#UNIVERSALCLEANUP #HATJ & RKB Emergency Formal Grievance Complaint and Investigation Demand 3.11.2021

We got thiese documents yesterday, I am still reading through them. The complaint is about 300 pages long and extremely well done. 

Its an excellent recap of the court case and what is wrong with it. 

 I am posting the teasers from BZ, and linking to her web page for the moment so you all can start reading. 

 I’ll redo this page later when I have more time (I have to go do some other work right now – the joys of paying bills…) I’ll redo it later and link everything to my file archive. Pays to have things in more than one place these days.



#UNIVERSALCLEANUP  #HATJ & RKB Emergency Formal Grievance Complaint and Investigation Demand 3.11.2021

BZ: The documents you see here are Love in Action. Doing what needs to be done, doing our best. In these moments of the unwinding unbinding of the false construct We The People are standing up and doing as we feel moved to BE and DO and taking our sovereignty/humanity/planet/Souls back from the controlers of the false construct. As Heather has said before, It only Takes one… In this part of the unfolding it was S Robinson & others who answered the call of their heart and took the action they were moved to do. To answer the call, their motivation Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

READ THE REST AT BZ’s ARCHIVE SITE: https://i-uv.com/universalcleanup-hatj-rkb-emergency-formal-grievance-complaint-and-investigation-demand-3-11-2021/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+IUv+%28I+UV%29