How much does a QEG cost and where can I buy? (New Video)

In this video, I answer the question that we get all the time which is “How much does a QEG cost and where can I buy one?”  The answer is more involved than a lot of people think. Hopefully this explanation can help to provide some clarity. Watch here on Youtube. Watch here on Vimeo […] Disinfo Attack on QEG Hopegirl

In this video Hopegirl thoroughly addresses an article put out by the website that “Debunks the QEG”. For four years this article and associated QEG graphics and altered QEG schematics has been used in an attempt to defame and discredit the QEG technology. The metabunk site is home to forums that claim to debunk […]

What is the QEG Project? (New Video 2018)

The QEG is the most heavily trolled and oppressed energy device on the internet. The QEG is an alternative electric energy generator that was designed based on the work of Nikola Tesla. It is intended to provide power to your home without the need of fossil fuels. In 2014 James Robitaille along with his wife […]

QEG Technology Explained By Hopegirl (New Video 2018)

This video gives an in depth explanation about how the technology in the Quantum Energy Generator works. After an introduction from Hopegirl, a full excerpt from our movie “Chasing Tesla” is displayed showing resonance technology as it was discovered and used by Nikola Tesla is presented. Nikola Teslas patents for resonance machines as well as […]

#FinishtheQEG Vlog Update April 12 2018

In this weeks Vlog, Tivon and Hopegirl walk us through some of the parts for the new circuit as well as the basics around the mini QEG design. As we are still waiting for our shipment to arrive from China, we thought this would be a great way to update everyone on our progress to […]

Finish the QEG Vlog Update #1

This is the first of a series of Vlog style updates that we will be doing centered around the latest development to finish the QEG.  We hope to do them every couple of weeks to bring you along the journey with us so that you can see this live as it unfolds! First Tivon and […]


The campaign to finish the QEG just ended today and we are happy to announce that we have raised enough pledges to implement the project. Here is a quick video update describing the details. You can watch a video announcement of this update on Vimeo here: Click here to join the academy Click […]