Penny Kelly Update – Are You Seeing what I am Seeing?

Update from Penny Kelly. Penny shares her intuitive insights on the state of the US Republic. She asks, “Are you seeing what I am seeing?” as she describes evidence to support what she clearly sees – the freeing of the American people in spite of what the dwindling old guard and their Main Stream Media weapon deceptively spoon-feed the public. She sees an old ruling faction dying off and asks us to look deeply at what is really happening, see the signs and then step up and claim our sovereignty.


Penny Kelly 8-3-20… “#01 The Globalists/Cabal Plan & the Patriots CounterAttack”

This is a very detailed, step-by-step analysis of what has been attempted by the cabal, and the counter steps taken by Trump and the US Patriots. Very nicely done, in my view. I found it seemed a bit long, but by being patient, I allowed Penny’s message analysis to clarify the planetary situation.

Key points:
– There are many levels to this “virus situation”.
– The virus is real, the pandemic is not.
– Trump and the Patriots are in control.

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Thanks to CLR for sharing this with me.

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