COBRA-13th january 2024- Situation Update (Planetary situation)


Situation Update

Now it is time to release more intel about current developments behind the scenes.

After the Source began to clear the subquantum anomaly directly in early December, the Dark forces totally freaked out because they felt cornered and trapped.

Some members of the Indian Illuminati network have activated ancient jumprooms that were located in underground tunnels beneath some Hindu temples in India. Some of those jumprooms were inactive for centuries, sometimes even millennia. Through those jumprooms, they have teleported about 300 million reptilian beings from the etheric plane into humanoid physical bodies and tried to recapture the Solar system by teleporting those Reptoids through ancient jumproom network that spans the Solar system and was inactive for centuries as well. They were even able to infiltrate some bases of the Light forces on Planet X, which were swiftly recaptured by the Light Forces with heavy casualties on both sides.

This attempt of the Dark forces to recapture the Soar system was repelled, the tide began to turn after heavy battles in various bases on remote asteroids in and beyond the Kuiper belt in early January, and the Solar system is expected to be completely free from that darkness in a few weeks.

That Indian Illuminati network has also teleported many of those Reptoids through the ancient jumproom network below the surface of the planet and merged it with ancient Atlantean dark network which exists below Africa. Those dark subterranean networks are being cleared also.

Of 300 million Reptoids many were cleared already and now only a little over 100 million still remain.

The Indian Illuminati network was created during the Kurgan Archon invasion about 5000 years ago when one branch of Kurgans invaded Indus valley and formed Vedic patriarchal civilization in India with strict caste system. They were the ones who brought the mind programming belief in karma. The remnants of this network are mostly prevalent in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

The African Illuminati network was formed 14,000 years ago at the last polar shift in the late Atlantean period. When the equator shifted to its current position, the Dark forces built a network of dark temples along the current equator, equipped with jumprooms though which Reptilian entities could enter incarnation into humanoid cloned bodies. This is how many Reptoids entered the human surface population since late Atlantis, and formed their own network under control of a few Black nobility families. That network is still quite powerful in subsaharan Africa, especially in Cameroon, Gabon and Congo, in South America in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil, in Central America in Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala, and in India in Sri Lanka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Both of those networks are under the control of the Pallavicini family, which also controls the BRICS alliance though their secret connections in Israel. Both the Indian and African Illuminati networks are now in intense process of final removal. The signs of that clearing are everywhere:

Orsini family controls the Western Illuminati network, NATO alliance and biolabs. There is some important intel about Western Illuminati network that needs to remain veiled for now.

As a result of clearing of all that darkness, the Galactic central Sun is increasing its activity.

First, it activated our Sun on New Year’s eve and triggered an X5 solar flare:

Second, it activated the Galactic Central race in full to start the energetic process of the final liberation of Earth’s energy grid.

In early January, the Galactic Central race has activated all hidden Atlantean crystals, including the 30 feet tall Astar crystal which is located beneath seafloor near Bermuda:

Those Atlantean crystals are now connecting with Cintamani and Galactic Cintamani grids and empowering them.

Galactic Central race has also activated dormant spaceships from Atlantean period which are buried beneath Giza complex, beneath Amazon jungle, in Antarctica and other locations. Those spaceships are now connecting with the planetary energy grid and connecting it with midway space stations which the Galactic Central race has built in ancient times and which extend throughout the Solar system.

They have also reactivated the Chaco canyon site:

As a result of all those empowerments, the Light forces were able to increase the volume of Mjolnir technology to 10-12%.

We are just a few weeks away from the entry of Pluto into Aquarius, and the Cabal is in deep fear. This is why they have plans to reset the system through a global cyberattack:

and survive the Reset in their bunkers:

I have received several reports in the last decade that the mega rich are reading my blog and it seems I was able to instill some honest fear in them about the Event:

As Pluto is traversing the last degree of Capricorn before entering into Aquarius, there are already signs hinting at Disclosure:

There are also first attempts to make humanity interstellar:

Pluto enters Aquarius on January 20th/21st, and you can participate in that strong energetic event with the following meditation:

2024 will be the key year for the United States influencing the planetary situation, with total Solar eclipse coming on April 8th and election on November 5th.

It is very important for the Lightworkers to anchor the Light as much as possible during this year in the USA. For this reason I am inviting everybody to participate in our Ascension conference in Phoenix, where important intel about USA and 2024 will be released:

People are also welcome to be initiated into Stellar and Ascended master healing rays, which will open their central channel and prepare them for the strong energies which will hit this planet in the coming months and years:

Victory of the Light!


Kiev mayor buys $6 million mansion in Germany

The transaction was concluded through a unique debt repayment scheme, according to a report.

Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klitschko has publicly declared the acquisition of a lavish mansion in Hamburg, Germany worth almost a quarter of a billion hryvnias ($6 million), reported on Sunday, citing the politician’s official tax return.

The document shows that Klitschko received the 750 square meter mansion on December 20, 2023 as a debt settlement from Maximum I LLC, a US-based company originally owned by his brother Vladimir. Ownership of the company was, however, transferred to Vitaly in May 2023, according to the outlet. The house, the exact cost of which is 227 million hryvnias, was then transferred to the mayor of Kiev as a unique form of debt repayment.

Vitaly Klitschko is a former professional boxer who won multiple world heavyweight championships during his career. He and his younger brother Vladimir dominated heavyweight boxing between 2006 and 2015, a period widely known as the ‘Klitschko Era’.

Vitaly announced his retirement from professional sports in 2013 and went on to launch a political career, becoming the mayor of Kiev in 2014, in the wake of the bloody neo-nationalist coup. In an interview with the BBC in 2013, he admitted that he had lived in Germany for 13 years. It was reported in 2016 that he owned property in Hamburg that was occupied by his wife and daughter, but the assets had never been declared.

In September 2023, Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky signed into law a bill mandating electronic declarations for officials, which had been suspended after Russia’s military operation began in 2022.

Corruption in Ukraine has come under increased scrutiny from the US and EU since the beginning of the conflict with Russia, as the country has relied on foreign aid to pay civil servants.

In August last year, Zelensky launched a sweeping military purge, firing all regional military officials in the wake of a massive corruption scandal in which 112 criminal cases were opened against officials in recruitment centers.

Last month, Ukrainian law enforcement officers conducted a search of a €4 million Spanish villa that belonged to former military commander Evgeny Borisov. It was established that he purchased multiple properties in the city of Marbella in 2022 and 2023, according to Ukrainian law enforcement.

A poll conducted by the Kiev International Institute of Sociology last year showed that Ukrainians consider corruption the country’s second most serious problem after the military conflict.



Originally published on Vocal.Media, this heavily censored article was the first part of a trilogy investigating Nicole Junkermann and examining her links with Jeffrey Epstein, Israeli intelligence and the UK NHS Healthtech Advisory Board led by UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock MP. This article was eventually pulled down and censored by Vocal.Media. Now republished on Unlimited Hangout, where censorship is out of the question.

I have a story to tell you. A story that causes my heart to pound and my blood pressure to rise as I type each and every word. A true story of a woman of great wealth and power, who rode on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express” private jet on several occasions. She appears to be a German-born Israeli state intelligence operative based in London. An ex-model whose name appeared in the Panama Papers from the Mossack Fonseca leaks and who became embroiled in a FIFA corruption scandal with Sepp Blatter and his family. She is perhaps the closest example that you could possibly find to a real-life “Bond Girl.” Yet, she is almost completely unknown to the majority of us.

This lady has recently infiltrated the NHS through the UK Department of Health and Social Care with the help of Matt Hancock MP, and her presence signifies a major threat to the data security of every citizen of the United Kingdom. Every single piece of data about you, your health issues, your blood type, the model of the wireless pacemaker keeping you alive, every detail of every embarrassing medical problem in the hands of the Israeli state apparatus and potentially sold off to the highest bidder. You may think that this doesn’t concern you. Why would you need to worry about a foreign far-right government who have been proven to meddle in the affairs of our country? Your data would be useless to them, surely? But that’s not the world we live in any more. Big data is the modern gold rush. The psychologists and marketing agents have mastered how to make you buy things; the next step is for them to successfully master making you do things, and for that kind of control over people, they need everybody’s data.

When I was first researching the Jeffrey Epstein case, I trawled through every piece of official documentation that was available. I knew what I was looking for and how very dangerous it was. I had begun attempting to identify state assets through their movements, actions, associations, and by good old fashioned detective work. I was interested in identifying any MI5 or MI6 agents, Israeli Mossad, CIA, or any other part of a nation states spying apparatus. It’s possibly one of the most dangerous hobbies on earth, spy hunting, and if I’m honest, I’m not even sure why I’m doing it. Regardless, Jeffrey Epstein’s sweetheart deal was probably what they would give to a foreign intelligence operative. Epstein was a perfect place to begin fishing for potential spooks.

Once I find somebody who I suspect of being involved in espionage, I will track down all existing information on that individual and build the story of their lives as best as I can. I learn every known habit they have and instead of immediately writing an article about them, I just continue to note their activities with interest. I have been watching many potential state actors for a fair few years. I’ve also missed out on breaking a few good stories by waiting for too long. But I don’t want to simply show you the past as much as I want to show you the present, and even possibly, the future.

Investigation Manifest

The Epstein flight manifest reveals the Junkermann connection to the people trafficking pedophile

In the Epstein case, one of the best pieces of evidence which was available to researchers was the flight manifest for his child trafficking molestation machine. There were many coded initials and a few famous names noted in the official documentation. As you probably already know, Bill Clinton and his Secret Service agents had ridden the infamous “Lolita Express” on many occasions. Naomi Campbell, Kevin Spacey, Alan Dershowitz and Chris Tucker also flew on the plane with the billionaire sex offender.

We all build up recognisable patterns of behaviour over time. When you investigate someone, you usually start by identifying these patterns and then looking for any divergences from the anticipated outcomes. In Epstein’s planes flight manifest, a pattern which was visible from the information available is how he would use his private jet. He would use the plane for two main reasons. Most commonly he would fly himself and a number of his entourage to a destination, or alternatively he would fly people to meet him. The rarest occurrence was when Epstein would fly without any of his usual entourage and just one other passenger. There was only one name that jumped out from the flight manifest as a good example of when Epstein alternated from his routine. His second meeting with Nicole Junkermann.

As of 2019, Nicole Junkermann’s current business portfolio is very impressive. She’s often described as an ex-model, entrepreneur and investor, but Ms. Junkermann is much more than just what you see at first glance. Born in Düsseldorf, Germany on 27th April 1975, Nicole Junkermann studied Business Administration at the International University of Monaco, and then went onto study Management Development at the prestigious Harvard Business School in the United States. Amongst her many talents she is multilingual and can speak German, English, French, Italian, and Spanish. In 1998, after graduating from the University of Monaco, she co-founded “Winamax,” which was an early online gaming platform that existed before online gaming regulation became a priority for the authorities. Winamax was sold in 2001 and Junkermann would go on to invest in a recently created media rights company called “Infront Sports and Media AG,” where she would soon serve as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The then President and Chief Executive at Infront Sports and Media, Phillipe Blatter.

In 2002, Junkermann acquired the rights for the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany with her relatively new company Infront Sports and Media. The company was best known at this time for its president and chief executive, Philippe Blatter, the nephew of Sepp Blatter, the then president of FIFA. This overt corrupt nepotism left Junkermann’s Infront Sports and Media as the company to market the TV rights to future major FIFA tournaments. The company went on to acquire the rights to all of FIFA’s World Cups, and even though this deal was watered down in 2006, in 2011 FIFA again gave Infront permission to sell the TV rights, in the Asian markets, for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.

During her time at Infront Sports and Media, Junkermann would be caught flying on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express” on three occasions. The first flight recorded, on 22 March 2002, she would share with Epstein, Sean Koo, and one other passenger, but it’s her second trip which really stands out. On Saturday 31 August 2002, Jeffrey Epstein and Nicole Junkermann would fly from Paris Le Bourget Airport to Birmingham Airport, in the UK, alone. They would return to Paris, via the same route, on Monday 2 September 2002. For Jeffrey Epstein to fly without any of his normally present entourage is very unusual. So what was happening that weekend? I’ve done a lot of research on these dates, but as of yet, I do not have any answers.

At that time, Junkermann was 27 years old, so it’s very unlikely that they were dating, as everyone knows Jeffrey Epstein isn’t interested in fully sexually developed adults. Finding this anomaly on Epstein’s plane manifest encouraged me to look deeper into the life of Nicole Junkermann, and amongst other things, whether or not she had any links to a state intelligence agency. Were Junkermann and Epstein meeting alone for innocent reasons? Even though Junkerman had made many investments already, she might have been trying to get more funds from an eager investor like Epstein. How Epstein originally accrued his billions is still quite a murky subject in itself.

Whatever the reason for these two incredibly rich people being together, this meeting was a very private one. Junkermann had also just completed Harvard University’s Program for Management Development, and Jeffrey Epstein had a high-profile relationship with Harvard which, in 2003, led to him donating money to the Ivy League college while stating that he had given the school $30million in funding, a claim later revealed to be false. Was Epstein using the famous American college to recruit for his own businesses or other interests?

More Epstein later, but firstly, continuing with Junkermann’s career, in 2005 she founded a private equity fund focused on media and sports investments in Asia and Europe called “United in Sports” and managed to raised €242.2 million for the venture in 2007. Her other project, Infront Sports and Media, was ultimately sold to a European private equity firm, Bridgepoint, for €600 million in 2011. In that year Nicole Junkermann had officially become one of the hottest investors in the world. Since her very first acquisitions which I’ve already referred to, Junkermann has invested in or purchased: Shanghai Really SportsZiggurat, Thousand-Child, AlohaJobbioEmoticastElvie, Auctionata, Coindrum, Spoon Guru,OptiopayGrabyoMagnum Global VenturesSongza, tausendkind, RevolutSentient TechnologiesHere be Dragons, Soundtrack Your Brand, Groq, Catapult, Delivery Club, Relate IQ, DollarShaveClubBruhouse Brewery, Cage Warriors, Eagle Alpha, Gokixx,, Travelbird, Healthtech Digital, OWKIN and Reporty Homeland Security which would become Carbyne911. The last four of these aforementioned companies are of significant interest.

The Israeli Intelligence Connection


The Original Carbyne911 board with Junkermann and her Israeli Unit 8200 co-founders

The link between Nicole Junkermann, the Israeli state intelligence services and the Israeli Defence Force is not a tenuous one. The ominously named “Reporty Homeland Security” was the first incarnation of what has now been rebranded “Carbyne911” and is referred to as simply “Carbyne.” Described as a “global leader in public safety technology,” Carbyne is a call handling platform app that allows you to, amongst other things, stream any ongoing emergency directly to the responding emergency services. It claims, in the information section of a promotional video on YouTube entitled “Nicole Junkermann presents Carbyne,” that it will:

“provide a plug and play solution that allows 911 callers to connect their smartphone features to the emergency operator so that the operator can make a better assessment of the emergency. Location data, audio, camera and video access can be shared, providing the operator with greater detail on the situation. The use of Carbyne’s solution will allow emergency management teams to better triage their cases and improve the utilization of downstream emergency services.”

They promise to combine the use of personal data, location data, live video, data from surrounding wearable tech, and even information from parked smart cars, to deliver more information to the emergency services who should be responding. They can pinpoint your location, even indoors, to within three feet, and they claim that they can even collect data from dropped calls. However, they fail to mention how they’ll get the permission to use such masses of available data. Who are these angels behind this revolutionary technology which aims to get between a victim and the emergency services?

One of the directors of Carbyne is Nicole Junkermann. The chairman of the board of directors is Ehud Barak, the 10th Prime Minister of Israel, the 14th Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces, former Minister of Defense and former Head of Military Intelligence for Israel. Ehud Barak has had a long history as one of the more public faces of Israeli covert operations. Before he was Prime Minister, Ehud Barak was a big name in the IDF. Through the 1970’s, he led many operations including famously disguising himself as a woman to kill members of the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organisation). Ehud Barak has already been linked with Epstein, and Benjamin Netanyahu has helped to highlight those links for his own political gain.

Nicole Junkermann appearing from the shadows for the Carbyne911 photo shoot
Original Chairman of the Board for Carbyne911, Ehud Barak had very close ties to Epstein
Pinchas Buchris, former head of Israel’s Ministry of Defense
Amir Elichai remains prominent on Carbyne911’s current Board of Directors
Alex Dizengof originally worked developing cyber-security software for the Israeli PM

Junkermann’s infiltration of the UK NHS and its “Big Data”

The only tiny picture of the Healthtech Advisory Board from .gov

I watched Nicole Junkermann carefully as she was buying up many start-up tech firms and at the end of 2018 my worst possible fear was realised. Matt Hancock, Member of Parliament for West Suffolk and Secretary of State for Health and Social Care in the UK, appointed Nicole Junkermann to the Healthtech Advisory Board. For the vast majority of people living in the United Kingdom, the NHS is an institution which we cherish and adore. Many of us will protect the National Health Service with our lives because that’s what it has done for us in our darkest days.

The Healthtech Advisory Board is described as a collection of clinicians, academics, and IT experts. The official government website says “the board will look at how the NHS can harness the potential of technology and create a culture of innovation, with the aim of improving patient outcomes and reducing the workload on NHS staff.” It fails to mention why it requires an Israeli intelligence linked venture capitalist who has been involved in multiple scandals. Their first official meeting took place on 19th November 2018—see Appendix I for the other members of the Healthtech Advisory Board.

The two members which are of note relating to this article are Nicole Junkermann and Parker Moss, the latter happening to be the Chief Business Officer at OWKIN, which is one of the many companies in Junkermann’s vast portfolio. OWKINis an AI startup that uses machine learning to augment medical and biology research. On its own, the company would probably be a perfect fit for the future of the NHS, but because of its connection to Nicole Junkermann and Israeli intelligence, OWKIN should be seen as too much of a risk to the data protection for NHS users.

On June 16th 2019, Nicole Junkermann’s NJF holdings website issued an article, originally published in the Telegraph, under the title “London Hospital’s Could Offer Patient Data to Google-backed AI Startup in a Bid to Develop Better Drugs.” It was exactly as I had expected. The convoluted title was celebrating the fact that OWKIN had already been promised NHS patient data, and they’re already confidently announcing it to their investors, and their other associates. We need to call for Matt Hancock to remove Nicole Junkermann from the Healthtech Advisory Board as of immediate effect, and we should have an inquiry into how NHS data can be protected from hostile foreign intelligence agencies.

Junkermann and Epstein – Conclusions

I believe that the future unsealing of previously hidden evidence will confirm that Jeffrey Epstein had been working for multiple intelligence agencies. But he is most likely to have been recruited by the Israeli state. Junkermann has managed to avoid her connections with Epstein being out in the open, until now. But she is skilled at controlling her public profile. Nicole Junkermann has become more powerful over the past eight years, and I have seen negative information relating to her previous scandals being removed from the search results. Go check yourself. Type in Nicole Junkermann on Google search and go through all the articles which appear. They are overwhelmingly positive, or simply relate to one of her businesses, and this is very different to what you would have found only a few years ago. When I first started investigating Nicole Junkermann, there were many negative articles which have all vanished. I’m not even sure that this story will survive.

Appendix I

The other Healthtech Advisory Board members include:

  • Rachel Dunscombe, who was the CEO of the NHS Digital Academy and Director for Digital for Salford Royal NHS Group, but since being appointed to the Healthtech Advisory Board, she has also joined KLAS Arch Collaborative as their Global (non-US) Leader and Senior Tech Evangelist.
  • Manoj Badale OBE who is described as a Digital Venture Builder and has business ties with the Murdoch family.
  • David Gann CBE Vice President of Innovation at Imperial College London.
  • Sir Mark Walport, an English medical scientist and former Chief Government Scientific Advisor to the UK Conservative Governments from 2013 until 2017.
  • Nicola Blackwood the Baroness of North Oxford and a member of the House of Lords.
  • Roger Taylor, who is Chair of the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation.
  • Jeni Tennison OBE, Chief Executive Officer at the Open Data Institute and lead developer for
  • Dan Sheldon, who is Head of Well Digital.
  • Daniel Korski CBE, former Advisor to David Cameron and Hamid Karzai’s governments—and is someone who deserves their own article.
  • Michelle Brennan, President of Johnson and Johnson, one of the pharmaceutical heavyweights.

P.S. Since writing this article in the summer of 2019, Nicole Junkermann has been using various continental European courts to have the content pulled down and censored. She has used a regional Berlin court to silence the article and has tried to have me pay her legal fees for her Orwellian action. Junkermann has used courts to pull down interviews I gave on this subject to Ed Opperman, Jason Bermas, and Tony Gosling. Her actions regarding this article led me to write two more articles that form the Junkermann Trilogy. Each of these articles will be transferred for safekeeping over to Unlimited Hangout servers to stop them from being permanently deleted from the record. I thank everyone who initially shared this article and those who continue to do so.

From unlimited

Israel has killed over 10,000 Gazan children – Day 96

Oxfam says Israel is killing 250 Gazans a day; importance of the Int’l Court of Justice hearing on genocide; US and UK strike Houthi targets in Yemen; Israeli media reports: Israeli army ordered mass Hannibal Directive on 7 Oct; calls for investigation of Israel’s killing of journalists

More than 10,000 children have been killed by Israeli airstrikes and ground operations in Gaza in nearly 100 days of violence, according to the Ministry of Health in Gaza, with thousands more missing, presumed buried under rubble, Save the Children said. 

The latest data from the Ministry of Health in Gaza shows more than 10,0001 of Gaza’s 1.1 million children—or 1% of the total child population—have been killed since the attack on Israel on October 7 and the assault on Gaza that has followed.

Children in Gaza surviving the violence are enduring unspeakable horrors, including life-changing injuries, burns, disease, inadequate medical care, and losing their parents and other loved ones. They have been forced to flee violence, often repeatedly, with no safe place to go, and face the terror of an uncertain future.

[1] In the Ministry of Health in Gaza report for January 9, 2024, they report ‘more than 10,000’ children have been killed since October 7.

Oxfam International reports: Israel’s military is killing Palestinians at an average rate of 250 people a day which massively exceeds the daily death toll of any other major conflict of recent years, Oxfam said today, as the escalation of hostilities nears its 100th day.

Sally Abi Khalil, Oxfam’s Middle East Director, said: “The scale and atrocities that Israel is visiting upon Gaza are truly shocking. For 100 days the people of Gaza have endured a living hell. Nowhere is safe and the entire population is at risk of famine.

“It is unimaginable that the international community is watching the deadliest rate of conflict of the 21st century unfold, while continuously blocking calls for a ceasefire.”

The international aid organization provided a list of the average daily death tolls in various conflicts since the turn of the century: 96.5 in Syria, 51.6 in Sudan, 50.8 in Iraq, 43.9 in Ukraine, 23.8 in Afghanistan, and 15.8 in Yemen.

It said the lives of Palestinians in Gaza are at risk due to hunger, diseases and cold, as well as Israeli bombardments, and reiterated that only 10 percent of the needed food can enter the enclave.

(Read the full report here.)

South Africa’s genocide case against Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) is a “pivotal moment” for the international system to provide hope to humanity, a Palestinian official said on Thursday.

Anadolu Agency reports: Addressing a joint press conference with South Africa’s delegation following the hearing in The Hague, Ammar Hijazi, the assistant minister for multilateral affairs of the State of Palestine, said South Africa presented “damning evidence” confirming the “irreparable harm” that Palestinian people are going through due to “Israel’s violation of the Genocide Convention.”

Describing the day as “historic not only for Palestine but for humanity and for the whole international rules-based system,” Hijazi said Palestine values and appreciates the “historic” action taken by South Africa by requesting the ICJ to intervene to suspend the “genocidal war launched by Israel against the Palestinian people in Gaza.”

“This is a pivotal moment for the international system. South Africa took a bold and proactive step on behalf of humanity to protect the Palestinian people and ensure that the Genocide Convention and international law do not become completely irrelevant, which is a prospect that must terrify all of us,” he maintained.

He warned that humanity is at a crossroads and added: “The case before the ICJ is a test to the international system. It is a moment of naked truth and an opportunity to provide hope to humanity at a time when it’s sorely needed.”

“Leaders have a historic responsibility and their actions will be judged by history,” he stated.  (Read the full article here.)

RECOMMENDED READING: South Africa honored the Palestinian plight, and the world was forced to listen

Despite rejecting South Africa’s ICJ genocide case against Israel as “meritless” and “unfounded,” US has not assessed Israel’s war conduct. Last week, White House national security spokesperson John Kirby told reporters that Washington has not probed the Israeli operations in Gaza for possible rights abuses despite being the chief provider of weapons to Israel.

“I am not aware of any kind of formal assessment being done by the United States government to analyze the compliance with international law by our partner Israel,” Kirby said on January 4. Without such an assessment, it’s unclear how US officials came to the conclusion that the ICJ case against Israel is meritless.

MSNBC: The Israeli government’s gruesome bombardment of Gaza has killed dozens of journalists reporting on the conflict — and it’s arguably killing Israel’s credibility on the global stage, too. 

Reporters Without Borders, an international organization focused on press freedoms, received confirmation this week that the International Criminal Court, which prosecutes individuals, is looking into attacks on journalists as it investigates potential war crimes that have occurred amid the Israel-Hamas conflict. (Neither Israel nor the United States recognize the court’s jurisdiction.)

Calls for investigations into the deaths of journalists and their associates in Gaza have grown since last weekend, when the son of Al Jazeera’s Gaza bureau chief, Wael al-Dahdouh, was killed by an airstrike. Dahdouh’s wife, two of his other children and one of his grandchildren were killed in an earlier bombing in October. The recent attack has led some observers, like the Committee to Protect Journalists and Al Jazeera, to call for probes into whether the attack — as well as other attacks on journalists and their associates — might have been targeted.

On Wednesday, Reporters Without Borders also called on the United Nations Security Council to hold an emergency meeting on Israel’s potential violations of a rule known as Resolution 2222, which was adopted in 2015 to protect journalists from harm as they report in combat zones.

The Israel Defense Forces allege that Wael Dahdouh’s son, Hamza, was a member of Islamic Jihad “involved with the organization’s terrorist activities” — a claim that has not been verified by NBC News. Al Jazeera’s managing editor disputed the IDF’s claim in a statement released Thursday, saying, “Al Jazeera rejects all accusations made against our journalists and calls on the international community to ensure that the IDF is held fully accountable for its crimes.”

The Cradle reports: according to Israeli media, Israeli army ordered mass Hannibal Directive on 7 Oct. The Israeli military implemented the “Hannibal Directive” during Hamas’ attack on 7 October, killing some of its own civilians and soldiers to prevent Hamas from taking them as captives back to Gaza, according to an investigation by Israel’s leading newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, which will be published in full on 12 January.

The Hebrew edition of the paper wrote on 11 January that “one of the revelations revealed in the investigation is that at midnight on October 7, the IDF [Israeli army] ordered all of its combat units in practice to use the ‘Hannibal Procedure’ although without clearly mentioning this explicitly by name.”

The order was to stop “at all costs any attempt by Hamas terrorists to return to Gaza, that is, despite the fear that some of them have abductees,” the paper wrote. (Read the full article here.)

Alternative media – including If Americans Knew – have been reporting on this for several months. This piece from the Cradle contains perhaps the most detailed coverage to date.

Reuters reports: The United States and Britain launched strikes from the air and sea against Houthi military targets in Yemen in response to the movement’s attacks on ships in the Red Sea, a dramatic regional widening of the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza. As witnesses in Yemen confirmed explosions throughout the country to Reuters, President Joe Biden cautioned in a statement late on Thursday he would not hesitate to take further action if needed.

“These targeted strikes are a clear message that the United States and our partners will not tolerate attacks on our personnel or allow hostile actors to imperil freedom of navigation,” Biden said.

Britain’s ministry of defense said in a statement that “early indications are that the Houthis’ ability to threaten merchant shipping has taken a blow.”

“Any American attack will not remain without a response,” said Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, the leader of the group, adding that his fighters are “determined to target ships linked to Israel, and we will not back down from that.”

The reason for the Houthi threat, which Western powers appear not to be addressing, is Israel’s brutal war against Gaza.

The Gaza media office announced that Israeli attacks have destroyed 380 mosques, some of which date back more than 1,000 years.

“The crime of bombing and destroying mosques led to the disappearance of the call to prayer from dozens of neighborhoods spread throughout the governorates of the Gaza Strip, as well as the stopping of the ringing of church bells,” the statement said, adding that three churches were destroyed by Israeli army attacks, as well.

The media office called on religious bodies across the world to condemn this destruction of places of worship.

A Palestinian former prisoner, 37-year-old Majdy Fashafsha, was shot dead by Israeli occupation forces today south of Jenin, according to local sources. Undercover Israeli forces, protected and heavily guarded by large Israeli army units, surrounded the house where the young man was present, while snipers took over the rooftops of several houses nearby.

RECOMMENDED READING: ‘Threatened with rape’: Lama Khater recalls horrors while in Israeli jails

Reuters reports: The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) has barred Israel from competing in its world championship events citing security concerns. The IIHF “has decided to restrict the Israeli National Team from participating in IIHF Championships until the safety and well-being of all participants [including Israeli participants] can be assured”.

“The IIHF Council took this decision after careful consideration and based on a risk assessment, discussions with the participating countries, and discussions with the hosts,” it said in a statement.

The IIHF previously used similar language around “safety and security” to support its decision last year to suspend Russia and Belarus from competition following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Al Jazeera journalist Wael Dahdouh comforts his daughter and son as they attend the funeral of his son, Palestinian journalist Hamza Dahdouh
Al Jazeera journalist Wael Dahdouh comforts his daughter and son as they attend the funeral of his son, Palestinian journalist Hamza Dahdouh (photo)


Palestinian death toll since October 7: at least 23,469 * (over 10,000 children). This does not include an estimated 8,000 more still buried under rubble (4,900 women and children). Euro-Med Monitor reports 30,676 Palestinian deaths.

*Previously, IAK did not include 471 Gazans killed in the Al Ahli hospital blast since the source of the projectile was being disputed. However, given that much evidence points to Israel as the culprit, Israel had previously bombed the hospital and has attacked many others, Israel is prohibiting outside experts from investigating the scene, and since the UN and other agencies are including the deaths from the attack in their cumulative totals, if Americans knew is now also doing so.

About 1.9 million people have been displaced (about 85% of the population).

Palestinian injuries since October 7: at least 63,701** (including at least 59,604 in Gaza** and 4,097 in the West Bank). **NOTE: it is impossible to provide an accurate number of injuries in Gaza due to the ongoing bombardment and communication disruption. 

It remains unknown how many Americans are among the casualties in Gaza**.

Reported Israeli death toll since October 7: ~1,139  (8 killed in West Bank, 187 in Gaza), including 32 Americans, and 8,730 injured, approximately 33 children).

NOTE: It is unknown at this time how many of the deaths and injuries in Israel may have been caused by Israeli soldiers; additionally, since Israel has a policy of universal conscription, it is unknown how many of those attending the outdoor rave a few miles from Gaza on stolen Palestinian land were Israeli soldiers.

Find previous daily casualty figures and daily news updates here.

For more news, go here and hereBroadcast news from the region is here.

Hover over each bar for exact numbers.

The Financial System Has Reached ‘The End’

By Egon von Greyerz,

The world is now witnessing the end of a currency and financial system which the Chinese already forecast in 1971 after Nixon closed the gold window.

Again, remember von Mises words: “There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion.”

History tells us that we have now reached the point of no return.

So denying history at this point will not just be very costly but will lead to a total destruction of investors’ wealth.



History never lies but politicians do without fail. In a fake system based on false values, lying is considered to be an essential part of political survival.

Let’s just look at Nixons ignorant and irresponsible statements of August 15, 1971 when he took away the gold backing of the dollar and thus all currencies.

Later on we will show how clearsighted the Chinese leaders were about the destiny of the US and its economy.

So there we have tricky Dick’s lies.

  • The suspension of the convertibility of the dollar in 1971 is still in effect 52 years later.
  • As the dollar has declined by almost 99% since 1971, the “strength of the economy” is also declining fast although using fiat money as the measure hides the truth.
  • And now to the last lie: “Your dollar will be worth as much tomorrow”. Yes, you are almost right Dick!  It is still worth today a whole 1% of the value when you closed the gold window. 

The political system is clearly a farce. You have to lie to be elected and you have to lie to stay in power. That is what the gullible voters expect. The sad result is that they will always be cheated.



So in 1971 after Nixon closed the gold window, China in its official news media the People’s Daily made the statements below:

Clearly the Chinese understood the consequences of the disastrous US decision which would destroy the Western currency system as they said:

  • Seriousness of the US economic crisis and decay and decline of the capitalist system
  • Mark the collapse of the monetary system with the US dollar as its prop
  • Nixon’s policy cannot extricate the US from financial and economic crisis

I am quite certain that the US administration at the time ridiculed China’s official statement. As most Western governments, they showed their arrogance and complete ignorance of history.

How right the Chinese were.

But the road to perdition is not immediate and we have seen over 50 years the clear “decline of the capitalist system”. The end of the current system is unlikely to be far away.


Interestingly it seems that a Communist non-democratic system is much more clairvoyant than a so called Western democracy. There is clearly an advantage not always having to buy votes. 



As the whole currency system is about to implode,  it is in my view totally irrelevant where the US dollar is heading short term measured against other fiat currencies.

The dilemma is that most “experts” use the Dollar Index (DXY) as the measure of the dollar’s strength or weakness.  This is like climbing the ladder of success only to find out that the ladder is leaning against the wrong building.

To measure the dollar against its partners in crime (the other fiat currencies) misses the point as they are all on the way to perdition.

So the dollar index measures the dollar against six fiat currencies: Euro, Pound, Yen, Canadian Dollar, Swedish Kroner and Swiss Franc. The Chinese Yuan shines in its absence even though China is the second biggest economy in the world.

But here is the crux. The dollar is in a race to the bottom with 6 other currencies.

Since Nixon closed the gold window in 1971 all 7 currencies, including the US dollar, have declined 97-99% in real terms.

Real terms means constant purchasing power.

And the only money which has maintained constant purchasing power for over 5,000 years is of course gold.

So let’s make it clear – the only money which has survived in history is GOLD!

All other currencies have without fail gone to ZERO and that without exception.

Voltaire said it already in 1729:


And that has been the destiny of every currency throughout history.

Every single currency has without fail gone to ZERO. And this is where the dollar and its lackeys are heading.

To debate if a currency, which has fallen 98.2% in the last 52 years, is going to strengthen or weaken in the next year or two is really missing the point.

It is virtually 100% certain that the dollar and all fiat money will complete the cycle (which started in 1913 with the creation of the Fed) and fall the remaining 1-3% to ZERO.

But we must remember that the final fall involves a 100% loss of value from today.


So to debate whether the dollar index which today is 103, will reach 150 first as my good friend Brent Johnson argues in his Dollar Milk Shake Theory or that it will fall from here as my colleague Matt Piepenburg contends, really misses the point.

There is no prize for coming first to the bottom. The dollar is down almost 99% in real terms since 1971. So it has a bit over 1% to fall to reach ZERO.

And history tells us that the final fall is INEVITABLE. 

So why worry if the Dollar or the Euro becomes worthless first? It really is a moot point.

Brent Johnson and Matt Piepenburg recently had a debate on Adam Taggart’s new platform “Thoughtful Money”. Adam is an outstanding host with great speakers and both Brent and Matt were superb in their presentation of the arguments for or against the dollar. But even though they both like and understand gold, they got a bit too caught up in the dollar up or down debate rather than focusing on the only money which has survived in history. Still, I know that they both appreciate that gold is the ultimate money.


The world’s reserve currency has had a sad performance based on lies, poor real growth, all due to a mismanaged economy based on debt and printed money.

So although most currencies have lost 97-99% in real terms since 1971 there are shining exceptions.

When the gold window was closed in 1971 I was working in a Swiss bank in Geneva. At the time, one dollar cost Swiss Franc 4.30. Today, 52 years later, one dollar costs Swiss Franc 0.88!

This means that the dollar has declined 80% against the Swiss Franc since 1971.

So a country like Switzerland with virtually no deficits and a very low debt to GDP proves that a well managed economy with very low inflation doesn’t destroy its currency like most irresponsible governments.

The Swiss system of direct democracy and people power is totally unique and gives the people the right to have a referendum on almost any issue they choose.

This makes the people much more responsible in their choices as a winning vote on any issue becomes part of the constitution and cannot be changed by government or parliament. Only a new referendum can change such a decision.


Swiss Debt to GDP is around 40%. This was the level of US debt back in 1971 before the gold window was closed.

As the graph below shows, US debt to GDP is now 132%. In 2000 it was 55%.

132% debt to GDP is the level of a Banana Republic which is frantically trying to survive by printing and borrowing ever increasing amounts of worthless fiat money.

So debt to GDP is now reaching the exponential phase. I have explained the final phases of exponential moves in many articles like here.

Since there is no intent or possibility to reduce the US deficit, the likely deficit for next fiscal year is most probably in excess of $2 trillion and that is before any bad news like higher inflation, higher interest rates, bank failures, more war, more QE etc.

As I discussed in a recent article,“THE CYCLE OF EVIL”the world is today facing unprecedented risks of a magnitude never before seen in history.


The combination of geopolitical and financial risk makes wealth preservation an absolute necessity.

Most asset markets look extremely vulnerable be it stocks bond or property. Few investors understand that current asset prices are in cloud cuckoo land as a result of an unprecedented credit expansion.

Personally I think we are now at a point when asset markets could tank.

At the same time gold looks ready to soon break out of its consolidation since 2020.

Once gold leaves the $2,000 level behind, the move is likely to be fast.

Silver will most probably move twice as fast as gold.

But this is not a question of price and speculation. No, it is all about risk and wealth preservation.

So short term timing is irrelevant. The next few years will be about financial survival.

Sadly most investors will buy the dips in conventional asset markets like stocks and lose most of their gains in the last few decades.

As gold is insurance against a rotten financial system it must be acquired and owned outside a fragile banking system which is unlikely to survive in its present form.

Here are a few of the SINE QUA NON (indispensable conditions) for gold ownership:

  • Gold must be held in physical form. No funds, ETFs or bank held gold. 
  • The investor must have direct access to his own gold bars/coins. 
  • Any counterparty must be eliminated whenever possible. 
  • Gold must be stored in ultra safe vaults outside the banking system. 
  • Gold should not be stored in a major city.
  • Gold must be insured.
  • Only gold that you are prepared to lose should be stored at home. 
  • Gold should be stored outside your country of residence and in a gold friendly jurisdiction.
  • The country where the gold is stored must have a long history of democracy, political stability and peace.  

As we are approaching one of the most precarious times in history both financially, socially, politically and geopolitically, Wealth Preservation in the form of gold and some silver will make the difference between financial survival or ruin.

As always, most important in life is looking after family and helping friends.

And remember that in the difficult times ahead there are many wonderful things that are free like nature, books, music, sports etc.



Hunter Biden is filming top-secret DOCUMENTARY with Hollywood power player ‘sugar brother’ to ‘set the record straight’

  • Hunter Biden received a staggering $4.9 million from Morris, an IRS whistleblower claimed in December 
  • Part of Morris’ strategy to make back some of that money may be a documentary, the crew for which has been following Hunter Biden around for years 
  • Morris went to Serbia to interview a conservative filmmaker who’d made his own movie about Biden to ask him about Hunter’s infamous laptop 

The man infamously known as Hunter Biden’s ‘sugar brother’ who has donated millions to the president’s son is reportedly working on a documentary to set the record straight about him.

Kevin Morris, a Hollywood lawyer who made a fortune from a South Park TV deal, was dubbed Hunter’s ‘sugar brother’ after he reportedly paid off up to $2.8 million of the First Son’s tax bill in an attempt to placate prosecutors.

Hunter Biden received a staggering $4.9 million from Morris, an IRS whistleblower claimed in December, to help cover Biden’s housing, legal fees, car payments and payments to advisors, most of which came in October 2021.

According to the whistleblower’s testimony, the 2020 loan carries interest and forces Biden to pay it back beginning in 2025.

Part of Morris’ strategy to make back some of that money may be a documentary, the crew for which has been quietly following Hunter around for years and was seen with him in July when he arrived in Los Angeles after his plea deal went up in smoke.

Kevin Morris, the man infamously known as Hunter Biden's 'sugar brother' who has donated millions to the president's son is reportedly working on a documentary to set the record straight about him

Kevin Morris, the man infamously known as Hunter Biden’s ‘sugar brother’ who has donated millions to the president’s son is reportedly working on a documentary to set the record straight about him

Biden was pictured visiting Morris at his home on December 27

Biden was pictured visiting Morris at his home on December 27

The documentary, the LA Times reports, would show Biden as a human being rather than the tabloid fodder, including drugs and those financial issues, that has consumed his life.

Morris would show Biden working on his paintings, raising children and trying to live sober amid the chaos of multiple criminal investigations in the public spotlight.

The film – which has no scheduled release date yet – would ultimately allow him ‘the last word,’ which one conservative filmmaker suspected was the reason the crew traveled all the way to Serbia to question him in 2021.

Morris believes that the infamous Biden laptop was a scheme by the legally blind computer repairman to offer up secrets about Hunter to prop up former President Donald Trump.

He eventually spoke to Irish filmmaker Phelim McAleer – who directed a documentary titled ‘My Son Hunter released by conservative news site Breitbart – about the laptop.

McAleer was agreeable but became suspicious when Morris asked about ‘the real history of the laptop.’

He was also never told that Morris was representing Biden as a lawyer until later.

‘He was out there looking for information and evidence for his client while he was pretending to be something he was not,’ McAleer said

Morris pictured alongside celebrity friends actor Courtney Cox and songwriter Johnny McDaid

Morris pictured alongside celebrity friends actor Courtney Cox and songwriter Johnny McDaid

Morris alongside South Park co-creator Trey Parker at an event in 2014. Morris made a fortune from a TV deal involving the long-running cartoon

Morris alongside South Park co-creator Trey Parker at an event in 2014. Morris made a fortune from a TV deal involving the long-running cartoon

Biden offered nothing but praise for Morris’ help when contacted about their relationship.

‘I don’t know where I would be if not for Kevin.’

‘And I don’t mean just because he has loaned me money to survive this onslaught, I mean because he has given me back my dignity. He’s been a brother to me.’

‘What was in it for Kevin? I think that you don’t truly understand or know Kevin if that’s your question.’

He said that the pair often fight but are always close friends.

‘But it’s with the knowledge that no matter what, that I know that if I need him and most likely before I even know that I need him, he will be there and likewise me with him,’ Biden said.

Hunter was last seen visiting Morris at his home on December 27.

Morris, a Hollywood lawyer who made a fortune from a South Park TV deal, was dubbed Hunter’s ‘sugar brother’ after he reportedly paid off up to $2.8 million of the First Son’s tax bill in an attempt to placate prosecutors.

IRS agent Joseph Ziegler declared the shocking figure of Morris’ gifts to Biden with additional documentation last month with the House Ways & Means Committee as Hunter faces two charges of tax evasion.

Biden offered nothing but praise for Morris' help when contacted about their relationship

Biden offered nothing but praise for Morris’ help when contacted about their relationship

Morris, a Hollywood lawyer who made a fortune from a South Park TV deal, was dubbed Hunter's 'sugar brother' after he reportedly paid off up to $2.8 million of the First Son's tax bill in an attempt to placate prosecutors

Morris, a Hollywood lawyer who made a fortune from a South Park TV deal, was dubbed Hunter’s ‘sugar brother’ after he reportedly paid off up to $2.8 million of the First Son’s tax bill in an attempt to placate prosecutors

Ziegler, who investigated Hunter’s taxes for five years before he was removed from the case this year, provided legislators with further documents including an email on Tuesday dating to February 2020.

The communication reportedly reveals how less than two months after they met, Morris was contacting accountants on Hunter’s behalf and warning them to work quickly to avoid ‘considerable risk personally and politically.’

Ziegler claimed Hunter’s income from Morris, at least some of it described as loans,  reflected Hunter’s alleged practice of trying to avoid paying taxes on other income by describing it as loans.

‘Hunter appeared to follow a pattern of attempting to avoid paying taxes on relevant income. This first started with Hunter not reporting the [Ukrainian gas company] Burisma income in 2014 and allegedly falsely claiming that it was a loan to him,’ Ziegler said in his statement.

‘He, again, tried to claim the millions in [Chinese] income earned from Hudson West III was a loan to him, which was refuted by the evidence and was not allowed by his tax accountants’ he explained.

Adding: ‘This continued into 2020, 2021 and 2022, in which Hunter received approximately $4.9 million in payments for personal expenses, again in the form of a loan and gift from Democratic Donor Kevin Patrick Morris.’

In July, Hunter visited Morris, who also bought several pieces of Hunter’s art, which has prices up to $500,000, at his Pacific Palisades home where the lawyer was photographed appearing to smoke from a bong.

Biden’s son currently faces three felony charges that carry a maximum combined 25 years incarceration and $250,000 fine.

An IRS whistleblower claimed Hunter's income from Morris, at least some of it described as loans, reflected Hunter's alleged practice of trying to avoid paying taxes on other income by describing it as loans

An IRS whistleblower claimed Hunter’s income from Morris, at least some of it described as loans, reflected Hunter’s alleged practice of trying to avoid paying taxes on other income by describing it as loans

Hunter Biden received a staggering $4.9 million from his 'sugar brother' Kevin Morris, an IRS whistleblower has claimed

Hunter Biden received a staggering $4.9 million from his ‘sugar brother’ Kevin Morris, an IRS whistleblower has claimed

The first count is for lying on a 2018 gun purchase form that he was not an illicit drug user, and has a top sentence of 10 years. The second count is for lying to the gun store about it, which could net him up to five years. The third is for possessing the firearm while being an addict, which could land him another 10 years.

Despite hiring top lawyers, they may have a tough time fighting the facts of the case.

In Hunter’s 2021 memoir, Beautiful Things, he admitted to his continued ‘full-blown addiction’ to crack cocaine in 2018 – the period he bought a Colt Cobra 38SPL revolver.

The federally required Firearm Transaction Record for the purchase asks: ‘Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?’

Hunter ticked the box for ‘no’ on the form, obtained by

The charges against him were set to be held over as part of a plea deal Hunter struck with prosecutors, in which he would admit to tax crimes for deliberately failing to file and pay his tax bill on millions of dollars of income.

But under scrutiny from a federal judge in July, the plea deal spectacularly fell apart in the courtroom over a controversial clause that would give him blanket immunity for other offenses.

Abbe Lowell, Hunter’s hotshot DC lawyer, has suggested that he may challenge the charges on constitutional grounds related to the second amendment.