Rumors of "FBI Out to Get Her"

By Anna Von Reitz

Let’s get this straight. The FBI is a subcontractor of a Subcontractor of my Subcontractor.
They are Cousin Amos’s Cousin Bubba. They are so far below my level of activity they don’t even know that they work for me, and it’s a helluva shock when they find out.
If the FBI ever has guts enough to address me, guess how long it will take me to get hold of my Subcontractor and start the proverbial %$#@$# flowing downhill?
Not long.
The FBI, like all “Federal Agencies”, has no authority to address Americans, unless we are doing something criminal, like plotting to murder people, or actually engaged in the interstate manufacture, sale, or transport of alcohol, tobacco, or firearms.
They could also report on us if we were conspiring against the Constitution(s), but as we are enforcing the Constitutions, that wouldn’t hold water, either.
So the FBI holds no power that is any threat to me and they are welcome to snoop — as I have said before — all they please. They will get an education and be bored to death.
It’s true that they have recently been following me around again and hiding in the bushes with long-range listening equipment, but that is hardly necessary, because I don’t guard communications.
My telephone really is my telephone. My email is my email. My mailbox is my rented mailbox. I don’t hide anything or deal in secrets. No “conspiracies” here. They and all the other Snooper Pooper Agencies can listen in and take notes and record anything I say to their heart’s delight.
As I said, they get educated by doing this, just like other Americans. And as they do, they wake up and go —- “Whoa! OMG! That means……”
Then they go paddling away and they check it out for themselves.
And they “discover” that yes, I’m right.
So what’s there to be made out of that?
Heck, they line up and get going to get their own State National credentials.
As Federal Employees they can’t act as State Citizens, but you’d better believe that they want access to their Constitutional Guarantees and Protections just like everyone else.
That’s part of what is so great about all of this. Everyone’s fat is in the fire, and everyone has a vested interest in saving America, once they take the Smart Pill and realize what is going on.
They also have access to all the international liens and other records and correspondences sent over the past twenty-plus years.
Including a large, several inches thick FBI File that I have compiled in Due Course of Fully Informing them. I’ve done my Public Duty. They haven’t done theirs —- which is another reason they really don’t want to talk to me.
They have copies of my Irrevocable Will.
They have or could get access to the vast compendium of legal documents and notices and court cases and historical records that litter all my computer hard drives.
They can observe my PayPal Accounts and money transfers.
If they want to track me buying a new windshield for my car, so be it.
I could really care less.
Certain “Persons” have (wrongly) reported that I stole American assets, that I was “preaching against the government”, that I wasn’t a “judge” and so on.
So there’s the FBI, loyally laying out there in the wet weeds, but….
I am a form of judge known as a “Justice” — the same kind of Justice that inhabits their Supreme Court. Not impersonating anyone or doing anything wrong, staying in my lane, tending to my business.
And if they slog through the hundreds of liens and claims that make up my public records, they will find that I saved their bacon along with my own and didn’t steal anything from anyone.
In fact, I prevented our country from being stolen from under our unwitting noses and did the FBI’s job for them.
Yes, it’s pathetic that a Great-Grandma from a tiny burg in Alaska had to do this job for Employees who are paid to protect us and failed with a capital “F”— shameful, really. But it is what it is.
They were ignorant and misdirected. And still are. But like I say, they get a free education, each and every day.
I certainly don’t worry about it, and neither should you. If anyone from the FBI comes and asks you any questions, just be scrupulous about telling the truth. Because believe me, they already know the truth about me—in great detail.
The next ones in line will be those who spread all these lies and caused the FBI to waste all the money and time to investigate me and my activities with such a fine-toothed comb.


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