via Simon Parkes 10-12-21… “Q-Phones are coming!!”

This came out and was sent to me by someone (Thank you!). Pretty fascinating idea, and likely will be “spyware free”, etc. We shall see.

Q-Phones (Telegram post link)

Q-phones are coming.

Say goodbye to iPhones.

Q-phones are already developed and manufactured in Germany, United Kingdom with final software upgrade in the United States. This smartphone is 3 dimensional and of the highest quality. It will become one of the main tools for direct credit and expenditures in daily life for consumer retail and business commerce domestically and internationally. This is a five hundred billion dollar manufacturing operation in three countries. Cost may increase as seven billion q-phones will be disbursed to all people on earth. The QFS will create its own internet that will work off its trinary code and perhaps a G8 network for satcom.


Telegram: @itandtechnologies