How We really Feel about Klaus Schwab and his Great Reset

April Satire for your Pleasure

This month’s topic: Klaus Schwab

As always when we humans are being trampled upon and driven into the dust, we still manage to find humor in all situations. This is a testament to our true nature which is intricately connected to soul energy and to the very Source Creator that is Love. Intuitively we know this. It is in our blood, our bones, every cell of our being. It is in our DNA, our consciousness, our energy field which is brilliant Light born of our Creator. When we connect with our soul we know that we are eternal and that death is an illusion. From that place humans can be fearless because we know that this 3D reality is just a day in our eternal lifetime. Let’s pray that our fellow humans who have truly forgotten who they are, begin the challenging task of waking up NOW.




From Zachary Denman (Website). A vision of what the great reset might look like IF WE DO NOT WAKE UP. Wake up now dear Human. There is still time.








February Funnies – Laughter is the Best Medicine

Join us once again for our attempt to lighten our heavy load by trying to find the humor in our situation.

From Spacebusters:

And From our Dear Friend JP:


And for something Musically Beautiful, a bit sad and filled with Satire. From Aliah -Sheffield:

More Humor from Spacebusters:



Some well needed January Satire

Join Awaken with JP and his delightful Satirical rants as he tries to wake up the world with humor, intellect and a lot of heart. This month he provides “Real News” commentaries on the Capitol Riots and our new President Joe Biden.



And some weird predictive programming from our favorite animated disclosure outlet – The Simpsons. From Daily News Youtube.