Over 20 Epstein Victims Expose the Reality of his Worldwide Pedophilic Blackmail Ring

By Makia Freeman,


  • THE STORY:There are now 20+ Epstein victims that have gone public (many with lawsuits), including a group of 9 new women. One of these women claim Epstein sexually assaulted them in 1985, while another says she was sexually abused at age 13.
  • THE IMPLICATIONS:These women must be saluted for their bravery in taking about such a painful and difficult subject. The accounts of these women expose the harsh and shocking reality of Epstein’s worldwide pedophilic blackmail ring..

Jeffrey Epstein Epstein victims

Epstein Victims: over 20 women have gone public (many with lawsuits) to expose the reality of Epstein’s pedophilic blackmail ring.

There are many Epstein victims

who were sadly caught up in the international pedophile ring and blackmail operation that Jeffrey Epstein and his procurer Ghislaine Maxwell were running (on behalf of Israeli Intelligence). In truth, there are at least hundreds if not many thousands of Epstein victims, since Epstein had girls from all over the world, and since it appears this entire sexual blackmail op started at least in 1985 (which is the date claimed by one Epstein accuser below). This aligns with what former Israeli spy Ari Ben-Menashe claimed, i.e. that Epstein started working for Israeli Intelligence in the 1980s. In opposition to the denials from Ghislaine and Alan Dershowitz, and the ridiculous lies from Andrew Windsor, it is worth reading the allegations of some of the Epstein victims to get a true grasp of the reality of the situation. Below are the stories and accounts of 20 Epstein victims (in no particular order). These 20 are not more important than the hundreds of other stories. Even if some of the details contained are exaggerated or incorrect, taken together, these testimonies paint a coherent picture of the shocking abuse Epstein, Maxwell and their criminal accomplices like Leslie Wexner (owner of Victoria Secrets who allowed Epstein to stay at his house where some of the abuse happened) perpetrated upon innocent girls and women. Some were over 18 when it happened, but many were under 18. The alleged abuse includes rape and death threats. Today, the Daily Mail has reported that a new set of Epstein victims has just gone public, one of whom is the youngest so far – she was just 13 when she was sexually abused.

andrew ghislaine email 2015

Lying Prince Andrew Windsor claims he never knew Virginia Roberts Giuffre … yet he emailed Ghislaine about her in 2015.

Epstein Updates

The Epstein saga continues to broaden and deepen. Before we begin, here are 5 Epstein updates from the last week or so:

1. Ghislaine Maxwell testifies: apparently Ghislaine has submitted testimony in a New York court (according to the UK’s Daily Mail) but the testimony doesn’t appear to be publicly available online;

2. Andrew Windsor knew about Virginia Roberts (with whom he had sex when she was 17): Andrew’s car crash interview contains a plethora of lies. One is that he denies ever meeting Virginia, yet a leaked email shows he emailed Ghislaine on January 3rd, 2015 telling her he had questions about Virginia Roberts;

3. Trump lies about knowing Andrew: Trump just claimed he doesn’t know Andrew, despite many photos showing his multi-year relationship with the Prince, including paying lots of golf together;

4. Estate workers confirm Bill and Hillary Clinton both visited Epstein’s ranch: a worker named Jared Kellogg who worked at Epstein’s New Mexico Zorro Ranch estate (the one which he wanted to make a headquarters for his eugenicist vision of simultaneously impregnating multiple women) has gone public to claim that he saw Bill and Hillary there on many occasions;

5. Banker with ties to Epstein hangs himself: corporate banker Thomas Bowers has apparently committed suicide by hanging himself. Bowers worked first for Citi Bank and later for Deutsche Bank, oversaw numerous loans to Epstein (when other banks like JP Morgan refused to work with Epstein), was a frequent visitor to Epstein’s New York home and reportedly even visited Epstein’s private island Little St. James (aka Pedo Island). Was he suicided?

Epstein Victims #1: Maria and Annie Farmer

Maria and Annie Farmer are some of the first women to ever go public with claims against Epstein. While working for Epstein, Maria says she witnessed a constant stream of girls coming and going. She says she met powerful men including now-President, then-real estate mogul Donald Trump. Trump allegedly ogled Maria in Epstein’s office, until Epstein chided him, “She’s not for you.” Maria was the first to work for Epstein before bringing her sister Annie into Epstein’s orbit. Epstein hired her as his personal art buyer, then later gave her the job of overseeing renovations for his townhouse. Maria and Annie claim they were (on separate occasion) sexually assaulted by both Epstein and Maxwell – Maria at Leslie Wexner’s Ohio residence, and Annie at Epstein’s New Mexico ranch.

They first went to the NYPD and FBI, who both did nothing with their complaint. Then they went to Vanity Fair – and this was the story that was famously suppressed by Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter over the protests of journalist Vicki Ward (the one who spread the word that Alex Acosta had revealed he was told to leave Epstein alone since Epstein was Intelligence and that the matter was above his pay grade). It was reported that Epstein may have intimidated Carter by leaving a bullet and a dead cat’s head outside his door. Ghislaine retaliated by saying she was going to burn Maria’s paintings and blacklist her from the New York art world. Later on, Ghislaine issued a veiled death threat:

” “Better be careful and watch your back,” Maria remembers Maxwell telling her. “She said, ‘I know you go to the West Side Highway all the time. While you’re out there, just be really careful because there are a lot of ways to die there.’ ”

Epstein Victims #2: Virginia Roberts Giuffre

Virginia Roberts Giuffre is probably the most high-profile victim at this stage due to her allegations that she was raped by Epstein and Prince Andrew, with the Duke of York looking like Prince Pinocchio by offering absurd explanations and excuses for his predatory and pedophilic behavior. You can read her lawsuits here and here. She also claims she was raped by Alan Dershowitz, Epstein’s attorney, Harvard Law professor and (surprise, surprise) ardent Zionist. Epstein promised her money for an education to lure her in:

“I had been a runaway and had been abused before, so to have this ability to get educated … I thought I was turning around. It was a turning point for me. I was really excited, and within an hour of being at Epstein’s mansion, the abuse quickly unfolded …”

“That’s what [Epstein] preys on. He looks for people that are vulnerable and hurt, and broken, and he promises he’ll fix you, and instead he breaks you even more.”

Epstein Victims #3: Jennifer Araoz

Jennifer Araoz was picked up by Ghislaine, Jeffrey’s right hand woman, and groomed to be his sexual servant. Just like other girls, she was initially hired to give Epstein ‘massages’ (code word) that gradually become more and more sexual.

“It was really well thought out, well planned, to really me make feel as comfortable as possible, to almost make me keep coming back.”

Epstein Victims #4: Anouska De Georgiou

British actress Anouska De Georgiou, 42, is an Epstein victim. The New York Post reports on her story:

“When I was introduced to Jeffrey Epstein, I was young and full of hope and the foolishness of a teenager. I was idealistic, and I saw the good in people … the abuse, spanning several years, was devaluing beyond measure and affected my ability to form and maintain healthy relationships, both in my work and my personal life … Epstein manipulated me, coerced me and sexually abused me.”

“I was a victim, and it has taken me many, many years to stand here and say, yes, it was me. I was a victim, but I will not remain a victim and be silent for one more day. Although I think it’s tragic when anybody dies before their time, I’m extremely relieved that Jeffrey Epstein will not be in a position to hurt any more children or any more women, and I’m glad to be part of a group of women who are now bonded forever in the trauma that we endured at the hands of this man.”

Epstein Victims #5-8: Michelle Licata, Courtney Wild, Jena-Lisa Jones and Marijke Chartouni

Here are some quotes from these 4 victims:

“I don’t think anyone has been told the truth about what Jeffrey Epstein did.”

– Michelle Licata

“By the time I was 16, I had probably brought him 70 to 80 girls who were all 14 and 15 years old. He was involved in my life for years. He told me he wanted them as young as I could find them. … He wanted as many girls as I could get him. It was never enough.”

– Courtney Wild

“You beat yourself up mentally and physically.”

– Jena-Lisa Jones

“I just think I disassociated … I went into freeze disassociation mode.”

– Marijke Chartouni

Epstein Victims #9: Sarah Ransome

Sarah Ransome was pulled into this like many of the others. Epstein, Maxwell and their helpers tried to find out what she wanted so they could use that as a carrot to entice and manipulate her:

“[Epstein] said he could get me into the Fashion Institute of Technology [FIT], that he knew he could get me straight in, he could pay for my schooling, and I know that they didn’t even phone FIT. That was never going to happen. They went out their way to play games to make you believe; I mean, they helped me on my essay. It was just all a big lie, and just complete manipulation.”

“When you are in, you are in, and you can’t get out.”

“They [Epstein’s network of Maxwell, Lesley Groff and Sarah Kellen] are so good … they are like mastermind manipulators. They fooled the entire world.”

Epstein Victims #10: ‘Kiki’

On November 14th, 2019, a former New York model going by the name of Kiki came forward to claim she was assaulted by Epstein. She was ‘recruited’ at a coffee shop, groomed to meet Epstein, then eventually placed in his presence in a room all alone. She talks about how she felt overwhelmed by him. Kiki speaks of Epstein’s psychopathic nature – seemingly devoid of empathy and conscience:

“Honestly, I’m not sure that he had a conscience. In the short time that I was face to face with him, and then hearing about all the things that happened afterward, I think that he didn’t think about other people … So, to him, it probably was a good time because it satisfied his impulses or his urges … However the other person or other victim was feeling, it didn’t matter because it was all about him. It satisfied what he needed, and that’s all it mattered … Everyone is disposable to him. Expendable.”

Epstein Victims #11: Jane Doe 15

On November 18th, 2019, Gloria Allred, lawyer for another Epstein victim (going by the name of Jane Doe 15), announced they were pressing charges against Epstein’s estate. This woman claims Epstein raped her at age 15. She was lured in via her older sister who already knew Epstein, and like many other victims, was in hard financial circumstances:

“I first came into contact with an assistant of Epstein’s while on a High School drama club field trip to New York City,” Doe 15 said. At the time, Doe 15 had been living in Northern Michigan with her mother, step-father, and grandfather, in hard financial circumstances. While on the field trip, Doe 15 had gotten permission from the school’s chaperones to spend time with her sister, an 18-year-old model, who already knew Epstein.”

She sheds light on how Epstein was able to manipulate these girls to have sex with him, keep quiet and then feel ashamed:

“It wasn’t the billionaire’s physical force that had overpowered her, she said, so much as the symbolic weight his prestige and money had afforded him. “Epstein wielded great villainous power in his ability to make victims feel shame of their backgrounds to the point where we felt grateful for any attention or invitation into his inner billionaire playground, no matter the trauma it brought upon us,” she said. “It was the weight of Epstein’s wealth, the isolation to which he subjected me and his discussion of his social connections that crushed me into submission, far more than his physical strength.””

Epstein Victims #12-20: Jane Doe I – Jane Doe IX (Victims Still Remaining Anonymous)

Today (December 3rd, 2019) another 9 women have stepped forward to claim they were abused by Epstein and his co-conspirators. They have not yet publicly released their names so for now are known as Jane Doe I to Jane Doe IX. They have filed a lawsuit against the Epstein estate. Shockingly, one alleged victim claims Epstein sexually assaulted, abused and battered her in 1985. Another woman claims she was only 13 years old when Epstein began abusing her in 2003.

Conclusion: A Very Clear Picture of the Epstein Pedophilic Blackmail Ring

The common themes that emerge from these accounts are that Epstein, Maxwell and their accomplices would recruit young girls who were broken, vulnerable, naive and/or without much money, then groom them for the role of being a sex slave, paying them for their services. They would use both the carrot and stick for manipulation, offering to pay for their education and threatening to destroy their career (or even kill them) if they didn’t submit and obey. They would encourage girls to bring in their friends. Epstein had a practically unlimited amount of cash to bankroll the entire operation. How? Mostly, I would say, because he working for Israeli Intelligence. And where does Israel get a big chunk of its money? From the American taxpayer – USD$10 million every day.

Ari Ben-Menashe made the following point in his interview with Narativ, but here it is again in this recent article about a newly released book about Epstein called Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales:

“See, f**king around is not a crime. It could be embarrassing, but it’s not a crime. But f**king a fourteen-year-old girl is a crime. And he was taking photos of politicians f**king fourteen-year-old girls—if you want to get it straight. They [Epstein and Maxwell] would just blackmail people, they would just blackmail people like that.”

Media outlets are reporting that Prince Andrew in constant contact with Ghislaine Maxwell. Why? Because she is his handler.

As I concluded in my previous Epstein article, the Epstein saga is a microcosm of the New World Order agenda of pedophilia, psychopathy, manipulation, abuse of power, transhumanism and eugenics. May all victims continue stepping forth and speaking their truth.


Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative media / independent news site The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at ToolsForFreedom.com. Makia is on Steemit and FB.




















Infinity War: Netanyahu Wants ‘Mutual Defense’ With US; Trump, Graham Eager to Oblige Their Master

Israel will have impunity to start wars with everyone

By Eric Stricker,

Last September, Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu hinted that they were working on a mutual defense pact. Such a treaty, if signed, would officially and permanently mandate an American military intervention if Israel were to ever start a conflict with its neighbors.

The Trump administration is desperate to get this done, but Netanyahu is having trouble selling the idea to his rival Benny Gantz. The Likud party has so far been unable to form a government and Netanyahu is battling corruption charges. As a side note, two major GOP donors, Sheldon Adelson and Larry Ellison, are defense witnesses in Bibi’s case.

The major reason why some sectors of the Israeli state want Netanyahu gone is that they believe his government’s belligerence is responsible for Iran’s stunning rise. Netanyahu has chosen Israel-above-all unilateralism using Zion’s cats-paws in Washington to try and bully Tehran, but have walked all over Chinese and Russian interests in the process.

Two years into the Trump/Israel “maximum pressure” campaign, Iran is not only more powerful than before, it is participating in joint war games with China and Russia. This has angered competing Jewish factions inside Israel, who preferred the Obama method of passively subverting Iran through its countries pro-US/pro-Europe “moderate” liberal reformists. Hassan Rouhani, who they saw as the Persian “Gorbachev,” has now been fully discredited in the eyes of his people thanks to Trump and Netanyahu.

While all segments of Israeli society are having a public debate on the pros and cons of a military pact for their country, here in the US nobody has consulted with the 1.3 million active-duty American servicemen who will die in a world war to expand Israel’s borders.

JINSA’s Plan 

Lindsay Graham has told Jews at private events that he is working on this bill and is confident it will be ratified in the Senate. So far, the only people within US borders participating in this conversation are the Republican Jewish Coalition and JINSA (Jewish Institute for National Security of America). The latter fifth column is writing the terms of the treaty.

Last July, JINSA released details of the pact they want Graham to push through, titled “For a Narrow US-Israel Defense Pact,” which can be obtained online (I will not link to downloads on JINSA’s website for security reasons).

The policy paper demands that Israel be granted special access to intelligence collected by the “Five Eyes Alliance” (Australia, UK, New Zealand, Canada and the US), officially turning the entire Anglo-Saxon world into a global Jewish spy network (which is already unofficially true).

Furthermore, it calls on the war clause be triggered if any country “threatens” to use chemical of nuclear weapons against the Jewish state or physically undermines Israel’s economic activities. This is very open-ended.

The most ludicrous part of the Graham/JINSA’s treaty is section 3.4, where Israel is under no obligation to notify or seek approval from the United States when it decides to engage in a military attack against another party.

In other words, if Israel decides to start a war with Iran (or China, or Russia, or all of them), it doesn’t have to discuss this with its “ally” first. Israel reserves its right to act unilaterally and America must go along for the ride whether we want to or not.

America gets absolutely nothing from joining such an agreement, except the possibility of a catastrophic world war that can be started by unstable psychopaths like Benjamin Netanyahu without warning, whenever they please.

The US has not signed a mutual defense treaty since 1962.

It’s time the 98% start demanding Donald Trump and Lindsey Graham include us in this debate, and prepare to protest as soon as this bill hits the Senate floor.


Study: Tens of Thousands of Open Heart and Stent Surgeries Unnecessary

Electrocardiogram in hospital surgery operating emergency room showing patient heart rate with blur team of surgeons background

By Dr. Rober J. Rowen,

Here is “medical science”. It is not science at all.

Millions of stents and bypass procedures worldwide and done with nothing backing them.

It cost 100M of your money to show this.

But what about vaccines? We have a world of dogma here, and vaccines are not imposed on sporadic children, but ALL of them.

If the government can spend 100M for heart studies that affect people late in life, why can’t it spend a fraction of that for a similar all cause morbidly and mortality study on children who have a full lifetime ahead?

And, why did the government not include some “alternative” therapies for comparison, like chelation and oxidation therapy?

I just got an awesome report from a patient of ours this week. His ejection fraction (percentage of blood pumped out in a single stroke), has improved from a mediocre 30% to 60% with our work.

His cardiologist told him, “I don’t know what it is you are doing, but whatever it is, keep it up!”

Big study casts doubt on need for many heart procedures

by Marilynn Marchione – AP
Medical Xpress


People with severe but stable heart disease from clogged arteries may have less chest pain if they get a procedure to improve blood flow rather than just giving medicines a chance to help, but it won’t cut their risk of having a heart attack or dying over the following few years, a big federally funded study found.

The results challenge medical dogma and call into question some of the most common practices in heart care. They are the strongest evidence yet that tens of thousands of costly stent procedures and bypass operations each year are unnecessary or premature for people with stable disease.

For non-emergency cases, the study shows “there’s no need to rush” into invasive tests and procedures, said New York University’s Dr. Judith Hochman.

There might even be harm: To doctors’ surprise, study participants who had a procedure were more likely to suffer a heart problem or die over the next year than those treated with medicines alone.

“This study clearly goes against what has been the common wisdom for the last 30, 40 years” and may lead to less testing and invasive treatment for such patients in the future, said Dr. Glenn Levine, a Baylor College of Medicine cardiologist with no role in the research. Some doctors still may quibble with the study, but it was very well done “and I think the results are extremely believable,” he said.

Twelve years ago, a big study found that angioplasty was no better than medicines for preventing heart attacks and deaths in non-emergency heart patients, but many doctors balked at the results and quarreled with the methods.

So the federal government spent $100 million for the new study, which is twice as large, spanned 37 countries and included people with more severe disease—a group most likely to benefit from stents or a bypass.

All 5,179 participants had stress tests, usually done on a treadmill, that suggested blood flow was crimped. All were given lifestyle advice and medicines that improve heart health. Half also were given CT scans to rule out dangerous blockages, then continued on their medicines.

The others were treated as many people with abnormal stress tests are now: They were taken to cardiac catheterization labs for angiograms. The procedure involves placing a tube into a major artery and using special dyes to image the heart’s blood vessels. Blockages were treated right away, with angioplasty in three-fourths of cases and a bypass in the rest.

Doctors then tracked how many in each group suffered a , heart-related death, cardiac arrest or hospitalization for worsening chest pain or heart failure.

After one year, 7% in the invasively treated group had one of those events versus 5% of those on medicines alone. At four years, the trend reversed—13% of the procedures group and 15% of the medicines group had suffered a problem. Averaged across the entire study period, the rates were similar regardless of treatment.

If stents and bypasses did not carry risks of their own, “I think the results would have shown an overall benefit” from them, said another study leader, Dr. David Maron of Stanford University. “But that’s not what we found. We found an early harm and later benefit, and they canceled each other out.”

Why might medicines have proved just as effective at reducing risks?

Bypasses and stents fix only a small area. Medicines affect all the arteries, including other spots that might be starting to clog, experts said.

Drugs also have improved a lot in recent years.

Having a procedure did prove better at reducing chest pain, though. Of those who had pain daily or weekly when they entered the study, half in the stent-or-bypass group were free of it within a year versus 20% of those on medicines alone. A  may have swayed these results—people who know they had a procedure tend to credit it with any improvement they perceive in symptoms.

Dr. Alice Jacobs, a Boston University cardiologist who led a treatment-guidelines panel a few years ago, said any placebo effect fades with time, and people with a lot of chest pain that’s unrelieved by medicines still may want a procedure.

“It’s intuitive that if you take the blockage away you’re going to do better, you’re going to feel better,” but the decision is up to the patient and doctor, she said.

The bottom line: There’s no harm in trying medicines first, especially for people with no or little , doctors said.

When told they have a problem that can be fixed with a stent, “the grand majority of patients in my experience will opt to undergo that procedure” to get improvement right away, said Dr. Jay Giri, a cardiologist at the University of Pennsylvania with no role in the study.

Maryann Byrnes-Alvarado is not among them. The 66-year-old New York City woman said she joined the study six years ago after having trouble walking, which “scared me to death,” but so did the idea of a heart procedure.

She was relieved when she was assigned to the medication treatment group. Her doctor altered her blood pressure , added a cholesterol drug and aspirin, and adjusted her diet. Now her risk factor numbers are better and she can walk again without difficulty.

“I believe I got the best care that I could get” and avoided an operation, she said.


Source: https://medicalxpress.com

Sneaky Macron tries to push more globalist austerity on French people

By Stephen Lendman,

French President Emmanuel Macron is looking to introduce more “environmentally friendly” legislation in the second half of his mandate which includes harsh austerity measures on the cost of living for French people including pension reform and a reduction in tax breaks on diesel for road transport.

On Thursday, hundreds of thousands of French workers, youths and others protested over former Rothschild banker/French President Macron’s pension reform scheme that’s all about further eroding social justice by slashing vital benefits.

Most rail, other public transportation, and many flights shut down on day one of the largest French mass action against neoliberal harshness in the last generation — what’s going on to continue for days, perhaps much longer over anti-Macron public anger.

Scores of demonstrations nationwide by students, teachers, firefighters, industrial, transportation, healthcare, energy, public sector, and other workers largely ground France to a halt.

Schools shut down. Police unions warned of symbolically closing certain stations in support of the strike action.

Macron wants a socially unjust/one size fits all uniform pension system, replacing individual ones that provide equitable benefits for retired workers.

He wants the legal retirement age raised from 62 to 64. He wants social justice in France more greatly eroded than already, part of a longterm plan in the country and West to eliminate it altogether.

His scheme is the most extremist change to France’s cherished pension system since its post-WW II creation. It’s all about greatly cutting benefits, leaving retirees far worse off than today.

France’s official single-digit poverty rate is the lowest in the West, far below other Western countries. Retirement reform is Macron’s latest scheme to erode social justice.

Earlier he slashed unemployment benefits and made it easier for companies to lay off or fire workers, while largely keeping wages for public workers stagnant and eroding universal healthcare benefits.

Nationwide strike action began before Macron released details of his scheme — to be debated in parliament and voted on next year.

A November Viavoice for Liberation poll found 89% of respondents believe France is experiencing a “social crisis.”

According to sociologist Steward Chau, “we’re in a climate of real social tension today, which goes beyond pensions…(S)ocial crisis…hang(s) over this strike action.”

Mass protests begun Wednesday escalated anti-austerity Yellow Vest demonstrations begun over a year ago.

Actions yesterday blocked major thoroughfares, along with shutting down most public transportation and fuel depots.

At least one opinion poll showed around 70% support for the mass action, its strongest backing among individuals aged 18 – 34.

In 1995, large-scale nationwide protests shut down public transport for three weeks, forcing a government neoliberal policy reversal at the time.

What began Thursday goes beyond opposition to Macron’s pension reform scheme. It’s against years of forced-fed austerity, wealth and power interests benefitting by eroding social justice — the same thing going on throughout the West and elsewhere.

Public anger over repression, social inequality, and related issues a fueled other mass protests in Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Haiti, Honduras, Iraq, Algeria, Albania, Gaza, and elsewhere.

So far, they’re absent in the US where people power is badly needed.

Daily events should scare everyone. Peace in our time no longer exists, social justice in the country heading for the dustbin of history if things aren’t reversed by mass actions.

Ordinary people have power when they use it. Change requires longterm struggle.

Abolitionists ended slavery. Civil and labor rights were won. They’re lost because energy waned.

Former Supreme Court Justice William Douglas (1898 – 1980) once said: “Power concedes nothing without a demand.”

Academic Frances Fox Piven earlier stressed that “(o)rdinary people have power when they rise up in anger and hope, defy the rules…disrupt (state) institutions (and) propel new issues to the center of political debate.”

When governments fail their people, the way things are today in the West and elsewhere globally, they forfeit their right to rule.

Civil disobedience becomes an essential tool for change, popular revolution the only solution.

Martin Luther King said “non-cooperation with evil is as much a moral obligation as is cooperation with good.” He championed “creative protest,” believing passivity is no option in the face of injustice.

Henry David Thoreau argued that no one is obligated to surrender their conscience to injustice. What’s fundamentally wrong should be challenged for change.

It’s the only thing that works. Entrenched power yields nothing unless pushed.

Long ago labor organizing in the US, taking to the streets, sustaining strikes, boycotts, and other work stoppages, battling monied interests, putting rank-and-file lives on the line for equitable treatment won important worker rights.

When energy waned and union bosses sold out to management, virtually everything gained was lost, organized labor today a shadow of its long ago peak strength.

Sustaining mass actions against social injustice in France is the only way for positive change.

If things wane in the coming days or weeks, all will be lost, the way things turned out in the West many times before.

Sources: https://ahtribune.com  , https://theduran.com

Secrecy laws passed to hide pedophile ring connection to Royal Family

Editor’s note: With the elite pedophile ring now being exposed in the UK, all roads are leading to the British Royal Family. This law was passed to keep this connection hidden, but as we now know Prince Charles‘ best friend was Jimmy Savile who is the biggest pedophile and necrophiliac in all of human history.

The Royal Family is to be granted absolute protection from public scrutiny in a controversial legal reform designed to draw a veil of secrecy over the affairs of the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William.

Letters, emails and documents relating to the monarch, her heir and the second in line to the throne will no longer be disclosed even if they are in the public interest.

Sweeping changes to the Freedom of Information Act will reverse advances which had briefly shone a light on the royal finances – including an attempt by the Queen to use a state poverty fund to heat Buckingham Palace – and which had threatened to force the disclosure of the Prince of Wales’s prolific correspondence with ministers.

Lobbying and correspondence from junior staff working for the Royal Household and Prince Charles will now be held back from disclosure. Buckingham Palace confirmed that it had consulted with the Coalition Government over the change in the law. The Government buried the plan for “added protection” for the Royal Family in the small print of plans called “opening up public bodies to public scrutiny”.

Maurice Frankel, head of the Campaign for Freedom of Information, said that since the change referred to communications written on behalf of the Queen and Prince Charles it might be possible for “park keepers working in the royal parks” to be spared public scrutiny of their letters written to local authorities.

Queen Prince Philip Pope pedophile

The decision to push through the changes also raises questions about the sincerity of the Liberal Democrats’ commitment to government transparency. In opposition, senior Liberal Democrats frequently lined up to champion the Freedom of Information Act after it came into force in 2005.

Ian Davidson, a former member of Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC), told The Independent: “I’m astonished that the Government should find time to seek to cover up royal finances. When I was on the PAC what we wanted was more disclosure not less.

“Every time we examined royal finances we found extravagance and indulgence as well as abuse of expenses by junior royals.

“Everywhere we looked, there were savings to be made for the Government. This sends the wrong message about public disclosure and accountability.”

Paul Flynn, another member of the committee, described the special protection for the Royals as “indefensible”. He said: “I don’t think it serves the interests of the public or the Royal Family very well.”

Prince Charles Savile

Prince Charles with best friend and mass pedophile Jimmy Savile.

Mr Frankel said he believed that Prince Charles was the driving force behind the new law.

“The heir to the throne has written letters to government departments in an attempt to influence policy,” he said.

“He clearly does not want these to get into the public domain.”

Later this month, lawyers for the Cabinet Office, backed by Prince Charles, will go to court to continue to resist Freedom of Information requests of ministers to publish letters written to them by the Prince of Wales.

Pedophiles Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein

Prince Andrew walking in the park with close friend and mass pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

A spokesman for Buckingham Palace said that the change to the law was necessary because the Freedom of Information Act had failed to protect the constitutional position of the monarch and the heir to the throne. He explained that the sovereign has the right and duty to be consulted, to encourage and warn the government, and by extension, the heir to the throne had the constitutional right and duty to prepare himself for the role of King.

“This constitutional position relies on confidentiality, so that all such correspondence remains confidential,” he said.

But he said that change would also mean that correspondence not covered by the absolute exemption would be made public 10 years earlier than under the current disclosure rules.

The Palace’s position was backed by Professor Vernon Bogdanor, research professor at King’s College London.

He told The Independent: “The essence of constitutional monarchy is that the Queen and other members of the Royal Family remain politically neutral. The Queen meets the Prime Minister once a week, when both are in London, to discuss government policy.

Prince Andrew Virginia Roberts underage sex slave

Prince Andrew with underage sex slave Virginia Roberts.

“The heir to the throne has the right, and perhaps the duty, to question ministers on policy so as to prepare himself for the throne. Such discussions are only possible if they remain confidential. Otherwise the neutrality of the Queen and of the Prince of Wales could be undermined.

“When the Queen meets the Prime Minister, no one else is present – not even the Queen’s Private Secretary. For this reason, it is right that the Royal Family should be exempt from FOI.”

The Government claimed that the thrust of the changes announced yesterday would make it “easier for people to use FOI to find and use information about the public bodies they rely on and their taxes pay for”.

The Ministry of Justice intends to increase the number of organisations to which FOI requests can be made, bringing in bodies such as the Association of Chief Police Officers, the Financial Services Ombudsman, and the higher education admissions body UCAS, and also all companies wholly owned by any number of public authorities.

In the public interest? The stories they didn’t want us to know

*In 2004 the Queen asked ministers for a poverty handout to help heat her palaces but was rebuffed because they feared it would be a public relations disaster. Royal aides were told that the £60m worth of energy-saving grants were aimed at families on low incomes and if the money was given to Buckingham Palace instead of housing associations or hospitals it could lead to “adverse publicity” for the Queen and the government.

*A “financial memorandum” formalising the relationship between the sovereign and ministers set out tough terms on how the Queen can spend the £38.2m handed over by Parliament each year to pay for her staff and occupied palaces.

*The Queen requested more public money to pay for the upkeep of her crumbling palaces while allowing minor royals and courtiers to live in rent-free accommodation.

*As early as 2004 Sir Alan Reid, the Keeper of the Privy Purse, had unsuccessfully put the case to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport for a substantial increase in the £15m-a-year grant to maintain royal buildings.

*The Palace planned to go ahead with refurbishing and renting the apartment of Diana, Princess of Wales at Kensington Palace after it had lain empty since her death in 1997.

*A letter exchange revealed a tussle over who has control of £2.5m gained from the sale of Kensington Palace land. Ministers said it belonged to the state, while Buckingham Palace said it belonged to the Queen.


Source: https://hangthebankers.com