Roy Potter 7-23-21 VIDEO… “Military Urging Officers To Get Their Houses In Order” (and 7-24-21 follow ups by Michael Jaco and Tarot by Janine))

Roy Potter, former military

[Kp update: btw I’ve posted Roy Potter before. Click the link, for those interested in seeing those.]

Thanks to Ewalina who messaged this to me, which I watched early in the day. I resonated with the Roy Potter message, and later discovered that “everybody” was talking about it and looking at it, including Michael Jaco and Tarot by Janine. All are in agreement with the idea that something is “about to pop, erupt, or whatever”. Combined with what I’ve been “getting” in the last couple posts (1 (fireworks), 2 (Calm before fireworks energies)), it is very possible we are at some kind of important turning point.

Michael Jaco seems to like recommending getting “pop pops” (guns) (I’d use discernment with that one), and all are recommending getting extra supplies, water, food, etc. Tarot by Janine’s cards indicated this was valid information, and that it’s important to stay calm, in the Light, and prepare for 7-10 days of complete shut down (or something like that). Also she saw that it would be ready to within the next 2 weeks.

So have fun with this, and Stay in the Light, and feel free to visualize the Higher Vibration New Consciousness coming in.

Tarot by Janine had my favorite quote: “Be a warrior not a worrier.”