David Wilcock new article 4-27-18… “Critical Moment in Deep State Takedown is Happening Now” (Part 1)

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“The behind-the-scenes war to take down the Deep State has finally reached critical mass, based on multiple insiders. “It” is happening now.

“Even though things may still appear fairly quiet to the casual observer, multiple independent sources are now saying major, visible moves against the Deep State are imminent. This is not necessarily going to appear as the “Mass Arrests” scenario we had prognosticated before. However, we may well see high-profile arrests and new data dumps soon enough. No one can deny there are over 24,500 sealed criminal indictments on the books right now in the US — an all-time high.

“Alex Jones has a Lockheed Skunk Works insider named Zach who is claiming we are on the verge of disclosure events that could transform us into a multi-planetary society. Unimaginable evil is being systematically exposed and rooted out. We have been talking about this for years and it is finally happening.

“The payoff we will get if the Alliance succeeds in its campaign against the Deep State is almost beyond imagination… we know that the Deep State has been hiding an astonishing wealth of ancient extraterrestrial ruins, crashed technologies, recovered bodies and reverse-engineered interstellar craft… The scope and power of what lies hidden in these various underground vaults could literally transform us into the Star Trek age overnight.

“For the uninitiated, it would seem hard to believe how any government or organization would want to withhold such impressive, world-changing breakthroughs. The main force preventing us from gaining access to this technology is an elite, hyper-wealthy Luciferian cult, sadly enough. Many of their members engage in what most would call evil practices, such as pedophilia, sacrifice, human trafficking and the desire to greatly reduce earth’s population.

[David goes into considerable detail about what happened to Emery, how it happened, etc.]

“Many people are electrified by what Emery is saying. It is certainly helpful to see how these pieces fit, as I have been able to do since we started talking about a decade ago. The evidence keeps piling up as more and more insiders like Goode, Tompkins, Peterson and Emery step up to share what they know. One researcher in the UFO field who has really “run with the ball” on this whole subject is Dr. Michael Salla of Exopolitics Institute. Salla had multiple interviews with Tompkins before his death and did amazing work in validating his accounts with documents and other proof.

“Emery is still barely surviving at this point. There is no logical reason for him to keep having car crashes, emergency room trips and even fatalities of his loved ones if he was just trying to “tell a story.” [CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO THE EMERY SMITH SURVIVAL FUND]

“REMEMBER THIS IS A SPIRITUAL WAR I have repeatedly stated that the Deep State / Cabal / Illuminati cannot just knock off whomever they want. This is a spiritual battle, and the Deep State must follow what they call “The Rules” in order to be successful — at any level. “The Rules” stipulate that the Deep State cannot do anything they are not authorized to do — either on an individual or collective level.

“Emery’s head-on collision happened just one day after he had gotten a modified Bedini-style free energy device to an operational and validated state. Yes… this may seem surprising or off the wall, but Emery spent years of time and significant amounts of his own money working on this problem. Both of us were involved in getting the device operational while he was staying with me. The device lived in my house under a blanket for several weeks. Emery had purchased all of the necessary equipment from the Bedini brothers while he was running his own science lab a few years back… Emery was very fortunate to have removed the device from his home in New Mexico before the break-in occurred. That is quite a story in and of itself.”


Critical Moment in Deep State Takedown is Happening Now

The behind-the-scenes war to take down the Deep State has finally reached critical mass, based on multiple insiders. “It” is happening now.

Even though things may still appear fairly quiet to the casual observer, multiple independent sources are now saying major, visible moves against the Deep State are imminent.

This is not necessarily going to appear as the “Mass Arrests” scenario we had prognosticated before. However, we may well see high-profile arrests and new data dumps soon enough.

No one can deny there are over 24,500 sealed criminal indictments on the books right now in the US — an all-time high.

My friend David Seaman had his entire identity deleted off of YouTube and social media, only to return with stunning confidence — and new, direct intel about the arrests that are pending.

Alex Jones has a Lockheed Skunk Works insider named Zach who is claiming we are on the verge of disclosure events that could transform us into a multi-planetary society.

Unimaginable evil is being systematically exposed and rooted out. We have been talking about this for years and it is finally happening.

Our own immediate insiders have experienced significant, ongoing threat. The obvious and extreme nature of these attacks again suggests desperation is occurring.

We are not backing down. We have public appearances scheduled for New Living Expo April 27-29, Contact in the Desert June 1-4, our Colorado Ascension Portal all-weekend event July 27-29, and others.


Once you understand the “shadow war” now reaching its crescendo, seemingly confusing and upsetting political events can take on dramatic new levels of meaning.

The payoff we will get if the Alliance succeeds in its campaign against the Deep State is almost beyond imagination.

[If you are new to this, we will define the Alliance a bit later on. A majority of the US military / intel community now supports Disclosure.]

As you may know, I have direct access to insiders who share very unique and compelling insights into the revolution now transpiring in our world.

As a result, we know that the Deep State has been hiding an astonishing wealth of ancient extraterrestrial ruins, crashed technologies, recovered bodies and reverse-engineered interstellar craft.

They also have ongoing, direct relationships with multiple intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations.

The scope and power of what lies hidden in these various underground vaults could literally transform us into the Star Trek age overnight.


The idea that this much could be kept hidden from us is staggering. There is still widespread debate over whether any UFOs actually even exist.

I recently met two different people in the Baby Boomer age range at a birthday party, both of whom had impressive UFO sightings.

The ridicule factor was so high at the time they saw these obvious, intelligently-piloted craft that they were both actually saddened by it.

Each of these men decided to keep the sighting to himself because he “did not want to be one of those UFO kooks.”

Younger people are now the beneficiaries of four generations of gradual disclosure, and no longer see this as a subject of laughter and ridicule.

For the uninitiated, it would seem hard to believe how any government or organization would want to withhold such impressive, world-changing breakthroughs.

The main force preventing us from gaining access to this technology is an elite, hyper-wealthy Luciferian cult, sadly enough.

Many of their members engage in what most would call evil practices, such as pedophilia, sacrifice, human trafficking and the desire to greatly reduce earth’s population.


The steps I have just taken to transform my life were huge, but should provide a lasting solution — so we never need to suffer this much “down-time” again.

I did not want to publicly telegraph that we were making a major move from Los Angeles to Colorado during this last seven weeks, for security reasons that will become obvious in a minute.

The process began last September, and we were able to successfully buy a home. This was by far the most difficult worldly ordeal I have ever been through.

It was at least a full-time job from October 2017 until just the last two weeks or so. It often looked as if it was not going to work.

The freedom is just starting to “kick in” now that we have solved all the immediate personal crises from moving to a snowy, alpine climate.

Traveling an average of twice a month for work, over the last ten years, had caused me to feel severe burnout.

An incredible amount of productive time has been freed up by moving to the same city I work in. A taping now takes up two days of my time instead of two weeks.


Pete Peterson and Emery Smith both endured new, nearly-lethal events in the time before, during and after our move, making this transition even more stressful.

Both of these insiders have stepped forward in the last year with many new insights about the Secret Space Program — and the Deep State appears to have punished them for it.

Although many Alliance insider groups want to see disclosure, there are still powerful elements fighting to the death to keep it all a secret.

The tragic events that recently happened to Emery and Pete do not appear to be random accidents.

These attacks are so blatantly obvious that the Deep State clearly appears to be in a true state of desperation to have even attempted them.

Thankfully, these attacks did not kill either of them.

The back-story is quite remarkable. In many ways the truth is far more fascinating than any sci-fi movie or television series I have ever seen.

It is difficult to imagine that any elite group on earth could be keeping this many secrets from us. It is also hard to understand why they would hide it.

Nonetheless, the pieces all fit together beautifully. Genuine insiders from this world have invariably experienced many of the same things firsthand.


Multiple insiders from very highly classified projects have independently shared testimonies that interlink in ways that defy all probabilities of fraud.

These insiders appeared thanks to the trust, credibility and connections I built as a UFO researcher working online since 1996.

This subject has now earned far more widespread acceptance than it had in those dawning days of the internet.

When I first compared insider notes with Corey Goode in November 2014, we found many dozens of direct correlations — far beyond any possibility of coincidence.

Corey’s information fit in perfectly with what Emery Smith had been telling me for the preceding six years — along with the data from many of the others.

We sadly lost William Tompkins last year — another insider who had been involved in this world since WWII, and whose data fit perfectly with everyone else’s.

Tompkins was directly tasked with interviewing American spies embedded in Germany’s secret space program, and relaying that intel to top officials.

He therefore provided critical historical context to the origin and development of what we are calling the secret space program.

In fact, Tompkins’ design ideas for submarine-type spacecraft, seen in this 1954 diagram, became the prototypes for Solar Warden, the classified program Corey Goode served in.

Ships like these were among the first that were built on the inside track, in the hopes of policing the extraterrestrial traffic coming and going through our solar system.

What extraterrestrial traffic, you might ask?

As it turns out, our solar system is a very popular place, as it apparently sits right next to a rare portal that allows travel to other galaxies.

The German Nazis ended up cutting a deal with the most evil extraterrestrials around — a reptilian-human race called the Draco or the Saurians on the inside.

Tompkins did his best to relay this information to top US government and military officials, who completely refused to believe it for some time.

All of this was kept strictly hidden from us, just like the Manhattan Project that led to the development of the atomic bomb.

The cubes that you see allowed these ships to be built in modular pieces here on earth before they were transported and assembled in space.


Tompkins intended to release everything he knew over the course of three books. He only managed to finish the first one and part of the second.

I was fortunate enough to have had multiple conversations with Bill, and to develop a friendship with him before his tragic loss last August.

Bill helped me visualize a happy, healthy and loving relationship, which directly paved the way for my connection and marriage with Elizabeth.

His loss was part of what compelled me to start the process of moving to Colorado a few weeks later — so our lives would ultimately be healthier and happier.

Bill’s public debut was at age 94, and he only lasted less than two years on the scene. This was more than enough time to change the entire scope of UFO scholarship.


Friends and associates have often asked me, “Why don’t you just write short articles?”

The truth is so out-of-the-box that short articles will only make sense to people who have been steadily following the narrative.

That in turn means that anyone else who is new to this will be completely lost, and be apt to think the whole thing is an internet fever dream.

My most recent book, The Ascension Mysteries, represents my first effort to create a large, unified summary and analysis of what these various insiders told me.

You can begin reading at Chapter Fourteen, “Disclosure,” on page 241, and get the equivalent of a full-length book’s worth of information on the secret space program in a condensed form.

There are 251 references in this section of the book alone, which is double the amount required for a doctoral dissertation in most subjects.

Nonetheless, it is not at all dry or boring, but reads like a fast-paced sci-fi drama.

This second half of the book is consistent with the style and research quality of the previous two, The Source Field Investigations and The Synchronicity Key.

In many ways, the scope and power of the information in the second half of Ascension far outstrips the previous two in terms of the “wow factor.”

The 251 references tie in a wide variety of different research topics that help provide a factual basis for the remarkable claims you will find.

This includes multiple NASA images of what clearly appear to be intelligent, geometric architectural ruins on the moon, Mars and elsewhere.

This all seems highly implausible to the conventional mind, but it provides intriguing evidence to support the idea that our solar system has been widely inhabited and colonized.


I managed to pull multiple, direct quotes from Tompkins right before the deadline, adding even more scope and depth to the disclosure.

This included stunning new detail about extraterrestrial architecture we found both on the surface and within Earth’s moon.

One of the surprises Bill shared with me was that NASA covertly photographed massive buildings that were completely levitating above the lunar surface.

Imagine a rectangular building that is two miles long, just hovering there above the surface — apparently with no threat of collapse whatsoever.

There were many different styles and types of architecture on the moon, depending upon where you looked. This suggested a variety of cultures had settled there.

This data fit beautifully with Corey Goode’s claim that many different ET races have settled on our moon and are directly involved with our classified programs.

It almost makes you crazy to hear things like this, as if it is all true, then the scope of how much we are being lied to is beyond imagination.

Even skeptics would want to enter into a world where this technology was accessible — they are just too cynical to believe it is possible in their lifetimes.


Emery Smith has been a friend and trusted insider since 2009 — and one of my longest-term and most interesting witnesses.

I never imagined he would come forward. Up until his life was very aggressively threatened in the summer of 2017, he had no intention of doing so.

Emery was attacked in the same wave that corresponded with Tompkins’ loss. It is very sad that we were never able to get them together for an interview.

Since Emery hadn’t yet come forward at the time I wrote The Ascension Mysteries, the book only contains a small sampling of the knowledge he had provided me with.

I didn’t want to go into too much detail in case it would identify who he was and lead to undesirable “visits” from the Deep State.

I was admittedly stunned when Emery first told me he had autopsied some three thousand different extraterrestrial species while working in an underground military base in New Mexico.

The details were staggeringly complex — and correlated precisely with what others had told me, in many cases, while adding significantly more information.


Emery’s data ties in very nicely with other insiders I discussed in the book — including Daniel, Henry Deacon, Bruce, Jacob, Bob Dean, Clifford Stone, Corey Goode, William Tompkins and Pete Peterson.

These are some of the people I had private conversations with, often for many hours — and would find dozens and dozens of very specific data points in common.

Emery also had worked as the vice-president of CSETI, Dr. Steven Greer’s disclosure organization, for many years. I first met him in a joint meeting with Greer in 2009, at Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga, California.

As you will know if you are a regular reader of this site, I attended Greer’s original Disclosure Project event at DC in 2001, and met most of the 39 insiders who came forward that day.

Emery appears in the movie Sirius, though he does not share any insider information. Emery is also the surgeon who autopsied the mysterious Atacama humanoid in the movie.


Emery reveals that the US military has been sitting on a story of far greater scope and intrigue than we could have even imagined.

In order for a military base to have gained possession of this many different species of ET corpses, they would have to be in regular, widespread contact with a variety of civilizations.

Almost all of the specimens he autopsied in the underground facility at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico were humanlike in some way.

They usually had the classic “five-star” pattern, as they called it, meaning a head, two arms and two legs.

Once you get past that basic guideline, what you then see is a wide variety of different types of intelligent, human-like life.

In most cases, you can imagine a being similar to something here on earth — in any of the different kingdoms — being elevated to a human-like level.

This means you will have all different sorts of aquatic humanoids, mammalian humanoids, avians, insectoids and reptilians.

Some species have undeniable examples of vegetable cells in their physiology, and may even photosynthesize light.

You also occasionally get strange types of “light beings” that appear to have died in a proto-plasmic state, somewhere between matter and energy.


In the earlier stages of his insider career, Emery was given hardly any information or access, other than that he was obviously working on very strange cadavers.

The technology on the base was vastly ahead of what we had in the open world in the 1990s — and much of it is still like science fiction today.

This included interactive holographic displays, consciousness-assisted technology, “printed” meals made to order, and smart-glass pads similar to those discussed by Corey Goode.

As he progressed in the programs, he began having direct interactions with a variety of different ET races who would help him with the autopsies.

He occasionally had to stay overnight at the base, in rooms that were configured to accommodate multiple different types of ET species.

Not one ET group he interacted with appeared to be negative in any way. In fact, there was a very consistent sense of extreme positivity from these people.

They explained that they were here because they wanted to help us understand our galactic neighborhood, even if it was all being kept secret at this time.

These races invariably wanted to see disclosure take place, and to tear down the walls of secrecy that keep us apart.


As you may know, we have now taped a few dozen episodes of Emery’s testimony for Cosmic Disclosure, a show on Gaia, which is like the “Metaphysical Netflix.”

These episodes have been airing since January, and we just finished our third taping last week — despite the death threats.

Emery was given MD-level training in the military, and it shows in the speed and technical precision he uses as he describes his experiences.

Our second taping in January featured at least eight episodes where Corey Goode and Emery Smith were comparing notes on their remarkable experiences.

It was a true blessing to capture their initial conversations and data-sharing on camera.

The crossovers are numerous and fascinating. The odd, specific details are often what stand out as the most surprising — defying any reasonable possibility of chance.

If you want to check it out, please click on gaia.com/cosmic to make sure we get compensated for your subscription. The first month is only 99 cents with no cancellation fees.

We keep cranking out new episodes every week, except for the very occasional production break — and your membership conveys full access to everything in the library.


Emery shared far more detail in these tapings, after having his life so aggressively threatened, than he ever had revealed to me before.

As is the case in the best interviews, I was learning all sorts of mind-blowing new things in real time as I continued asking questions.

One of the weirder discoveries was that many of the UFOs we have found are an interesting fusion between technology and biology.

These ships are often “grown” out in space, using a combination of sound frequencies and advanced technology.

A particular being may often use its own genetic material to help produce the craft it then travels in.

The craft then interfaces directly with its occupant, creating a thought-assisted transportation device.

Scrapings from the craft would show DNA test results that matched the signatures in the cadaver itself.

Many of these craft have their own type of personality — very eager to please, and ready to do whatever you are authorized to ask for.

Emery also reported that many of these craft would refuse to take us outside our atmosphere or solar system — understanding that we were not yet ready for this as a society.

The Secret Space Program definitely found workarounds for this, according to Tompkins, Peterson, Deacon, Jacob, Dean, Goode and others.

As Pete just told me recently, “No one will believe this, but there are Americans all over the galaxy.” Goode has reported that other nations are involved as well.


Many people are electrified by what Emery is saying. It is certainly helpful to see how these pieces fit, as I have been able to do since we started talking about a decade ago.

The evidence keeps piling up as more and more insiders like Goode, Tompkins, Peterson and Emery step up to share what they know.

One researcher in the UFO field who has really “run with the ball” on this whole subject is Dr. Michael Salla of Exopolitics Institute.

Salla had multiple interviews with Tompkins before his death and did amazing work in validating his accounts with documents and other proof.

Somehow he managed to write yet another book recently, which is getting great reviews — Antarctica’s Hidden History: Corporate Foundations of Secret Space Programs.

Dr. Salla has done the hard work of including 584 references in the book to support this discussion with academic rigor.

This shows that legitimate researchers are taking this very seriously, and there is plenty of supporting data if you go looking for it.

Michael is very excited about Emery having come forward, as it greatly supports the overall body of Secret Space Program insider data we are gathering.

I look forward to reading my copy, and things have been far too busy for me to have the time to do so — as of yet.

Dr. Bob Wood, a close colleague of William Tompkins we interviewed on Cosmic Disclosure, included the following in his April 20th review:

I found the last Chapter 16 summary a masterpiece of synthesis of unwritten history of the last 100 years, and the incredible existence of multiple secret space programs.

Skeptics will have difficulty attacking the details, because the book not only has 584 specific references to each claim but has a masterful index permitting one to verify consistency.


There is an ongoing roster of impersonators who want to pretend to be real insiders as well. If I don’t discuss them, it’s because they didn’t pass our vetting process.

If you think I haven’t heard of someone, believe me, I have. Repeatedly.

99.9 percent of “new insiders” will turn out to be fraudulent. It’s a sad fact at this point. We can easily “vet out” the real ones and they are extremely rare.

With that being said, one of my policies is “we do not hang our own.”

I will gladly go after billionaires, politicians, CEOs, pedophiles and satanists, as well as producers and directors of Deep State propaganda masquerading as entertainment.

However, I will almost never turn against fellow researchers or even wannabe insiders by name.

That doesn’t change the fact that we are routinely and sardonically attacked online by many different individuals, including fellow researchers.

I get that it may seem fun and tempting to want to make up fake stories, but the real insiders are not enjoying the process of coming forward at all.

Emery has had very real and ongoing threats levied against him ever since he spent time living with Elizabeth and me in 2017.


Skeptical people often view subjects like this as if they are watching a movie or a video game, where there are no real stakes and everything is a virtual reality.

Alliance insiders have expressed shock and disappointment at the degree to which so much of the UFO community has turned their backs on all of us, sticking to their own traditional narratives.

Dr. Michael Salla is a notable exception, and he has made valuable research contributions to this developing subject. Almost all other traditional UFO scholars have ignored it.

This is one of the reasons why disclosure will proceed through public information releases, not through any private individuals in the UFO community.

We now have an impressive body of data that gives us far more detail than we could ever hope to obtain from analyzing pyramids, Roswell, classic sightings or insiders from 20 years ago.

We may be on the verge of getting a treasure-trove of new information in the next “data dump” as well.

Emery is still barely surviving at this point. There is no logical reason for him to keep having car crashes, emergency room trips and even fatalities of his loved ones if he was just trying to “tell a story.”

I try not to have feelings of anger or judgment when I see people accusing him of making all of this up. If you get to know him personally, it will soon become very obvious that he is the real thing.


On December 29th, we revealed how a black SUV pulled up and abducted Emery’s dog Raven. Immediately thereafter he became very sick with flu-like symptoms and ended up in the emergency room.

I speculated that Emery may have been hit with an ice dart weapon that introduced a fast-acting virus into his system.

This is one of many ugly technologies available to insider operatives in classified programs.

Pete Peterson actually invented the ice dart system and described it to me in detail. Part of his desire to come forward was to “clear mud off of his wheel of karma.”

Miraculously, Raven was found alive by a local animal lover, and Emery got her back unharmed.

Now imagine that this attack was ordered by a malicious group attempting to protect Emery’s secrets, and brutalize him into silence.

They were obviously furious that the dog survived. They were compelled to strike him and his loved ones again.

The next attack had far more violent and fateful consequences for Emery and his beloved canine companions.

On Saturday, January 13th, just over two weeks after the previous attack that we publicized, Emery’s other dog Beowulf was struck and killed by a truck.

This happened while he was changing a flat tire on the side of the road. The rampaging truck came very, very close to hitting him.

A very brief statement was made about this on Emery’s Facebook page on January 21st, without going into any significant details.


If Beowulf’s body hadn’t absorbed the impact and knocked him out of the way, Emery would have been severely injured or killed.

For this same reason we have chosen to see Beowulf’s death as a heroic act — protecting his friend by standing in the way of danger.

Even though Emery was safely changing his tire eight feet off the side of the road, this vehicle had steered far over the line on an insane collision course, at full speed.

The driver never even slowed down — making this a blatant hit and run. Beowulf was hit in the face and body, and had multiple missing teeth.

The speed and power of the impact literally hurled Beowulf across an entire four-lane interstate highway in Southern California.

The dog was choking on his own blood, and Emery had to intubate him to keep his breathing going.

I have seen some disturbing pictures from that night and Emery is definitely not making any of this up. I will not add any more horror than necessary here.

I also spoke with him on the phone in the initial phases of the trauma, and no one can fabricate that level of emotional intensity.

Every minute in a call like that seems like hours. You go numb as you struggle to listen and grasp the full implications at the same time.

The whole thing was shocking and sad, but absolutely real. Emery still has Raven, but Beowulf is gone forever.


Very shortly after the impact, Emery was approached by what appeared to be local sheriffs and animal control officers.

As you will soon see, these men acted like violent psychopaths, not at all like upstanding public servants.

It took a while for us to determine that these may not have been real law enforcement officers, but possibly criminals wearing fake uniforms, which is a felony.

It is entirely possible for intelligence operatives to impersonate police officers if they are performing a specific mission.

Anyone can buy all sorts of official-looking uniforms and gear online if they are dumb enough to commit this type of a crime.

We only came to this conclusion after Emery had extensive discussions with local California Highway Patrol officers.

They confirmed that sheriffs have no jurisdiction to work on the interstates. This entire incident is under investigation.

The alleged sheriff was therefore breaking the law by stopping and engaging with Emery after this terrible accident.

It is also possible that they were all real officers, but extremely corrupt and willing to accept bribes and do “dirty work.”


Emery was very harshly confronted by these men. Normally you would not expect severe verbal abuse after your dog was struck and severely injured in a hit-and-run.

They insisted his suffering dog was “already dead” and forced him to sign papers releasing all legal ownership rights to them.

One of these is entitled an “Animal Relinquishment Form.” Emery still has the pink copy, which he showed me and photographed.

The other form is white and says “County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control Order to Comply.”

He was so distraught and shocked by the verbal abuse and pressure they put on him, in the midst of this severe trauma, that he signed the documents without reading them.

They wanted to take his dog away. He fought valiantly against it, not realizing that he had already signed away his rights in the document.

We have not been able to find one shred of official documentation about this visit, other than the two forms Emery kept with him.

This further established the likelihood that it may have been an elaborate setup.


An agent-type man in a suit emerged from an SUV, beat him as the alleged officers watched, and said, “You WILL keep your f-ing mouth shut.”

I know. It sounds crazy. Either way, this is what actually happened. And Beowulf is now dead.

This is not at all what we would expect to transpire in a typical accident scene, right after a man’s dog was nearly killed in a hit-and-run.

It seemed obvious that the warning to “keep his mouth shut” was directly targeting Emery’s appearances on Cosmic Disclosure and elsewhere.

This type of tragedy makes perfect sense if you can simply accept that the Deep State is real, and does not want Emery to talk about his past.

Emery was kicked repeatedly between his legs. Whoever did this was very careful not to leave bruises we could appropriately photograph.

This was another major clue that this was an intentional operation and not just a tragic misunderstanding, or an encounter with nasty cops.

The “officers” then confiscated his dog against his will. Beowulf was still alive but in obvious distress, with agonized breathing.


When Emery checked back in the morning with the local shelter, where he determined that Beowulf had been dropped off, the dog had been euthanized.

When we tried to obtain the body for evidence the next day, we discovered it had been incinerated — again without our permission.

I would have written about this sooner, but we were all genuinely shocked. It has taken time to process all of this in the midst of a very stressful move.

Alliance insiders told us it was far too dangerous to stay in California. There were too many operatives on call in the area for these sorts of “dirty tricks.”

This includes people from the MS-13 Mexican gangs, which have been secretly colluding with the Deep State for years now.


After Emery was beaten and threatened, the “officers” then immediately called in an apparent Uber.

It was there very quickly. Too quickly.

They told Emery he had to leave immediately and abandon his rental car on the side of the road.

They would not give him time to finish changing his tire, which was all he needed to do to get back on the road. Nor would they help him change it.

They said it was “not legal” for him to stay there with his vehicle broken down so close to the interstate, as he could be hit by a car. Again.

They demanded that he leave the car there. Right now. After the beating he had just taken, it was obvious that they would not take no for an answer.

Emery did not know if they were really even police officers. He couldn’t be sure whether they would have murdered him, just like his dog, if he did not comply.

Therefore, in his haze of trauma and pain, he did what they asked, got into the car and abandoned his property, along with everything inside of it.


California Highway Patrol disputed the legality of this detail as well. Emery should have been allowed to finish changing his tire with police protection.

Strangest of all is that the California Highway Patrol office was only 300 yards away — within visible distance.

The alleged Uber drove him back to the hotel. Alone. The alleged officers took off with his dying dog. Emery was inconsolable.

Most likely, the rental car was then immediately stolen. It was gone when he went back the next morning.

The vehicle still had a majority of all of Emery’s worldly possessions in it — which were all stolen as well. They didn’t even give him time to recover them, or say goodbye to Beowulf.

He had already lost almost everything when his house in New Mexico was burglarized a few months earlier.

The rental company soon demanded that he pay full price for the vehicle, 35,000 dollars, immediately — even though he had taken out full coverage.

They accused him of stealing the car himself, and said the coverage did not apply because he had abandoned the vehicle. They didn’t care that an alleged sheriff had ordered him to do it.

Investigators were threatening Emery with immediate arrest for the theft of the vehicle.

Eventually the vehicle was found abandoned, and he was off the hook. However, all of his belongings were missing. We went through about a week of sheer hell before anyone found it.


CHP itself believes this was some kind of an elaborate criminal setup, possibly involving the MS-13 Mexican criminal cartel.

Officers told us there are gangs that will actually go to lengths this extreme simply to steal a car in Southern California. They run these scams consistently, as if it was a day job.

This incident seems to be a little more than just a typical car theft. We got the stolen car back. My theory about what may have happened is as follows:

1. An initial team drives past Emery and shoots his tire out with a small-caliber weapon with a silencer, such as a .22.

2. Soon after he pulls off to change the tire, a second operative in a truck veers off the road and attempts to strike and kill him and/or his dog.

3. A third crew arrives within minutes — or possibly the same guys from the first step.

One of them had animal-control officer clothes in case the dog was hit. Or they may have intentionally planned to hit the dog all along.

4. He is severely verbally abused while in a deeply traumatized state. They trick him into signing over all legal rights to his dog.

5. A straight-ahead intelligence agent, not even dressing as anyone else, then beats him and threatens him to keep his mouth shut. The warning was obvious.

6. The apparent Uber they called was not actually an Uber, but owned by another one of their associates, so there were no actual witnesses.

7. They then stole the car right after he left and called in the loss to the rental company, knowing this would further disrupt Emery’s plans.


Here is the punchline: We were literally within days of shooting more Cosmic Disclosure episodes for our second taping when this event took place.

In fact, Emery was already late for leaving, and that was why he had all of his stuff in the car.

The theft of the rental car forced us to delay the next Gaia shoot by almost two weeks as Emery cleaned up the mess.

The rental car company put a freeze on any and all other car rentals while the theft was under investigation, effectively grounding him.

We did decide to soldier forward anyway. Emery cleaned it up, got another rental car after the first one was found, and made the drive from California to Colorado.

We then taped a whole series of fascinating episodes where Corey and Emery compared notes on their experiences in “the programs.”

As is always the case in this arena, sadly enough, there will be skeptics claiming we made all of this up.

We have documentation and multiple witnesses to support everything I am attesting. And Beowulf is dead.

I am not publishing the documents at this time in case the animal control officers involved were genuine, and could attempt to sue us for any number of things.

These types of Deep State plans can be very intricate and multi-layered, and you have to be very careful about how you handle them.


Emery and I first disclosed this tragic event at the end of our joint talk at the Conscious Life Expo in mid-February.

It was very brave for Emery to step up on that stage with me, right in Los Angeles, just four weeks after the tragic murder of his dog.

We may release a video excerpt of the part where he describes the incident fairly soon. We had not planned to discuss it on stage beforehand.

I wasn’t sure if he would even come on stage, and had prepared the talk to be able to run without him in case he changed his mind.

Emery went through a terrific, wide-ranging overview of his many experiences working in underground bases on alleged ET autopsies.

He did a great job, and you can still see that event along with all my other talks with the premium Conscious Life Expo Trilogy Pass. Please consider ordering the Trilogy Pass for $144.


In my Sunday joint lecture with Corey Goode, I went into significant new detail regarding the connections between the Law of One series and Christianity.

This included compelling data I have never presented before, arguing that the Great Pyramid had actually been built as a monument to the coming Christ.

A well-researched timeline written into the measurements of the Great Pyramid’s passages flags the birth and ascension of Christ as very pivotal moments in our entire history.

It is a known fact that Carla Rueckert, the channel for the Law of One series, was a devout Christian.

What may not be so obvious is that there is a much greater cosmic background to the story of Christ than most people have ever realized.

This includes measurable cycles of time in historical events that were directly referenced in the Bible, as I explain in The Synchronicity Key.

Furthermore, if you actually read and study the Law of One, the core principles of love, forgiveness and service to others are all very familiar.

A majority of the proceeds from the Conscious Life event go towards helping us with expenses as we recover from our big move, and we do appreciate your support.

Now that I don’t have to travel for work, I am taking on more conferences this year as I finally have enough time to do them.


Let’s not forget that Emery was in a suspicious head-on collision that totaled his last worldly possession — his Range Rover — just a few months before his dog Raven was abducted and he ended up in the ER.

Before the head-on collision, he already had everything he owned stolen out of his house in New Mexico.

An armor-piercing bullet was left on the countertop as an obvious death threat.

Holes were cut in the wall to remove all hidden traces of incredibly valuable computer files and artifacts from his time in the programs.

Whoever did this knew right where he had stashed them — in an area normal burglars would never think to look.

Just a week and a half ago, on April 11th, 2018, while still struggling to find a place to live, Emery was hit yet again by a car.

The circumstances had an extremely bizarre feel to them, as usual.


This time the vehicle was going 45 miles per hour and struck him from behind at full speed, after he had been standing still at a red light for 20 seconds.

The most bizarre aspect of this story was that the same exact make and type of vehicle — a Kia sedan — hit Emery in both occasions.

The first vehicle was a black Kia Optima, and the second one was a light gray Kia Spectra. Those were the only differences.

Even more outrageous is that both kids said they had just purchased the Kia and driven it off of the lot right before the accident.

In the second case, this was obviously a used-car purchase.

This could therefore be an example of the Deep State “showing off”, by creating ponderous synchronicities that would only further frustrate skeptics and frighten believers.

Thankfully, this latest accident caused no serious injury, only some back and neck pain, and Emery had full coverage on the rental car.

The damage to Emery’s vehicle was surprisingly minimal, whereas the front end of the Kia got smashed up, as you can see here:


The kid who did this seemed dazed and unaware. He didn’t even hit the brakes. There were no skid-marks prior to the point of impact in both crashes.

In last year’s collision with Emery’s Range Rover, the driver had actually accelerated before the impact, rather than braking.

Neither of these young drivers had any idea why they had failed to avoid colliding with Emery.

They both seemed to have been dazed, and completely unaware that they were heading into a collision before it happened.

Does this sound normal to you?


Just a few days ago at the time of this writing, new information leaked into the media about classified mind-control technology.

If everything contained within these leaked documents is true, it is certainly possible for these attacks on Emery to have been orchestrated.

Taking Emery out would be considered a high-level hit. The planners would want to use a method where there is “plausible deniability” and it cannot be traced back to them.

The drivers in these cases may not have had any idea about what was going on, or that any technology was being used against them.

The main thing I would disagree with in this headline is the idea that the leaking of this data was “accidental.”

More than likely, this was another clever Alliance operation to reveal what is actually being done by the Deep State.

4/20: USG Leaks File Disclosing “Remote Mind Control” and “Forced Memory Blanking”


Some of the text terms we find on the included graphic below include the following:

“Forced Memory Blanking and Induced Erroneous Actions”

“Forced Waking Visions, Some Synced With Body Motion”

“Forced Precision Manipulation of Hands, Sometimes Synced to the Forced Waking Visions”

“Forced “Drop In Your Tracks” Sleep Inducement”

“Irresistible “Go Here, Go There” Commands”


I have transcribed the following section of the graphic for inclusion here as well:

“First un-classified successful transmission of the human voice into the skull of a living person was performed by Dr. Joseph C. Sharp of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in 1974.

By transforming a hypnotist’s voice using the Lowery silent sound or Smirnov scramble methods, used in the Gulf War, it is possible to hypnotize a target without the target being aware, from hiding, leaving zero trace evidence.”

This is a written description of the early development stages of what Corey Goode has disclosed as the “Voice of God” technology.

Corey himself reported using it on people when he was in the programs. You speak into a microphone and the technology beams your words into their heads.

Pete Peterson and other insiders independently confirmed that such technology does indeed exist.

Apparently, some people who believe they are channeling extraterrestrials are actually hearing messages conveyed through this method.

The precise timing of William Tompkins’ lethal fall, hours before the “Blood Moon” total solar eclipse last year, could well be another example of this technology in use.

In Bill’s case, it may have been that his advanced age made him susceptible to these sorts of influences.

Additional coverage of this surprising document leak can be found at https://boingboing.net/2018/04/19/government-accidentally-sends.html.


I do understand that a technology like this can be terrifying, and make the Deep State appear all-powerful and nearly indestructible.

Interestingly enough, not everyone is susceptible to these influences. A consistent number of people, about 15 percent, are immune to it.

Pete’s research concluded that if your brainwaves were reliably operating above a certain speed, or frequency, it won’t work on you.

This again underlines the extreme importance of remaining calm, free of negative emotions, meditative and peaceful.

This causes your brainwaves to smooth out on the EKG, which actually generates a higher frequency — in terms of what Pete’s devices would measure.

Perma-skeptics should bear in mind that the frequencies Pete measured are not electromagnetic, and require specialized equipment to be able to detect.

Negative emotions such as anger, sadness, depression, jealousy, anxiety and fear cause your ‘frequency’ to lower into susceptible levels.

With all that being said, the number of operatives who have access to these devices and the clearance to use them is very, very small.

Sadly, many people believe they are being affected by this type of technology when they are really just suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.

That does not mean that all cases like this are simply the result of organic mental illness.


I have repeatedly stated that the Deep State / Cabal / Illuminati cannot just knock off whomever they want.

This is a spiritual battle, and the Deep State must follow what they call “The Rules” in order to be successful — at any level.

“The Rules” stipulate that the Deep State cannot do anything they are not authorized to do — either on an individual or collective level.

The attacks against Emery have not killed him, nor caused any lasting damage to his health or ability to function.

Going silent at this point would be the worst thing he could do. If you are attacked this blatantly, you have to fight back. Period.

I have coached him extensively on the need to have impeccable karma while doing this mission, so as to avoid these sorts of disasters.

You never want to get cocky or arrogant about your level of safety and security. It is always possible to slip up. The risks are very real.

With that being said, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of “authorizing” these types of upsetting events by having a dedicated spiritual practice.


Jacob, one of my top insiders, revealed that the Deep State / Cabal people have to wait for the right moment before they can successfully attack someone.

This is very different than the conventional idea that they could just “order a hit” and carry it out without any problems.

In many cases a great deal of work is necessary to sufficiently corrupt someone before such an operation could be initiated.

If you don’t create the right climate on your own, they will provide temptations to cause you to think and behave in a negative fashion.

This then “authorizes” them to attack you in ways that meet the karma you have since earned. Even if you were deceived, it is still your karma.

The most common means of “grooming” someone for an attack involves the use of a handler.

This is a person who appears to have shown up in your life by happenstance, but who is actually a covert employee, paid to monitor you and create disruption.


I have worked very diligently to protect myself against any and all incursions of this nature. My trusted circle of friends and insiders is very small.

I have occasionally heard of contacts bragging to someone that they are “my handler,” and when that word comes back, I cut them off.

You always have to be careful of people who want to pose as friendly insiders while actually working as double agents.

Simple and obvious temptations that could authorize these types of attacks include substance abuse, sexual indiscretions, blatant lying and/ or theft from others.

The experiences I have had over the years have convinced me, beyond any shadow of doubt, that this spiritual battle is very real.

I take extreme precautions to ensure that I maintain control of my life and do not get overly busy or agitated, as that is now very dangerous.


Since Emery was not obviously hurt in the most recent crash, and his vehicle looked OK, the kid just laughed about it and acted like it was no big deal.

I have inspected photos of the kid’s drivers’ license and registration, the original photo of his vehicle with the license plate number included, and the damage to Emery’s vehicle.

This is another sad and crazy event. The kid may very well have been given “induced erroneous motion” of his hands, and an “irresistible desire” to keep driving and not look where he was going.

In addition to the signature of a Kia sedan that had just rolled off the lot, the timing of the accident also was very suspect.


This crash happened less than three weeks after Emery’s name was published as one of twelve authors in a formal scientific paper.

The main author was Gary Nolan, the head Ph.D. geneticist at Stanford University. The paper discussed the Atacama humanoid we featured in Sirius.

Emery’s inclusion in his paper hammered down the Dark Alliance agents and skeptics who were trying to say he was an impostor.

Now he is listed in a formal academic study. Take a look… he is the ninth name in this list, second from the left on the second row down:


Notice that the title of the paper admits there were “novel mutations” in DNA of the “skeleton,” but then links them to dysplasia, a birth defect.

The study concludes the specimen must be “human” simply because a majority — but not all — of its DNA is similar to ours.

Emery sent me a raft of article links to the coverage of the publication of this academic paper before he was hit. Here they are:
New York Times

National Geographic


The Telegraph

The Guardian



Los Angeles Times

Washington Post

You will notice that the paper attempts to claim this six-inch humanoid, with over ten percent anomalous DNA, is just the result of a “birth defect.”

We completely disagree. The anomalies of this being, just including the shape of the head, go vastly beyond the possibility of normal genetic defects.

There are also other examples of the same beings, as we reported in “Nearly Identical ET Corpses Found in Russia and South America” on Feb. 1st, 2013, when Sirius was first coming out.

This conclusion appears to have been made under duress, thanks to the same types of threats Emery has encountered.

When you watch Sirius, Dr. Gary Nolan goes from being obviously compelled by the idea that this is an extraterrestrial specimen to being oddly dismissive of the evidence at the end.

Why would all this coverage be happening now? Why would Mockingbird mainstream media outlets all line up to publicize this paper?

Perhaps the Deep State is concerned about an imminent disclosure, and wanted to discredit our evidence for a genuine ET specimen.

I therefore see the publication and promotion of this paper as another sign that the Deep State is fearing major disclosure in the near future.


This was not the first time that Emery had a suspicious car accident right after achieving a major milestone in his work.

Emery’s head-on collision happened just one day after he had gotten a modified Bedini-style free energy device to an operational and validated state.

Yes… this may seem surprising or off the wall, but Emery spent years of time and significant amounts of his own money working on this problem.

Both of us were involved in getting the device operational while he was staying with me. The device lived in my house under a blanket for several weeks.

Emery had purchased all of the necessary equipment from the Bedini brothers while he was running his own science lab a few years back.

Here is a picture of John Bedini with a slightly larger version of the device Emery self-financed and built in his lab days.

This next image is closer to what Emery’s version actually looks like:


The basis of the Bedini technology is a “homopolar generator,” where a rotating magnetic disc of a certain configuration causes excess electrons to shower out of the edge, much like a lawn sprinkler.

This principle was first discovered by Michael Faraday on December 26th, 1831.

It has been largely, if not completely ignored by mainstream science ever since, as it violates conventionally-held ideas of the “laws” of physics.

I covered this breakthrough in Section 5.7.1 of the fifth chapter of The Science of Oneness, a free ebook I wrote on this site in 2000.

Our own studies validated that the Bedini device was charging the batteries with more energy than it took to run it — just as the original findings had suggested.

The Bedini is one of the classic examples of a genuinely operational “overunity” device. We knew it was very risky to bring it to a functioning state.

John Bedini himself died tragically on November 5th, 2016.

Emery was very fortunate to have removed the device from his home in New Mexico before the break-in occurred. That is quite a story in and of itself.

We are hoping that technology like this will soon become available to everyone. That may be one of the many gifts that disclosure brings.


These suspicious crashes may also have involved “vehicle hacking,” where any car from 2006 to the present can be covertly driven by remote control using OnStar-type technology.

Vehicle hacking may have occurred in conjunction with remote mental influence.

It is therefore possible to distract the driver while also ensuring that his car performs as needed.

This may be why the first kid’s car actually accelerated and steered towards Emery, in defiance of all common sense and survival instinct.

We take all of this very seriously and do not believe these are coincidences.

The Deep State could consider this “the perfect crime” since the driver is effectively innocent, and no one can prove any foul play.

Since Gaia pays everyone the same amount, Emery’s work on Cosmic Disclosure has not been sufficient to keep him financially stable.

He is under absolutely relentless attack, with the goal of driving him into personal and financial ruin.

He has still been enduring severe hardship these last few months. If it feels right to you, please consider sending some help his way.



Sadly, we’re still not done talking about direct attacks against insiders who are revealing various aspects of the Secret Space Program.

Last year, Pete had a shocking threat and attempt on his life that made him angry enough to reveal far more of what he knew on Cosmic Disclosure.

We did not disclose the event at the time as Pete was intimidated enough to have asked us to keep it strictly secret.

The information he shared in those episodes dovetailed beautifully with what we were hearing from William Tompkins, Corey Goode and others.

In early March, right as my wife and I were leaving California for good, Pete fell on ice and split his entire femur in half, top to bottom.

Let’s not forget that William Tompkins died from a very similar fall at a suspicious time.

A technology like “Voice of God” could be used to cause an elderly man to lose his balance. This is what I feel happened in both cases.

Tompkins fell, hit his head, got a brain bleed and died. Pete fell in such a way where his femur sustained the full impact, and split down the middle.

If Pete had hit his head, it would have been all over within days at the most, if not nearly instantaneously.

We are all very fortunate that Pete’s head did not suffer any of the impact.


Pete was written off for dead by the doctors and appeared to be fading fast. I spoke to him recently on the phone, not knowing if it would be the last time.

He was so disoriented that we needed to have the head nurse wheel him out and have him use their central phone in order to talk to me.

After a while he went into a murmuring, 20-minute analysis of the different buttons on the phone and what extensions they went to.

Pete has been a true friend to me since we met in 2009. We talk every week. This has been another highly upsetting emotional situation.

Friends who visited him said that he was often descending into incoherent mumbling. The medical staff said he had suffered a stroke as well.

I am happy to say that Pete is now posting an amazing recovery. He has a cast on the entire leg and everything is healing.

The slurred speech and disorientation appeared to be a side effect from the medication, and thankfully not a permanent loss of brain function from the stroke.

The costs of Pete’s hospitalization are all covered by Medicaid / Medicare and veteran’s benefits, which is a blessing.

However, Pete cannot remember the entire month of his initial time in the hospital, and thought he was only there for a couple of days.


The house I was renting in Los Angeles had a loft apartment over the garage. Part of how I was able to afford living there was by having someone rent it separately from me.

I am friends with the guy who lives there, Jeff the “Rawtographer,” and he would look after my dog when we traveled.

Jeff’s main job for the last year was in doing weekly YouTube videos for Verne Troyer, who played Mini-Me in the Austin Powers films.

We talked about Verne all the time, as this was a great gig for him that was paying the bills and therefore helping keep our mission going.

Their “Tesla Unboxing” video went out two days after Christmas and went viral, racking up a whopping seven million views.

At the 5:50 mark, there is an outtake where Verne asks Jeff for help while he is holding the camera, and it takes a second for him to switch hats.

Less than a month after we moved out, on April 2nd, Verne was rushed to the hospital with a very high level of alcohol poisoning in an apparent suicide attempt.

Verne succumbed to the complications from this overdose while still in the hospital, just a few days ago, on April 21st.

Most celebrities want to be left alone, so I never asked to meet Verne, though now I wish I had. He didn’t know anything about me.

I would have told him about all the fascinating and exciting things that are about to happen as we head towards the defeat of the Deep State.

We may have anti-gravity and free energy mini-Teslas that can take us on a cruise around the solar system sooner than we think — traveling a lot faster than six miles per hour.

Verne’s loss may not have any connection to these other events. I hope it doesn’t. Either way it was another sad event surrounding my move to Colorado.

Look up Rawtographer online if you would like professional photo shoots or quality affordable video work like he did for Verne.

Some of the best photographs of me that you have seen on this site were taken by him.


Even in spite of these threats, we will not hide out in our homes in fear. We are still stepping forward and doing our sacred work in the world.

Before we head into Part Two, where we discuss our steady progress toward disclosure, I want to share some opportunities where you can see me give live public events.

If you don’t want to read this part, simply scroll down to the bottom and click ahead to Part Two.

I am making a rare appearance this weekend at New Living Expo in San Mateo, California, near San Francisco.

There is no way of knowing how much longer I will be able to do ANY events, given the way things are going.

Click here to find out more and sign up for this enlightening and revivifying gathering of like-minded souls!

The New Living Expo is a really terrific event with great food, vendors and public speakers, in a warm and enjoyable location just seven miles from the San Francisco airport.

Corey Goode will be there giving his own presentations, as well as an all-star lineup of classic talents such as Marianne Williamson, Caroline Myss, James Van Praagh, Loretta Swit from M.A.S.H., Deborah King and John Gray.

I am going to be putting the “Grand Puzzle” together in my talk — covering Emery, Tompkins, Goode and how their intel all fits together with the Law of One, the solar flash prophecies and Ascension.

Take a look:

Ascension and the Secret Space Program | Saturday April 28 | 2:30-4:30pm | Room 6

Increasing numbers of insiders are confirming that we have already colonized our solar system with super-advanced technology.

Many extraterrestrial groups are collaborating with us, and an alliance is now working to declassify this information.

These insiders are also aware of a coming, massive “solar flash” event that will change our DNA and consciousness in dramatic ways, fulfilling the prophecies of Ascension in 35 different ancient teachings.

Our entire solar system is demonstrating signs of abrupt, massive climate change as a buildup to these stunning events.

Join David Wilcock in a tour-de-force examination of the most exciting classified information available.

Armed with the truth, we can step forward as warriors of light and prepare for a new tomorrow beyond our wildest imagination.


Additionally, I will be giving a three-hour post-conference event on Monday, from 6 to 9 PM, that delves deeper into how we can harmonize with these ongoing changes, and prepare for what comes next.

This is also the only event at the conference where I will be able to meet all the attendees:
Understanding and Preparing for Ascension | Monday April 30 | 6-9pm | Room 5

We may be on the threshold of the single greatest moment in human history. Everything we thought we knew could transform, and the greater galactic community might soon be open to us, along with its fascinating technology.

David will lead you through a stunning presentation of scientific evidence that such an event is really going to happen, drawing from a variety of little-known pieces of evidence, both ancient and modern.

Once this grand vision is fully assembled, the question becomes — what are you going to do about it? What are the deep spiritual principles that are secretly guiding our lives?

How can we best navigate the challenges of living in the modern world while still holding a constructive mindset and making the decisions that optimize our Ascension process?

David will share valuable keys that can immediately improve your quality of life and super-charge your path of Ascension. Don’t miss it!

Again, you can click here to visit the site, get more information and order tickets if you are interested.


I have been so overwhelmed with the move that I haven’t yet finalized my talk descriptions for Contact in the Desert — but I will very soon.

In the meantime we have some “placeholder text” there from previous talks. I give multiple speeches and panels at this event and always do my very best.

The venue had to be changed for a variety of reasons, including ongoing losses of water and power at the previous location, causing numerous problems.

We were also running into issues with the local town authorities declaring it was too big, capping the attendance and causing other hassles.

Another very significant problem was that the Joshua Tree campus was not wheelchair-accessible. The new one definitely is!


The new hotel for Contact in the Desert is NOT a casino, as I had initially feared. It is a beautiful high-end Hawaii-style resort.

Elizabeth and I stopped by there on our way to Colorado and we were very impressed.

This should upgrade the whole experience for everyone into a far more comfortable, relaxing and convenient gathering.

No longer will we have to swelter in punishing summer heat, suffer outages of water and power, or worry about getting enough food!

If you still want to camp and hang out in Joshua Tree, it’s a doable 41-minute drive to get over to Indian Wells, where the new venue is.


If you want to camp out a few miles away in San Jacinto National Park, you are tapping into a classic vortex point that Peter Gabriel enshrined in his solo music.

The song is called San Jacinto, and it is not written about some other location elsewhere. Gabriel was referring to this very spot!

The San Jacinto National Forest is a true jewel in the desert — with running streams, lakes, pine trees and snowy 10,000-foot elevations.

San Jacinto is definitely one of the coolest and most well-known songs about shamanism out there.

In the song, Peter describes the rigors of a Native American vision quest in these sacred mountains.

The song was recently voted his ninth best by Rolling Stone readers:

San Jacinto — Peter Gabriel, “Security,” 1982
Thick cloud, steam rising, hissing stone on sweat lodge fire
Around me, buffalo roam, sage in bundle, run on skin
Outside, cold air, stand, wait for rising sun
Red paint, eagle feathers, coyote calling, it has begun
Something moving in, I taste it in my mouth and in my heart
It feels like dying, slow, letting go of life

Medicine man lead me up though town, Indian ground, so far down
Cut up land, each house, a pool, kids wearing water wings, drink in cool
Follow dry river bed, watch Scout and Guides make pow-wow signs
Past Geronimo’s disco, Sit ‘n’ Bull steakhouse, white men dream
A rattle in the old man’s sack, look at mountain top, keep climbing up
Way above us the desert snow, white wind blow

I hold the line, the line of strength that pulls me through the fear
San Jacinto, I hold the line
San Jacinto, the poison bite and darkness take my sight, I hold the line
And the tears roll down my swollen cheek, think I’m losing it, getting weaker

I hold the line, I hold the line
San Jacinto, yellow eagle flies down from the sun, from the sun
We will walk, on the land
We will breathe, of the air
We will drink, from the stream
We will live, hold the line
Hold the line
Hold the line


We have heard various “internet rumors” that people are upset about not being able to camp out at this new conference location.

It is true that the immediate area around the resort itself would not be an appropriate spot to pitch a tent.

However, San Jacinto National Park is literally only minutes away from the venue. Don’t just think “desert” anymore, even though the event still has the same name.

And… yeah. Just look:

Check out this description of the San Jacinto mountains from the Hip Camp website:


There’s a rightness and a rush of gratitude, a surge of humble awe that accompanies a cloud-strewn summit.

Standing above that much gravity is wonder-inducing, and getting there via the fuel of your own foot-powered fire is confidence boosting, to say the least.

The San Jacinto peak, just one highlight of the Mount San Jacinto State Park and wilderness area, is a backpacker’s dream.

At more than 10,000 feet in elevation, the trails that take you skyward snake through sub-alpine forests, mountain meadow openness, snow dusted crag and gnarled granite.

But the 14,000 acres of this state park are to be enjoyed by those who don’t summit as much as those who do.

You can find Mount San Jacinto, off of Hwy 243 past the charming town of Idyllwild and accessible from Palm Springs via the aerial tram.

Stare, breathless, at sweeping scapes of ridged mountains and pine from the tram window, or from viewpoints along your backpacking escapade.

The San Jacinto area offers two drive-in campsites, four hike-in primitive campsites and adventures for every brand of wilderness craving.


There may well be competition that weekend for the drive-in and primitive campsites in the area, despite how many places there are to go.

We can expect some pretty wild parties and Contact experiences in those lush, forested mountains that weekend — and beyond!

Granted, if you settle around the actual San Jacinto mountain peak, it’s a 90-minute drive to the conference — but the east side of the San Jacinto National Park and mountain range is very close by.

Once you get in there, you may be captivated by all the awesome hikes. This is just one of many signs in the area:

If all that is a bit too rough, you can also find affordable hotel options in the little town of La Quinta just minutes from the venue.

For all four days that the event goes on, you could take some time to cruise through majestic mountain peaks with scenic pull-offs that may well distract you.


In the next section of this article, we will set aside our discussion of the threats and attacks our Secret Space Program insiders have endured.

The struggle for disclosure is most definitely a political one.

Although there are breakaway groups, much of the administration of the Secret Space Program is orchestrated by the Deep State here on earth.

There could be hundreds, if not thousands of soldiers and contractors doing similar jobs as what Emery had performed — all in secret.

The Deep State is also very much involved in the control of mass media, and the utilization of films, TV shows, music videos, awards ceremonies and video games for cult propaganda.

Their entire public platform is now collapsing before our very eyes. This is no accident. It is all part of a highly orchestrated campaign by the Alliance.

The awakening is being meted out in ever-increasing doses, so as not to shock the public with too much all at once.

Hiding behind the mysterious and upsetting public events we see is a fight for the greatest revolutionary change the world has ever known.

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David Wilcock Update 8-18-17… “Dark Alliance Mega-Attack Repelled… For Now”

This update is related to this prior post. I’m posting the text only. Please go to the original to read the rest and view the images. This another very long article.

There’s also much positive news for Pete Peterson. Someone set up a GoFundMe page for him, and contributions are pouring in (as you may know, his house and belongings and vehicle have been confiscated and are being buried in a landfill; Pete is one of David’s key insiders). Some may wish to support this key DW insider.

Here are a few highlights.

“WE JUST SURVIVED A MASSIVE HACK… The day after my brakes suspiciously gave out, Corey Goode got a call from Child Protective Services. They had been told his kids were in “imminent danger.” Two days later, police arrived at Pete Peterson’s former home and began emptying everything he owns — with value in the millions — into dumpsters.

“IS THIS A COINCIDENCE?… It strains common sense and credulity to the breaking point to think that all of these events are merely coincidental, particularly in light of their close timing.

… Short of someone actually being assassinated, I can’t think of any other combined attack quite like this in the history of the modern UFO community.

“THE “SQL INJECTION ATTACK”… Just eighteen hours after I went on the radio and blew the whistle on all of this, the Divine Cosmos site was completely destroyed. Had we not been exceptionally careful with backups, a highly expensive support plan and a crackerjack team of professionals, we could have lost everything — just like Pete.”


Dark Alliance Mega-Attack Repelled… For Now

Death threats… by phone and in writing. Blackmail efforts for over a million dollars. Possible attempted murder by sabotaging car brakes.

Anonymous calls to Child Protective Services saying Corey Goode’s children are in imminent danger.

All worldly possessions of a fellow insider, Pete Peterson, being illegally seized and sent to the dump – causing losses in the millions.

Armed policemen, protecting the crime, with the homeowner guaranteed 90 days in jail if he comes within a mile of the operation.

Simultaneous seizure of his truck, leaving him with no transportation.

And then, a massive attack against Divine Cosmos that completely destroyed the site for 21 hours — and which could have been weeks if we hadn’t been lucky.

These are just some of the actions of what we are calling the Dark Alliance. Enough is enough.

[UPDATE, NEXT DAY: A miraculous outpouring of your public support has appeared for Pete Peterson! I am truly awed and humbled. Thank you!]

[UPDATE II: An emergency fundraiser for Pete is a vast, unexpected, purifying flame consuming the Dark. We may yet win this for him!]


The day after my brakes suspiciously gave out, Corey Goode got a call from Child Protective Services. They had been told his kids were in “imminent danger.”

Two days later, police arrived at Pete Peterson’s former home and began emptying everything he owns — with value in the millions — into dumpsters.

Before we get to all of these more serious events, let’s talk about the massive hack we just repelled against this website, Divine Cosmos.

We had some initial signs of trouble when the numbering system on our comments section mysteriously broke.

Instead of all the section numbers appearing on one line, and centered in the middle, it was now broken into two, and left-justified:

A hacker had already been able to make one of the sections of our comments non-functional, as well as having created a massive down-vote attack.


As I said in the last update, the person responsible for this attack then wrote a comment and blatantly threatened me:

One key to point out is that a few months ago, I posted a Facebook Live video with a female friend going by the protective psuedonym JackStar.

Therefore, whoever came up with this name appeared to be paying very close attention to every public statement I made.

Once this type of scrutiny extends into malicious hacking, we are now dealing with felony stalking charges, as well as cyber harassment.


As I said in the previous update, this threat precisely mirrored a statement I had received from a formerly-trusted insider on July 3rd, 2017 by phone.

This insider told me he was passing along a message to “dump Corey Goode” or else be “brought to the slaughterhouse.”

He told me flat-out that this was being done on behalf of the Rothschilds, and he was passing it along because he “owed them a favor.”

He did not say he supported them. His official position was that he did not support them, but he still felt compelled to convey this information to me.

I will share recordings of the core threat from these calls with certain researchers in person under selected circumstances.

The key will be for me to guarantee they are not re-recording it, so there is no chance of it accidentally leaking online.

I still wish to protect the identity of my insiders, even if they betray me. I would not publicly present this data unless this turns into a legal trial.


This insider furthermore said that I was being invited to become an “asset”, obviously for the Rothschilds.

I could talk about whatever I wanted as long as I detached from Corey Goode, apparently involving some sort of official public divorce.

I was given strong and clever hints that I could sell items of value, such as my car, and be massively overpaid for them.

This would then create much greater financial solvency that I could then use to build a platform to become, as he said, “the next Alex Jones.”

It was also implied that they would use other paid “assets” they already had in our field to boost me up and make me significantly more famous.

He identified these assets. They were known individuals who had been stridently and publicly attacking Corey Goode for months.

If you think you know who I’m talking about, you’re probably right. I just don’t want to give them any further publicity than they already have.

It took more than two weeks for me to admit to Corey that I had been threatened like this. I apologized for not telling him sooner.

I did not agree to the offer and made it clear that I had turned them down when I posted my “comeback update” on August 5th, 2017.


The comments were very aggressively attacked, and the hacker then revealed his identity with an identical-sounding threat.

I immediately posted updates to the article where I revealed what he had done.

Then, this same individual began sending Corey and me very strange messages telling us he wanted to become a whistleblower.

He was saying he was prepared to reveal the entire operation being conducted against us.

All we had to do was sign an NDA, and agree to promote something for him down the road.

The problem is that him asking us to promote something for his profit, after admitting to hacking us, constitutes blackmail.


Furthermore, the NDA was a nightmarish cluster of booby-traps, as Corey Goode delineates in his update, shared a bit later on here.

The key features were that he wanted to pass along “Confidential Information” to us for public distribution — but then wanted to be able to redact it.

Once you put something, anything, online, it is basically impossible to ever take it down again.

This man expected to be paid an astonishing 900 THOUSAND Euros from both Corey and me — over a million dollars each — if we failed to do this.

In general the Dark Alliance is perpetually accusing us of “Ego and Money,” but it would take Corey or me the rest of our lives to earn this much and still survive.

Since he was an expert hacker, he could then own the website that would refuse to take down the information.

We could never trace it back to him. We would each owe him a million dollars. Thus he could very easily commit an act of extortion with this NDA.

The document had numerous spelling and sentence-mechanics errors, and there were several other clever traps in it as well.


During this same timeframe, Corey then received an urgent update from an insider in the Texas State Guard.

The update revealed that the Alliance — a majority group of the US military and foreign nations fighting the Cabal — had found very disturbing information.

Their secret grand juries had concluded that the Cabal pedophile networks were far more deeply entrenched in our society than had been expected.

This extends through multiple governmental bodies in the EU and the US, and works all the way down to local governments, police departments, even post offices.

These people have been trafficking sexual materials involving children on an epic scale, and have been very sloppy in how they have handled it.

Alliance military personnel are now positioned around all key Cabal power centers and are ready to act.

However, they are very concerned that if and when they do, the controlled media will label this as a revolutionary act of the greatest evil.

It could indeed take time for a mass panic to quiet down in the aftermath of such an event — but it now appears nothing else will be sufficient to save earth.

If we do not tackle this problem, these people may yet succeed in their efforts for “depopulation” — mass death on a scale never before seen.


I was asked to get this warning out there, as I have a significantly wider reach than Corey does on his own after having been out there for 20-plus years.

Before I had a chance to release the update, the brakes went out on my car. The main cylinder was suddenly non-functional.

Thankfully this only happened after it had made it down the mountain. Had it happened just a bit earlier, it could very easily have caused a fatality.

We consider ourselves to be very, very fortunate. And we will not give up. There is too much at stake to be a coward right now.

As I delineated at great length in the previous update, there are spiritual laws in place that protect us from being harmed or killed.

Unless we “authorize” our own deaths, meaning that we generate sufficiently negative “karma” to actually warrant being killed, it will not happen.

This is a very key element of this battle we are all fighting. If you can maintain a positive and pure alignment, no serious harm will come to you.


In his letters to us, JackSmith had already admitted that he had been ordered to file a “cult complaint” against Corey with a non-governmental organization at the UN.

He sent us a copy of the filing, as well as their response, which was to ask others from the “cult” to provide similar testimonials.

JackSmith also sent emails he had passed to others in our community, where he had given them similar threats and bribery offers.

Corey recognized these emails immediately. His trusted colleagues had already sent them to him — but they had never been published online.

Therefore, whoever was doing the hacking and making these threats now was the same person who had written the threat emails in May.

On Saturday, August 12th, less than 24 hours after my brakes went out, Corey got a call from Child Protective Services.

It appears that he has been able to quickly dispel the attack and his family is not threatened. Nonetheless, a very serious crime was committed here.

I understand that two to five percent of our audience has been “taken in” by the attack campaign of what we are calling the Dark Alliance.

Nonetheless, at this point if someone is still snickering and laughing at us, or thinking we are making all of this up, they are very sick indeed and should be shunned.


After I found out that Corey’s kids were being threatened, along with my own life, I took action and wrote a second, much longer three-part article.

I wasn’t able to finish it until Monday, August 14th, and had worked on it non-stop, all day, every day, causing stress on my body — but it was necessary.

The very next day, at 6:17 PM, Pete Peterson called me up and revealed that all of his worldly possessions were being removed from his former home.

This has been a legal issue he has been fighting ever since coming forward as a whistleblower in 2009, as a joint effort with Project Camelot and myself.

He lost his security clearance and 3600-a-month pension, and the bank began refusing to accept his mortgage payments, effectively forcing a default.

Every time I have talked to Pete for the last eight years, I have heard new twists and turns about this awful case.

He hasn’t lived in the house for well over a year now. He now has a separate apartment that he pays for out of his pension.

Nonetheless, an entire lifetime of his worldly possessions was still being stored in this house. Some were extremely valuable.


We knew something like this might happen if he lost the legal battles he was fighting.

He had effectively caught them in lies again and again, committing almost unbelievable acts of fraud repeatedly.

We knew that if they ever did start removing items from the home, they were required by law to place them into storage.

We could then repay the costs to recover the items. This would be very well worth it, as certain easily-overlooked items are literally worth millions.

I was set to inherit these items. That is a very key point here. There is nothing else like this on the horizon in my life. This was it.

Pete wanted me to have greater financial stability in the future after all I have done to help him over the years, often when no one else would.

Furthermore, there is a dazzling wealth of classified information, objects and documents in this collection as well — far more than I can explain here.


The judge in this case has committed multiple easily-provable crimes.

The most recent was to file the notice about the seizure of these assets to an old California address Pete hadn’t lived at in 18 years.

Pete is an elderly man living at home with very little mobility. Every other notice had come to his apartment, but this one was sent to the old address.

He never received it. And on Tuesday, August 15th, the local police surrounded the house, armed and ready, as Pete was robbed.

All of his belongings were being thrown into dumpsters on the property. A neighbor approached a police officer and asked what was going on.

The police officer gleefully replied that they had already dug a hole for all of these items at the local dump.

Furthermore, they were going to repeatedly drive a Caterpillar bulldozer over everything, smashing it to useless bits, before burying it deep underground.

Everything of significant value that I mentioned before would be rendered worthless by this type of damage, unless they stole it first.

Best of all, if Pete or I or anyone else dare to approach this operation, we will be arrested by armed police officers and subject to a minimum of 90 days in jail.


It strains common sense and credulity to the breaking point to think that all of these events are merely coincidental, particularly in light of their close timing.

I get a very serious threat by phone. That threat was mirrored by an aggressive hacker on this site a month later.

I am asked to leak intel about imminent Cabal mass arrests. Two days later the brakes go out on my car. The next day Corey is threatened with the loss of his children.

I go public and expose the whole operation. The next day, Pete Peterson has his entire life’s worth stolen from him by armed policemen.

Even worse, the judge decided he didn’t like Pete defending himself by filing motions against all of these illegal acts.

His punishment for Pete was to also seize his truck, which was his only form of transportation, on the very same day they ransacked his house.

I still have to speak to Pete and find out the latest, but as of today it is estimated that the items have already been destroyed and buried.

Short of someone actually being assassinated, I can’t think of any other combined attack quite like this in the history of the modern UFO community.


I decided the best way to handle this unbelievable cluster attack was to go public, on a highly-defensible radio show, of which there are only two — Jimmy Church and Coast to Coast.

On Wednesday night, I went onto Fade to Black with Jimmy Church and exposed this entire operation in detail.

Here is a link to the complete audio of our show in its archived form on the Spreaker website. I highly recommend listening. I appear at the half-hour mark.

Corey was feverishly working on an update about his side of the story, but didn’t get it done until after the broadcast was over that same night.

I have decided to publish Corey’s words here as additional supporting information, which he wrote with some editorial support from his team.

The radio show generated enormous publicity, effectively exposing and compromising the goals of this “Dark Alliance” operation to “destroy Corey Goode.”

Now get this:

Just eighteen hours after I went on the radio and blew the whistle on all of this, the Divine Cosmos site was completely destroyed.

Had we not been exceptionally careful with backups, a highly expensive support plan and a crackerjack team of professionals, we could have lost everything — just like Pete.


At about 3:37 pm that next day, Thursday, August 17th, 2017, our site suffered a massive “SQL Injection Attack” that completely ruined it.

When you clicked on the site, this was all you would see for the first few hours after this happened:

I posted a Tweet as soon as we found out about it:

Not surprisingly, my website is totally down. This is undeniable further proof that they are desperately hacking us: https://t.co/addIB5WO3g
— David Wilcock (@david_wilcock) August 17, 2017


Bear in mind that this attack was extremely massive and very, very serious.

The server company basically told me that until we upgraded our website to the latest, greatest software, we were dead ducks, with no hope of recovery.

When I asked our new, highly professional and decorated team how long it would take to finish the upgrade, the answer was “Weeks.”

We have been trying for two years now to upgrade this site. Three previous major efforts failed. Each cost us thousands and thousands of dollars.

Now we have gone with a professional, high-end outfit that has worked on some very high-end and highly trafficked sites, and supports our cause.

We were fully prepared that this site might have been completely offline for some time, possibly up to about a month. Just dead.

Importantly, the attack point was through the database. We were first able to make it impossible for them to re-do this by de-publishing the database.

The only problem is that this effectively breaks the entire site. All we could do was put up a “splash page” explaining what had happened.

We put up a very brief statement on the main page indicating that we were undergoing an attack and to check back later.


Just to be clear, online commerce solutions are all very well aware that massive hack operations like this are a second-by-second event.

No one can access your information or credentials when you place orders by methods like this.

It is completely compartmentalized. There is no risk.

In fact, in order to accept credit cards at all, you have to legally certify and prove that you do not store any such information in your own database.

Our database primarily consists of very large downloadable files people can get once they have placed an order.

Our team discovered that this malicious attack was already massively over-writing our entire database.


The Dark Alliance were hoping to destroy everything we had, even as their minions continued snickering at us in public as if this was all a big act.

Thankfully, we have a hyper-redundant backup system that creates new versions of our entire site at least once a day.

Therefore, it is very easy for us to roll back to any of a number of previously saved versions that are stored behind a bullet-proof, inaccessible wall.

Our investigation soon determined that this attack had obviously been planned for months, if not years.

Literally dozens upon dozens of infected files had been quietly loaded into our site, all in anticipation of the equivalent of a tactical nuclear strike.

This is exactly what they had done. In fact, my new web guys have since said that there were, and I quote, “Literally Tons” of back-door attack portals snuck in.

This would have taken quite some time and a great degree of effort and brute computer strength to have accomplished. Someone did just that.

Again, if we had not been extremely careful in how we set this up, we would have lost everything — just like Pete.

That defintiely seems to have been another level of what the Dark Alliance meant by threatening me with being “brought to the slaughterhouse.”


In the aftermath of Russiagate, people are now very well aware that a government or entity can stage a hack to make it appear to be from a foreign nation.

This is actually quite easy to do, through what is called a VPN, or Virtual Private Network.

The IP address appears to be originating from a given location, when it actually is coming from somewhere entirely different.

What we saw when we went through the logs was that this massive “SQL Injection Attack” was staged to appear as if it came from countries in the Alliance.

This included India, Russia and China — three of the key BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) that started the Alliance in earlier phases.

Take a look for yourself:


It seems really ridiculous that someone would go to this much trouble to make it look like this hack was such an international effort.

These are the very countries that want to see the end of the Cabal — not any type of attack against people publicizing the Alliance they are a part of.

Why would anyone have mounted such a massive, expensive attack against us unless they were trying to hide the identity and actions of the Dark Alliance?

Corey got his update out shortly after I was on the air with Jimmy Church, exposing all of these interconnected operations.

Here is what he said. I added some paragraph breaks and headlines to make it consistent with our own style on this site.

There is some repetition, and for that I apologize, but this is a Goode way to hear the story from Corey’s point of view.

I did not include the documents, since they do name names in certain cases. For legal and karmic reasons, I do not want them on my server.

If you wish to see the original post and review the documentation, visit this link at Stillness in the Storm.



Death threats… by phone and in writing. Blackmail efforts for over a million dollars. Possible attempted murder by sabotaging car brakes.

Anonymous calls to Child Protective Services saying my children are in imminent danger.

All worldly possessions of a fellow insider, Pete Peterson, being illegally seized and sent to the dump – causing losses in the millions.

Armed policemen, protecting the crime, with the homeowner guaranteed 90 days in jail if he comes within a mile of the operation. Simultaneous seizure of his truck, leaving him with no transportation.

This might sound like the plot for an invigorating thriller film. I wish that’s all it was – but this is my life as it stands today.


I am sharing information that, while hard to believe for many people, would utterly transform our society if it were true.

Why would these increasingly severe, if not potentially lethal attacks be happening to me, to the people I love and to the people who support me if I were somehow making this all up – as the critics invariably suggest?


I am currently in McCloud, California, with a portion of the Full Disclosure Project Team. The rest of us should arrive late tonight.

I have been on a three-week trek from Dallas, Texas through the Boulder, Co area to look at rental houses. Then we drove to the gorgeous Mt. Shasta area for our upcoming Eclipse of Disclosure conference.

We have been driving through beautiful and desolate geography, and I have been mostly unplugged from the Internet.

On August 5th, I received a newsletter notification that David Wilcock had published a new article on his website Divine Cosmos. I was unable to read the article at the time due to all the driving.

I did not realize yet that David had taken steps to defend himself against severe attacks against him and me that have been ongoing for all of 2017.


When I woke up the next morning I noticed that David had sent me a few emails and Skype messages. He was describing the “hack attacks” that were occurring on his website after publishing his article.

He stated that a person had left a comment on that article claiming responsibility for these aggressive and damaging hacks.

The person threatened to release a “data dump” that would “ruin us both” if David did not make a grandiose, public “dumping” of me – cutting all personal and professional ties.


David had already privately informed me about being threatened in an extremely similar fashion through one of his once trusted insiders on the phone, as of July 3rd.

Some of the same phrases were used in both threats. This showed that the JackSmith message was related to the threat David had received by phone.

This formerly trusted insider told David that a major campaign was underway to “take Corey Goode to the slaughterhouse.”

David was told that his career would be spared if he would reject me in a public way.

He was also told that if he did this, he would be rewarded with rapid career and wealth growth.

This incident shocked David very hard, as he had established a friendly rapport with this individual over a number of years.


This insider stated that the information I was releasing about the Military Industrial Complex Research and Development bases in Antarctica had to be discredited.

The R&D that is being carried out in these locations is said to be of the highest security clearances and most sensitive domains in terrestrial matters.

It was clearly communicated that the Lost Antarctic Ancient Civilization narrative was not only acceptable to report on, it was highly encouraged.


On Tuesday, August 8th, just three days after David’s article went live, I found a strange email in my personal inbox.

In this email, the sender identified himself as “JackSmith.” By this point, everyone knew this was the alleged hacker of David’s website.

He was now claiming that he wanted to come forward as a whistleblower and expose the full nature of the operation that he was involved in conducting against us, on behalf of a powerful group.

This group obviously appeared to be what we have called the Cabal.

He said this information-sharing would be very dangerous for him to do, and that he wanted us to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for his protection.

He wouldn’t even reveal his identity until we signed, but he said we would be very surprised by the prominence of his family once we did.


He also said that he wanted us to pay him back by promoting something for him later on. He gave no indication of what he intended us to advertise.

This, of course, is attempted blackmail. He was actively hacking us, threatening us that it would continue, and saying that he wouldn’t tell us what he was doing unless we paid him for it.

I have made the full email available in its entirety, other than redacting a few names and pieces of personal information. The full email is available to legitimate researchers who want to investigate these matters.

I checked the Email’s “Host Header” for IP information that may provide information on where this individual was emailing me from.

It was obvious that they had used a Virtual Private Network to hide their location. This was not unexpected from someone who claimed to be responsible for hacking a website.

I skeptically replied to the email, requesting more information. I received a fairly quick reply stating that they were a part of an organization that had been working to foment a civil war within the Ufology community.

This team claims to have focused an attack campaign on me since the beginning of the year.


Early this year, I announced in updates and on Cosmic Disclosure that I had been briefed on a major operation against our community.

The goal was to discredit anyone that was not pushing the accepted narrative on disclosing the Secret Space Program.

I was told that we would all come under a heavy attack that would be extremely organized and convincing.

This, of course, did begin in earnest immediately after Contact in the Desert and included targeting of the MUFON symposium “The Case for a Secret Space Program.”

My team and I weathered the attacks. In fact, we ended up being even more dedicated to each other and to the mission than we had been before.

It appears that this group had not only underestimated my team members, but had also based much of their attack on a personality profile of me from two years ago.

Anyone who knows me or watches Cosmic Disclosure on a regular basis understands that I am a completely different person now than I was then.


We have been pleasantly surprised to see a large number of people approaching us to work with them once the nature of these organized, highly negative attacks became obvious.

We are already receiving apologies from people who fell victim to the recent coordinated smear campaign – people who are ready to forgive, forget and unify.


In addition Jordan Sather of Destroying the illusion immediately received email threats directly after Contact in the Desert. This email was sent from the same email address mentioned in Jack Smith’s 2nd email.

David has quite a lot of experience with contracts and immediately found a number of booby traps that were added to the NDA.

This person wanted to pass along data to us as “Confidential Information” for us to then leak to the public.

He also wanted a legal guarantee that he could withdraw this information at any moment after he had already passed it along. As you know, once information appears online it is virtually impossible to take it down.

We would have to agree to be subject to the courts in Denmark and agree to pay over a million US dollars per person in penalties (900,000 Euros each) if we could not get the information removed.

He himself could easily own one of the websites that would then refuse to take the information down. Thanks to the sophistication of his hacking skills, we would never be able to prove it was him.


Section Eight indicated that even 900 thousand Euros might not be enough to satisfy him if we could not remove the information.

It would have forced us to agree that the damages we might pay to this man were potentially “unlimited.” That could extend into our property and anything and everything we owned.

The nine hundred thousand Euros alone could have us both indebted and severely impoverished for the rest of our lives.

Download PDF of JackSmith NDA

(Right-click and hit “Save as”)


Additionally, Section Five of the NDA said that any data he captured from us via “automated” procedures was not subject to the legal protection in the non-disclosure agreement. Here is where David informed me of this via Skype text:

[8/10/17, 1:29:27 PM] David Wilcock: Okay. Number 5 could definitely be interpreted as indicating that if he talks to us on Skype, and has an “automatic electronic archiving system” recording our conversations (which anyone like him would have,) it “shall not be deemed to be a breach of the terms of this Agreement.”

That means he could record us and release it and it would not be a breach of the confidentiality agreement.

Number 7 means that he isn’t even guaranteeing that the information is true. He could absolutely know that it is false and number 7 gives him full license to disinform us.


CG: These two sections told us he could use an automated voice recorder on any conversations he had with us, and leak them online to create further damage.

He could also be well aware that he was lying about everything he told us, and then leave us with no legal recourse to defend ourselves. The rest of the NDA, and all of its extraordinary penalties, would still remain viable.

This is just a taste of all the complex booby-traps that we were able to find in this document. The red flags in the NDA are too many to list.

I have also posted that NDA to be viewed by anyone interested.


David’s final thoughts as he finished reading the document summed it up nicely:

[8/10/17, 1:42:47 PM] David Wilcock: This is absolutely the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my life, purporting to be a legal document.

If I bothered to show this to an attorney he would be laughing so hard that I would have to get him to calm down before he could tell me “RUN!”

[8/10/17, 1:43:45 PM] Corey Goode: K, how should we proceed?

[8/10/17, 1:48:01 PM] David Wilcock: Well, let’s put it this way, whoever wrote this is PRAYING that we are extremely, extremely stupid.

This is like someone asking us to play Russian roulette while handing us the gun, knowing every chamber has a bullet, and saying “You go first.”

The only way someone would sign this is if they didn’t read it or understand what they were reading.


CG: Being that the NDA was far too restrictive, we declined the offer from JackSmith. We had already received most of the same information from others who had betrayed this Dark Alliance.

We had confirmed that these were operatives working on behalf of the Rothschild family, along with a handful of easy-to-manipulate individuals within the Ufology community.

We have been gathering that information and filing it in the category of “useful intelligence that we know we cannot use in a probable lawsuit.” The coordination between these individuals is staggering.

Interestingly, most of the people who have been tricked into taking part in this disinformation campaign have self-organized, without any coaching from the operatives manipulating it all from the background.

We were hearing rumors that a new phase of attacks would be even more vicious than the first few rounds had been.

We began to cache as much of this intel as we could, in advance of these rumored attacks, so we could have a useful protective response.


After David did not disavow me in his recent article, he was then targeted very aggressively.

This began with JackSmith’s dirty tricks against David’s website, hacking his comment voting to down-vote everything, hacking his Facebook Like button to create a frightening virus warning with a threatening audio message, and hacking the link in the automated email his subscribers received to produce the same terrifying attack.

Additionally, David is receiving dozens of comments a day that have malware links in them. If his moderators accidentally post any of them, his site would be immediately banned from Google, as has already happened three times before in the last year alone.

This had already caused David to have to completely de-publish his entire forum archive, which had thousands of posts and links extending back to 1999.

Only two days after we rejected JackSmiths offer, David had a very suspicious failure of the brakes on his car as of Friday, August 11th.

Very soon after his car had made it down the Topanga mountains, the main cylinder went out. The brake pedal went straight to the floor with no grip. The car was still able to be driven to a local garage in Santa Monica for repairs.

I was shocked to see David’s private message about the brake failure incident in Topanga Canyon, California. I was still traveling at the time.


Then the very next morning, Saturday, August 12th, I received a call at 6 AM on my cell phone.

I answered it quickly, since my family was sleeping in the motel room with me. We were in the Pacific time zone, so the call that was local to Texas came quite early.

It was a woman who identified herself as being with Child Protective Services in Collin County, Texas. She then began to tell me that they were responding to a complaint that I was a cult leader.

They were told that my children were in imminent danger while in my care. I was completely caught off guard.

I couldn’t believe that this operation had gone this far. Whoever is doing this seems to feel they are completely immune from any consequences for committing these felony-level crimes.

I am now in the process of contacting CPS to find out where I can submit the damning evidence that will exonerate me.

A few people who had taken part in some of these organized attacks sent me absolute proof of this attack being planned in advance.

David was absolutely shocked to receive this information from me. After his own life and the lives of those he cares about had been threatened, and my own family was being threatened with total destruction, he had to take a stand.

David began working non-stop to write a comprehensive, three-part article exposing the entire operation. He finally published it as of Monday night, August 14th, 2017.


Now David came forward with information stating that he had been threatened by phone from a trusted insider on July 3rd, 2017.

The insider had identified all major players in the Dark Alliance by name in this conversation, including three key individuals who are very public.

He said they were all being paid to do this, and the operation was being organized and funded by the Rothschilds.

David has a recording of the entire conversation. He will not release it unless forced to by law in a public trial, since he will never willingly betray any of his insiders.

This insider also admitted to passing along information to people in the Dark Alliance firsthand. This included specific details of ancient ruins in Antarctica, which did then turn into a video exclusive.

David was told that if he went along with the plan, he could be given money and made into a much more famous public figure – potentially as big as Alex Jones.

In his article, David then pointed out how the written threat from JackSmith in his comments section was precisely identical in content to this unpublicized threat he had received a month earlier.

This was what convinced him that this was indeed all part of a vast, coordinated intelligence operation.


The very next day after David posted this three-part expose’, Pete Peterson was attacked with a once-in-a-lifetime crushing blow.

Every single thing Pete owns is now being stolen from him, including his former home.

This was just two weeks after Pete appeared on Cosmic Disclosure to share a wealth of personal testimony that supported everything I have been saying about the Secret Space Program, off-planet bases, the Draco Reptilian ETs, ancient motherships found under the ice in Antarctica, and so on.

Pete called David as of 6:14 PM that Tuesday to inform him that everything he owned was being thrown into dumpsters. His house was surrounded by armed police.

Millions of dollars’ worth of valuables were being confiscated, and his house was being emptied to the bare walls.


A police officer told an inquiring neighbor that they had already dug a trench in the local dump for these items.

A Caterpillar bulldozer would be driven over everything to destroy it before it was all buried under a great mound of dirt.

Pete was told that he could not come within one mile of his house during this time, or he would be arrested and jailed for a minimum of 90 days. The same would apply for anyone who wished to help Pete.

David was set to inherit at least a portion of all of these valuables.

Pete wanted David to have these things as a way of helping keep him financially solvent. Pete has also received numerous very aggressive death threats in the last six months alone.


The judge had sent all previous legal notices to Pete’s current address. However, the notice about this mass property seizure was sent to a former address in California that Pete hadn’t lived at in eighteen years.

Normal standards of law require that your items are moved into storage. You then must be given a period of time to recover them, providing that you pay the fees for their removal and transportation.

David was fully ready to give Pete whatever he needed to recover the items.

The judge also ordered the simultaneous theft of Pete’s truck. This left him with no means of transportation right as the operation began.

The reason the judge gave for stealing Pete’s truck was that he didn’t appreciate how Pete had tried to defend himself against these actions.

He expected Pete to just accept what was being done instead of filing various motions to challenge the legality of these operations.


We are now in Day Two of Pete’s belongings being thrown into dumpsters. Some of this material is highly classified and sensitive. The entire operation is expected to be completed tomorrow.

At this point there is absolutely nothing we can do.

The dispute over Pete’s house started back in 2009, when he lost his security clearance and government pension after coming forward as a whistleblower for Project Camelot. It has taken eight years for this event to come to a head.

It is extremely unlikely that these events are disconnected.

What is happening to Pete right now is consistent with the metaphorical idea of someone being “brought to the slaughterhouse,” as David’s telephone threat had indicated.

This suggests that the Dark Alliance, and whoever is supplying them with money and intel, has become extremely desperate.

David is going to be appearing on Fade to Black with Jimmy Church tonight to discuss these threats and what it means for all of us in the UFO community.


Now that things have escalated to such an extreme level, I have decided to release the first of a number of the “JackSmith” emails.

This will give the Ufology Community the opportunity to step back and evaluate what has transpired. We all need to decide if we will allow ourselves to be manipulated any longer.

We have researched the true identity of JackSmith. This person was also responsible for filing a false complaint with a U.N. Non-Governmental Organization that classifies groups as “Cults”.

He wanted to have me publicly castigated as a “cult leader” thanks to the Blue Avians information.

Now that Child Protective Services was called against me, it is obvious that this UN filing was intended to provide collateral to make it more likely that my children could actually be taken away.


We hope that as this new phase of attacks unfolds, we can begin to drop more and more of the information we received. This will make the source of the attacks even more obvious.

We also hope that as more people see what has occurred, they will realize that they were subjected to a mass psychological operation.

We all need to come back to the tent of unity for some shared forgiveness and understanding.

You can expect to see more articles and videos soon that will shed more information on this Rothschild attempt to foment a Civil War in Ufology.

As we share more of this upsetting information, I hope we realize that some of those who attacked us are victims themselves.

Some of the people who jumped on the attack bandwagon were manipulated or triggered by convincing presentations that falsely called people on our team “Satanists” or “Nazis.”

They had very compromised individuals present false claims against us in a number of areas.


Let us also be very clear that the Cabal is well known for betraying people, even up to and including death.

It is entirely possible that key players in the Dark Alliance could lose their lives once we successfully expose and destroy their plans.

So let me be absolutely clear in stating that neither I, nor David Wilcock, nor anyone else who has been attacked by this group has authorized or endorsed the torture or murder of the people who are doing this to us.

We simply want them to stand down and go back to living their own private lives in peace.

If something were to happen to these individuals, it would be yet another sign of the Cabal pulling its standard dirty tricks.

We emphatically do not support any such violent actions taken against these individuals, and will be greatly saddened if anything along these lines were to happen.

We have speculated that some members of the Dark Alliance may be undergoing blackmail or other forms of extreme coercion to do what they are doing.

They might be continuing only because they feel that it would be much worse if they attempted to stop.

We already have some idea of the content of the information that is being used to blackmail them, and it is indeed very dark.


If we give each other understanding and forgiveness, we will then be able to unify and focus our energy on social activism projects.

Our goal is to educate the public on the existence of suppressed technologies, and raise the interest level of the general public in these topics.

I also just passed along an important briefing about mass arrests being planned against Cabal pedophiles.

The briefing indicated that they have infested all different levels of the EU and US governments, right down to local judiciaries, police and post offices.

What we are seeing with Pete could be just one example that proves how this could actually be happening.

There may be no other way to stop this except for the Alliance to take military action. The Cabal-controlled mass media would undoubtedly try to portray such an operation as an evil, revolutionary act.

David was urged to publish this intel as soon as possible. The attack against his brakes occurred just two days after this briefing was passed to him for imminent publication.


Join us at http://www.FullDisclosureProject.org in organizing a grassroots effort to demand a Full Disclosure of all suppressed technologies.

We also intend to expose the crimes against humanity that have been perpetrated to keep these technologies secret.

It is time that we get up off of our knees and realize that we are the saviors we have been waiting for.

We are the Alliance. You are Disclosure.

Corey Goode

PS: Special thanks to the FDP Team who helped contribute and edit this article.



Unfortunately, I just lost a large chunk of text I had written at this point… multiple paragraphs… due to one stupid keystroke I hit by accident.

There was some beautiful prose about the Meditation Effect, and how seven thousand people can reduce global terrorism, crime, domestic violence and fatalities by 72 percent.

This effect has been scientifically studied and replicated at least 39 different times. All other possible variables have been ruled out.

We have far more than seven thousand people in this audience, based upon our hit counters. We need you to step up and be one of the meditators!

Even if you don’t believe this is going to work, please try. In the studies I just referred to, not everyone believed it would work, but it did anyway.


This very unfortunate keystroke shut down my browser spontaneously and burned pages and pages worth of final commentary.

I will re-do most of what I wrote for the next update and end it here for right now, since this is long enough.

I have to leave the house to deal with urgent things, like having food, that have gotten pushed to the side all week in the midst of these attacks.

Please remember to participate in the meditation this weekend. The peak of the eclipse is Monday afternoon if you live in the Americas.

Thanks again for all your support!


I just got back from a much-needed grocery trip. There are a few brief and interesting things to report in the synchronicity category.

First of all, my car is a 2002 and I had some other problems, like broken seat electronics, bad oxygen sensors making the Check Engine light go, a faulty windshield wash system, et cetera.

None of these were huge problems, but they all add up and at some point you have to fix them, even when you get as busy as I do.

The pads and rotors of my brakes were still functional, but starting to wear out, so I had all four of them replaced as well — for obvious reasons.

The final total for the repairs came out to a turn-your-head-and-cough of $1999 — with the three-digit synchronicity right there in the three 9s.

You can look at all the items for yourself. How the heck did all of these seemingly random parts add up to such a perfect synchronicity number?

Once this starts happening to you, it is astonishing how often you keep seeing these patterns — in ways that seemingly defy all possibility of chance.

Secondly, earlier today our professional team had me order new software to dramatically enhance the security for this site.

For obvious reasons I’m not going to say what it is or who it is with, but it should make it vastly harder for anyone to take us down.

Nonetheless, I was very surprised to see that the first five digits of our order number were 11111. I checked and made sure, and this was a unique number for us.

Very interesting indeed. You will have to take my word on that one!


Just before the attack started, I had gone in to do an update and on the front page of the site, there were 77s in each of the hit counters for the most recent articles:

That one was particularly impressive because it had spread out across all three of the most recent articles.

By that point I was done with updates and wanted to save this for the next article — and here we are.


Finally, when I came back in to write this update, we had the repeating digit 666 in the hit counter of my “comeback article”, at 66603:

Once I posted this update and reviewed it, including the above, this same hit counter now had two number patterns in it, at 66644:


You know there had to be one more! After I posted the above 66644 graphic into this, proof-read it and hit Refresh, there was yet another one.

This time, the hit counter was at 7277. It’s those pesky 7s again! Furthermore, I had just called out the importance of the number 72 in the previous article:

I see these things as signposts that even as we are attacked in such astonishing and threatening ways, we are protected.

Don’t forget to meditate throughout this weekend, keeping a peaceful consciousness, and particularly on Monday.

Thanks again for your support and encouragement. We need to all be aware of this astonishingly aggresive effort to divide our community.


Apparently I still wasn’t done! No sooner did I post the above and hit Publish, our hit counter had since jumped up to exactly 7333.

I hit the front page seconds later and it was already at 7340, so this was a very precisely calibrated effect, just like the others.


After posting the above, I went to the front page. The original personal update article from August 5th was about to hit a “quint” — a bank of five sixes.

I went and loaded it up, hit Refresh, and bang, there it was: 66666!

As I have so often said, no effort is required for these things to happen. They just “work.” How could I have faked my own auto repair bill?

I am not trying to say I am anything special because this happens to me. It will start happening to you more and more if you bother to pay attention.

For those with eyes to see, we have quite an interesting phenomenon going on here.

One of the things that got lost in my unfortunate “keystroke attack” was that a member of our team had an astonishing telepathic experience last night.

More about that in the next update.

It strongly suggests that we are experiencing exactly the type of contacts that we have been promised at the end of Part 3 of the last update.

That is very exciting indeed.


I woke up this morning… hey, this is starting to sound like a blues song.

Corey had already texted me via Skype as of 6:22 AM to let me know that, at that time, over ten thousand dollars had already been raised for Pete!

A supporter named Coco Luau set this up, and it is truly magnificent! As of right now it is already trending at over twelve thousand dollars:

I am going to make absolutely sure it goes straight to Pete.

Part of the issue is if it flashes through my account first, I might get hit with BIG taxes, particularly if this “goes viral.”

I will set Coco Luau up with a direct line to Pete, and full transparency. Otherwise the Dark Alliance will invariably accuse me of taking some of it.

The Dark are very, very sick people, particularly in light of how they have continued attacking us AFTER all this, as if we are sub-humans worthy only of death.

We will have Pete make a public statement and confirm that the entire amount went to him, whenever this finally closes.

I can’t wait to hear his reaction when I call him up. We already have enough for him to immediately get back on the road with his own transportation!


This is an awesome way to show this decorated war hero and primary Alliance spokesperson that we love and appreciate all he has done for us.

As an additional perk, when I came in to make this last update, the hit counter on my previous article from April had, you guessed it, a 777 in it.

I am amazed at how much this happens — and with no effort whatsoever:

This was also the article in which I had leaked a huge amount of new information on Antarctic ruins and the Alliance from Pete.

Furthermore, 45 is a harmonic number that shows up all the time in sacred numerology and the science of cycles, as I reported in Synchronicity Key.

And get this… after I posted the above and hit Publish, boom… now it was up to four sevens at 177747.

A split second later it had already gone by. This was precise:

Too weird. I hit Publish again after this and now there was a 555 in our own hit counter for this article, at 15655:

I know what my buddy is going to say: “That’s it, we’re going to Vegas!” Not so. You can’t use these gifts for personal gain… or gambling! LOL

We can, however, help save Pete from what was intended to be a severely demoralizing attack, utterly wiping him out financially.

He has also had some very intense brushes with death that we have not publicized, and is a miracle that he lived through these assaults.

This fundraiser is a great way to show the Cabal that we do not authorize the “legal killing” of our war heroes. GoFundPete!


I hit Publish on the above and there it was! The hit counter on this article was at 16000 as soon as I did it:

I hit Refresh after photographing it and it was already up to 15, showing this was a very, very precise moment in time — way beyond chance.

Thank you so much for all the love and good wishes… and please remember to stay up, stay happy, don’t let the BS drag you down, and meditate!


I called up Pete and said “I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news.”

When he finally asked for the bad news, I said, “We may not be able to get you the money immediately.”

“What money,” he asked?

“That’s the good news!”

At the time I called him it was already at 16.5K and was rising by more than 1K per hour, just since it started last night.

Pete was literally beside himself with gratitude. He said “This is the best thing that has ever happened to me in at least the last ten years.”

He will definitely be making public statements once we are a little further down the road to thank each and every one of you for helping him.


Without going into detail for reasons I will explain later, suffice it to say that the items have NOT yet been destroyed.

There are legal actions in place that may be able to stop the whole thing.

I hope to be able to share details, and definitely will, but we can’t afford to do that until we know we are secure.

There is a narrow window to act, but we might yet win this!

This fundraiser is exactly what he needed to have emergency fees greatly in excess of anything I could have provided him.


Best of all, when I came in to write this update, look at the synchronicity we got on the hit counter and Facebook Like button both. This just happened:

Three sets of 22s! And 22 is a very powerful number in sacred numerology, as there are a total of 22 archetypes in the Hero’s Journey / Major Arcana / Sephiroth.

The total fundraiser amount is less than 200 dollars shy of 22K as well… and has the magic number of 420 donors so far:

We have to be very careful about expectations and telegraphing any moves. Let’s just say we now have a real shot at actually winning this!

Thank you so much for your stunning outpouring of support for this true hero, the main voice of the Alliance we have been getting briefings from since 2009.

Almost immediately after posting this, seven more donations came in and we crossed the 22K mark! Woohoo!


Shortly after posting the above, I checked again, and it was now at 22,666!

From what I can tell, no one did this intentionally, as the most recent donation was 25 dollars even:

Then I come in to post this, and there’s a 333 in the hit counter at 23335!

Synchronicity has been happening all along when I do this website, but never before have I seen this much of it at once. You are making this possible!

There will be much more to report soon… and wait until you hear the story!



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