Reply to Richard – 15 November 2019

By Anna Von Reitz

This isn’t anything hard to explain or difficult to see. It says, plainly, that I am acting as a “Private Attorney” for Pope Benedict XVI.
Where does this say or imply that I ever worked for “the Vatican”?
More obfuscation and misrepresentation on your part, not mine.
Acting as a private attorney for someone, for example, Donald Trump, does not imply working for the Department of Administration — which you, Richard, actually did. Not me.
After all, I am the one who published the records you are “exposing” and the exact circumstance was “exposed” at the same time.
Everyone is advised to run-not-walk to get a copy of my book, “Disclosure 101” —available on Amazon
for the past several years, so that they might get an inkling of how much work has gone into dismantling
the crime syndicates responsible for the embezzlement that occurred on Richard’s watch.

I am not made into a criminal or Bad Guy for exposing and opposing crime, and neither is Pope Benedict.
You, however, were in a critical position of public trust in this country and you just sat there for decades doing nothing about the obvious embezzlement and the withholding of credit owed to average Americans. In fact, just recently, you expressed support for the generation skipping trust scheme as a way to avoid taxes.
And why would average Americans be interested in avoiding taxes they don’t owe?
This can only be accounted for as gross stupidity or gross dishonesty on your part, Richard. If I were you, I’d sit down and shut up and hope and pray to God — the True God — that all those Rotarians don’t catch on to what you were expediting against them.

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