Study Finds MRNA Vaccines Injure The Heart Of ALL Recipients

By Will Jones,

New evidence has emerged that the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are routinely injuring the heart of all vaccine recipients, raising further questions about their safety and their role in the recent elevated levels of heart-related deaths.

The latest evidence comes in a study from Switzerland, which found elevated troponin levels – indicating heart injury – across all vaccinated people, with 2.8 percent showing levels associated with subclinical myocarditis.

The official line on elevated heart injuries and deaths, where they are acknowledged, is that they are most likely caused by the virus as a post-Covid condition rather than the vaccines.

However, expert group HART (Health Advisory and Recovery Team) has pointed to Australia as a “control group” on this question. HART notes that even though Australia had not had significant Covid (only 30,000 reported infections and 910 deaths) prior to mid-2021, it still saw a trend in excess non-Covid deaths beginning in June 2021 (see below).

HART notes that Australia “did not have prior Covid as a reason for seeing this rise in mortality and hospital pressure from spring 2021”. Instead, “the results from this control group indicate that the cause of this rise in deaths, particularly in young people, must be something in common with Australia, Europe and the USA”.

In New Zealand, economist John Gibson found a temporal association between boosters and excess deaths, estimating “16 excess deaths per 100,000 booster doses” (see below). He noted that the age distribution of the deaths corroborated the hypothesis:

“The age groups most likely to use boosters show large rises in excess mortality after boosters are rolled out.”

In Japan, Guy Gin reports that Professor Seiji Kojima of Nagoya University found the same correlation during the booster rollout in January to March 2022 (see below) – a time when most excess deaths were not with Covid.

In Israel, a study in Nature observed a similar trend for 16-39 year-olds, with cardiac arrest emergency calls rising and falling with the first and second doses and then rising and falling again after doses for recovered individuals.

Dr. Eyal Shahar looked at the Israeli deaths data for all ages and estimated “a plausible range of the booster fatality rate in Israel in August 2021” of eight to 17 deaths per 100,000 vaccinees. In the Netherlands, vaccinologist Dr. Theo Schetters estimated a booster fatality rate in the over-60s as high as 125 per 100,000 vaccinees.

As to cause, Dr. Michael Palmer and Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi at Doctors for Covid Ethics have set out what they deem “irrefutable proof of causality” that mRNA vaccines are causing vascular and organ damage.

From studies and autopsy evidence the medical experts show:

  1. mRNA vaccines don’t stay at the injection site but instead travel throughout the body and accumulate in various organs;
  2. mRNA-based Covid vaccines induce long-lasting expression of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein in many organs;
  3. Vaccine-induced expression of the spike protein induces autoimmune-like inflammation;
  4. Vaccine-induced inflammation can cause grave organ damage, especially in vessels, sometimes with deadly outcome.

They explain that autopsy evidence shows that “the strong expression of spike protein in heart muscle after vaccination correlates with significant inflammation and tissue destruction”. They add that “vaccine-induced vascular damage will promote blood clotting, and clotting-related diseases such as heart attack, stroke, lung embolism are very common in the adverse events databases”.

A recent case report in Vaccines of an autopsy conducted on a 76-year-old man who died three weeks after receiving his third COVID-19 vaccination confirms the role of the vaccine. It found the presence of spike protein but not the nucleocapsid protein in the deceased man’s brain and heart, proving that the vaccine (which unlike the virus only produces the spike protein) was the cause of the deadly inflammation.

In the heart, signs of chronic cardiomyopathy as well as mild acute lympho-histiocytic myocarditis and vasculitis were present.

Although there was no history of COVID-19 for this patient, immunohistochemistry for SARS-CoV-2 antigens (spike and nucleocapsid proteins) was performed.

Surprisingly, only spike protein but no nucleocapsid protein could be detected within the foci of inflammation in both the brain and the heart, particularly in the endothelial cells of small blood vessels.

Since no nucleocapsid protein could be detected, the presence of spike protein must be ascribed to vaccination rather than to viral infection.

The findings corroborate previous reports of encephalitis and myocarditis caused by gene-based COVID-19 vaccines.

case report of the autopsy of a 55-year-old patient who died four months after receiving a Pfizer jab as a second dose (his first dose was AstraZeneca) made similar findings.

SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein, but not nucleocapsid protein was sporadically detected in vessel walls by immunohistochemical assay.

The cause of death was determined to be acute myocardial infarction and lymphocytic myocarditis.

These findings indicate that myocarditis, as well as thrombo-embolic events following injection of spike-inducing gene-based vaccines, are causally associated with a injurious immunological response to the encoded agent.

A recent meta-analysis claimed to find that the risk of myocarditis is “more than seven fold higher in persons who were infected with the SARS-CoV-2 than in those who received the vaccine”. It claims this supports “the continued use of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines among all eligible persons per CDC and WHO recommendations”.

However, critics have pointed out the numerous flaws in this meta-analysis and highlighted that it is at odds with a major Nordic study of 23 million people that found the risk of hospitalisation post-vaccination in 16-24 year old males was up to 28 times higher than the risk post-Covid.

At the Daily Sceptic we have written about this Nordic study as well as a number of other studies with similar findings, including ones from FranceEngland and the U.S. (alongside critiques of studies that purport to show otherwise).

study from Israel confirms the elevated risk from vaccination and states:

“We did not observe an increased incidence of neither pericarditis nor myocarditis in adult patients recovering from COVID-19 infection.”

study from Italy found a similar absence of elevated myocarditis during the pre-vaccination pandemic period.

We should also note that vaccination does not prevent Covid infection so the risks are additive and the comparison between vaccination risk and infection risk is false.

Cardiovascular injury also is not the only serious adverse event associated with these vaccines. A recent study by researchers from Harvard, Oxford and Johns Hopkins University (among others) found that the mRNA vaccines are up to nearly 100 times more likely to cause a person of student age serious injury than prevent him or her from being hospitalised with COVID-19.

Most of these studies only look at clinical adverse events, i.e., events serious enough to warrant medical assistance. Studies are now emerging which show these clinical events to be just the tip of the iceberg of a far larger number of subclinical injuries. A study in Thailand found cardiovascular adverse effects in around a third of teenagers (29.2 percent) following Pfizer vaccination and subclinical heart inflammation in one in 43 (2.3 percent).

The Swiss study mentioned above was recently highlighted by Dr. Vinay Prasad and comes from the European Society of Cardiology.

It confirms the Thai result, finding at least 2.8 percent with subclinical myocarditis (possibly more as the researchers excluded half the cases as possibly from another cause). Dr. Prasad observes that this means subclinical myocarditis is hundreds of times (“two orders of magnitude”) more common than clinical myocarditis.

The rates were highest in women at 3.7 percent, which is one in 27 vaccinated. (Dr. Prasad notes this is different to the Thai study, which found the usual higher rates in males; he suggests this may be related to how the researchers excluded cases.)

Crucially, the study found elevated troponin levels – indicating heart injury – across all vaccinated people (see chart above, where the dark lines being shifted to the right of the fainter control group lines implies elevated levels throughout the vaccinated population).

This indicates the vaccine is routinely injuring the heart (an organ which does not heal well) and that the known injuries are just the more severe instances of a far larger number occurring right across the board.



These injuries are not necessarily short and over with quickly. Studies have shown that spike protein is still being found in the blood of many vaccinated people at least four months after vaccination, suggesting it is still being produced in some way.

The mechanism of this long-term production of spike protein by the body has not been identified (is the genetic code being incorporated into the cell’s DNA?). But if cells in the cardiovascular system and elsewhere are still producing this pathogenic and inflammatory protein for months on end, the risk of auto-immune injury as identified in the autopsies above greatly increases.

Such an auto-immune injury may be triggered by re-challenge by the virus ramping up the immune response to the spike protein, which may explain why excess non-Covid deaths often accompany Covid waves.

There is now considerable evidence that mRNA vaccines are routinely injuring the heart, with raised troponin levels across the board and subclinical myocarditis in up to one in 27 cases or more.

These are not rare events, as is often claimed by medical authorities and in the media. They are alarmingly common.

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Bold emphasis added

Halloween Massacre in the Satan’s Night. The “Prophecy”of the Italian Exorcist on “the Devil’s Rights”

On the cover image a woman and a man dressed as devils for the Halloween party, the Catholic exorcist Gabriele Amorth and some victims of the massacre in Seoul

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


“I think that Italian society is losing its sense, the meaning of life, the use of reason and is increasingly sick. Celebrating Halloween is giving the devil a hosanna. Who, if adored, even if only for one night, thinks he can boast of rights over the person. So let’s not be surprised if the world seems to be falling apart and if the studies of psychologists and psychiatrists are teeming with sleepless, agitated children and obsessed and depressed teenagers, potential suicides».

The late Catholic Father Gabriele Amorth made these “prophecies” a few years ago, when he was still President of the International Association of Exorcists on the real meaning of this holiday, which became established and spread in the USA and then imported to Europe.

In the light of these words it can therefore also have a spiritual and apocalyptic reading, therefore not only rational and emotional, the massacre happened during the Halloween celebrations that took place in South Korea with the tragic violent death of at least 153 people. The half of whom were cut off by a cardiac arrest in the popular Itaewon neighborhood of the capital Seoul after being swept away by a maddening crowd. A crowd that would be all too easy to define as “possessed”…

A hell caused by the massing of about 100,000 people, mostly teenagers or twenties, in the asphyxiated alleys of the area. “The high death toll was the result of many being trampled,” explained Choi Seong-beom, Yongsan fire chief, which includes Itaewon. He added that the tally could go up further.

STRAGE DA CALCA A SEUL: GIOVANI MORTI COME ERIKA A TORINO. Stroncata da “Arresto Cardiaco da Schiacciamento” nel 2017. Quando il 5G non Esisteva…

According to reports from the rescue units, at least 81 people ended up in cardiac arrest. 82 people were also injured, 19 in serious condition. The missing persons toll stands at 355, according to reports received from the Seoul metropolitan government. “A tragedy and a disaster that should not have happened”, this is the first of South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol, who has called a week of national mourning,

From Vienna to Malmo: LGBT and satanists’s show into the European Christian churches


Father Amorth (Modena, May 1, 1925 – Rome, September 16, 2016), of whom I studied and not only read his famous book “An exorcist tells”, introduces a concept as profound as it is disturbing for those who take demonology seriously able to motivate obsessions, harassment, infestations or possessions of the soul (psiché in Greek) and even of the human body, in the vast majority of cases unexplained by psychology and psychiatry which limits itself to hiding them with devastating psychotropic drugs.

Father Gabriele Amorth with the cross with the medal of Saint Benedict

These phenomena are instead well known to other human sciences such as anthropology and ethnology thanks to which I discovered the characteristics of the Yoruba rites to drive out the Exu, the spirits of the dead, then deified in the cult of Eshu, a controversial divinity of communication. among the Orisha (the other gods) and men who for its ambiguous characteristics has often been compared to the devil also for the ability to give brilliant insights and luck even in the sentimental and sexual sphere.

This explains why African culture was fragmented in the face of Christian evangelization, finding in the Bible the answers to this demand for liberation from evil (also with the devotion to St. Michael the Archangel who was the first to drive out Lucidfero and the other rebel angels) or by exasperating tribal beliefs. animists who especially in Haiti gave rise to Voodoo black magic cults led by a para-satanic deity.

“Baron Samedi is a powerful Loa and, as a spirit of the dead, has a great deal of influence on the living world. He guards the cemeteries and controls the crossroads between the earth and the dead, which he shares with Papa Legba. He is known for being corrupt, obscene and profligate, with a particular fondness for tobacco and rum ».

One therefore wonders if it is no coincidence that the Caribbean island most devoted to voodoo rituals is also one of the most targeted by earthquakes, hurricanes and floods.


Those who have now become totally prone to atheistic scientism or deist goodism, as opposed by Freemasons to Theism on God revealed in Judeo-Christian devotion, climbs on the mirrors of geophysical and microclimatic explanations and refuses, in a self-evidently unscientific way, any possible explanation. “Apocalyptic” which appears instead well summed up by the prophetic phrase of Father Gabriele Amorth:

“Celebrating Halloween is giving the devil a hosanna. Who, if adored, even if only for one night, thinks he can boast of rights over the person”.

If the evil one decides to boast of his right and the person adheres to him with deliberate consent by refusing the Faith in the grace of God as protector, he exposes himself to a condition of “dis-grace” in which he can more easily become a victim even of a violent death.

In fact, it should be remembered that, as St. Francis of Assisi argued in his Canticle of the Creatures, in the salvific perspective of Jesus Christ it is important that the “second death” does not hurt, that is, the eternal judgment on the soul.

“Praised be you ‘my’ Lord through our sister bodily death, from which no living man can escape: woe to those who die in mortal sins; blessed are those who find in your most holy voluntati, ka death secunda no ‘l will make evil (St. Francis of Assisi – Canticle of the Creatures) “.

Here are the words of Jesus reported in the Gospel of Luke:

“4To you my friends, I say: Do not be afraid of those who kill the body and afterwards can do nothing more. 5 But I will show you whom you must fear: fear Him who, after killing, has the power to throw into Gehenna. Yes, I tell you, fear him (Gospel of Luke, 12,4-5)”.


Hence, even a spiritual reading could provide some different interpretation of the huge tragedy that occurred in South Korea the other night, when people, mostly young, poured into the streets to celebrate the first public event after the restrictions of the pandemic just by commemorating a feast of the dead such as Halloween which, like the African ones, finds its roots in barbaric tribal cults revived by anti-Christian neo-paganism.

In externalizing these analyzes of a theological nature, it is hardly possible to be considered “fanatics” by those who want to contrast the Enlightenment vision of the last few centuries and the progressive one of the last decades with the granite millennial history of the Jewish and Christian religion.

It should be remembered that Christianity, Catholic or Protestant, in South Korea is practiced by about 20% of the population which is mostly atheist due to the influence of Western colonialist policies for which every religious impulse, evoking a concept of freedom, represents a form of obstacle to the technocratic social dictatorship.

It was well exposed in Seoul with the grim restrictions for a laboratory-built SARS-Cov-2 pandemic aimed at a mad attempt at global immunization without criteria.

WUHAN-GATES -58. “Inside SARS-Cov-2 the Fingerprints of a Genetically Modified Virus”. New US-German Study claimed Covid-19 Artificial Origin

In fact, it should not be forgotten that the South Korean government, together with the USA and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, financed the plan of the Obama-Biden administration and Bill Gates’ NGOs, which resulted in the pilot project of the 10 mandatory vaccines in Italy imposed by Renzi-Gentiloni governments through the Lorenzin Decree of 2017 with the pleased approval of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella and the Constitutional Court.


But let’s go back to the imminent neo-pagan festival that will be celebrated on the night of October 31 in clear disfigurement at the Catholic Feast of All Saints on November 1, just as the cult of the Befana is replacing the Epiphany of God (the evangelical visit of the Magi to the Savior) and no-gender Santa Claus is trying to replace Baby Jesus at Christmas.

Although the etymological origin of Halloween is to be referred to a Catholic tradition, today its evocations refer to Celtic cults and are boundless up to redundant displays of satanic fascinations such as the exaltation of witches, vampires and demons.

The name Halloween comes from All Hallow’s Eve, being the eve before the Catholic solemnities of All Saints’ Day and the Day of the Dead, respectively on the first and second of November. This festivity derives from various commemorations instituted by popes Gregory III and Gregory IV.

IL NO-GENDER SANTA CLAUS COME ERODE: vuole uccidere Gesù Bambino!

According to some historical sources, the Christian holiday was superimposed by the converted Celtic populations on a precedent of pagan origin.

Several scholars have linked much of the traditions for All Saints’ Day in Samhain, described by many as the start of the Celtic New Year. The thesis is not unanimously accepted by scholars, and some have pointed out that little is known about the celebration; Jack Santino argues that most of what is known about Samhain comes from Irish sagas written between the 9th and 12th centuries, hundreds of years after the Christianization of Celtic traditions, but that they probably still reflect original pre-Christian practices.

According to historical sources cited by Wikipedia, Samhain was one of the quarter days of the medieval Gaelic calendar and was celebrated on October 31 and November 1 in Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man. A similar festival was held by the Brythonic Celts. and it was called Calan Gaeaf in Wales, Kalan Gwav in Cornwall and Kalan Goañv in Brittany, a name that translates as “first day of winter”. For the Celts the day ended and began at sunset; thus, according to modern calculations, the party should have started the evening before November 1st.


Samhain marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the “dark half” of the year.According to some scholars it was seen as a liminal period, when the boundary between the earthly world and the hereafter thinned; for them this would mean that for the populations the Aos Sí, the “spirits”, the “fairies”, could have entered the earthly world more easily and be considered particularly active.

According to what Wikipedia still notes, starting at least from the eighteenth century the imitation of these evil spirits led to pranks in Ireland and the Scottish Highlands. The custom of wearing costumes and playing pranks on Halloween spread to England in the 20th century. People used hollowed out turnips or beta vulgaris as lanterns, often carved with faces with grotesque faces. By those who made them, the lanterns were variously considered representations of souls, or used to ward off evil spirits.

Hence the birth of the myth of the “pumpkin” and the traditional vigil with the “door to door” tour for the “trick or treat” proposal, unfortunately increasingly common even among Catholic children.

Starting from the eighteenth century, the theory spread that Samhain was actually a satanic festival, centered on the worship of a god of death or prince of darkness of the same name, sometimes assimilated to Satan, who would be offered bloody sacrifices. The idea that the holiday celebrates Satan, demons, and witchcraft has been found in some Protestant denominations, such as the Evangelical Church and the World Assembly of Assemblies of God.

Disney’s Maleficent movie poster

The culture of horror films, vampirism and witchcraft revisionism, which culminated in Disney’s Maleficent rewriting the parameters of the good-evil juxtaposition by raping the tale of Sleeping Beauty, actually evoked blatant allusions to Satanism and the occult, absolutely forbidden by the Bible.

It’s just a coincidence that actress Angelina Jolie shattered her marriage, went into depression, and started fighting with ex-husband Brad Pitt over custody of the children a few years after her performance as the lead in the “ malefic ”film of 2014?

So much so that some parents find it normal to have their children dress up as little devils for a strange and unconscious provocation. For example, on the “Pour-femme” website there are also precise indications on how to make a devil dress for Halloween.

Father Francesco Bamonte, president of the International Association of Exorcists (AIE): “My experience, like that of other exorcists, shows how the recurrence of Halloween, including the period of time that prepares it, is in fact for some young people a privileged moment of contact with sectarian realities or in any case linked to the world of occultism,
with serious consequences not only on the spiritual level, but also on the level of psychophysical integrity“.

FREEMASONRY IN VATICAN – 1. From the Alta Vendita Plot to the Pecorelli’s List with Notable Cardinals Inside

Even Aldo Buonaiuto, animator of the anti-cult service of the Giovanni XXIII Community, in an interview with the SIR agency warned against the seduction of Halloween: «It is the esoteric matrix that makes it dangerous. This is not a secular recurrence, as it is often presented, but rather a religious event in the negative sense, a pagan operationthat manages to disguise itself behind the apparent harmlessness of ‘trick and treat’ “.

As essential as eloquent is the judgment issued by the late exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth: “I am very sorry that Italy, like the rest of Europe, is moving away from Jesus, the Lord, and that it is even paying homage to Satan. The Halloween party is a kind of séance presented in the form of a game. The devil’s cunning lies right here. If you notice everything is presented in a playful, innocent form. Even sin is no longer a sin in today’s world. But everything is disguised in the form of need, freedom or personal pleasure. Man has become the “god” of himself: exactly what the devil wants”.

It should be added that this drift is the daughter of the rampant Anglo-Saxon Masonic culture.

10 Sisters Martyr of Communism Beatified. Blamed the Red Army instead Masonic Marxist Atheism

Deist Freemasonry, which adores an unknown Great Architect of the Universe as opposed to Jehovah Almighty God revealed, is oriented towards an irreconcilable seductive dialogue with the Catholic Church, functional to its subtle intrusion proven by multiple historical facts, for a gradual attenuation and contamination of the deepest biblical and evangelical values ​​and precepts.

In other respects, the atheistic Freemasons are projected towards the triumph of atheistic scientism that wants to correct human nature, challenging the Creator, through transhumanist experiments with the use of hyper technology and artificial intelligence also in the biochemical field to arrive at a eugenics with unknown undesirable effects, just like those of anti-Covid gene sera constructed with engineered DNA or RNA pharmacology never previously used on humanity.


But there are esoteric fringes of Freemasonry which, from its earliest origins, practice occultism and even devotion to Satan. As in the case of the so-called “Pope of American Freemasonry” Albert Pike, one of the founders of the racist movement of the Ku Klux Klan, a southern general on the front line of the Secession War of the Southern Confederation for the defense of the right to slavery, and finally also known for satanistic rituals …


The biblical condemnation of any form of occultism or magical worship is very explicit in the book of the Biblical Pentateuch “Deuteronomy (18.10-12)”

“10 There may not be in your midst the one who sacrifices his son or his daughter by making them pass through fire, nor one who exercises divination or spell or auspice or magic; 11 neither who casts spells, nor who consults spirits or diviners, nor who questions the dead, 12 for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord; because of these abominations, the Lord your God is about to cast out those nations before you ”.

But there are many other passages of Sacred Christian Scripture in which there are blatant warnings useful to justify the Christian rejection of this neo-pagan celebration.

“Do not participate in the fruitless works of darkness; rather denounce them” (Ephesians 5:11).

“Do not turn to spirits, nor to diviners; do not consult them, lest you defile yourselves because of them. I am the Lord your God” (Leviticus 19:31)

“Let us refrain from frequenting situations and environments that can pose risks” (I Corinthians 15:33; Ephesians 5: 7, 8)

We cry and pray for the brothers who died in Seoul but we keep in mind this last warning made by St. Paul in the first letter to the Corinthians.

St. Pio’ Prophecy on Christians’ homelands, NWO Rockefeller’s Abortion law and Masons war

Unfortunately, the Catholic Church itself has downsized all “demonological” attention in order not to run the risk of being accused of medieval nostalgia for a “witch hunt” and has given less and less importance to the evangelical mandate to “cast out demons” in the name of Jesus Christ dead and risen, so much so that he did not cultivate with due care the formation of new exorcists.

This has not only made consecrated shepherds more exposed to the devil’s snares but has deprived them of the only real tool with which they can fight it, as did Father Amorth in his long fight against the evil one. And as did St. Pius, a farsighted example of Christian virtues and also a prophet of the misfortunes of Italy and the West.



The five-dimensional world


Individual ability will be the only limit

5D is the beginning of our new positive World

The planetary transition is taking place now

Message for humanity


Ascension of planet Earth to the 5th Dimension

If the question is, what is wrong on planet Earth? Is the answer, everything, from food, agriculture, language, education, health, technology, science, sports, money, business, and much more.


Unfortunately, we have shown no respect, no love and no value for everything we have on our planet. We have learned to explore the planet without respect, compassion or thinking about the future and possible consequences because we thought we were the owners of the planet. Thinking we could do whatever we wanted. But, everything in the universe has to remain in balance.


From the position of our alien brothers and sisters orbiting planet Earth, they can clearly see what we humans have done to this planet. They understand, you have been taught this, which has led you to the cabal’s great goal of destroying planet Earth. Destruction of planet Earth until the last bit of salvation is gone.


This process was stopped in 2014. Now Gaia, is refocusing herself, she has begun to transform all negative energies, to love and light. And with all this vigour, she is repairing every part of her earthly body for ascension. The spirit of Gaia, is the spirit of Earth, and is already in the 5th dimension.


But, the physical part of the planet is still missing. Because, the transformation of the planet is neither simple nor easy. It needs all the evil that has been done to be corrected, transformed, transmuted into positive energy, so that every particle of the planet can ascend to the 5th dimension.


In the fifth dimension, planet Earth gets its renewed positive capacity for Environment, Biological Food, Happiness, which creates jobs for its salvation and purification.


Today’s gross sales measure is redundant, because spending money is just an illusion, just like figures on the value of shares or real estate, etc. People are beginning to realise their true life purpose, which has been forgotten by most.


Individual ability will be the only limit

People are learning to think independently; to do things in innovative ways. Most, if not all, existing parameters will be obsolete. The meaning and recognition of the value of money will be totally different, from that of today. Everyone will have enough money to live on. There will be no need to take advantage of others or steal to buy anything. Personal wealth will be the only limit. Everyone will be free, allowed to pursue any hobby and work wherever and whenever they want.


GESARA is designed to remove poverty and all its resultant ills from 3D Earth during the transition phase. The changes will not be made for the sake of poverty, but as part of the plan to provide comfort and protection. This will raise people’s consciousness to enjoy pleasure and happiness.


5D is the beginning of our new positive World

Planet Earth is one of the most abundant celestial bodies in the Universe. There is more than enough gold and silver as money on Earth for everyone to be a millionaire, without debt of any kind.


The bottom line is that GESARA is more than a financial event, it signifies a new era that will soon dawn. Once it actually begins, it will be the definitive end of the Deep State and its puppets. It will be the beginning of our new positive 5D World.


This massive change brings major changes to the destiny of humanity. It brings visible and undeniable feelings of joy and bliss. People feel better when their radiant faces spread light, while the sleeping sheep will not know why.


When asked when this will happen? Is the answer; when the masses revolt against the government over the murder of their children caused by toxic injections to fight the non-existent Covid Pandemic. Full stop!


Humanity must take back their power. This is now quite possible because the dark power has been eliminated, the Pleiadian Supreme Council confirms, as full support for us.


Planetary Transition happening now

The planetary home is being adjusted to the new frequencies, as everything is now accelerating for Earth’s Transition from 3D to 5D. Many still do not understand the dimension of a Planetary Transition, and this makes it even more difficult to understand the implications of this ascension process.


In fact, we are in the very last stages of this Transition, and therefore many things are happening simultaneously. These are all necessary events for energetic adaptation, both for the physical body of humans and for planet Earth called Gaia.


The long-term wounds and damages we have inflicted on Gaia’s body have resulted in negative energy foci that now need to be purified.


All natural phenomena are nothing but the result of this purification. The winds, tides, rains and so many other events should be seen as the natural cleansing of Gaia’s body. When a thorough cleansing is needed, the worst phenomena that occur are; earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, tornadoes, or extreme rainfall leading to floods, or severe drought causing uncontrollable fires.


Greenhouse gases are a scam, man-made global warming is a fantasy concocted by global warming fanatics. Climate change is happening – as always – and is inevitable. The same cannot be said of the unspeakably irresponsible proposals of cabal-paid scientists, whose egos far exceed their knowledge. What is desired is not a “carbon cap and trade”, but an “economic cap and trade”.


Message for humanity

Unfortunately, humanity has descended much further than originally thought, as evidenced by the numerous negative reactions to a very positive message about our liberation.


It is exactly what Mark Twain (1835-1910) concluded;


“In a negative world, it is easier to deceive people than to convince them that they have been deceived.”


Most people have become accustomed to living in the 3D world of deception. But negativism is now coming to an end, as only 1/3 of the population is able to ascend to the 5D World, having learnt all the lessons.


However, any embodied soul can choose the path to continue in the third or fifth dimensional world. Well, however, it should be noted that those who have ascended have chosen the positively evolving New 5D World.


Beyond this 5 Dimensional world is a vast space of timeless infinity. It is the middle ground between light and dark, science and superstition, at the bottom fear and at the top knowledge, in other words the dimension of imagination, or twilight zone.


Take this message to heart, copy, print and spread it virally. It is a good help to pass this information on to everyone you know, so that many will be prepared for the immense changes to come.

𝐇𝐮𝐠𝐞 – Life-changing intensive energy transfer begins now

Britain Has Fallen: With Rishi Sunak, the WEF’s ‘Coup’ Is Complete

By Warda Shahid,

In case you haven’t been paying attention, the UK is onto its third Prime Minister in the last 7 weeks. First Boris Johnson was forced out, then Liz Truss served as PM for 45 days until she too was removed. The shortest serving PM in British history was replaced by Rishi Sunak, WEF member, billionaire, and owner of a shadowy company with a pyramid shaped office that happens to be working hand-in-glove with Klaus Schwab’s WEF to implement key planks of the globalist agenda.

PM of UK Rishi Sunak Has Secret Ties With Israeli Unit That Blackmails Palestinians

Rishi Sunak’s Open Support To Recognize Jerusalem As The Capital of Israel

According to Rishi Sunak, there is a strong case for moving the British Embassy to Jerusalem and officially recognizing it as the capital of Israel.

At a Conservative Friends of Israel hustings on Monday, the Tory leadership candidate stated that Jerusalem is indisputably the historic capital, although he cautioned that he was not fully aware of all the sensitivity issues as he was not the Foreign Secretary.

As prime minister, we need to make sure that we do pass that bill (opposing the BDS Movement).

UK PM, Rishi Sunak

Sunak, a leading candidate for the Conservative Party leadership, claimed on Monday that there is a very strong case for moving the British Embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing Jerusalem as the historic capital city of the occupation state. A member of the Zionist lobby group Conservative Friends of Israel asked him a question during a Q&A session.Recently, Australia refused to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel due to ongoing oppression in Occupied Palestine by Israeli forces.

Questionable Link of Rishi Sunak’s Family With Israel

Sunak has very secret business ties linking his family to Israel. His father-in-law, N.r. Narayana Murthy founded Infosys which supplies tech to Israel that helps the country in active surveillance of Palestinians.

Then Israeli security forces use the information to blackmail Palestinians.


In addition to its business consulting and information technology services, Infosys Limited also provides outsourcing services. Bangalore is the headquarters of the company, which was founded in Pune.

This firm is co-directed by Uri Levine, a former Military Intelligence Unit 8200 agent. Uri Levine is also the co-founder of a famous app, Waze.

Infosys signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the State of Israel, to establish and enhance cooperation.

Press Release June 14, 2012.

There is an Israeli occupation force unit known as unit 8200 which is responsible for monitoring Palestinians and using sensitive information to blackmail them as part of a spying program.

As well as this, it appears that Infosys is one of the major investors in CloudEndure. This is a company that was founded by former officers from Unit 8200 and is focused on cloud computing.

Previously Sunaks father-in-law had served as Infosyss chief mentor, chairman, president, and CEO before he retired this year.

Sunak’s Wife

It is estimated that Akshata Murthy, Rishi Sunaks wife, owns approximately 700 million euros worth of shares in Infosys.

Akshata Murthy

Upcoming days can be challenging for the residents of Palestine as Israel got the upper hand in the UK; this time, the Prime minister, who has the authority to give the go-ahead to any operation that will indirectly make him even richer than he, is right now.




Disney’s Hocus Pocus 2 Is Actually Normalizing Satanism and Pedophilia

Disney’s Hocus Pocus 2 is a complete reversal of the original 1993 movie “Hocus Pocus”. In the original, the Satan worshipping, child-eating witches are the villains, for obvious reasons. But in Hocus Pocus 2, they are celebrated as empowered women … even though they keep wanting to LURE AND EAT CHILDREN.

That’s right, Disney has actually gone there and produced a movie where the good guys lure and eat children. Is there anything more 2022 than this?

For those of you who still plan to pop some corn, sit on the couch, and put on this spooky (but supposedly child friendly) movie, be warned – there are huge spoilers ahead in this video.

You should also be warned that Hocus Pocus 2 is not simply entertainment. Like everything produced by Disney these days, this movie is really about hardcore indoctrination.

It drills children on important social agendas. It mixes the concepts of feminism and sisterhood with satanism and witchcraft in an unholy stew that is served to unsuspecting children worldwide.

In many ways, Hocus Pocus 2 is the exact opposite of the original Hocus Pocus. In the 1993 movie, the witches are, without a doubt, the villains. Why? Because they worship the devil and eat children. That’s reason enough right? Then, they wreak havoc on modern-day Salem in their unique and silly way. While they’re entertaining, the witches still need to be banished forever because, like, they keep LURING AND EATING CHILDREN.

In Hocus Pocus 2, things are way more complicated. The witches still worship the devil and eat children … but they have valid reasons to do so. They’re not cursed, depraved hags anymore, they’re strong and empowered women who are misunderstood.

In short, Hocus Pocus 2 wants you to side with the witches. To do so, Hocus Pocus 2 starts with an origin story that makes the witches sympathetic to the viewers.

At the beginning of the original Hocus Pocus, the old, creepy witches kill a young girl by sucking away her life force. As the witches regain their youthful looks, they cackle away like harpies, clearly indicating to the viewers that these wretched characters are the villains.

In Hocus Pocus 2, it’s the complete opposite.

At the beginning of Hocus Pocus 2, a young Winifred Sanderson celebrates her 16th birthday with her two sisters. However, the festivities are cut short when the reverend of the village knocks on their door and orders Winifred to marry some guy she doesn’t like.

When Winifred refuses, the reverend orders the sisters to be separated.

Right from the opening scenes, the viewers are made to side with the witches against the reverend and the Church in general. The reverend is depicted as an oppressive and ignorant figure. He represents Christianity to the viewers. Everything that follows continues on the same “left-handed path”.

When the three sisters flee to the woods, they hear the creepy song the witches sing to lure children:

“Come little children, I take thee away into a land of enchantment”.
That’s the theme song of the occult elite.

Then, the Mother Witch appears.

In the original Hocus Pocus, the witches are ugly and grotesque. In Hocus Pocus 2, the first witch we see is a glamorous, empowered woman. Also, she has an All-Seeing Eye on her dress, indicating her allegiance with the occult elite.

After attempting to poison and eat the sisters, the Mother Witch realizes that the girls are actually potential witches. So she gives Winifred a birthday gift.

A spellbook bound by human skin and handed down by the Devil himself. Of course, there’s a single eye on the book.

As the three sisters browse through the wide array of powerful spells contained in that book, they realize that they can now exact revenge on the village that banished them. This is when they realize that Satan is cool.

Then, the Mother Witch tells the sisters:

“One day, Salem will belong to us.”
Throughout the movie, there are mentions of the witches “taking back” Salem. That’s because, in real life, Salem was the site of the infamous witch trials.

The Salem witch trials were a series of hearings and prosecutions of people accused of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts between February 1692 and May 1693. More than 200 people were accused. Thirty people were found guilty, 19 of whom were executed by hanging (14 women and five men).
As we’ll see, this movie is actually about witches retaking Salem. And doing great PR for them.

At one point, the Mother Witch wonders why the world is “not too fond of witches”. Young Mary answers:

“Perhaps because thou eateth the children?”
The Mother Witch promptly responds:

“How else does one stay young and ridiculously beautiful?”
With this answer, the Mother Witch’s cannibalistic ways are re-framed as something fabulous and empowering. What a great way of normalizing the occult elite’s real-life obsession with consuming children to remain youthful. If you haven’t learned about this already, do some research into loosh and adrenochrome).

Then, the sisters go back to the village and use the Devil’s spell book to burn the reverend’s house and Winifred watches in glee as the house burns down and the reverend yells about it being “Satan’s work”.

To children whose entire lives are based on their parents not allowing them to do things, watching this scene is cathartic. Black magic gave these girls the power to get back at oppressive adults and the children watching this think that it’s cool.

In the original Hocus Pocus, the hero is Max Dennison, a smart and courageous teenage boy who takes on the witches head-on.

The heroes of the original Hocus Pocus were just regular kids who don’t want to be eaten.

In Hocus Pocus 2, things are VERY different.

The protagonists of Hocus Pocus 2 are Becca and Izzy, two teenage girls who are fascinated with witchcraft. The eyes on Izzy’s shirt (right) symbolically refer to the eye on the Mother Witch’s dress. They’re on her side.

In Hocus Pocus 2, the male protagonist is a bumbling fool named Mike. Not only is he depicted as a useless, cowardly idiot, but he also keeps offending Becca and Izzy.

Every time Mike says something, the camera immediately cuts to the girls rolling their eyes in disbelief at his idiocy. In 2022, male protagonists cannot be strong, heroic, or even smart. They must be jerks. Masculinity is bad. Witches are good.

Because Mike is a representative of toxic masculinity, Becca finds it OK to mess with him. So, during a class, she freaks him out by whispering a fake spell that ends with the word “seitan” … which sounds like “Satan”.

Throughout Hocus Pocus 2, we hear expressions such as “Holy Lucifer” and “By Lucifer’s hangnail”. The constant invocation of satanic entities in a children’s movie made by Disney is rather offputting. However, it is completely in line with the elite’s agenda of normalizing everything satanic.

The same exact pattern was found in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. In this Netflix series about a teenage witch, we keep hearing expressions such as “Holy Satan”. Also, witchcraft is portrayed as a potent tool of female empowerment while nearly all males in the series are jerks who need to be punished.

In Hocus Pocus 2, the wannabe witches inadvertently bring back the Sanderson sisters on Halloween night by doing a ritual. Contrary to their 1993 appearance, the witches are greeted in 2022 like superstars.

In the first Hocus Pocus, the witches are not welcomed in Salem. Because, for one, THEY LURE AND EAT CHILDREN. That’s a pretty good reason.

In Hocus Pocus 2, things are different.

As soon as they are summoned by the teenage girls, the witches put on an entertaining performance.

The lyrics of their introductory song are quite telling.

“We were running wild and so reviled
Raising Cain until we got exiled
But times are changing and now we’re on the attack
Yeah, the spell is gonna hit’cha,
Because the witches are back”
In Hocus Pocus 2, there’s a running theme of “times changing”. While, in the first Hocus Pocus, the witches were evil, the narrative in 2022 has changed. Today, witches are good and the movie constantly defends them.

For instance, at one point, a character says that the witches are evil because, like, THEY LURE AND EAT CHILDREN. So another character immediately defends them:

“Only because they had to be. You know, they were ahead of their time and they were misunderstood. Then, the whole world was against them. But now, look, everybody loves them”.

Yup, times have changed. When the Sanderson sisters visit 2022 Salem, they realize that the town idolizes them.

The witches meet teenagers who are dressed like them because they “worship” them. So, they take a selfie. Wow, these witches are so cool and relevant.

Later, the witches find themselves in Salem’s Halloween festival. They discover that there’s a contest for the best Sanderson sisters look-a-likes.

Of course, there had to be a team of drag queens. Disney has got to push that gender-blurring agenda to these children.

After the contest, the Sanderson sisters perform a song that bewitches the crowd.

This shot of young people being mind-controlled by the witches’ song is an apt representation of mass media brainwashing children with its satanic agenda.

The song contains these lines:

“One way or another
We’re going to snatch you”

The recurring theme of abducting children is upsetting in itself. But it gets worse when we realize that the witches are not actually portrayed as evil. Is it a coincidence that the logo of Hocus Pocus 2 contains a symbol used to identify pedophiles?

The spiral in Hocus Pocus 2 is quite similar to the spiral used to identify “Little Boy Lovers” in FBI files.

The Sanderson sisters then use the mind-controlled kids to seek out the mayor of Salem because they want to kill him. The reason: He’s a descendant of the reverend. However, the mayor is the father of Becca and Izzy’s friend, so they must stop the witches … by becoming a coven of witches.

In the original Hocus Pocus, the heroes gained possession of the Devil’s spellbook and were tempted to use it against the witches. However, Binx the cat stops them and angrily yells out:

“Nothing good can come out of that book! You got it?”
And that was the end of that. The book was evil so they didn’t use it. The protagonists ultimately banish the witches with good old-fashioned wit and courage.

In Hocus Pocus 2, it’s the exact opposite. The Devil’s spellbook actually saves the day.

At the end of the movie, Becca and her friends read from the book of spells to get rid of the Sanderson sisters. They’re now a coven.

The girl on the left is the daughter of the mayor who is a descendant of the reverend. Therefore, she broke her family’s Puritan lineage and converted to the witches’ side.

Considering the fact that the Sanderson sisters are sympathetic figures in Hocus Pocus 2, they are banished from Salem in a very “compassionate” way. Instead of burning them to ashes because, like, THEY LURE AND EAT CHILDREN, the ending is all about Winifred reuniting with her sisters in a dignified matter.

At the movie’s climactic end, Winifred gets an emotional sendoff as she disappears in a magical whirlwind while “whimsical music” plays in the background.

And even the book sheds a tear for Winifred.

In short, the witches were never really the “bad guys”. They were misunderstood women who valued the importance of sisterhood.

The movie ends with the three teenage girls walking side by side, exactly like the Sanderson sisters.

Moral of the story: Evil wins. Satan reigns.

Comparing the original Hocus Pocus with Hocus Pocus 2 is a revealing exercise. It exposes the complete reversal of morals and values communicated to children by mass media in the 21st century. Despite the fact that the witches are obsessed with luring and eating children to remain youthful, the movie portrays them as sympathetic, empowered women. The fact that they sold their soul to the Devil for witch powers was a big deal in the first movie. In the second, it is not an issue. At all.

The rest of the movie is all about teenage girls discovering the powers of witchcraft and the joys of forming a coven of witches. Of course, this implies that they’ll eventually have to submit to Satan and eat children to stay alive. But, hey, it’s 2022. We’re cool with that now.

So, any family that simply wants to watch a fun Halloween movie ends up being subjected to a session of indoctrination that culminates with three teenage girls converting to Satanism.

Thanks Disney.