Those videos I was speaking about in the 6-10-17 LIVE YouTube (just finished)…

One of them is here in this post. The one I viewed most recently is below. And it’s a John B. Wells (I didn’t recall his name during the broadcast).

Published on Jun 6, 2017
Episode 751 – George Webb, Steven Aukstakalnis & Joseph Meyer
Full Episode:
In this edition we welcome back George Webb. Webb starts us off disclosing findings from the Seth Rich murder in spiraling rabbit hole format.
Here’s the Rebekah Roth one…

George Webb YouTube:

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George Webb and Rebekah Roth… “Two of the Unveilers and Unravelers of the Seth Rich, Clinton Foundation, et al., deals”

Okay, I’m posting two videos here. As far as “the unraveling” (of the “cabal”, “dark ones”, etc., agendas), these two seem to be on the front lines. George Webb has been mentioned from time to time by Jordan Sather, and I had seen thumbnails of videos of Rebekah Roth appearing in my YouTube feed, but for the first time I watched a one-hour video from her about the whole “George Webb/ Seth Rich/ Clinton Foundation/ DNC” business. Thanks to Ginger for that one (and for anyone else who emailed that link but who I ignored until now).

First video is the Rebekah Roth one, and the one below is a George Webb video which gives a sampling of what he does. He puts out about 5-10 videos a day, probably to cover himself in case something were to happen to him.

These may be for some, and not for others. Use that “Higher Discernment” thing.
Rebekah Roth YouTube page

Suggestions for starters (for the first video below): start at 3:20, listen for a few minutes (info about George Webb), then go to 58:00 and listen to what the (cabal, dark ones) plan is right now (about 5 minutes worth).

Published on Jun 3, 2017
Rebekah and Ramjet bring you up to date on the George Webb, DNC, Spy ring, Mossad operation, Primary Election theft, Seth Rich murder and more. History in the making, election fraud exposed. What will happen next?

George Webb YouTube page

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