ICJ Calls on Israel to Evacuate Settlers, Dismantle the Wall, and Return Land to Palestinians

Israel must revoke all laws and measures that create or maintain its illegal occupation of Palestinian territories.

On Friday, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) determined that Israeli settlement policies “violate international law” and that their “continued presence” in Palestine is “illegal.”

The court demanded the “evacuation of all settlers,” the “dismantling” of the separation wall, and the return of lands to their original residents displaced since 1967.

The ICJ ruled that Israeli settlements and their associated regime in the West Bank and East Jerusalem were “established and maintained in violation of international law,” and Israel’s “continued presence” in the Palestinian territories (including the Gaza Strip) is “illegal” and must end “as soon as possible,” stated Presiding Judge Nawaf Salam, who read the conclusions of a majority of the 15 judges of the ICJ.

The UN’s highest judicial body issued its advisory opinion at the request of the UN General Assembly in December 2022, regarding the legal consequences of Israeli occupation practices and policies in the occupied Palestinian territories, after declaring the ICJ competent to rule on the matter against the wishes of Israel and its allies.

The court warned Israel that it must “revoke all laws and measures that create or maintain the illegal situation, including those that discriminate against the Palestinian people in the occupied Palestinian territories, as well as all measures intended to alter the demographic composition of any part of the territory.”

The ICJ believes that Israel is obligated to “provide full reparations for the damages caused by its internationally wrongful acts to all affected natural or legal persons,” which includes “restitution, compensation, and/or satisfaction” for those affected, meaning “returning the land and other real estate,” as well as “all cultural property and assets taken from Palestinians and Palestinian institutions, including archives and documents” seized since the occupation began in 1967.

Furthermore, reparation “also requires the evacuation of all settlers from existing settlements” and “the dismantling of parts of the wall built by Israel that are in the occupied Palestinian territory, as well as allowing all Palestinians displaced during the occupation to return to their original place of residence.”

The ICJ regretted that Israel’s policies and practices “induce the departure of the Palestinian population from parts of the occupied Palestinian territory, particularly East Jerusalem and Area C of the West Bank,” which “enables further expansion of Israel’s settlement policy and the integration of Palestinian territory into Israel.”

“All States (and international organizations, including the UN) have an obligation not to recognize as legal the situation resulting from the illegal presence of the State of Israel in the occupied Palestinian territories and not to provide aid or assistance to maintain the situation created by the continued presence of the State of Israel” in Palestine, the court added.

It further stated that the UN and the Security Council “must consider the precise modalities and additional actions necessary to end the illegal presence of the State of Israel in the occupied Palestinian territories as quickly as possible.”

The ICJ thus answered the two questions posed by the UN General Assembly in a case prior to the current Israeli war in the Gaza Strip.

The first: “What are the legal consequences arising from Israel’s continued violation of the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination, its prolonged occupation, settlement, and annexation of the occupied Palestinian territory since 1967, including measures aimed at altering the demographic composition, character, and status of the Holy City of Jerusalem, and its adoption of discriminatory legislation and measures related to it?”

Additionally, the UN General Assembly questioned: “How do the mentioned Israeli policies and practices… affect the legal status of the occupation, and what are the legal consequences for all States and the United Nations arising from this status?”

The ICJ emphasized that, by virtue of its status as an occupying power, a State assumes a set of powers and duties regarding the territory over which it exercises effective control, but reminded Israel “that occupation is a temporary situation to respond to a military necessity, and cannot transfer sovereignty to the occupying power.”


Source: https://www.telesurenglish.net

The Keepers of Time, 12th Dimensional Blue Avians: Restoring Destiny

We are here to invite you, the reader of our message, to look through the veils of time. There are timekeepers among you as well, and you might start remembering the different worlds you experience simultaneously. This is a great time for you all.

It has happened before that humanity has awakened to its multidimensionality and started to travel between realities, exploring the quantum field. Although it happened, not so long ago, the timelines were shifted so that you, human beings, did not benefit. Timelines were manipulated not for the good of all, but for the benefit of the few who considered themselves to be the elite—the keepers of the secrets.

Not so long ago, your history was changed and replaced with stories serving this new reality. Books, ancient manuscripts, and other documents that attested to the truth were hidden, though many still exist on Earth. Your entire planet has been a universal gateway for a very long time and is destined to take back its place in the Universe.

Now you will restore your destiny and rediscover who you truly are and what level of development you achieved. Many of you will remember and step forward—maybe you are already feeling it—and in this case, dare to look for the truth. Once the truth is revealed, your DNA will be reactivated.

This is not a message of war; it is one of truth and commitment to your real journey. The information has to be disclosed, and the truth will once again be revealed for the timeline to be restored to its original vibration. Ask for the old manuscripts to be made public—have the courage to at least think about a greater history than you can even imagine. Start searching within, and the outside will reflect it.

We will be here to guide you on how to access the hidden information. If you resonate with our message, simply affirm “yes,” and we will connect with you. We never left you, but now we are closer than ever. We have a commitment toward Earth, and you have one toward your species.

Do not lose hope, but trust and step forward because there are memories not only of a past, but of a “future” that lives within you, and it is as alive as this life. Be the keeper of the truth and remember that you are never left alone.

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Renowned Scientist Links Covid Shots to Rise in Transgenderism

By Hunter Fielding,

A world-renowned scientist has just raised the alarm after discovering a shocking link between Covid mRNA shots and soaring numbers of people claiming to be “transgender.”

Autism researcher Dr. Toby Rogers uncovered evidence showing that young people and children suffer gender dysphoria after receiving the injections.

Dr. Rogers sounded the alarm about the link between vaccine injury and transgenderism in an article entitled “Trans messaging is too sophisticated to be the work of a small sexual minority dealing with severe health issues.”

He tackles the topic from the point of view of someone who has fought for LGBT equality and studied gender topics in depth.

He said that the message has changed in recent years from the idea that sex is biological while gender is socially constructed to the claim that biological sex itself is somehow a social construct.

He wrote: “The LGBT movement went from ‘God does not make mistakes’ (acceptance) to God as a drunken factory worker who often mixes up parts (get thee to a surgeon for repair!) in the space of just a few years.”

“The modern trans movement does not appear to be a natural outgrowth of the feminist or even gay, lesbian, and bisexual acceptance movement.”

“It is my strong belief that something else altogether is going on here,” he added.

He continues by laying out the evidence for how the pharmaceutical industry is causing, supporting, and benefiting from gender dysphoria.

The top scientist points to dozens of studies showing that individuals who experience gender dysphoria have a much higher likelihood of also being autistic, and vice versa.

And since autism has often been linked to vaccine injury and toxins inside vaccines, and autistic people are also more likely to be trans, it stands to reason that gender dysphoria could also stem from a vaccine injury.

Interestingly, this would also explain why the trans population suddenly seems to be exploding.

Elderly people who were not subject to lengthy vaccine schedules in childhood are much less likely to be trans than younger populations.

The trans movement is a win-win for Big Pharma

It’s probably not a coincidence that the transgender movement gives Big Pharma the perfect way to cover up vaccine injuries.

There are people out there who have legitimate feelings of not quite identifying with certain typical male or female behaviors or interests, but the idea that this stems from something inside of them that they’ve suppressed for all their life rather than something that was caused by a vaccine altering their brain chemistry in some way shifts the blame from the pharmaceutical companies to the individual.

Then there’s the most obvious benefit, which is the enormous profitability involved in transition surgery, hormone treatments, and other “gender-affirming” care.

In many of these cases, people must continue taking gender-altering medications for life.

No matter which route a person who feels their body doesn’t align with how they perceive themselves takes, pharmaceutical companies win.

Big Pharma’s transgender treatment industry is currently worth $20 billion a year in America alone.

The profits from these treatments are expected to continue growing and cases of gender dysphoria skyrocket.

Even if someone decides against hormones or surgery, there is a good chance they will turn to psychiatric medications to manage their feelings.

“Pharma uses the trans community to make money and normalizes sexual dysphoria to cover up the evidence of Pharma’s crimes,” Rogers asserts.

Of course, other factors might also be to blame for the rising trans movement, or it could be a combination of environmental and social factors.

For example, there is no question that young people today are being exposed to unprecedented amounts of endocrine disruptors thanks to the prevalence of plastics in our environment, and the overuse of highly toxic pesticides and hormones in everything from poultry to dairy and fish.

We already know that pesticides like atrazine can turn male tadpoles into females – and on top of environmental exposure, these chemicals could have also made their way into vaccines.

Rogers also gives us another interesting question to ponder: if vaccines can indeed cause gender dysphoria, how else might they alter one’s thinking?

“Once the brain and gut are injured ALL relationships are changed, not just friendships and intimate partnerships,” he warned.

“All interactions in the world are changed.”


Source: https://newsaddicts.com

Netanyahu’s Refusal to Set Up an October 7 Investigation Is Akin to an Admission of Guilt

By Shany Littman,

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refuses to set up a national commission of inquiry that would look into the most serious failure and disaster in the country’s history. Justice Minister Yariv Levin is preventing the appointment of Justice Isaac Amit as the Supreme Court’s president by the customary seniority system.

The head of the National Security Council, Tzachi Hanegbi, defines the October 7 disaster as a “mishap,” determining that “Netanyahu will go down in history as the person who managed to fortify Israel and turn it into a superpower, to bring it to the forefront of the world stage in endless ways. There are always slip-ups, and the question of his role in October 7 will be looked at.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Tzachi Hanegbi.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Tzachi Hanegbi.Credit: Olivier Fitoussi

At TV Channel 13, a politician affiliated with Netanyahu was appointed chief editor, with the critical (and successful) program presented by journalist Raviv Drucker canceled forthwith. Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi is advancing a bill which will allow the budget of the public broadcaster to be slashed, with the new law serving as a whip that would deter its managers.

Netanyahu is working on granting a draft exemption to ultra-Orthodox men, while at the same time extending the time served by conscripts who have been in combat almost continuously for almost 10 months. At Bibi-ist channels, and around the cabinet table, there are constant attacks on the army’s chief of staff and the attorney general, with accusations against the organization of army reservists called Brothers and Sisters in Arms, claiming that it is responsible for the failure that enabled the Hamas attack.

Netanyahu on Channel 14 in April.
Netanyahu on Channel 14 in April.Credit: Screenshot

All these events are inextricably linked, with the goal being to keep Netanyahu in power at any cost. From there he wishes to manage his trial; from there he manages the battle over the narrative regarding responsibility and blame for the terrible calamity.

The costs are heavy: They include the weakening of the justice system, a hostile takeover of the police by National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, intimidation of critical journalists and avoidance of investigating the most severe failure and disaster ever to befall this country. He wants to drive the public, most of which wants him replaced, to despair. He is causing the best people to flee while attempting to quell any attempt by his party members to resist his overarching mission.

That is why he dispatches lawmakers and cabinet members to assail Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, who is unwilling to toe the line on drafting Haredi men, hoping that the threat of dismissal will deter other Knesset members from showing some independence.

Destruction at Kibbutz Be'eri, October
Destruction at Kibbutz Be’eri, OctoberCredit: Olivier Fitoussi

The magnitude of the disaster is compatible with that of Netanyahu’s evasion of responsibility and the urgent need to investigate and examine how 1,500 civilians and soldiers lost their lives, with 251 more kidnapped to Gaza. The formula he laid down, whereby no commission of inquiry will be set up as long as the war continues, is a blatant conflict of interest. What interest does he have in ending the war? How can one believe he is acting with integrity and without personal considerations while navigating reality according to his own personal interests?

His calls for “unity” – as he constantly works toward weakening the country’s institutions, extending the period of mandatory military service for combatants while exempting the ultra-Orthodox from being conscripted, playing the victim while complaining of incitement against himself while acquiescing to the toxic apparatus attacking army and justice system leaders – are all a cynical, pathetic demonstration by a prime minister who has nothing to sell other than lies and scare-mongering.

While until October 7 Netanyahu clung to power based on his legal woes, since then he has been clinging to it more forcefully to fight for the narrative. Badmouthing army brass and pointing an accusing finger at Brothers and Sisters in Arms serves this purpose. These attempts are doomed to fail.

Israelis protest on against Netanyahu, last month.
Israelis protest on against Netanyahu, last month.Credit: AFP

Even if he transforms Israel into a dictatorship, no one will take on his responsibility for funding Hamas for years, with a deal consisting of money in exchange for quiet; no one will forget his disdain for warnings by Military Intelligence (“I think they are overblown”); it will forever be remembered that on his watch, the greatest disaster to befall Israel took place, with communities and army bases overrun, with Israel exposed in its nakedness.

If Netanyahu also believes, as does his associate Hanegbi, that “he managed to fortify Israel,” then go ahead, establish a commission of inquiry that will determine whether he strengthened or weakened the country. His refraining from doing so provides the answer.


Source: https://www.haaretz.com