IT BEGINS: GOP Lawmakers Lodge Official Objections To Electoral Vote; McConnell Rebukes Trump

(Zero Hedge) Update (1415ET): Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has officially thrown Trump under the bus, saying on a Wednesday statement that the election wasn’t stolen, and that overruling voters would ‘damage the republic forever.’

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BREAKING: Pence Defies Trump’s Calls to Overturn Biden’s Victory

(Douglas Braff) Wednesday afternoon, while President Donald Trump was speaking to supporters in front of the White House, Vice President Mike Pence issued a statement rejecting Trump’s calls for Pence to overturn President-elect Joe Biden‘s 2020 election victory, in a dramatic rebuke of the outgoing president and his dubious claims that widespread election fraud occurred.

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A few recent “MegaAnons” (from 1-13-18) that correlate with other recent Kp blog posts (well, at least one of them!)

Found these on at the ToddWhiskey MegaAnon collection, which I was guided to check out today (1-21-18). I’m only posting the parts that resonated and connected. The rest may be viewed at the relevant ToddWhiskey MegaAnon collection pages, in the bold links. I found some interesting correlations, particularly one about Pence, which was in this YouAreFreeTV post.

THIS IS THE REASON EVERY TECH CEO IS QUITTING, including when Microsoft’s CEO quit after Sony hack and Alphabet/Google’s quit… Good news is, Flynn, Rogers, Trump, Bannon, Assange, Dana Rohrabacher and a few other good guys, knew the full extent of what “wiretapping” meant. So they used it to f— “them” and all their leakers.

Wikileaks. It’s gonna get real good.

Smells like we [j]ust might get some [a]mazing info out if it.

This is why all the tech CEO’s, including Microsoft’s and Alphabet/Google’s are leaving. This is also why the Chan’s malware problem recently, is very, very, very f—ed up, y’all…

Yeah. 4D chess. Obama’s got no where to hide. Can’t have a library without books… or birth records. See how that works?! ;o)

Don’t forget this…

I tried to tell y’all… whole thread below. [refers to Susan Rice]

She [Susan Rice] knows what REALLY Happened with Magnitsky, Heritage Capital abd Fusion GPS’s FIRST dossier attempt with them. So did Rinat, and EVERYONE EKSE THEY KNEW WERE LISTENING OVER THE WIRETAPS JR. DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT when he took the meeting. So the Russians used that time to remind everyone listening that Hillary is a crook and the US has a “rampant pedophilia problem”. That’s why you’ll never hear about any of the actual audio/video from all that spying “they” did on that meeting. The Russians told the truth.

Rice will answer for Benghazi because Power didn’t submit a request. Strzok is a spook, he is Palpatine’s “S”. The Trump admin was flipping their own wiretaps and emails swipes around on “them” the whole time.

“They” used this abd this is why Bannon doesn’t have one fuck to give about what Trump says about him. THEY’RE IN IT TOGETHER. These were Bannon’s tricks. They smoked the moles out. Pence will be finished. No more 25 amendment threats. [recall this YouAreFreeTV post, says Pence will be out]

…not every single house/senate resignation was related to crime. I told y’all there were good people. Have faith. THESE PEOPLE HAVE TO RESIGN TO TESTIFY AS PRIVATE CITIZENS. They’re not all indicted. They will be called to testify… but they can’t testify in front of their own committees, agencies or departments. That’s conflict of interest.

They’ll get their jobs back! Just like Flynn. You’ll see…

NOW PLEASE, can y’all FINALLY start celebrating with me?! I feel like I’m watching the storm all by myself. You knew how this would go. ;o)

YouAreFreeTV 1-20-18… “Q Announces #TENDARKDAYS: Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark!”

This is someone I have never watched before, but I found her information and “take” on things to be very refreshing. This #TENDARKDAYS thing is something I’ve heard of before, and apparently it started on the 1-20 and goes through the 1-29, followed by the 1-30-18 Trump State of the Union, which she is hash tagging as #JudgementDay. Hmmm. A lot going on in the background, she says. All things being done “in the dark” are leading up to the 30th.

Another hashtag floating around is #ReleasetheMemo. She points out that it can also be viewed as containing the name “Seth”, referring to Seth Rich (#releaSETHememo).

She also mentions “C60” which is apparently Buckminster Fullerene in olive or coconut oil. Someone else mentioned it to me. Here is an Amazon search link.

Published on Jan 20, 2018
With the government shutdown maneuver in play, Q team assures is Judgement Day is coming. Next week may be dark but it will be busy! Keep the Prayer Wave Strong 6pm worldwide! Q: Who is P? Will we have a new VP by Jan 30?

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