped. With pitchforks and sledge hammers if necessary.

They need to be stopped by actual Catholics waking up and rallying within the Church to oust these criminals and by the governments, especially the Italian Government, enforcing sanctions and taking action to make sure it stops.

I have pointed out that under the ENMOD Treaties of the United Nations Organization, these kinds of geoengineering and weather warfare “tests” can only be carried out against “domestic populations”.
This means that the Australians — including the indigenous people and the animals which are by no means “domestic” with respect to the AUSTRALIAN Government — are being set up and put through all this by their own politicians and military.

I am calling on the Australian tribal leaders and Animal Rights Activists to pound the United Nations Secretary General and Security Council with demands that these “tests” and the Chemtrail spraying cease immediately.

We should all, on a planetary basis, demand that the Holy See pay to clean up the pollution and reckless environmental damage that their organization has deliberately funded and caused since 1985.
And for what? So that they can find a new excuse to wring more taxes out of people.

They have destabilized the entire Earth Biosphere — depleted the oxygen, caused the destabilization of the magnetosphere, and now this fire and flood destruction. They have caused the entire problem and all this misery and destruction to provide “evidence” for their ridiculous quasi-scientific claims — and all to get the brainless people to accept their carbon tax scheme.

Everyone, everywhere, every politician in every country, needs to know that carbon dioxide which accounts for 1/300th of one percent of the atmosphere isn’t causing this damage. The Holy See and the Roman Curia are causing this damage. And right now, they are causing it to Australia.

For those who haven’t already heard, Chemtrails are proven to contain a veritable cocktail of highly incendiary compounds and elements derived from industrial wastes—Aluminum oxide powder, Magnesium, Barium, Strontium, Lithium, and more. We also have proof that the Vatican minted a coin celebrating Chemtrails as far back as 1985.

So now the Big Mystery about who was funding this massive program to spray unknown crap all over the Earth has been solved. We know the purpose and effect of the Chemtrails, and we know who to blame– the same people who have set themselves up to rule the entire Earth via the United Nations and an interlocking trust directorate scheme affecting slightly over 700 corporations worldwide.

Pray for Australia. Be thankful for Australia. Hold a vision in your mind of Australia getting exactly the right amount of rain and sunshine to be completely restored and healthy. Picture Australian meadows full of wildflowers and tall grass. Picture groves of eucalyptus trees and sleepy Koala Bears. Picture kangaroos hopping through verdant forests and grasslands. Picture thundering waves and teeming seas and healthy coral reefs. Hold Australia in your heart.

Australia and Australians have been key to the fight in what I call “The War of Deceit” that these monsters have waged against the unsuspecting people of the Earth. It was Australian researchers who first blew the lid on the use of DOG LATIN by Roman Emperors to defraud and mischaracterize people — a criminal system that was first dreamed up by the Emperor Justinian and which is still in use today: the Roman Curia, again.

It’s because of numerous Australian researcher that the people of the world finally know — “What’s up with all these names appearing in all capital letters?” and also because of them that we can stuff it down the lawyer’s lying throats when they say, “Oh, it doesn’t mean anything, pay no attention to that….”

It’s Australian research that also allows us to recognize “PARSE SYNTAX” as just another variation of the same old s#$!$.

One of the ways that we can help our Australian counterparts and ourselves is to become fully informed about The Justinian Deception.

You can now order The Justinian Deception Series featuring researcher Romley Stewart — get all the facts, all the documentation, the history back to Roman times, yes, the whole enchilada and proof concerning one of the key mechanisms used to steal your identity and your assets.

Here’s the eBay link or you can simply go to eBay and type in “Justinian Deception” and it will pop up.
Or you can go directly to the GLOSSA channel and order using PayPal by sending them your email address:
the GLOSSA channel
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Be ye not like dumb, driven cattle. Stop being destroyed for lack of knowledge. These men and women have suffered to bring you this startling insight into the actual Evil Empire. The least we can do, is listen and learn.


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The Original Peter’s Pence Wasn’t Enough For Them

By Anna Von Reitz

The original “Peter’s Pence” started in France and England as an Income Tax back in the 1100’s to help defray the costs of the Crusades; it was collected every April 15th by black-robed Officers of the Inquisition led by the Dominican Order. If you didn’t pay willingly, you got stretched on the rack.
Sound familiar? It should.
Very little has changed. The IRS is still run by the Dominican Order under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition and the “federal” income tax is still collected every April 15th, and if you don’t pay “voluntarily” the black-robed executioners will happily take your home or whatever else you’ve got.
It takes a Big Stick and a lot of hard-won knowledge to stop them.
Taking larger and larger hunks out of everyone’s paycheck and forcing everyone to sign their own arrest warrants [1040’s] was not enough for these Vermin upon the Earth. Oh, no, they had to start collecting a Second Peter’s Pence.
Bearing in mind that while the First Peter’s Pence is still being collected as “Federal Income Tax” every April 15, they started another, Second Peter’s Pence, collected in June, which really is a more or less voluntary pass-the-hat donation.
The problem is that instead of creating a special fund for the Pope to use to help “victims of war, oppression, natural disaster, or disease” as advertised, the money has been going into (often sleazy) investments and not used for the purposes described to the Faithful.
Ninety percent of this Double Dip Second Peter’s Pence “Relief Fund” has been used for speculative investments and slush funds while earthquake and hurricane victims have gone without, children have died of malnutrition and thirst, epidemics have rampaged, and wars for profit have proliferated.
The excuse? Well, you gave us this money, we can’t just leave it sitting in a drawer….
Why leave it sitting anywhere at all? Ever? Why not put it to work immediately and directly for the purposes intended?
It isn’t as if Catholic Social Services itself couldn’t use a hand. Right here in Anchorage, Alaska, the local soup kitchen, emergency food banks, women’s shelters, homeless shelters, and hospitals and clinics could all use a shot in the arm.
It isn’t as if there is any sudden dearth of victims of war, oppression, natural disaster, and disease — so that holding onto the money for “future needs” instead of spending it would make any sense.
Just this past year alone in Alaska we have over a thousand people who have lost their homes and/or suffered severe damage to their homes or lost their businesses as a result of wildfires and earthquakes, and that’s just the “natural disasters” category in Alaska.
Think of all the people in the Middle East and Africa suffering from everything from plague to water shortages to corporate mercenaries running around killing and pillaging? People in Haiti who never received the aid we sent them, because Hillary Clinton siphoned 90% of it off to benefit her private foundation? Street kids in Delhi? American Indians stuck on Reservations?
The whole idea that there aren’t enough “victims of war, oppression, natural disaster, or disease” in urgent and immediate need to justify a steady stream of Mercy Money from the Holy See, is ludicrous. Those bucks should hardly hit the plate before they are out the door.
The Pope’s hands should be hot from the friction as he rushes from one disaster site to another, passing out relief money, supplying hospitals, rebuilding schools, drilling new water wells, extending electrical services, reforesting burned areas in the name of Jesus and God, the Father….and instead, it turns out that these despicable Con Artists have been taking that money and Slush Funding it.
Not only could the Pope have donated a few shekels of the Second Peter’s Pence Fund to mitigate the cost of rebuilding and providing shelter for the victims of fires and earthquakes, he could have stopped spending money to spray noxious incendiary elements and compounds — Chemtrails — all over the planet, a practice that has contributed to these “natural” wildfire disasters and to deforestation by encouraging conditions favorable to Spruce Bark Beetle infestations. This extra-curricular project of the Vatican has also depleted the oxygen in our atmosphere and destabilized the magnetic pole.
Read that: they are spending money to CAUSE the problems, and then not spending money intended to help alleviate the consequences. Double whammy. Screwed if you do, screwed if you don’t.
Do you think that all the fire victims in Australia — and flood victims, too — could stand a helping hand right about now?
But, oh, gee, all our Peter’s Pence money is tied up in luxury condos and Hollywood film productions right now. Don’t have a dime free.
I could throw up, and I’m not even Catholic.
So here’s encouraging news. At least some Catholics are showing a backbone. If you are Catholic, and you “in good faith” contributed to Peter’s Pence in the innocent expectation that the money would be used as advertised, read on:
(LifeSiteNews) — A Dallas law firm filed a class action lawsuit Wednesday against the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) for “unlawful, deceptive and fraudulent practices” in promoting and collecting funds for the papal charity Peter’s Pence.
The suit alleges the American bishops “actively” misled Catholics into believing their millions of dollars in donations to the collection would be used to help “victims of war, oppression, natural disaster, or disease,” when in fact much of the money was funneled into private investments, such as Hollywood’s sexually explicit Elton John biopic, “luxury condominium developments” and “hefty, multi-million dollar commissions” to fund managers.
Stanley Law Group filed the lawsuit January 22 in the United States District Court in Rhode Island on behalf of David O’Connell, a parishioner at Sacred Heart Church in East Providence, who is seeking a jury trial, it stated in a press release.
“USCCB must come clean and give back the money it took from well-intentioned people who thought they were giving urgently-needed funds to help the destitute around the world,” said lead attorney Mark Stanley.
“It’s regrettable and tragic that such a trusted and well-respected organization has been taking advantage of the generosity of Catholic donors.”
The firm is also asking American residents who contributed to Peter’s Pence between 2013 and 2019 to consider joining the legal action.
The lawsuit alleges that the USCCB is “liable for common law fraud, unjust enrichment, and breach of fiduciary duty” for “misleadingly soliciting millions of dollars in charitable donations that were diverted into private investments,” the press release states.
According to the 23-page complaint, Peter’s Pence is a “special collection taken from Catholics every June” and is described by the USCCB as a fund that “supports the Pope’s philanthropy by giving the Holy Father the means to provide emergency assistance to those in need because of natural disaster, war, oppression, and disease.”
But a bombshell report in the Italian newspaper L’Espresso in October 2019 exposed a very different story.
L’Espresso reported that “secret internal Vatican investigative reports” showed most of Peter’s Pence funds had been “diverted into ‘reckless speculative operations,’ with 77 per cent of the collections” — “roughly $560 million” — channeled to the Swiss investment company Credit Suisse, the complaint detailed.
The newspaper also reported that a high-ranking Vatican official asked Italian financier Raffaele Mincione to invest $200 million of the collection, and that Mincione used the money to buy real estate in London “for a luxury apartment development” through a fund he managed, stated the complaint.
When the investment didn’t yield the expected returns, the Vatican pulled out of the fund and bought the property, and Minicone made $170 million on the deal, according to sources cited in the document.
Pope Francis responded in November, stating that the fact that the Vatican invests the money shouldn’t bother anyone, according to Catholic News Services (CNS), the complaint stated.
“The sum of Peter’s Pence arrives and what do I do? Put it in a drawer? No, that’s bad administration. I try to make an investment,” CNS quoted the pope as saying.
That was followed by a further bombshell report in December when Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera broke the news that $1 million of Peter’s Pence donations had been invested in the Elton John biopic Rocketman, and more than $3.6 million in the movie Men in Black: International, the complaint stated.
Moreover, Corriere della Sera reported that “millions of dollars” had been sunk into the Malta-based investment company Centurion Global Fund run by Italian financier Enrioco Crasso, “who received ‘millions of euros in commissions’ while losing 4.61 percent of the fund (approximately two million euros) by the end of 2018.”
The complaint also cited a Wall Street Journal December 2019 report stating that for “at least the past five years, only about 10 percent of the money collected—more than €50 million was raised in 2018—has gone to the sort of charitable causes featured in advertising for the collection.”
Meanwhile, in the summer of 2018, plaintiff O’Donnell’s priest at Sacred Heart made a plea from the pulpit at Sunday Mass for donations to Peter’s Pence, the complaint recounted.
“Nothing [O’Donnell] saw or heard, on that day or beforehand, told him or made him understand that his donations to Peter’s Pence would be used for anything other than emergency assistance to the neediest people around the world.”
The complaint asserted that if O’Donnell had known where the money was going, he would not have donated.
But the USCCB “actively concealed the true character and nature of the Peter’s Pence collection and made misrepresentations about the specified purposes of the collection” that “rendered their statements misleading.”
The USCCB “has always known the difference between a donation for emergency assistance and a donation to defray Vatican expenses” but “hid this distinction in its promotion, oversight, and administration of the Peter’s Pence collection in the United States,” stated the claim.
As a result, the USCCB “has effectively profited at the expense of David O’Connell and members of the public.”
The legal action defines USCCB as “composed of all active and retired members of the Catholic hierarchy in the United States.”
It is asking the district court to certify the proposed class, and for an order enjoining the USCCB “from continuing the unlawful, deceptive, and fraudulent practices alleged in this complaint.”
The complaint is also seeking “costs, restitution, damages and disgorgement in an amount to be determined at trial,” an order for the USCCB to pay pre- and post-judgement interest on any amounts awarded, as well as costs and attorney’s fees.


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Virginia Democrats Push Legislation to Make Criticism of Government Officials a Criminal Offense

By Shane Trejo
Jan 22, 2020
In the wake of the Virginia gun rights rally on Monday, Democrats in the Capitol are not slowing down their push for tyranny. They are moving a bill through the legislature that would effectively criminalize dissent against Governor Blackface Northam and other state government officials.
House Bill 1627 was introduced by Delegate Jeffrey M. Bourne last week. The legislation “provides that certain crimes relating to threats and harassment may be prosecuted in the City of Richmond if the victim is the Governor, Governor-elect, Lieutenant Governor, Lieutenant Governor-elect, Attorney General, or Attorney General-elect, a member or employee of the General Assembly, a justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia, or a judge of the Court of Appeals of Virginia.”
Language in the bill explicitly criminalizes free speech, in what would constitute a blatant attack on the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.
“If any person, with the intent to coerce, intimidate, or harass any person, shall use a computer or computer network to communicate obscene, vulgar, profane, lewd, lascivious, or indecent language, or make any suggestion or proposal of an obscene nature, or threaten any illegal or immoral act, he is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor,” the legislation reads.
The legislation makes it clear that the above provision applies directly to “the Governor, Governor-elect, Lieutenant Governor, Lieutenant Governor-elect, Attorney General, or Attorney General-elect, a member or employee of the General Assembly, a justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia, or a judge of the Court of Appeals of Virginia,” which means this legislation effectively criminalizes dissent against public officials.
Tina Freitas, wife of Republican Delegate Nick Freitas, called attention to this intolerable act in a Facebook post on Tuesday night.
“Wow on cue, now they are after the 1A! Dems are trying to set up special rules exclusive to the Elite ruling class, to protect themselves from criticism!” Freitas wrote.
“What is considered harassment? Is Governor Infanticide/KKK Hood trying to avoid being held accountable? Are we no longer allowed to demand justice for the alleged rape victims of LG Fairfax? This is some straight up communist censorship!” she added.
Virginia Democrats were not detracted by the gun rights rally on Monday in the slightest. They moved red flag laws through the legislature just a day later, and subsequently killed pro-gun bills that were introduced by Republicans.
“The governor and the leadership of the democrats have declared war on law-abiding citizens and gun owners and their votes today just confirmed that that’s where we’re going,” said Philip Van Cleave, President of Virginia Citizens Defense League.
Virginia patriots may have to continue organizing locally, with Sheriffs deputizing local patriots and constitutional militias being trained, as a bulwark against the treasonous usurpers leading the state legislature.

Government by Family

By Anna Von Reitz

If you go back in the “Royal” lineages of Germany, France, England, Spain, Greece, and Russia, plus all the Kissing Cousins in smaller countries you will find that they are all part of the same Celtic Tribal System. The Kings are the Clan Chieftains and the governments are all families. For a living example of this in modern times, go to Ireland and Scotland where the Clan System is still alive and well, thank you.

The concept of family rule derives from the most ancient times and our Forefathers in America adopted it, too, only they changed the meaning of “family”.
Instead of government according to family by blood, they established a government of family by location.
They established geographic borders of their “estates” which we call “States” today, and within the States they established smaller bordered areas that we call “Counties”. Thus, in America, everyone who lives within the borders of a County is a member of the ruling “family” of that county.  Everyone who lives within the borders of one of our States is similarly a member of the ruling “family” of that State. 
When we join our over 3,100 County “Families” together, we have The United States ruling over the National Soil Jurisdiction of this country.
When we join our 50 State “Families” together, we have The United States of America ruling over the International Land and Sea Jurisdiction of this country.
In America, we are one huge “Family” composed of every possible size, shape, color, religion, race, ethnicity, and kind.  We come from all over the world, bringing our blond hair and blue eyes and black hair and brown eyes, all our foods, and our traditions, with us. 
There is nothing homogeneous about us, and some people have regarded this as a great weakness, but we stubbornly regard it as a great strength.
The problem with the European Government by Family concept is that if you are not part of “the” Family, you are automatically discounted and excluded from participating in decision-making processes that impact everyone living under such a government.  This makes for constant rivalries and discontent and in-fighting and division at every level of the government except at the very top of the pyramid, where those “gifted” with political and economic power, scheme to keep power and keep everyone else subjected.
Over time, a nasty caste system develops, with the Clan Chieftains, aka, Kings and Queens, in receipt of god-like powers of life and death over the other people and over what should be public resources, and soon you have the situation afflicting Europe today, where all the top leaders are related to each other, all marrying into each other’s families, and yes, then you get inbreeding and genetic abnormalities that persist and pass down generation to generation.  You even get occasional lunatics, functional or otherwise.
Also over time, these “Ruling Families” forget that they are Clan Chieftains, related by blood and bone and bond and tradition going back thousands of years to all the “Common” people who share the same basic culture and genotype and who live within the borders of the so-called “Kingdom”. 
Families naturally form alliances with other families, and whole clans and countries in Europe do the same.  These alliances shift and change over time, so you have England aligned with France by Royal marriages, and England aligned with Spain by Royal marriages, and England aligned with Holland by Royal marriages, and England aligned with Germany by Royal marriages, and England aligned….

You see the point. 
Over centuries of this, you develop a Generic Ruling Class, with no particular attachment to any specific country or piece of land, any specific culture or language or religion. These “Internationalist Royals” firmly believe that they are in charge by Divine Mandate, with or without any merit or effort on their own parts, and, according to them, this Divine Mandate extends not only over their particular country of origin, but to the entire planet and everyone on it.
It never occurs to them that this is just self-interested hogwash and that their efforts to establish a New World Order Meritocracy — which is just the Old World Order Aristocracy in fact — is doomed to failure because it is not in line with Nature and with Truth. 
When William the Conqueror set up The Settlement of the Norman Conquest in England, and bequeathed “sovereignty in their own right” to his loyal Barons, he was setting his own family free from the chains of obligatory allegiance and hereditary enslavement.  When William Belcher did the same thing in America, declaring all the Continental Soldiers and everyone born on our soil forever afterward to be “Free Men” and “sovereigns in their own right” he also severed the chains of any hereditary Feudal allegiance or obligation to a Pope or a King.
As we have seen, certain parties have sought to re-establish a form of Corporate Feudalism via crimes of impersonation, identity theft, guile, unconscionable contracts, and brute force, yet so long as we are wary and stand together, these grafters cannot succeed.
So long as we embrace our vision of ruler-ship by the “family” of people living within the borders of our counties and our States, we include everyone, of every race, of every religion, of every color, of every sex—- everyone who will stand as an American State National or American State Citizen and accepts the rights and responsibilities of Self-Governance, becomes an inheritor of Freedom, not only in name, but in fact.

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Harry and Meghan – God’s Garden

By Anna Von Reitz

The Truth is that “merit” is not established by genetics.  Merit is established by character, courage, and goodness of heart, hard work, fairness, and the fruits of our labors demonstrating all the aforementioned choices that we have made all on our own in our own lives.
And Nature, for its part, demands that while we respect where we come from and the people who gave birth to us, and that we give back to our diverse cultural and ethnic and racial roots and preserve them, we cannot impose homogenous   This is the Principle of Nature that I call “God’s Garden”. 
If your eyes are open, you can easily observe the vast, vast numbers of differing plants, trees, fungi, algae, insects, worms, birds, and animals that form our forests and garden and every biome on Earth — all occupying their own space and doing their own jobs.  Faced with this, you also realize that there is vast beauty and richness of life made possible because of this diversity. 
Is a rose any “better” than a lily?  A violet to be trampled for a verbena?   Can we establish any particular “divine grace” with which a Sycamore is imbued, above and beyond a Cedar?  No. They are all Divine Creations. They all have their part.  They all deserve the deepest respect.  And so do we all deserve the same, in all our rich varieties of color and kind, heritage and substance.
There is no answering Principle in Nature allowing for static homogeneity.  None.
So while we stand up for and honor and respect our own “kind”, we must also grant the Rule of Nature and of Nature’s God, to create this magnificent panoply of life and form and heritage of all kinds, and if we do not, we end up with One World Government provided by One Homogenous Ruling Family and a world as bereft of life and color as a fading black and white photograph.
The Generic (Internationalist) Royal Family  has a nasty habit of destroying and denigrating and crippling those who are not of “the” Royal Blood so as to maintain control and advantage over others, and to preserve the “purity” of their own Genotype, though even the term “Generic Royal Family” suggests that there is no such “purity” involved.
When Harry married Meghan, I shook my head and wished him luck, well-knowing the kind of quiet firestorm of racial and cultural prejudice his fledgling family would face despite the more open-minded and supportive younger members of the Royal Tribe.
The entire concept of “Royalty” depends on Eugenics, breeding, as in dog breeding, and privilege based on blood inheritance.  They have to keep up the pretense that they are so special, so different, so pre-destined for greatness on the basis of something, so this excuse, blood-line inheritance,  is what they have settled upon.  Anything counter to this oddball proposition of “divine right by inheritance” and the preservation of these claims must, in the view of the proponents of this scheme, be squelched.
Even if it means disinheriting a King, like Edward VIII.
Even if it means death and mayhem, like Princess Diana.
Even if it means losing your Grandson, like Prince Harry.
Even if it is nothing but a Big Lie and against Nature itself.
“Preserving one’s own” may be the Greater Course of Nature, but there is a time when this Draconian and inhumane definition of family by blood means losing that which you sought to preserve, and the stultification of what remains, trapped by self-limiting definitions of who and what we are.
The moment when Elizabeth II endeared herself to me came in the early 1960’s.  She was being hard-pressed in a conversation with a American interviewer.  She looked a bit flustered and finally said, “Well, I suppose someone must be in charge of things.”
The Royal Family, including the Internationalist Royal Family, needs to back-track to their shared Celtic roots and take a look at what Family in the Celtic Tradition really means.  It’s not about “pure blood”.  It’s about being part of something greater than yourself. It’s about embracing a higher purpose than any advantage of birth. And, it’s about the journey forward, together, accepting new blood and new visions, building a shared future.

I am very proud of Prince Harry, of his courage and his self-evident love for his wife and small children.  For their sakes, he has done the right thing, and yet, inevitably, this strikes yet another death knell for the Generic (Internationalist) Royal Family, which continues to lose their best and brightest for the sake of a Big Lie that actual Celtic Culture has never tolerated.

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A Brief Note for Our Still Utterly Clueless Military

By Anna Von Reitz

The British Royal Family is GERMAN.  

It has been GERMAN since Victoria married Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Prince of Wettin, on February 10, 1840.

Ask yourselves — what happened when a Queen married in the nineteenth century? Her husband owned her and all her property.  Prince Albert became the de facto owner of Britain, because he owned Victoria.

The power of the British Monarchy and everything else resides in the House of Wettin to this day.

The British aristocracy and the German aristocracy were one-in-the-same during both the First and Second World Wars.  Two faces of the same coin.

That’s why you get those photos of the King and Queen Mother giving the Nazi salute, and the young Elizabeth wearing a Nazi armband, and come to think of it, why in blazes does Reinhard Heydrich, Himmler’s Second-in-Command bear such a striking resemblance to Prince Charles? 

Military intelligence?  You dolts couldn’t find your way out of a paper bag with a 10,000 Lumen LED Flashlight and a Guide Dog.

The problem is not and has never been “the Russians”. 

The problem is now and has always been the Nazis.  You are still fighting the fricking Nazis, and you don’t even have sense enough to know that, because they have British accents and wear tweed suits. 

Bless me, I am disgusted with all of you. 

It’s not Russian interference. 

It’s British interference.  Which in this case means German interference. 

Where did that famous “Russian” Dossier come from?  Oh, a Brit. Christopher Steele. 

Who actually interfered with all our past elections going back to 1860?  Oh, the Brits. 

Who substituted their “State of State” organizations for ours–without telling anyone, of course?  Oh, the Brits.

Who screwed up the entire Middle East?  Oh, the Brits.

Wake to bloody hell up. 

If a Great-Grandma from Big Lake, Alaska, has to tell you this stuff and shove it up your noses, what good are you? 

A bunch of fancy-dressed flat-asses who are adept at running drugs and money laundering and nothing else on the face of the Earth? 

The Problem is not the Russians.  It hasn’t been the Russians ever since 1840, and it’s still not the Russians now.

If you don’t grasp that simple, straight forward, obvious, 100% true and verifiable FACT, my next suggestion to you is to get serious about your GERMAN language studies and bone up fast. 


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