Second Reply to Sun-Tzu

By Anna Von Reitz

I don’t deal in incorporated entities at all. 
None of the organizations I represent are incorporated. 
So your idea that I am somehow associated with ANYTHING calling itself “United States, Inc.” or “United States of America, Inc.” or any other foreign corporation is outrageous—- and in view of the fact that I have been the principle party bringing attention to the existence and meaning of these unauthorized incorporated entities for the last several years, it is nothing but ironic that you have seen fit to display your ignorance in public like this.
I will be publishing an article re-iterating the fact about these corporations and the differences in jurisdiction involved between the unincorporated States of the Union and the incorporated States of States, also the differences between the unincorporated union of states known as The United States and any incorporated “ringer” calling itself “the” United States, Inc.