Ranch For Kids In Montana Shut Down, Students Taken Into State Custody

I have two articles up at our national website which will be of interest to our readers here. (Links are below) In a remarkable display of authoritarianism and gov-force, a small school for special needs children has been invaded by Montana’s Department of Public Health and Human Services. The school was shut down and the children were taken into State custody. The State has charged the Ranch For Kids school with alleged “abuse”. The newspapers around Montana are trying to build public opinion to favor the government’s action on this before the facts can reach people.  TMM has an inside to this breaking story, and I’m asking readers to help spread the word. Please consider forwarding this letter and/or significant links to our articles at TMM. Thank you!

This is a remarkable story and will spawn several articles from TMM. Title of Part One is

“Twenty-Seven Special Ed Children Seized At School In Montana”

Link for story —  https://thementalmilitia.net/2019/07/30/twenty-seven-children-seized-montana/

Part Two begins with this —

On July 23 2019 officials of the State of Montana swarmed a little private boarding school for troubled children, shut down that school, rounded up and took into State custody the school’s twenty-seven students. That school is the “Ranch For Kids”. See their websiteHERE.

Both articles include videos.  Thank you for reading and viewing both articles and following through by sending links for both articles to friends and lists.
Elias Alias