Yoda: Global 5G Map Correlates to Most “Virus” Cases

Tip of the Hat to Steven Vervaecke for this information.

Overall we can now say that 5G is the common denominator for “virus” outbreaks across Europe with the exception of the UK. It could be a false positive but it cannot be denied, particularly when considering the cruise ships and the evidence that the cases on the ships are largely from satellite-based radiation sickness.


The interactive Ookla 5G Map tracks 5G rollouts in cities across the globe. Updated weekly from verified public sources and Ookla data.

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This is rather interesting, it maps most of the known 5G sites in the world. You do have to check the pre-release thing under deployment types to get every location.

So I decided to have a little fun. The first thing i did was check Italy. And lo and behold, there is 5G around Milan, just as my first research has confirmed.

Then i went to check France, where the first corona cases in europe popped up. So i searched for reports that included the locations. I found this one:

Coronavirus: France confirms three cases of deadly China virus

The locations are Bordeaux and Paris. Over to the map and what do i find? Paris and Bordeaux.

According to this

New Coronavirus Cases In UK, Germany, Italy Put Europe Total At 31

there are German cases as well centered around Munich. Over to the map, yep: Munich

UK data is inconsistent and varying from source to source. There would be 3 cases in York, but no 5G seems present there. In Brighton there would be cases, there is a 5G nearby but not likely. Milton has 105 quarantined, no 5G, there is 5G in nearby cities. London has cases and 5G confirmed.

Overall we can pretty save say 5G is a huge common denominator of corona across europe. This solidifies the 5G case even further.

Phi Beta Iota: Because of the prevalence of major cities as hubs for international travelers, this could be a false positive but we don’t think that it is.  The combination of a biological virus and radiation sickness cannot be ignored. It it is ignored, then those ignoring radiation sickness must be assumed to be part of a larger plot to create a crisis that leads toward mandated universal vaccines including digital ID, long a Gates Foundation objective.

‘ID2020 Alliance’ Will Combine Vaccinations & Implantable ID Microchips

See the below video for superb illustrations of the role played by the new 5G satellites in infecting most if not all of the cruise ship passengers.

Worth a Look: 5G Satellite Cruise Ship Kill Alternative Media Mandate Vaccines with Digital ID Deep State False Flag Attack on China (and USA)

Here’s the missing bit:

‘ID2020 Alliance’ Will Combine Vaccinations & Implantable ID Microchips

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Robert Steele: DRAFT Paper Seek Comments to Improve

I am finishing up Appendix B on this paper, below is the Executive Summary with Table of Contents, seeking comments to improve TODAY if possible, by 26 February at latest — but I live in the real-time world so today would be ideal, rewards to those who improve my work.  Downloadable DOC (34 Pages) at bottom of this post.

NATO 2040:

Intelligence (Decision-Support) as Root for Transformation

Robert David Steele

Executive Summary (Full Text & Downloadable DOC Below the Fold)

This white paper outlines how Intelligence (Decision-Support) can help the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) transform itself from a reactive conventional military instrument of the Member States; and instead become a central unifying strategic force for waging peace, achieving prosperity, and ending war in all its forms. NATO can be greater than the sum of its parts.

Transformation can be job and revenue neutral within each Member State – hence politically doable.

NATO must first come to grips with its lack of organic intelligence capabilities, particularly access to Open Source Information (OSIF) and its inability to produce Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) sufficiently compelling to impact on strategic, operational, tactical, and technical (acquisition) planning, programming, budgeting, and execution (PPBE) among each of its Member States.

$2 billion a year is on the table with the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (USDI) for an Open Source Agency OSA) that both creates the modern OSINT discipline, and provides a context for radical improvement in classified collection, processing, and all-source analysis. It is within NATO’s power to propose to USDI an executive agency role for the Atlantic Transformation Command (ACT) of NATO, that would immediately yield $25M per year Initial Operating Capability (IOC) under Joint Forces Command / 2nd Fleet with a facility in Dam Neck, Virginia, toward $200M per year Final Operating Capability (FOC) in Dam Neck, with access to another $800M per year in OSINT and Human Intelligence (HUMINT) capabilities – including private sector investigative and analytic capabilities – world-wide.

Two appendices are provided to illuminate the value of this long-recommended but also long-contested approach to “intelligence done right” – Application A on Four Forces, and Application B on Waging Peace. Presidential and USDI briefing materials on an OSA are available separately.

Table of Contents

Intelligence (Decision-Support) – Intelligence Done Right 2

Appendix A: 4 Threat Classes, 4 Type Commands, 4X the Impact 17

Appendix B: Waging Peace – Faster, Better, Cheaper?. 24

Glossary. 30

Endnotes. 31

DOC (34 Pages):  NATO FOE 2040 Steele INTEL 2.1

COMMENTS: email to  robert.david.steele.vivas AT gmail DOT com

Ideally today, but book closes at end of month.  I have other things to do so today is ideal.  Blessings to all of you.

Mongoose: Alert Reader on Coronavirus, 5G, Doctors Dying, Bill Gates, Population Culling


Alert Reader writers in:

None of this adds up.  Anomalies include:

  • 30 day military drill in Wuhan to practice pandemic drills a few weeks before Wuhan outbreak [UN military gamers capped that 18 October — great way to hide intelligence and medical specialists from multiple countries]
  • Same day Event 201 sponsored by Johns Hopkins for Bill Gates to focus on public/private partnerships to respond to severe pandemics
  • Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai is a graduate of Johns Hopkins and close to both Gates and Kushner — could he be a Deep State or Mossad asset? Or is the Chinese leadership complicit in a massive global pandemic wargame?
  • Netanyahu visited both Trump and Putin in late January to hype the crisis.
  • Italy gets hit — message to Vatican? [Separately Knights of Malta are said to be involved with the Zionists and the Freemason in this global drama]
  • Iran gets hit — the holy town of Qom — right before election
  • South Korea gets hit, starts cracking down on a controversial religious group.
  • Doctors who have very high immune defenses are dying — to shut them up?

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ROBERT STEELE: To which we would add the cruise ships, the Jewish professor at Harvard as the “Lee Harvey Oswald” for China’s JFK/911 Event, and President Trump’s saying, correctly, we believe, that this will peak in April and we move on. China was destroyed by an information war — media lies — on top of a staged event. Justice will be done eventually.

Gates $100M does not help China, it advances Gates’ universal mandatory vaccination digital ID agenda.

For Russia not to have any cases at all is a truth-teller on Russian advanced knowledge for defeating biological-electromagnetic attacks.  Russia may fake a few cases soon as a minor deception.

Knights of Malta and Freemasons (as well as crisis actors) are emergent as factors in this global scale deception.

The US military is preparing to deal with the lock down of US cities and a massive number of quarentined individuals, but sources in the Pentagon say that radiation sickness is not being mentioned in any of the planning documents.