RFK, Jr. —-Won

By Anna Von Reitz

As a jurist and as an American I have often had cause to deeply appreciate the work done by Robert F. Kennedy, before and during and after his tenure as Attorney General.  RFK single-handedly attacked the rampant and undisclosed criminality of the Bar Associations and their membership running what is mistaken for the “American Count System”.  

RFK torpedoed the Corporatists and defended the rights of the living people again and again and again and again and …..  If you are lucky enough to have an annotated copy of his court cases and briefs you will see how one man stood in the door and defended this entire country.  It was often lonely work. 

He died because of it.  

His son took up his work.  

It will not be reported by corrupt corporate media, but RFK Junior won his United States Supreme Court case against Big Pharma. He won despite all the awesome fire power and financing and “legal expertise” that all those corporations and vaccine manufacturers could throw at him.  

He won because he doubled-down and stuck on point and that point was that vaccines have never been tested for safety.  The whole issue of vaccine safety has never been addressed. Period.  At all. 

And it hasn’t. 

Making money, not Public Health, has been the sole concern of vaccine manufacturers ever since Jonas Salk. 

Do you know that 7,300 babies die every year as a result of vaccines?  

Do you know that our individual biology is unique and that what is safe for one person is deadly for another?  

Do you know that you have to claim ownership of your own DNA and record that interest in your own biology, or it is considered public property?  Fair game for experimentation?  Including forced vaccinations? 

Like his illustrious Father, RFK Jr. has stood in the doorway and defended the defenseless, the ignorant, the victims of the Corporatist Nazis.  It has been lonely work, except for the families of the victims cheering him on.  

Well, let’s all stand for a moment, wherever we are, and bow our heads.  Let’s give this man our due respect.  Let’s give thanks for him and all those like him, who take up the difficult but necessary task of defending living people against the reckless and faceless greed of the Corporatist Nazis. 

If you are now awake and realize that you haven’t claimed your biological assets, including your DNA, that is covered by the one page 1779 Declaration that all Americans need to record with their State Assemblies.  Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net and get started today. 


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