Yoda: US Navy UFI Extraterrestrial Free Energy Anti-Gravity Patents….

Disclosure begins….

The Secretive Inventor Of The Navy’s Bizarre ‘UFO Patents’ Finally Talks

ver the last six months, The War Zone has been deeply reporting on a set of bizarre patents assigned to the U.S. Navy. The patents, which are all the product of a single inventor, truly sound like the stuff of science fiction and include high-temperature superconductors, gravitational wave generators, compact fusion reactors, and high-energy electromagnetic field generators. Most radical of all is the “hybrid aerospace-underwater craft” claimed to be able to “engineer the fabric of our reality at the most fundamental level” by seemingly bending the laws of physics as we know them.

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Phi Beta Iota: Free energy is the game change.  Long repressed, it is about to explode on the market.  It will impact on US inner cities and rural areas, and contribute to peace in the Middle East. President Donald Trump is fully aware.

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Review: A Palestinian Theology of Liberation – The Bible, Justice, and the Palestine-Israel Conflict by Naim Stifan Ateek

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Naim Stifan Ateek

5 Star — The Bible As Jesus Intended — for All, Not Some

From the Foreword by Walter Brueggemann:

QUOTE (xv): Thus, almost all of the information (misinformation that we receive in the West is filtered through Zionist ideologicial interest that holds in thrall much of the Christian community in the United States and consequently that holds in thrall US policy as well. In that articulation the current plight of Palestinians is kept invisible and the legitmate claims of Palestinians, ground in historical and social reality, are left without articulation.

QUOTE (xvii): Ateek’s reading of the Christian gospel is a move from “some” to “all,” a rejection of privileged tribalism, and a prospect for a just peace in which all parties may participate.

QUOTE (xix): This book is a venture in truth-telling advocacy.

Robert Steele:

I am fifteen books behind in my reading, so I am going to plow through a book a day until caught up, with my intent being to attract attention to each book,, not read every word or provide a comprehensive summary.

Most of this book is devoted to a proper re-interpretation of the original Bible that has been bastardized — I use the words advisedly — by the Zionists and their camp followers, the Christian Zionists, none of whom are actually capable of independent critical thinking such as is displayed very day by Pastor Chuck Baldwin, a man I admire for his courageous confrontation of the Zionist and Christian Zionist scourge that is as dangerous to America and the Constitution as the extremists on  the socialist fake climate change take the guns left, all of them pawns of the Deep State.

A substantial portion of the book discusses SBEEL, the ecumenical liberation theology movement among Palestinian Christians — an Anglican (not Vatican) led movement, it offers a startling counterpoint to the now-pressed Jesuit (but anti-Vatican) liberation theology movement that flourished for a time in South America until it was viciously put down, financially castrated, by the Vatican.

The greatest value to the lay reader will be chapters one through four, covering in turn:

  1. Liberation Theology Worldwide
  2. History of the Palestinian Christians across Islam, Crusades, Protestants, and Zionists
  3. The Three-fold Nakba of pain: human, identity, and faith agonies
  4. Other Historical Events including the Holocaust, the 1967 war and the rise of religious Zionism, and the First Intifada

I myself am increasingly skeptical of all religions, and increasingly skeptical of the authenticity of many — not all — religious foundation documents. I find myself believing that we are all God particles, that we are all One within a cosmos that is God manifest in all forms of energy and consciousness, and that religious are by and large a psychological operations tool for dividing and controlling naive publics, distracting them from the reality that the 99% are being screwed by the 1% every single day in spite of the fact that we could create a prosperous world at peace, a world that works for all, simply by being authentic, inclusive, and truthful.

My bottom line: we are all Palestinian, Zionism is not Judaism,  the restoration of Palestine is “root” for world peace and any religion that opposes that worthy goal is Satanic in some form, whether acknowledged or not.

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Yoda: Supreme Leader Respects Jews — Focus on Zionists, Eliminating Invented Criminal Apartheid Genocidal State of Israel — Make the Deal, Mr. President!

Robert Steele: Zionism, Judaism, & the Apartheid Genocidal State of Isreal — A Super Article by Lynda Burstein Brayer

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53 Zionist Strikes (Zionism is Not Judaism)

Mongoose: Amazon Speed Bump — Honey by PayPal



Your beginner’s guide to Honey, the anti-Amazon shopping extension


If there’s a better price, we’ll find it

Phi Beta Iota: Amazon extorts 40-50% from sellers, this means that sellers can afford to give PayPal/Honey 5-10%, and still sell for up to 40% below Amazon. Now if PayPal would develop the true cost, Made in the USA, not Koch database, this would essentially bury Amazon. If not PayPal, then Tencent. Web 3.0 begins….next up: burying #GoogleGestapo.  HOWEVER, see below.

Alert Reader comments:

I am not sure there are any companies able to crush Amazon. The reason is that “habits, like a soft bed, are easy to fall into, and hard to get out of.” Amazon has locked shopping. Even if WalMart kills Amazon shopping, there’s the AWS thing. If Microsoft kills AWS, there the Amazon warehouse and fulfillment business. Amazon has been more successful than Google
in diversifying its revenue streams. Amazon will die and lose traction because that’s the life cycle of companies. But a bunker buster to eliminate the
Bezos bulldozer, that I do not see, and certainly not in Honey alone.

DefDog: US Middle East Plan is a Dog — Dead Before Launch — Could President Trump Be a Stable Genius About to Throw Israel Under the Bus?


Rejected, and rightly so, by the Palestinians before launch.  Simply not serious.

Trump says he’ll likely release Middle East peace plan by Tuesday

A proper peace plan, eight points, below the fold.

ROBERT STEELE: I continue to believe that in the end President Donald Trump will withdraw US support from the invented Russian criminal apartheid genocidal state of Israel, and “make the deal” with Iran and Turkey and others for the complete withdrawal of the USA from the Middle East, with all US financial and military assistance contingent on the restoration of Palestine to the Palestinians, the end of Zionist armed agitation with the Kurds, the end of Saudi predation on Yemen and Somalia, and the end of millions of illegal aliens being “flushed” into Europe by Arab dictators. If President Trump does not do this, the President elected in 2024 with a massive transpartisan turn-out, is very likely to make this one of their twelve core promises to America. Below is my peace article, with the eight points shown for convenience. Note the 12,706 votes — this was widely read in Russia.

Robert Steele, “Peace in the Middle East: Denuclearizing Israel, Restoring Palestine, and More,Russian International Affairs Council, 18 May 2018.

1. Denuclearization of the Middle East including Israel

2. Peace between the Sunnis and the Shi’ites

3. Jerusalem and perhaps Mecca as international cities

4. Restoration of Palestine

5. Creation of a Kurdish Confederacy (no changes to existing national borders)

6. Repatriation of all unemployed Muslims from Europe back to Arabia, and reparations for Iraq

7. Creation of a post-Western post-fossil fuel economy with unlimited desalinated water

8. Creation of a regional Open Source Agency and network with information and engineering bureaus sufficient to create prosperity for all at 10% the cost of the failed Western economic paradigm.


Yoda: Time Travel? Could Be!

Alert Reader recommends:


Peter Moon, life long Time Travel investigator and ghost writer of Time Travel’s most revealing books, offers a spectacular host of resources that capture the vast breadth of his firsthand knowledge, experiences and writings about Time Travel and much more.

From the Navy’s Philadelphia Experiment of 1943, to the deeply detailed history of The Montauk Project with “how to” instructions, to easy to understand Time Travel Theory, and exciting Inner Earth adventures tha tyou’ve never heard of, Peter Moon’s Time Travel treasure trove is deserving of household name recognition.

Peter Moon’s enormous contribution to Time Travel includes:

Peter Moon is one of the unsung heroes of Disclosure. If you’re interested in Time Travel, communities living in Inner Earth, you’ll want to delve into the amazing breadth and depth of the work of Peter Moon.

State of the Nation: Is the USA Waging Bio-War on China?

WEAPONIZED CORONAVIRUS: “Bioengineered as a self-replicating weapon system”

In light of the US-staged Hong Kong protests, U.S. tariff regime against China, threat of economic sanctions against nations working with Huawei, CIA-inflamed Xinjiang conflict involving the Muslim Uyghurs, provocative sailing of US Navy warships through the Taiwan Strait, transparent political prosecution of Huawei’s CFO, ravaging of China’s pig farms by a bioengineered virus, etc., the Chinese government has been under withering attack since 2018.

Read full article with graphics and links.

Mongoose: Christopher Andrew Tarnishes Himself, DoD Now Known to Have Paid $1M to Possible Pedophile Working for FBI to Frame Mike Flynn


Russiagate Spy Paid $1 Million By Obama Was WaPo Deep Throat

Phi Beta Iota: The only thing missing from the emerging stories about CIA and FBI perfidy (and DoD complicity in paying foreign agents to spy on President Donald Trump and his team) is pedophilia among some of the CIA and FBI officials and their foreign agents seeking  to smear the President and Mike Flynn. That is the anchor leg of this story that the media has missed.