I’m now posting on Clouthub (yes, add one more “alternative” social media site), as of a week ago

Clouthub. Yes, I’m posting on that as well. I believe it’s a “kind of like Twitter” deal.

I’m not sure what (if any) great “advantage” there is to it, but I’m checking it out. Apparently this platform is more “free speech” oriented than, say, FB or Twitter. I’m currently using it to post the Kp Blog posts. Basically I’m trying it out to find out what it’s all about.

Some “regulars” I know and follow on other platforms are on here, and sometimes do live broadcasts.

Praying Medic: posts news and Kep posts’ interpretations. He also does live videos on one of the channels.

(Pardon, but I cannot find any others… yet.)

Basically, I don’t know what I’m doing with Clouthub, and/or what I will do with it. But I’m having fun finding my way.

Aloha, Kp

x22Report Spotlight 4-18-20 (and 3-28-20)… Zach Vorhies, “[DS] Kept Technology From The People, It’s All About To Change, Controlled No More” (and, “Patriots Changed The [G] Algorithm, Censorship Stripped, It’s Going To Be A Hot Spring”)

These two videos have excellent disclosure-type information from Zach. The latest one (first video below) addresses new energy technology coming out, and that this is possibly the reason that big oil companies are trying to sell off their holdings at low prices.

The earlier one (second video below) looks at how the Patriots have been instrumental in changing the Google algorithms.




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Today’s Guest: Zach Vorhies
Website:Zach Vorhies

PrayingMedic 3-27-20 VIDEO… “Qanon March 27, 2020 – Meet Your New Fed Chair – Donald Trump” (plus link to an article about it) (plus Q post #3904)

When I first saw the Q post and then the Twitter link, I was “blown away”… Apparently the Trump team (Alliance) has found a way to merge the US Treasury with the Fed. I believe this says, “The Fed is no more”!


Recent announcements make it look as if the promised restructuring of the Federal Reserve is happening.

Link to a Yahoo News article about this.
Q post 3904
Twitter link posted in Q 3904

Several items regarding the “Austin Steinbart” phenomenon… Citizens Investigative Report, Praying Medic, Goldfish Report, TerranCognito

So, below, feel free to take one’s pick among these various “Who the h— is Austin?” evaluations.

Both CIR (Katie G) and Louisa seem more open minded about “the Austin” and his possible Q role, whereas Praying Medic, early on in his video, points to the “no outside comms” statements by Q. Terran’s source (Stan X) writes, “Austin Steinbart is a Local. DIA/Agent/Tool. Data Collectors.”

The only thing I’ll add here is that there are three Q posts that say “no comms” “privately”, or “outside of this platform”, including a very recent Q post 3902 that referenced one of those three (Q513).

My view is, if I’m feeling “drawn” to his information, I’ll keep watching it. And that’s the way it is for myself, for now, at least.




(related Kp blog post)


Austin Steinbart – He’s not Q, but he is, as he admits, DIA

I had a friendly disagreement with a good friend (not Heather) on this man. I’ve met these kind of guys in my “techie days” and their mouths seldom match their skills. But maybe if I met him in person I might like him? Who knows?

But as I told my friend, I could be wrong about my first impression… so I dug into this a bit more… with my friendly nonlocal Data Collectors…  I was wrong.  He’s not a LARP. What a week for surprises eh?

Lying about being Q is not a great start… if this is DIA transparency, be transparent. Be Honest. Be direct. I’ve spent 7 years with spooks of every kind, from every nation nearby.  It gets old.  They glow orange to Heather and she plays with them.  Maybe Heather would get a kick out of him, I don’t know as she is in silent mode.  And I know that is sign stuff is happening.  Been through it before.

He’s not Qbut he is, as he admits, DIA

Terran: Is Austin Steinbart a nonlocal? Is he a LARP or a DIA contractor or both?


Whatever this is, we need to watch it unfold.  VERIFY EVERYTHING.  Take nothing on faith.

PS: My time is somewhat limited with Denice, hence the short bits of data as it comes.

x22Report Spotlight 2-24-20… 2 VIDEOS… “…Pieces Of The Puzzle Come Together, The Best Is Yet To Come… Who Has The Economic Magic Wand? Wait For It, Watch India”

Received a lot of relevant information from these two x22 videos.


Published 2-24-20
The [DS]/MSM are not being exposed every single day, they have no cover story and many are lashing out. All the exits are blocked, there is no place to hide. JS indicted, HW convicted, it’s coming. All of the pieces are being put into place, the setup is almost complete, the show is about to take a turn and the best is yet to come.



Published 2-24-20
The stock market decline over 1000 points, this is the push to bring the economy to its knees, this plan will not work. We need to remember who has the magic wand, watch the next move. This is not something we haven’t seen before, we saw the market take a dive a couple of time during Trump’s presidency, then it recovered. India is going to become a very important player in the next economic system.

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x22Report Spotlight 2-8-20… Dave Hayes (Praying Medic)… “Storm Is Picking Up Speed, Arrests On The Horizon”

This was (for myself) an extremely illuminating interview of Dave Hayes (Praying Medic). He goes into his connections with Q, and a variety of related topics related to Q.


Published 2-8-20
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Today’s Guest:Dave Hayes

Book: Calm Before The Storm


Website: http://prayingmedic.com
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A Praying Medic Tweet (11-2-19) re: new Q posts & an iPOT 11-3-19 VIDEO with possibilities about “RIG FOR RED”

Related to this prior Kp blog post, these were kind of fascinating for myself, especially the iPOT video where he goes into the “Rig for Red” phrase at about 7-8 minutes. Let’s continue to “Enjoy the Show”!!

Praying Medic Tweet
I’ve been observing 8kun all day.
Someone posted test messages on /qresearch/ using Q’s most recent trip code from 8chan.
So far, no relevant information, only tests.
I have no way to confirm that it’s Q.
I’m going to wait for more information before sharing posts from 8kun.
5:18 PM · Nov 2, 2019