Recipe for Disaster:

By Anna Von Reitz

Wash four big cucumbers.  Chop into big pieces.  Puree in the blender until the desired consistency.  Use this cucumber puree to substitute for tomato sauce in all your favorite recipes:  cucumber pizza, cucumber spaghetti sauce, and cucumber chili mac…. 

Yuck, right?  

Nobody in their right mind would substitute cucumber puree for tomato sauce.  

But there are plenty of people who think they can substitute US Citizens for Americans. 

Things don’t work that way, and for the same reasons demonstrated above. 

Even though the processes — pureeing in one case and assembling a State (or State of State) in the other — are virtually identical, the results are profoundly different.  

When you start out with US Citizens you get a commercial corporation franchise.  When you start out with Americans you get a “live” unincorporated State of the Union. 

It’s not that cucumbers are good and tomatoes are bad. Or vice versa.   

In a salad, they even work nicely together.  

But there are applications and assembling your States of the Union is one of them, where the two can’t substitute for each other.  

It’s as simple as that.

These yahoos who are pushing the idea that US Citizens can form States of the Union are: (1) deliberately misleading you into making a cucumber pizza, or (2) so ignorant they can’t foresee the results of their own actions. 

So do you want to waste your time, your material, and quite possibly go to jail (because US Citizens have no “right to assemble”) or do you want to take action that will get you where you want to go?  

These same folks are running around using fake names like “Virgo Triad” and “SunTzu” and “Merlin” because they are scared.  

Does it make sense to you that you should be afraid of your own employees?  

If not, its high time that you put all that behind you and joined with other like-minded Americans to put an end to the injustices and “upside down” governance of this country.  

It’s either that, or, cucumber pizza, anyone?


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