ICC judges dash hopes for swift probe of Israeli war crimes

Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to annex all West Bank settlements to Israel if he wins the next elections. (Ryan Rodrick Beiler /Active Stills)

By Maureen Clare Murphy,

Judges at the International Criminal Court have just knocked back any hopes for an expeditious investigation of war crimes in Palestine.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is using a Holocaust forum in Jerusalem this week to recruit world leaders in his campaign against the court.

A pre-trial chamber on Tuesday issued a decision admonishing chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda for exceeding the page limit in her request for a ruling on court jurisdiction in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Israel, which effectively controls those territories, is not a signatory to the Rome Statute and thus not a member of the International Criminal Court. The state vehemently rejects ICC jurisdiction in the West Bank and Gaza.

The State of Palestine, which petitioned the ICC to investigate Israel, is a signatory to the Rome Statute but does not have sovereignty over the West Bank and Gaza, which are occupied by Israel.

Bensouda’s request for a ruling on jurisdiction was filed on 20 December, when the chief prosecutor announced the conclusion of her preliminary examination into the situation in Palestine, which began in January 2015.

That filing totaled 112 pages, though court regulations limit such requests to 30 pages. On 23 December, Bensouda filed supplementary material – legal arguments published by the Israeli government rejecting court jurisdiction – tacking on an additional 50 pages.

Tuesday’s decision issued by the pre-trial chamber accepts Bensouda’s request to extend the number of pages she’s permitted to submit to 110, given the “nature, novelty and complexity” regarding the issue of court jurisdiction in Palestine.

But the judges are requiring that Bensouda resubmit her request for a ruling on jurisdiction, further delaying the launch of any war crimes investigation.

The same pre-trial chamber will determine whether the court has jurisdiction to prosecute war crimes in the West Bank and Gaza. Though an investigation has been recommended by Bensouda, the judges could prevent one from happening.

Netanyahu campaigns against court

This uncertainty has not stopped Israel from going on the offensive against the court, with its leaders accusing it of anti-Semitism.

Netanyahu called for an uprising against the court during an interview with a major evangelical Christian television network aired in the US this week.

Netanyahu urged viewers to call for sanctions against the court.

“They’re basically on a full-frontal attack on the democracies, both on the democracies’ right to defend themselves, and on Israel’s right, the Jewish people’s right, to live in their ancestral homeland,” Netanyahu said.

He invoked the Holocaust and said that “attempts to destroy the Jewish people have not disappeared. Iran openly declares every day that it wants to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.”

Netanyahu is also using the Fifth World Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem on Thursday to push world leaders to publicly back Israel’s position against International Criminal Court jurisdiction.

Dozens of world leaders are expected to participate in the forum commemorating the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.

The Tel Aviv daily Haaretz described it as “the largest diplomatic delegation ever to visit Israel, except for the funerals of former prime ministers Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres.”

The paper reported that “in recent months, Israel has been carrying out a campaign to garner political support for its stance” against International Criminal Court jurisdiction in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

“Netanyahu has contacted several world leaders, but only a few have accepted his request or indicated that they might,” Haaretz added.

The US has long opposed any investigation of Israel, or American forces in Afghanistan, threatening court figures with sanctions. Early last year it revoked Bensouda’s entry visa.

Australia said it was “concerned” over Bensouda’s recommendation for a war crimes investigation and that it does not recognize the State of Palestine.

The government of Hungary stated that Israel’s “position with regard to the lack of jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court in the given case is justified.”

Germany was more circumspect, deferring to court process, while Canada said that “there is no Palestinian state and therefore we do not recognize its joining international treaties.”

No other states have responded to Netanyahu’s request, according to Haaretz.

Netanyahu doubles down on war crimes

Netanyahu vowed on Tuesday to unilaterally annex all Israeli settlements in the West Bank if he wins upcoming elections.

The promise was made by the prime minister after his rival Benny Gantz pledged to annex the Jordan Valley of the West Bank with the agreement of the international community.

Netanyahu’s previous pledges to annex swathes of the West Bank, including the Jordan Valley, are highlighted in the International Criminal Court’s request for a ruling on jurisdiction.

“Despite the clear and enduring calls that Israel cease activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territory deemed contrary to international law, there is no indication that they will end,” she states.

“To the contrary, there are indications that they may not only continue, but that Israel may seek to annex those territories,” Bensouda adds.

“In August and September 2019, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to annex large parts of the West Bank if re-elected.”


Source: https://electronicintifada.net

Disney Channel Releasing New Program For Children That Glorifies Demons, Witchcraft, And Satan

From HumansAreFree.com:

In accordance with its stated agenda of making the “demon realm feel like home,” The Disney Channel is releasing a new program for children called “The Owl House” that glorifies demons, witchcraft, and hell.

According to Disney, the series centers around a teenage girl named Luz who “discovers a portal to another realm where humans are not well-liked, and she must disguise herself in order to fit in at witch school.”

This realm, the kids programming empire says, is referred to as “Demon town,” and in it Luz decides to live with a demon named Eda the Owl Lady who’s “the most powerful witch on the Boiling Iles.”

Luz’s character decides during one of the earlier episodes of the show that, “Someday, I’m going to be just like her” – meaning Luz wants to grow up not to be an honorable human woman, but rather a demon witch like Eda.

The purpose of this storyline, of course, is to teach children whose parents let them watch The Disney Channel that being normal human beings is passé, and that it’s “cool” to discover portals that carry you off to hell to live with demons, witches, and even Satan himself.

Read & share: Top 10 Events Of 2019 That Indicate The Rise Of Satanism

“Folks, if you think this latest ‘Owl House’ show is just ‘fantasy and fun’ think again,” reads a commentary written by Deborah Bunting for CBN.

“The show tries to portray witchcraft as a positive tool to fight evil,” she goes on to explains.

“That’s similar to what real-life witches have been promoting over the past few years as they’ve been putting hexes on President Trump and others in order to fight for their beliefs.”

The System Has Always Been Rigged — Public Awareness is What Has Changed…


By Bruce Yandle,

It’s crazy season, that special time on the American calendar when aspiring candidates for the nation’s highest office try to outdo each other in an effort to attract more voters to their platforms. This time around, background support is provided by a virtual anvil chorus of anti-capitalism clatter. Senator Elizabeth Warren, for example, frequently unleashes criticism of American capitalism by asserting that the “system is rigged,” a complaint that seems to resonate with meaningful populist appeal. It’s an old refrain that has echoed across the years from Karl Marx onward.

Nobel Laureate Robert J. Shiller explains why this may be the case in his new book, “Narrative Economics.” As Shiller points out, when a story is repeated enough, the viral message may be accepted as conventional wisdom, more like an article of belief than a matter of reason.

I’ll also emphasize that for a message to prevail, it helps if its content rests on a preexisting and inherently moral foundation that reflects our tribal instincts as an evolved human species. And what works for a small tribe doesn’t necessarily work so well for a huge industrialized nation.

Consider this: Some may inquire, “Do you believe in capitalism?” almost as if the position one takes is a matter of religionWhen answering, we reflect on our tribal preferences, and cooperating and sharing with our family and neighbors is often a key to success. Thus, many people will almost instinctively answer “no,” or at least “yes, but …” followed by some serious caveats and exceptions.

Yes, the beneficial-but-invisible hand of commerce driven by self-interest has never been an instinctually lovable idea. Gains from trade, while well-documented since the days of Adam Smith, can be more elusive than we may first realize. Given the widespread negative views on the subject, politicians’ calls for greater accountability and government intervention may not be welcomed by all, but they’re understandable.

Shiller adds another dimension to his narrative economics story by using data from Google’s Ngram ViewerThe viewer produces charts based on the frequency of particular words and phrases in Google Books, which include some 8 million downloaded volumes in various languages.

Consider an Ngram we might apply to Senator Warren’s comments. The nearby figure contains one for “system is rigged” that shows the frequency of the phrase’s occurrence from 1940 through 2008, the final year in the database. I have smoothed the data by using a three-year running average:

The data show four viral periods: 1940-1950, 1960-1985, 1990-1998, and 2000-2008.

The first period encompasses World War II, a time of draft, rationing, price controls, defense contracting, and related cronyism that may in some cases have been highly profitable for hand-picked firms.

The second viral period is much longer and encompasses a period including the Vietnam War and related draft, Watergate and significant social unrest.

The third period includes the first Iraq war,

and the fourth contains anti-capitalism protests and budding expressions of concern about income inequality as a version of the economy closer to what we know today took shape.

The Ngram suggests that in seeking to communicate to her base, Senator Warren artfully chose a phrase that had gone viral before—which is to suggest that there may be an embedded tribal norm that reacts during periods when a relatively small number of people are able to build large fortunes or avoid burdens, such as the draft, as a result of government actions and favors.

Oddly enough, Senator Warren and other capitalism critics seldom ask how the system got rigged and what might be done to undo the rigging. But of course, the rigging is done in Washington, sometimes when special interest groups—including corporations—lobby congress for favorable treatment.

And how might that be undone? By trimming away uneven regulation and adopting policies that expose all business firms to the refreshing winds of competition. Put another way, by forcing capitalists to act like capitalists and not lobbyists.



How Do We Discern False Spiritual Light From True Light?

From the website HumansAreFree:

In these last days, I have been warned by the Creative SOURCE through my Higher SELF that false spiritual lights / individuals are on the rise and they are deceiving many people specially on Facebook on social media.

Believers who are not well-grounded make easy targets for doctrines that may sound good but are filled with error and false information for their own personal interest and self-gain and profit. (false prophet)

In our journey of seeking light, clarity, healing and love, we can misinterpret what true light is, and what it feels like. We may come across what could be called ‘false light’.

False spiritual light simply seems like ‘light’ as they are very good liars. So much so that naturally there is an assumption that we have found what we were looking for, it seems so self-evident that we may not even question it.

False light can initially seem very clear and bright. However false light is so radiant that the more we look at it, or the more we bask within its field, the harsher it begins to feel.

The energy of false light is cool. Removed, detached even. There can also be a sense of brittleness, or fragility to it. It seems beautiful and powerful, but glass-like and easily shattered.

They usually set up a private group for their followers to join so that they can be easily controlled and manipulated.

False light has something very magnetic, even addictive about it. It is intoxicating. It keeps beckoning us on, luring us towards it.

False light may give the impression that it contains a deep secret or profound mystery that will be revealed over time. That through it we are granted access to something special that is only a select few are privy to.

We may find ourselves needing to be filled up with this sense of light over and over again, as though we can’t get enough of it.

As it pulls us towards it, we fear that we will never be as pure and light as it. That we are beneath it, impure. That no matter how hard we try, how much we ‘work on’ ourselves we will simply never be good enough. The secret, the mystery will never be granted to us.

After endlessly trying and not feeling good enough, we may finally turn away, question what is going on, and look elsewhere. This is when we begin to discern what True Spiritual Light is.

We have been advised to sharpen our Awareness and BE Alert at all times — not just for ourselves but for our loved ones who might otherwise be drawn to a false light in the hope that they will be healed.

There are simple tests we can apply to any spiritual teacher’s messages: The Source, Saviour, Subject, Salvation, and Sanctification tests. But even if the teacher’s messages pass these tests, we still should examine his/her Method, Manner, and the real Motive.

Most importantly Know them by their Method.

No One Has Power Over You Unless You Allow It To Happen.

The Best Discernment is Always your Higher SELF… Connect with it and Merge with it regularly become ONE with it and always ask the question about the Truth and wait for the answer in stillness which will come to you intuitively at the end.

Hundreds of Thousands March Against US Presence in Iraq in Largest Protest Baghdad Has Ever Seen

Iraq’s high cleric Muqtada calls and Iraqis pour out

By Marko Marjanovic,









Source: https://www.anti-empire.com


Trump plan said to give Israel sovereignty throughout Jerusalem, all settlements

TV report: Palestinian state only if PA accepts Israel as Jewish state and Hamas is disarmed; no big refugee influx; if Abbas rejects plan, Israel can start annexing

By TOI Staff,

The Trump administration’s Israeli-Palestinian peace plan — to be presented next week at the White House to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his rival Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz — provides for full Israeli sovereignty throughout Jerusalem, for Israel to annex all West Bank settlements, and for no significant “return” to Israel of Palestinian refugees, Israeli TV reported Thursday night.

The plan constitutes “the most generous proposal” ever presented to Israel, the report said. US President Donald Trump subsequently dismissed as “purely speculative” reports on the details of the plan and the timing of its release.

It ultimately provides for a Palestinian state but under conditions that no Palestinian leader could conceivably accept, the TV report said. Channel 12 reported that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas does not know the details of the plan, and that it is regarded in Ramallah as “dead on arrival.” The PA has had no substantive dealings with the US administration since Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in December 2017.

Hinting at the imminent unveiling of the plan, US Vice President Mike Pence, who is in Israel for the World Holocaust Forum, said Thursday evening that Trump would host Netanyahu and Gantz next week to discuss the prospect of “peace in the Holy Land.”

US Vice President Mike Pence hosts PM Netanyahu at the US Embassy in Jerusalem, January 23, 2020. The meeting was also attended by Israeli Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer, left, and US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, right (Kobi Gideon/GPO)

Pence made the comments while sitting with Netanyahu, Israel’s Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer, and US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman at the US Embassy in Jerusalem. Jared Kushner, the president’s Middle East peace envoy, had also been expected in Israel this week, but canceled his visit, citing weather in Davos.

Netanyahu said “the president is seeking to give Israel the peace and security it deserves.” He added, “I suggested that Benny Gantz be invited as well” to the White House.

Setting out the reported specifics of the plan, the TV report said, without specifying a source, that it provides for:

* Israeli sovereignty in all 100-plus West Bank settlements, all but 15 of which would be territoriality contiguous. (An estimated 400,000 Jews live in some 120 official settlements.)

* Israeli sovereignty throughout Jerusalem, including the Old City, with only “symbolic Palestinian representation” in Jerusalem.

* Were Israel to accept the deal, and the Palestinians to reject it, Israel would have US support to begin annexing settlements unilaterally.

* Palestinian will be granted statehood, but only if Gaza is demilitarized, Hamas gives up its weapons, and the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state with Jerusalem as its capital.

US President Donald Trump, left, welcomes visiting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House in Washington, March 25, 2019. (Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP)

The TV report quoted unnamed Israeli sources specifying further provisions, including:

* No Palestinian role in any border controls.

* Full Israeli security control in the Jordan Valley.

* Israeli sovereignty in all “open territory” in West Bank’s Area C. The TV report said this amounted to some 30 percent of the West Bank.

* The acceptance of all Israeli security demands.

* Some limited land swaps in which expanded Israeli sovereignty in the West Bank would be exchanged for minor territorial compensation in the Negev.

* Possible minor absorption of Palestinian refugees in Israel; no compensation for refugees.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas listens while US President Donald Trump makes a statement for the press before a meeting at the Palace Hotel during the 72nd United Nations General Assembly on September 20, 2017, in New York. (AFP/Brendan Smialowski)

The TV report quoted the Israeli sources as saying the plan represented an unprecedented offer for Israel. It said Netanyahu has ordered his ministers not to publicly discuss its provisions.

Trump had wanted to unveil the plan for some time, but held off because of Israel’s protracted electoral deadlock, the report said. But he had now decided to wait no longer.

A Channel 13 TV report set out slightly different conditions, but said these were from a year-old version of the plan, which had “since moved to the right.” That earlier plan, it said, provided for Israel to annex some 15% of the West Bank, for the Palestinians to have sovereignty in some East Jerusalem neighborhoods, and for 60 settlement outposts that Israel considers illegal to be evacuated.

It quoted a White House source describing the current plan as “the most pro-Israel plan ever produced or presented.”

Trump himself, tweeting shortly after the Israeli reports, said, “Reports about details and timing of our closely-held peace plan are purely speculative.”

Source: https://www.timesofisrael.com


The Biggest Stock Market “Melt Up” In U.S. History Has Pushed Stock Prices To The More Overvalued Levels Ever

By Michael Snyder,

Over the past several months, we have witnessed one of the greatest stock market rallies in American history.  The S&P 500 has gone 70 days in a row without a 1 percent loss, and most weeks we have seen one daily surge after another.  If stock prices were exploding because the underlying U.S. economy was performing extremely well, we would have reason to celebrate.  Unfortunately, that is not the case at all.  In fact, last week I shared 12 signs that the economy is actually slowing down substantially.  Instead, this stock market “melt up” is being largely fueled by reckless intervention by the Federal Reserve.  The Fed’s balance sheet has been ballooning once again, and investors know that stock prices tend to go up significantly when that is happening.  So right now Wall Street is in the midst of a raucous party, and everything will be wonderful as long as stock prices continue to move in the right direction.

Unfortunately, no stock market rally lasts forever, and a day of reckoning is coming.  At this point, stock prices have become so absurd that even the New York Times is saying that we should “worry” about what is ahead.

We also witnessed dramatic stock market “melt ups” prior to the stock market crash of 1929, prior to the bursting of the dotcom bubble, and prior to the financial crisis of 2008.

If you are not familiar with the term “melt up”, here is a pretty good definition from Investopedia

A melt up is a dramatic and unexpected improvement in the investment performance of an asset class, driven partly by a stampede of investors who don’t want to miss out on its rise, rather than by fundamental improvements in the economy. Gains that a melt up creates are considered to be unreliable indications of the direction the market is ultimately headed. Melt ups often precede melt downs.

That definition accurately describes what we are witnessing on Wall Street right now.  There has been so much euphoria, and of course many of the wild-eyed optimists seem to think that it can last indefinitely.

But how much higher can stock prices possibly go?  After all, they are already the most overvalued that they have ever been in all of U.S. history.

A very simple way to judge whether stock prices are overvalued or undervalued is to look at the price-to-sales ratio for the S&P 500 as a whole.  During the best of times, it should be somewhere between 1.0 and 1.5, but thanks to the absurd rally that Wall Street has been enjoying the price-to-sales ratio for the S&P 500 has now been pushed above 2.4.  If you would like to see what this looks like for yourself, just check out this chart from Zero Hedge.

Stock prices should have never, ever gotten to this point without sufficient underlying sales to justify such high valuations.  If the S&P 500 were to fall 50 percent from the current level, that would put us at a point that is relatively “normal” for good economic times.

But of course our financial markets would not be able to handle a 50 percent decline in stock prices because the system is so highly leveraged.  It would be a disaster unlike anything we have seen before, and so the Federal Reserve feels as though there is no other alternative other than to continue to pump up this absolutely absurd bubble.

Another very simple indicator that shows that stocks are now more overvalued than ever before is “the Buffett Indicator”.  As Harry Dent has pointed out, the ratio of total market capitalization to U.S. GDP has never been higher than it is currently.  You can see this for yourself by looking at this chart.  The stock market would have to fall by a third just to get back to the ridiculous level we witnessed just prior to the financial crisis of 2008.  We truly are in unprecedented territory, and every other stock market bubble of this nature in our entire history has ended very, very badly.

If you want to blame someone for getting us into such a precarious position, you should blame the Federal Reserve.  And at this point, even Fed officials are acknowledging what is going on.  For example, just check out what Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan recently said

It was at the very least, a little refreshing to hear Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan openly talked about this in an interview Wednesday. Although he did couch it in terms that implied it was a matter of some concern to him. But, of course, he went on to say, “we’ve done what we need to do up until now.”

“My own view is it’s having some effect on risk assets,” Kaplan said. “It’s a derivative of QE when we buy bills and we inject more liquidity; it affects risk assets. This is why I say growth in the balance sheet is not free. There is a cost to it.”

The Fed is desperately trying to keep control of interest rates, but in the process they are creating ideal conditions for a stock market crash.

As 2019 rolled to an end, even Wolf Richter admitted that “there has never been a better setup” for a major market meltdown…

In my decades of looking at the stock market, there has never been a better setup. Exuberance is pandemic and sky-high. And even after today’s dip, the S&P 500 is up nearly 29% for the year, and the Nasdaq 35%, despite lackluster growth in the global economy, where many of the S&P 500 companies are getting the majority of their revenues.

Mega-weight in the indices, Apple, is a good example: shares soared 84% in the year, though its revenues ticked up only 2%. This is not a growth story. This is an exuberance story where nothing that happens in reality – such as lacking revenue growth – matters, as we’re now told by enthusiastic crowds everywhere.

Meanwhile, the real economy has just continued to deteriorate.

While stock prices were soaring in December, U.S. freight volume was actually plummeting

Shipment volume in the US by truck, rail, air, and barge plunged 7.9% in December 2019 compared to a year earlier, according to the Cass Freight Index for Shipments. It was the 13th month in a row of year-over-year declines, and the steepest year-over-year decline since November 2009, during the Financial Crisis

As I have warned so many times, stock prices have become completely divorced from economic reality, and this is setting us up for a major financial crisis.

But for the moment, the party continues to roll on and the wild-eyes optimists are telling us that this is just the beginning of a golden new age of prosperity.


Source: http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com


Do you wonder how this virus jumped over from China to the USA in no time?

While researching the online archives we found a hard truth: The father of this Virus is the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention)

The virus didn’t originate in China but it is a C.I.A. gift to China to bring it in line to cough up the much needed funds the USA, Inc. needs to avoid bankruptcy on January 31st 2020.

For all those with IQ’s lower than a gold fish the added bonus is that they will have the opportunity to take advantage of the soon coming Free mass vaccinations for all! Yeah!

Alas the Deep State / US government, Inc. will soon have the FREE inoculation we all need to stay alive!

In the below patent you’ll find 72 pages of truth so you can be the judge of this terrible “sudden unknown outbreak” 

Pease read the patent on the link below first, then download it and share this article far and wide before the DEEP STATE AGENTS delete it. Stay wise and healthy!


Planned Parenthood Will Open Abortion Referral Clinics in 50 Schools at Taxpayer Expense


California is pushing abortion on younger and younger students at taxpayers’ expense.

Though California already has far more abortion facilities than any other state in the country and very few limits on abortion, abortion activists apparently want more. First, they passed a law mandating that every public college campus provide abortions.

Now, they are opening 50 abortion referral clinics in the second-largest school district in the country, the Los Angeles Unified School District.

The Washington Post reports Planned Parenthood, a billion-dollar abortion group, announced its new partnership with the Los Angeles schools Wednesday.

Within the next three years, Planned Parenthood plans to open 50 clinics in Los Angeles County high schools. Without a parent’s knowledge or consent, students will be allowed to go to these clinics during school hours for birth control, STI testing/treatment and so-called “pregnancy counseling,” according to the report.

Though the in-school clinics will not provide abortions, they will promote them and refer students to one of Planned Parenthood’s many abortion facilities – again, without parents’ knowledge or consent.

Through the program, Planned Parenthood also hopes to train students to be “peer advocates” for its pro-risky sex and pro-abortion agenda.

In Los Angeles, Sister Paula Vandegaer, head of Volunteers for Life, told the newspaper that Planned Parenthood “pushes sexuality beyond where they should without reference to families.”

“I am against them being in the schools,” Vandegaer said. “They all have school nurses, and there’s no need for Planned Parenthood to co-opt the normal program for health in the school.”

Nonetheless, Los Angeles County has allocated $10 million in taxpayer dollars and Planned Parenthood has budgeted an additional $6 million (also quite possibly taxpayer dollars) to start the program, the report states.

Already, a few of the in-school clinics are up and running.

Here’s more from the report:

Five of the Planned Parenthood centers opened a few weeks into the school year. The rest are to be added before June. Officials involved in the project said the selected schools – in the Los Angeles Unified School District, the nation’s second-largest – were targeted because they are largely low-income and have no similar medical providers in the vicinity. Two public health officials, trained by Planned Parenthood, will be stationed full-time at each school to provide education and counseling, and a Planned Parenthood nurse practitioner or other medical provider will come once a week.

Barbara Ferrer, director of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and a former high school principal, said the program grew out of conversations about strategies for combating the area’s alarming rise in sexually transmitted diseases, such as gonorrhea and chlamydia, among young people ages 15 to 24.

She said the clinics will be called “Wellbeing Centers” because they will do more than provide simple medical services: “We want to support their general well-being, the ups and downs of being a teen.”

Such initiatives do not promote the “wellbeing” of unborn babies or the students who choose life for them. Planned Parenthood does not provide services like prenatal care to mothers who want to parent their babies. It pushes money-making abortions.

Former Planned Parenthood sex educator Monica Cline said the abortion chain pushes risky sex education programs that “groom” children for promiscuity and abortions.

Among some of its worst teaching points, Planned Parenthood tells children that promiscuity is not unhealthy. “There’s nothing bad or unhealthy about having a big number of sexual partners,” Planned Parenthood tells students on its Tumbler page. Planned Parenthood’s booklet for HIV-positive youth, “Healthy, Happy and Hot,” also tells young people that it is their “human right” to not tell their partner that they have HIV.

Numerous communities have rejected Planned Parenthood as a sex education teacher. The whole Massachusetts legislature rejected a bill in 2017 that recommended Planned Parenthood’s middle school sex education curriculum. The program teaches children as young as 12 “how to perform oral and anal sex.”

Concerned parents in PennsylvaniaMichiganCaliforniaWashington stateNew YorkNorth CarolinaFlorida and other parts of the country also have protested Planned Parenthood’s involvement in their students’ education in the past several years.

In one recent case, parents at a Pennsylvania school expressed outrage after they said a Planned Parenthood partner group taught seventh-grade students graphic details about oral sex during a science class.


Source: https://www.lifenews.com