Red Alert! Red Alert!

By Anna Von Reitz

Red Alert!

Constructive Fraud underway!

The United States of America is an unincorporated Federation of States formed September 9, 1776.

The united States of America was a chartered Confederation of Federal States of States formed March 1, 1781.

Everyone get those facts firmly ingrained in your heads and if you remember no other dates in your lives, remember these two key bits of information.

The United States of America = Federation of States = September 9, 1776.
The united States of America = Confederation of States of States = March 1, 1781.

Now we have a bogus “Private Membership Association” promoting itself as something called “The United States of America 1781” and claiming to “be” The United States of America. 


They are claiming something that is literally impossible.

Why?  Because The United States of America wasn’t formed in 1781.

These people are nutcases. Ignorant nutcases. And they are out to enslave you by getting you to sign up for their bogus private association, just like “the United States” got your parents to unwittingly sign up as “US Citizens”.

This is more Roman Catholic Church crappola. Just read the way that these vicious criminals have stolen the work of Frank O’Collins and claimed it as their own — infringed on his copyright, and created a False Church and called this Satanic Organization The Reign of Heaven Society.

Reign of Hell is more like it!

These doppelgangers must be stopped.  And Sarah Westfall and John J. Singleton must be warned and advised of the facts.

Under international law, possession by pirates does not change ownership.

The name and the trademarks of the actual Federation of States doing business as The United States of America are still ours and we lodge extreme displeasure and international protest that any organization is misrepresenting itself as any characterization of this United States of America so as to entrap and mislead unwary Americans into undisclosed membership “agreements”.

Part of the stated objective of this elitist crime syndicate from the very first of its creepy declarations on the internet was to form a hierarchy just like the Roman Catholic Church and use it for the same purposes.  Well, we all know that the Roman Catholic Church has been infiltrated top to bottom with Satanists and that the Freemasons have worked in league with those elements to destroy all that is decent in the world.

There must be an immediate recognition that this evil and illegal organization calling itself “The United States of America 1781” is a Big, Fat Lie and that it is operating under constructive fraud and trying to deliberately confuse itself with our nation. 

Attack it and bring it down.  If you have registered a “residency” in it, immediately withdraw and put your permanent domicile on the land and soil of your native State of the Union.  Remove yourselves immediately!


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