A Sign of these Times… Dr. Steve Turley… “The Humiliating FALL of Rachel Maddow!!!” (and ALL propaganda news outlets)

These videos caught my attention along the way, and the top one was one of the first I watched in 2020. Recall these Kp blog posts from the past:

Rachel Maddow on 4-24-13… “A Lesson in How to ‘Push’ Disinformation”… (and Why I Have Stopped Watching Rachel, and Pretty Much Anyone Else, on MSNBC)

EXCELLENT Mark Dice video EXAMPLE of how the MSM twists and manipulates a story… (and YOU (or me), the viewer!) (but only if you let them)

In the first, I realized that Rachel Maddow, who I’d viewed and admired for years, was now a shill for the propaganda news machine. And in the second, that “It displays how the MSM (aka, FSM = Fake Stream Media, aka MSBSM = Main Stream BS Media) DOES the brainwashing, as it tries to imply things like, “Trump is Hitler”.”

So it is now quite gratifying to me, at least, that these media channels (and their minions) are collapsing, and being clearly unveiled for what they are. Propaganda outlets.


Other recent Steve Hurley videos related to this:

1. Rachel Maddow SUED! Forced to DEFEND Russia FAKE NEWS in COURT!!!
2. CNN and MSNBC Ratings COLLAPSE While Conservative News Outlets SURGE!!!