Mark Taylor 2-15-19 on Sheila Zilinsky show… “A Couple of ‘Bombshells’” (and a short Q wrap up by PrayingMedic)

This was a fascinating interview, for the “bombshells” Mark Taylor dropped here (note: Mark comes in at about 3 minutes). Time points of interest:

8:50: Red tsunami actually occurred; House was actually won; 2018 midterms were a “sting operation” vs. the Democrat party, to expose voting illegalities.
11:20: Q is part of Patriot movement, that is leading to a global Spiritual Awakening. Q / Patriot movement is doing what the world’s religions have failed to do. God is “gathering the masses” right now.
20:00: church systems are being exposed big time right now, and Mark has information about Vatican via Leo Zagami.
50:40: PrayingMedic gives update on the tonne of recent Q posts.