YouAreFreeTV 1-20-18… “Q Announces #TENDARKDAYS: Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark!”

This is someone I have never watched before, but I found her information and “take” on things to be very refreshing. This #TENDARKDAYS thing is something I’ve heard of before, and apparently it started on the 1-20 and goes through the 1-29, followed by the 1-30-18 Trump State of the Union, which she is hash tagging as #JudgementDay. Hmmm. A lot going on in the background, she says. All things being done “in the dark” are leading up to the 30th.

Another hashtag floating around is #ReleasetheMemo. She points out that it can also be viewed as containing the name “Seth”, referring to Seth Rich (#releaSETHememo).

She also mentions “C60” which is apparently Buckminster Fullerene in olive or coconut oil. Someone else mentioned it to me. Here is an Amazon search link.

Published on Jan 20, 2018
With the government shutdown maneuver in play, Q team assures is Judgement Day is coming. Next week may be dark but it will be busy! Keep the Prayer Wave Strong 6pm worldwide! Q: Who is P? Will we have a new VP by Jan 30?

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