Circuit Testing on QEG Live Call August 26, 2018

We’ve got some very positive results so far on the new circuit.  Xingdou has built the circuit and has been testing it on the QEG, in this call we’ll go over his results so far. If you are not a member of The Clean Energy Academy and would like to join the call, or receive a […]

How much does a QEG cost and where can I buy? (New Video)

In this video, I answer the question that we get all the time which is “How much does a QEG cost and where can I buy one?”  The answer is more involved than a lot of people think. Hopefully this explanation can help to provide some clarity. Watch here on Youtube. Watch here on Vimeo […]

The QEG “Went Private” in 2015. What this means.

In 2015 the QEG project “went private” This video explains what this means and why this was done. Watch it here on Youtube Or watch it here on Vimeo The QEG Project is a Private Business. What this means. Hopegirl from Hope Moore on Vimeo. If you want to get involved or contact Hopegirl or […]

New QEG Controller Board Live Call

Sunday April 29 @6 PM EST (UTD-5) This week we will be discussing the new controller board for the QEG. QEG Builder Xingdou from China has already started to build it and Tivon will be discussing details about the controller board and what it is meant to do.   James will be giving an update as […]

#FINISHTHEQEG Vlog Update March 27 2018 (Video)

In this update we show you the latest from our lab makeover and take you along with us as we visit progress with the QEG in China.  Also we discuss DHL and shipping imports in and out of foreign countries. Its been a very busy couple of weeks for us at the Energy Academy, we […]