Praying Without Words

By Anna Von Reitz

You can get there via physical pain or emotional, either one. 

Those of you out there who have been in this extreme state know that in such misery, it isn’t even possible to talk. 

Words will not form. 

Instead, what happens, is a great emptiness, as if the pain purges everything else and leaves you at the very ragged edge of consciousness — and still. Absolutely empty and still. 

At that moment, in that state, you are suddenly perfectly lucid and at peace.  Your mind is still and yet aware. 

The constant blaring of voices, your own and everyone else’s, is also stilled.  

You have reached the mountaintop where there is nothing but you and your Father, the One Life that gives rise to all life and all consciousness. 

And you discover that there is no need to say anything, no barrier between you.  He knows everything — the “all” of it — without a single word being formed. 

And you realize that you are loved beyond all telling and accepted just as you are.  

You become aware of the direct connection you have with the Living God and you let yourself go— just flowing into that infinite love and energy like a river flowing into the sea. 

Yes, you can pray without words and “be” without words. If anything, words interfere with communication at this level,  like static in a radio signal. 

Having once discovered this for yourself or having been taught this and having sought it, you discover that it is possible to be in a state of constant, mindful, and totally wordless prayer. 

Try to empty yourself of yourself and turn it all inside out, until there is no “us” and no “them” anymore, until there are no words.  

Pray your prayers straight into the heart of the Living God and receive back the knowing and the peace that passes all understanding. 

This is where miracles occur and time and space cease.  

This is where you discover the hidden power of The Kingdom of Heaven. 

Here is your native ground, your truth, your natural way of awareness and connection– all without words, in a realm of absolute and instantaneous truth. 

There are no lies without words. There is nothing hidden. 

Last night for me and at noon in Rome, the Great Palatine Seal, which has kept men in chains for centuries and which was meant to keep men in chains for centuries more, was ruptured to the core. 

Some of you have learned to pray without words, or this could not have happened so soon. 

Keep praying without words,  keep emptying yourselves, keep inviting the True and Living God to fill your minds and hearts with wisdom, courage and love.  

Ask for the guidance you need and ask for the coming of The Kingdom of Heaven to the Earth. 

Do it without words. Visualize everything at first and then let go of even the visualization — until there is only the pure sense of health and love and all good things abounding. 


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