Secondhand Salvation

By Anna Von Reitz

How often have you heard someone say that “Jesus died for your sins.”?  

That’s a lie.  

Jesus died because of the sins of men. Note the difference between the words “for” and “because”. 

The Sanhedrin accused him of Necromancy, because he raised Lazarus from the dead.  That carries the death penalty according to the Old Testament.  So they wanted him executed for giving life back to his friend.  

Such a crime. 

The Romans were disturbed by rumors of the Lazarus incident also.  They didn’t really take it seriously, but Romans are superstitious.  What if…. well, what if this Jewish rabble-master could summon an army from the ranks of the dead?  That’s enough to chill the spine of any Roman General.  Just as a thought.  So why not do away with any threat, real or imagined? 

So they did.  It was convenient.  What difference could it make anyhow?  What was the death of one more impoverished, itinerant Jew?  

And that is really the way it was— just plain old run-of-the-mill banal evil at work.  Give Judas a little payola, the Fix is in, and la,la,la….. 

Let’s get this clear — Jesus didn’t die “for” our sins, he died because of our sins.  Our sinful nature.  Our slack-handed acceptance of evil and selfishness as a way of life.  Our lack of caring.  Our blind greed and idolatry.   

And his suffering was never some kind of warm, fuzzy, security blanket for Christians.  It was our example of what we may have to endure.   

So when ignorant people ask me about my “blood seal” on the altar of the true church, let me explain — the actual True Church is known only to God, the Father.  He calls whom He will call.  He calls us forth from every faith.  Even the Lamb has nothing to say about it.  My blood seal is the same blood seal as His, the sign of my own suffering and death.  

Those of the True Church are called to war against those of the False Church in a supernatural war of the spirit.  The Grail Kings are called to overcome the Kings of this world.  The Sword of Truth is summoned to dispatch the deceits of the Romans. 
One of the snide Maxims of Roman Civil Law is, “Let him who will be deceived, be deceived.”   In other words, if you are too stupid to realize that you have been defrauded, it’s your problem.  The law will afford you no remedy or help until and unless you wake up and object to the fraud. 

Roman Civil Law is what the Municipal Governments including the Municipal United States Government operate under.  Their whole system is founded on such deceits and the allowing of such deceits.  

So what do we find?  A whole world deluded and defrauded and deceived. 

A whole world believing that “Jesus died for our sins” and that we don’t have to do anything to save ourselves.  Not even a good faith effort.  Just live our lives in whatever reckless, depraved, sick and double-minded way we please — and then throw ourselves on his mercy?  Broker a deal for forgiveness through some handy-dandy priest?  Pay your money and clutch your golden cross?  

And you wonder why I snort at this ridiculous state of affairs?  Why I don’t believe in money?  Why I decry every aspect of this situation?  Why I went to the Popes and the Cardinals and served Notice of the Fraud?  Do you think that they can avoid their own law the same way they try to avoid the Law of the Living God?  

The Watchmen are calling, the Watchtowers are lit.  The Apocalypse has come and the Great Tribulation [Tribute to Rome] must end.  Their sin and their fraud is upon them.  Their use and abuse of living people for the sake of legal fictions crafted as idols by their own hands, has come home to roost: 

Once: Fictio cedit veritati — fictio juris non est, ubi veritas.  
Twice: Fictio cedit veritati — fictio juris non est, ubi veritas.   Thrice: Fictio cedit veritati — fictio juris non est, ubi veritas.  

Once: Ex dolo malo non oritur action. 
Twice: Ex dolo malo non oritur action. 
Thrice: Ex dolo malo non oritur action. 

We raise the living from the dead.  
We raise the living from the dead. 
We raise the living from the dead. 

We end the time of times and restore the Truth. 
We end the time of times and restore the Truth. 
We end the time of times and restore the Truth. 

Recently, I have been attacked by those seeking to escape their own redemption.  They are so messed up and confused that they don’t know friend from foe.  Perhaps this is to be expected after so much deceit and so much woe. 

We conquer by the power and the might of the spirit of the True God.  We need nothing else at all.   

And so my seal stands upon the altar of the True Church, as I have been called forth by Our Father and am dedicated in life and in death to my Creator, not deceived and not deceiving anyone — including those like Cardinal George.  

I have declared myself freely in the presence of my Father and many Witnesses.  I was called and I have come in the name of the True and Living God, as proof and as seal of the Grail Kings. And even if it is not apparent yet to everyone, the end of the Evil One and His reign on Earth has come.   


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