Robert Steele: Is Trump Winning Over Democrats?

Detroit rep says hydroxychloroquine, Trump helped save her life amid COVID-19 fight

Another Doctor Reports Dramatic Improvement In COVID-19 Patients Using Trump-Touted Treatment

I am seeing more and more signs that the Democratic Party is imploding along several lines.  The above headline is part of it — the breakaway of activist left from establishment left, and the previously known creation of #WalkAway and the migration of blacks away from the failed Biden and Sanders bids, are part of it.

What President Donald Trump has NOT done is clean up the GOP, which is still — by order of the Romney relative in charge of the party — refusing to place Trump supporters in the 50% of the GOP precinct seats that are vacant, and which is NOT putting out a welcome mat for blacks, women, and the young in particularl.

#UNRIG is the answer.  #UNRIG = Mother of All Landslides.  Any questions? I am looking for work and would like to help — so would Cynthia & John, each with their own gifts.


SPECIAL: West Pointer Dan Schultz on How GOP Is Cheating President Donald Trump by Keeping 200,000 Precinct Positions Vacant and Blocked from Trump Supporters!

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Mongoose: Children Before Disclosure?

Phi Beta Iota: We have no direct knowledge. People we trust are saying this is happening; we know the evil exists and needs to be scourged, but we have no direct visual  evidence that arrests are taking place or children being rescued.

Robert Steele Being Digitally Assassinated . . .

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I am learning and growing stronger. The day will come when we have a social ecology that cannot be censored and that is faithful to the Constitution, Title 10, and the Communications Decency Act.

David Wilcock: Alliance Win Is Inevitable – Details

Alert Reader summarizes David Wilcock’s latest very long missive.

Biblical war between Alliance (good) and Cabal/Deep State/Swamp (bad)

Modern conflict begins in early 1950s (Cold War) with President Eisenhower

Alliance has made several unsuccessful attempts to bring down Cabal

  • 1952 President Eisenhower blocked from invading Area 51
  • President Kennedy assassinated
  • Iran-Contra Affair
  • President Reagan assasination attempt
  • Whitewater Investigation (really Chinagate) and demolition of Murrow Building to destroy documents
  • 911 and demolition of documents at both World Trade Center and Navy section of Pentagon

Both sides have Looking Glass Technology

  • No matter what scenario is run, the timeline keeps collapsing to a single outcome – Cabal defeat
  • Both sides know what Q says – “Game Over”
  • Cabal now only delaying their inevitable demise

Upcoming 3 Days of Darkness

  • No internet or telephone
  • Alliance engineers must remove “dark nodes” in internet to remove choke points & Deep State surveillance mechanisms
  • POTUS will communicate with population via Emergency Broadcast System
  • Deep State criminals being rounded up in these 3 days as over 160,000 indictments unsealed world-wide
  • After criminal round-up, there will be two days of TV airing three 8 hour segments explaining to population what has happened

Satanic Pedophila will be exposed

  • Massive tunnel warfare across United States is occurring
  • Large numbers of children, who are being held as sex slaves and producers of adrenochrome, will be liberated
  • Children will be sheltered on the Comfort and Mercy Naval ships

World Economic Reset is Underway

  • POTUS is nationalizing the Federal Reserve, a criminal organization that has stolen tens of trillions of dollars from the people
  • New world currencies will likely be unveiled soon
  • Trump, Xi, Putin and other world leaders working in concert to bring down Rothschild Central Banking System world-wide

POUTS reorganizing world energy sector

  • Plumeting oil prices are meant to bankrupt petrodollar dependent CABAL
  • OPEC will be expanded to include Russia and other countries

This is the Second American Revolution

  • Citizens will learn how their nation has been highjacked and how they have been held hostage as debt slaves
  • Citizens will learn how they have been massively brainwashed for 100+ years
  • Citizens will reclaim the Republic of the United States
  • The original Constitution will be re-instated
  • Admiralty Law will be replaced by Common Law (all lawyers and judges will be re-trained)


  • POTUS will declass major events
  • JFK assasination
  • 9/11
  • Secret Space Technology – free energy & anti-gravity
  • Extraterrestrial Contact