Did Biden’s Team Deliberately Kneecapp Trump’s Security To Allow An Assassination Attempt


Article on the Federalist by Sean Davis

They kept the rooftop open, watched the shooter, kept Trump on the stage, and didn’t do a damn thing until after he had been shot. And we’re supposed to believe it was an innocent oopsie?

Biden’s Team Crippled Trump’s Security To Allow Murder Attempt (thefederalist.com)

An Example of the Idiocy

 By Anna Von Reitz

“Rotary International, the WHO, UNICEF, GAVI, WEF, and the Gates Foundation have poured tens of billions of dollars into vaccinating malnourished children who lack sanitation, water, refrigeration and education. Instead of pushing money into polio, measles and rotavirus vaccines, think of the global problems that would have been solved if those same dollars had been allocated to the most important health intervention in the world’s history: clean water.”

This quote comes from Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and is part of a more extensive article here: https://expose-news.com/2024/07/14/clean-water-saved-the-world-not-vaccination/

It’s simple and it’s true. Clean drinking water and basic water recycling and sanitation are far more effective than any amount of vaccine in preventing diseases of all kinds. 

No vaccination in the world has ever had the impact on public health that simple water sanitation has had. 

Continuing to push vaccination or patent drugs in the absence of clean water is like preaching abstinence to alcoholics in a pub: a nice thought, so far as it goes. 

We have to arrive at a point where we can do what is practical (clean water and sanitation for everyone) and meanwhile test to see if any form of vaccination is actually effective. 

Since beginning our investigation, it is more apparent than ever that there is no solid groundwork proving the efficacy of vaccination.  

You would think that such a sacred cow would have tons of proof validating the efficacy of vaccines to prevent disease and prevent the transmission of disease, but no. 

School children who are “fully vaccinated” are 30% more likely to develop diseases and co-morbidities including cancers than unvaccinated children. 

There are no such convincing studies linking use of vaccines and reduction in incidence or severity or transmission of disease.  

How’s that for a Big Surprise?  

Even with regard to transmission of diseases like Measles and Smallpox and Diphtheria, there isn’t any convincing correlation between beneficial results from the use of vaccines versus herd immunity.

In other words, if we didn’t do vaccines at all, much less the over 90 “childhood vaccines” now mandated, we would be just as well off. Minus the trauma of the injection and pain and swelling and possible infection, possible anaphylactic shock, and infection of the injection site, that is. 

What we also find are an astonishing number of synchronicities in which industrial pollution and diseases resulting from industrial pollution are palmed off as naturally occurring maladies conquered by vaccination. 

Polio, for example, has the same exact symptoms as poisoning and neurotoxicity caused by water soluble pesticides that were marketed in the 1940s and 1950s by the usual suspects — Monsanto and Dow Chemical.  

When these ill-begotten pesticides were withdrawn from the market, polio disappeared and it was safe to go swimming again— but not, as we assumed, due to the Salk vaccine. 

The penile cancers caused by Agent Orange just happen to be identical to those caused by vaccines administered against tropical malaria. 

It is more than past time that the chemical corporations and defense contractors paid for their sins, including the most recent round of deaths by injection of experimental “vaccines” that were already known to provide no benefit against prevention of disease or transmission of disease. 

These mRNA experimental vaccines were already known to have a seven year 100% mortality rate, but Pfizer wasn’t required to publish these experimental results.  Read that: everyone injected can expect to be dead within seven (7) years of receiving the injections, absent some kind of divine or practical intercession. 

If you are as sickened by this self-serving commercialization as we are, take a moment to remember your own instinctive resistance to vaccines and your intuitive mistrust. 

Isn’t it obvious, in retrospect, that vaccines don’t prevent disease and don’t prevent transmission of disease?  We didn’t really need 20,000 studies to prove that point.  

Vaccines provide a convenient excuse to charge people money for services and pawn off commercial liability for the harm caused by industrial pollution. 
They do nothing to prevent disease or its transmission, according to those who sell these worthless products to us. 

So why have we spent billions of dollars on vaccines instead of clean water and sanitation? 


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International Public Notice: Our Position

 By Anna Von Reitz

There can be no “re-inhabitation” of our American Federal Republic by British Territorial persons and forces who never “inhabited” our Federal Republic in the first place. 

Our Federal Republic is a uniquely American institution operated by and under the direction of the original Confederation of States. 

We do not accept and will not tolerate a substitution of the American Federal Republic by a British Territorial “look alike, sound alike” impersonator. 

See this nonsense: 

These people never inhabited and are prohibited from inhabiting our American Federal Republic; they must  (correctly) perceive that the only rightful re-inhabitation of the Federal Republic must be through the States of America; the States of America itself can only be Reconstructed via the States themselves. 

The States have to be reborn and have been reborn via the exact formula we have put in place: declaration, record, and publication of the unique individuals having the provenance and standing to provide the correct political basis for the creation of American States of States and Heirs to the American States of States, then enabling the reconstruction of the Federal Republic.
None of the British Territorial U.S. Citizens including Donald Trump and the Generals and Admirals of the U.S. Forces have the standing to repopulate the American Federal Republic. 

They must, therefore, stand down. 

There is only one political entity having the natural power and jurisdiction to sort this mess out and that is the Delegator of all federal authorities, the unincorporated Federation of States dba The United States of America. 

The delegating authority, dba, The United States of America, Unincorporated, and the unincorporated and sovereign and independent States thereof, must take charge and must reconstruct the American Federal Subcontractors known as the States of America and the Federal Republic too.

This requires that both the American Confederation of States and the Federal Republic must be reconstructed by the States. 

It cannot be done by any fiat means. 

It cannot be done by other foreign federal subcontractors “offering” to reconstitute our Federal Republic. 

They were not given the authority and were not enabled to function as our Federal Government in the first place and are not given that permission now. 

This is straight forward and contractual: the British Territorial Subcontractors cannot and are not allowed to enter upon the duties and are not enabled to function “as” the States of America  nor are they enabled to function as the Federal Republic. 

These are uniquely American institutions and functions and our British Territorial Subcontractors are not enabled to usurp upon nor otherwise enter into our lawful domains. 

We object to any attempts on their parts to misrepresent us or to misrepresent our American Government.  

They are not properly declared as Americans and they are not allowed to enter upon any American property or asset, including the American Federal Republic. 

We do not recognize any right or duty or obligation of any British Territorial entity to claim or occupy any aspect of our Confederation nor our Federal Republic.  They need to stand down, mind their own business, fulfill their contractual obligations, and otherwise get out of our way. 

We are not entertaining any more British Territorial Substitution Schemes. 

The Americans are back, are present, are here and in possession.  The Brits need to back off and get back into their proper orientation as Subcontractors and otherwise they need to leave us alone to do the work of reconstruction that has been so long delayed by their failure to honestly communicate with their employers. 

We do not recognize any undeclared “states” — Union or otherwise — that have not provided proper provenance and have not published their existence within the lawful State governance we have invoked. 

We do realize that the original states were formed from the outset by establishing the soil jurisdiction and then the land jurisdiction and from there establishing all other jurisdictions; however, thanks to British misrepresentations, we are not initially “located” in the original states anymore, and must begin from the jurisdiction of the air and sea and back to the land and cannot claim to be on the soil or the land apart from reversal of the presumptions created by registrations, enrollments, and enlistments.

Those people promoting the idea of an ersatz American Republic are ignorant of the facts and the jurisdictions.  

The only way that an American Federal Republic can be reconstructed, is if the States of the Union act upon the issue and make it possible. 

Donald Trump and the U.S. Military cannot make it so by wishing it so. 

They need to stand down and accept the civilian authority of the delegator of all “federal” powers — The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States. 

All “federal” agents are called “federal” with respect to the Federation of States that they are empowered by and required to honor.  

Please notify all Parties — Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals — that we are back on the land and soil of our country and do not empower unknown legal fiction entities to act on our behalf. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

July 14th 2024 


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Note: 130 Yards, 390 Feet, is Nothing for a Sniper

 By Anna Von Reitz

As more details emerge, we are told that the 20 year-old Pennsylvanian who attempted to shoot Donald Trump was “130 yards” away from the speaker’s podium.  
To most people that sounds like a long distance, but it is absolutely nothing to a sniper. 
Snipers regularly take out targets that are a mile away, over 1700 yards, using heavy caliber long-trajectory 50 mm bullets.  
So the failure of the security team to lock down elevated platforms only 130 yards away is stunning. 
They knew, and we know, that lapse is not explainable within the purview of normal security operations. 
Apparently, even the House Oversight Committee knows and wants answers: 
For example, when former President Richard Nixon went grocery shopping, a perimeter of 2000 yards was cleared and all rooftops monitored. 
Now you can see how puny and failed the security effort around Trump really was — 2000 yards for Tricky Dick, but less than a 130 yard sweep for Trump.  
With really long range shots snipers use heavy caliber guns– “Whopping Mollies” of 50 mm or more; with short range targets (like 130 yards) they use small caliber high velocity ammo, typically 9 mm, and light-weight, long-barreled sniper rifles.  
So, it was a headshot and high velocity small caliber sniper fire, just as you would expect at 130 yards, and nobody needs to wonder anything about it. This was an assassination attempt according to standard operating procedures for snipers worldwide. 
What wasn’t “standard” is the Secret Service’s failure to control access to elevated positions within easy shooting range of the former President.  
What also isn’t “standard response” is the fact that numerous witnesses saw the shooter and made  efforts to draw the attention of Secret Service agents, saying things like, “He’s got a gun!” and pointing at the gunman minutes before any shots were fired. 
If you were part of a security detail and someone started waving and shouting, “Hey, look, he’s got a gun!” would you respond with rapid investigation and interception, or turn away and continue chewing your cud? 
No doubt that’s part of what the House Oversight Committee will want to ask about: 
Unfortunately for Donald Trump, the cud-chewing response yielded predictable results. Trump was shot and came within half an inch of being killed, and his 20 year-old assailant is dead along with innocent bystanders killed and injured. 

This was a mammoth and inexplicable security failure on the part of the Secret Service.  They failed Personal Security Protocols 101 when it comes to DJT, and they also failed the Attendees at the rally. 

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International Public Notice: Trump’s Close Call

 By Anna Von Reitz

No matter what political or commercial axe you may have to grind, resorting to personal violence is not the answer. Ideas are ideas. Money is money. But blood is blood. 
We are obviously not involved in the political elections process of a foreign corporation acting as a subcontractor to our government, but we do condemn the violence against Donald Trump. 
Certainly the Democrats are desperate, with Joe Biden unfit for office by any standard, and Trump’s economic track record and folksy nationalism appealing to millions upon millions of voters.  
Some people, deluded by narratives and brain-washing may think that the only way to prevent a major Trump victory this fall — indeed, a historic landslide — is to kill him.
Some people might consider it tit-for-tat. In view of the many CIA-led government substitution operations that have resulted in the death of duly elected Presidents and foreign political candidates. 
Uncle Sam interfered in their elections, so why not interfere in his?  
Donald Trump wasn’t in office in 2014 when the Putsch happened in Ukraine; that was Obummer’s Dirty Hits Squad, but, just as many people have a problem distinguishing between “America” and “the U.S.” it’s hard for some to distinguish between Presidents. 
The failure of the Secret Service to seize and hold such an obvious vantage point says they were in on the hit, just as when they mysteriously vanished the day JFK was assassinated. 
It’s just a question of whose paws were in it, besides God’s.
Was what happened yesterday in Butler County, Pennsylvania, as some Dems are trying to claim, just “a staged theater stunt to gain voter sympathy”, or, was it evidence of another British-based political take-down intrigue, one that left Trump unprotected only a few hundred feet from a sniper?  
All of which begs the point of learning from history. 
Mr. Trump, does it make any sense to leave your personal safety in the hands of men controlled by the British Government?  You should at least hire your own body- guards and safety personnel, to ride herd on and fill in the blanks left by MI6. 
Just like the Federal Witness Protection Program, they don’t have to do anything direct.  All they have to do is look the other way for a couple of minutes. Go to the bathroom. Get a cup of coffee. Remember they left their phone in the car. Forget checking the rooftops and access to rooftops — which they obviously did yesterday
Donald Trump had no need to buoy up his popularity with any heroics. Half an inch to the left and we’d be looking at the Kennedy assassination all over again.   
Ironically, the Dems do have a fantastic and reputable candidate in the wings: RFK, Jr.  
Kennedy is easily the most recognizable, the most popular, and most principled candidate the Democrats have to offer, by far, but the problem thus far is that, well, yeah, he is principled.  And that doesn’t ride well with the New Left. 
RFK, Jr., does stand for things beyond himself, and even way beyond his comfort zone.  It took a pandemic involving phony vaccines and thousands of dead kids to drag him out onto the field and make it personal, but there he is, nonetheless, that one, lone, sore thumb, Dissenting Voice of the Traditional Democratic Party. 
Kennedy could, by rallying the traditional Democratic base, give Trump a reputable run for his money and make it a campaign about meaningful issues.  
People watching from the rest of the world often ask— what is so bad about Donald Trump?  He created an economic miracle for you dumb Americans.  Why would anyone, Republican or Democrat, kick him for that, even if he has orange hair? 
Wall Street and the Billionaires have benefited more from Obummer’s pandering and his crushing of the American Middle Class to give the 1% all the gravy, than they profited from DJT’s growth initiatives and forward thinking and investment strategies and resource deployments. 
It’s not that Trump isn’t a brilliant businessman compared to any Democrat we’ve seen in our lifetimes; it’s that Trump has aimed at rebuilding the whole economy and infrastructure, instead of treading the wine press for Big Business alone– which is what Obummer specializes in. 
The Lower and Middle Classes of American workers benefited tremendously under Trump’s Administration.  Like it or not, that’s a fact. 
Millions of new above-living wage jobs were created. There was even talk of America being able to go back to a One-Income Household model, where one parent could earn enough to allow the other parent to stay home and take care of the kids.  Imagine that? 
We could have had it as good as most bird species. 
But the Big Boys, the Transnationals, are pouty. 
Pharma is scared of all the new tech and now they are scared of liability for the pandemic.  Big Oil (which means Big Agro, too) is angry, two-blocked, and fettered.  Banks are scared and angry, also.  Their tattered, ancient, and filthy dirty laundry is coming into view.  
They all worry that if America rebuilds, then America will become industrial base competition for China, where most of them are invested up to their chins, hoping to profit themselves off of China’s slave labor market.  
So, naturally, the Corpos aren’t concerned about the benefits of new infrastructure that they already paid for — in China.  They never cared about workers or this country particularly, so they’d rather have Obummer or Joey B. handing them “incentive payments” all day long. 
Trillions and trillions in sweet cream Country Gravy, all day long…. TARP, Bail-Outs, Bail-Ins, everything short of a Papal Dispensation. 
The Stock Market isn’t happy with Trump, either. They don’t like the move from NYC to Tel Aviv. 
The new tech stocks are like mating piranhas in muddy water, and the pressure to self-invest and the run-ups and costs that causes a company is nothing but painful.  
With ten year bonds in the tank and no relief in sight, more than half of the Fortune 500 CEOs have either quit or been caught quietly selling off their own company share stocks. Even Warren Buffet. 
All of which leads to the ironic situation: Donald Trump, ostensibly the Big Business candidate of the Big Business political party — is now the champion of the average people and wage-earners and farmers of this country.  That’s why he has the numbers. 
While the Dems, at least those in view, are the Big Business candidates-in-fact, the corrupt darlings of Wall Street, the running dogs of the investment banks and feudal corporatocracy.  The Kings of the $30,000 a plate fundraising dinner. That’s why they have the payola support of the Fringe and the public employee unions in bed for a three-way romp. 
And that is why Obummer is on television right now, telling Senior Citizens that their $5 campaign donation to Democratic Party Candidates will make the difference. 

It’s not true in the case of the Dems, though it might be true for the Republicans, simply because of this inertial flip-flop, that leaves the top Republican candidate at odds with or at least brandishing swords with Big Business Interests from here to Istanbul. 

Trump isn’t getting the “traditional” Republican support of Big Business.  Joe Biden, or whoever the Dem candidate winds up being, is benefiting from all that.   
No, Obama is chasing the numbers, trying to elicit the support of masses of disillusioned and disoriented voters, trying to get them to “buy in” and make a commitment, no matter how small, to the Democratic candidate roster. 
All this contributes to the confusion overseas, too. Everything is upside down: Republicans for the Common Man?  For Labor?  For the Middle Class? 
For Tax relief?  What is this?   
Meanwhile, the Democrats are in Never-Never-Land guaranteeing “votes” for illegal immigrants that they are trying to entrap as new collateral for their failing Municipal Corporation (double score!), and otherwise selling everything in sight including immigrant children: 
All this chaos has been brought to us by two miscreant District of Columbia corporations in the business of providing “essential government services” (Article IV of both their Constitutions). If we don’t hold them and their Principals accountable, there will be more and worse chaos, here, and throughout the world. 
Grapes now cost $8.99 a pound.  Laundry soap, baby formula, and shampoo are all under lock and key at the local supermarkets.   
As of last week, the U.S. Military has taken over the administrative functions of the Federal and State-of-State government franchises.  
The Dems finally admitted that Joe Biden isn’t fit for office in the physical and mental sense of “fitness”. 
A wise woman once said, “By the time you get your vengeance, they won’t remember why you did it.” 
Let’s all get our heads out of cranial-anal insertion and think about this: Melania Trump’s Husband, and young Barron’s Father, a decent man who has done nothing but wish well on this country and this world, almost died yesterday, because someone in the crowd was gullible enough to believe the Talking Heads who have been irrationally demonizing him for pay.  For pay. 
Donald Trump may be many things, may rise or fall according to his choices and his destiny, and you may like him or not, but he does not deserve to die for the sake of political nonsense. 
We count 90% of what passes for “important” in the political realm as nonsense.    
What we care about is getting a competent leader for these corporations, someone who will come to terms with history and reality, and help restore lawful government.  We could work with Donald Trump. We could work with RFK, Jr.  
We couldn’t work with Joe Biden, and this isn’t even Joe Biden’s fault. 
We don’t know Joe Biden as a man, but we know the challenges we face as a nation and a planet. 
Regardless of your political orientation and in spite of all the confusion, please help, if you vote in these political elections, by electing a stable and competent man to the corporate offices.  
And please, pass the word— Donald Trump isn’t the devil and doesn’t deserve violence. Neither will any Democratic challenger.  It’s far more important that we learn to govern ourselves than that we endeavor to control anyone else.  
Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652
July 14th 2024

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