Lunar Operations Command Now Becoming Visible to Amatuer Astronomers

Terran note:  I apologize for the late arrival of this data but I have been occupied with Heather’s case traveling to DC and now Tennessee in a very different type of disclosure in the Court rooms which is actually related to what follows below. I have been keeping up with this  as it develops.  This is from an amateur astronomer in Greece who corresponds to my friend Martha. 

He’s found some pretty amazing things going on right now on the moon!  Crater bottoms are opening up and ships are flying out of them and they are staying open. Normally reflective craters in the sunlight, these open entrances (holes) in the moon surface appear deep and black.  There is plenty of historical images to prove this.

It appears whomever is operation the Lunar Operations Command has thrown open the doors so everyone can see what WE (the Earth) already have there!  For those who are observant. 

July 25, 2017

According to the people of one village in Crete, earlier today, 25, 07-2017, bright disk shaped objects were seen in the sky that disappeared and were lost behind the mountain Vorizia.   Residents in Zaros claim to have seen something like a UFO or, finally, a bright disk in the sky.
According to what the inhabitants told in a local TV channel, they saw something like ufo that was then lost to Vorizia.

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Martha: Cool!  Visibility!

July 25, 2017

S: So, ok I have a question that I really need an answer.  South of Mare Fecunditatis, you will find crater gondeius and a series of snakes….. and a series of smaller craters.  Each are now open, (at least six in total and each has a round mass in the center.  These were not open a month ago nor can I identify the round mass within each crater.  Within each, you can see the inside walls and the depth cannot be determined.

So, WHO is on the moon?????  I would really like an answer to that question if your friend can help me out with that one, I would be more than thankful.

Martha: Well, short answer, WE are on the moon. But no one officially admitted it. This sounds like they intend to let it be known. I’ll ask about it. Can you get photos?  You’ll be the first!  I’m tremendously excited!

S: Will try.. Did not have camera available but even my 88 year old mother could see they were open with pods in the center of each.  If you use your telescope, you should be able to see them.

S: …visible with 2x barlow and more powerful barlow and 25mm lens.

S: We really need a photo!  That would be great.

S: will try to see if [redacted] is available tomorrow night with his camera

July 30, 2017

Martha: I’m looking with my telescope. I see lots of craters right along the shadow edge, just in the light. The scope isn’t strong enough to zoom in much. One crater is very dark in the center. About 3/4 up. (Or down. The telescope reverses things I discovered). Is that it?

Martha: Hoo boy, I need a tutorial on the scope!  I can’t even consistently see through the eye piece and can’t figure out why. Anyway, rough attempt, I used the iPhone. It’s not great, but you can see more or less what I see.

S: It sounds like you are looking in the right spot.  Now look north, (up) toward the mountains and you see the other ones, in a row, each open with a pod in the middle.

S: No, they are below the Mountain region and run in a row, simi-circle.

Martha: Lol. I only just figured out how to draw on photos. Not very well.

S: ?

Martha: So down, not up in the photo?  I’m confused because the image is upside down. Do telescopes do that?

S: yes, if yours is a reflector.  It will turn the object upside down.  North for me may be south for you.

Martha: It must be a reflector.

Martha: Is purple the mountain range?

S: you are in the right region but they are not showing up in your pictures.  We will try to get detail ones tomorrow, weather allowing.

Martha: I need to take photos of it and ask questions. The cover has a hole that opens or the entire thing comes off. Doesn’t seem to matter.

Martha: And I have trouble seeing well. Suddenly I lose parts of the image. Maybe it’s my eye or I moved but I’m not aware of moving.

Martha: These were taken with my phone held to the lens. It was trying to focus constantly, so not the best way to take a photo. At least I know where to look.

S: All I know is that they are all open and appear to be newly open.  I have no idea the purpose of the pods in the middle but total number we counted was six in a simi-circle and one (goendious) also open with what appears to be another one open without a pod.  These are older craters and not new meteor strikes.  Also, a bridge is appearing within another crater.  Will try and see what we can capture as soon as I can get back with [redacted].

Martha: Another problem is the stronger lens is a different diameter and so I can’t figure out how to use it. Plus, I have a part that fits nowhere. Lol.

S: haha

S: No movement detected but there is definitely something happening at the moon.  I am simply uncertain by whom.

Martha: Yes, I’m eager to see your photos. This is most likely something if the SSP set up there. They’ve been saying disclosure is coming. This may be the start. Opening the bay doors with no screen. I’ve sent the query. There are other major things going on, so it may be a while before she can ask. But this is most interesting. You see the best stuff!

July 31, 2017

 S. Facebook Post: Is anyone else seeing what we are seeing? If so, care to explain?

July 31, 2017




Martha: So you’re the first to see it!

S: ?

S: Each night, I see even more open.  Glad to know I am not merely hallucinating.  ?

Martha: You are not hallucinating!  Lol!

Martha: Is it night there?  It’s 10:00 am here and I’ve lost track. Are you seeing more?

S: late afternoon, not dark yet.  It will not be dark for another 3-4 hours

Martha: Terran is swamped today but will surface tonight. I hope you can get a photo. This will be big!

S: I hope so too!  May have to use the Iphone since [redacted], I found out, is in Athens for the next two weeks on business.

Martha: I hope your iPhone does better than mine!  Lol.

S: hahahahaha…………… me too!

Martha: I found my 9 mm lens. It’s stronger, right?

S: what is the other lens you have?

Martha: 25

Martha: Smaller number is stronger?

S: 9mm should make it more accurate but not as wide a view.  More central view but should be clear with focus.

Martha: I’ll try it tonight.

S: the higher the mm, the wider the view and often more detailed.  But, the 9mm should bring out the highlights on the moon.  Also, if you have a moon filter, apply it to the scope and it will filter out distortions from light and light pollution.

Martha: I have no filter.

S: ok

Martha: Heck I have no Barlow. Lol.

Martha: I can buy bits, once I figure out what I need.

S: Check the filters offered by High Point 1.25 moon filter.  It is around 9 dollars, I think.

Martha: Do you have an attachment that holds the iPhone?

S: plug in to the central frame system of the GPS base of the Meade.  Allows the camera to see what you see.  So, I will give it a go and see what all I can capture.  Using the Iphone6s so should have a relatively good view and capture.

Martha: Cool. Might be something I need in time.

S: ?

S: when you are ready to look for expansion, go to High Point Scientific page and site.  They have great equipment and their prices are excellent.  They know me well, there….. ?

Martha: ?

Martha: Thanks!

S: your telescope should have come with 2 lens and a 2x barlow.  First, attach the 2x barlow to the elbow and then the lens within the 2x barlow.  That will magnify what you are seeing so you can view more detail and less surface area.

Martha: I will have to send a picture.  Nothing seems like an elbow. And no Barlow mentioned in the instructions. None of the parts were labeled except the lenses. And the photos in the instructions were too small. Me is confused.

S: Ok send a picture of what you have.  The elbow is the piece that attaches to the viewing part of the telescope.  It is the piece you place your viewing lens in.  It should have a separate piece that looks like a small tube that fits into the elbow.  In that tube, you would place your viewing lens.  That tube is the 2x barlow.

Martha: Oh!  That’s what a Barlow is. Lol. I’m so clueless.

S: it should be marked, (2x)

Martha: I’ll take some photos. I’m at work now and have company coming tonight. Only one is interested in stars, so I’ll have to mess with it tomorrow.

S: If I am not mistaken, this should be your scope?

 Martha: No.  This one.

Celestron NexStar 130 SLT Telescope Bundle - 31145-BUN1

S: ?

S: should have come with these eye pieces, which include the 2x barlow.

S: 1) 2x barlow, 1) 1.25 moon filter, 1) 9mm, 1) 12mm, 1) 32mm eyepieces.

Martha: I have a 9mm, a 25mm and the do-dad that can adjust in and out by control knobs on each side.  I’ll have to look at the box to see what it said was included.  Nothing seems to have details printed on the side, but maybe I’ve not looked in the right place.  And I have that one piece that’s basically a large open ring.  It fits, but nothing fits inside it.  So it’s a mystery.  I’ll take photos to show you.

Martha:  You see why I’m confused how it works!  LOL.

S: hahahahahaha

Terran: Cool stuff!  I am swamped with legal stuff right now but maybe I can post what you have in morning. Let me know if you have better photos

Martha: ?

S: ?

Martha: Did you get any new photos of the open craters?  Are more open?

S: Yes, just posted on my page.  Two new ones not open last night.

S: I was just experimenting with the 9 mm lens. Much better, but still not detailed enough to see the openings.

Martha: Fabulous!  I’ll go look.

S: pics are with the Iphone via the lens but you can see they are open and also see the inside walls.

Martha: Oooooo!  Going to look!

S: ?

Martha: I posted one of mine.

Martha: Sort of looks like the walls got taller in that one crater. Like pursed lips.

Martha: (I know Terran is following, but he’s really swamped with some stuff right now and has no time to blog. He will get to this. More photos to show the increasing openings will be good. Shows progression. Could you do a before and after?  That might help show the changes.

Martha: This is still really exciting. I’m very surprised no one else is seeing it yet. You guys really know the moon to have noticed. I wonder what they’ll do next to be seen. Wave flags maybe. Lol!

August 1, 2017

S: Facebook post: 

OK my astronomy GEEKS……… Two new craters opened as of tonight. These are not the ones that were captured last night. These were opened sometime between last night and tonight. Anyone care to explain what is going on? NASA, The European Observatory and the various governments are not responding to any of our questions, so any of you guys like to take a shot?!?!?!?!

S to Martha: how about fly five ships of some sort in formation since that is exactly what happened tonight when we first focused on the moon.  Unfortunately, they were moving prior to our attempt of taking armature pictures, but they were orb shape and not sure if it was how the sun hit them, but they appeared white/silver.

Martha: Hahaha!  Even better than flying a flag. If they did it once, they’ll do it again. Keep an eye out. If they didn’t want to be seen, they’d be much less obvious.

S: ?

August 3, 2017

Martha: Have you seen anything interesting this past night?  I was just looking. The open craters seem to be on the just illuminated edge. As illumination moves on, they close?  I’m wishing I could zoom in closer.

S: One interesting thing I saw. Now, we have clouds. Thin right now and they were passing by. Plus, my eyes have floaters and I see them against the bright. But this was neither of those. In the dark, just beyond the edge, I’m quite sure I saw what looked like a bubble, very briefly and then it was gone. The size was about as big as the crater that looks like the navel of the huge moon orange. I don’t know the name of that structure. I saw nothing flying, but I may not have the strength to see that much detail.

Martha: I’m just reading your description of the orbs you saw flying in formation. Perhaps that’s what this was. It was at the 1:00 position in my flipped image. Just beyond the lighted edge.

S: ?





S: WOW…………. So, do you know, are others asking and seeing the same as what we are seeing?  It appears most are completely unaware of what is happening.

Martha: I’ve not heard of anyone else commenting on open craters.

Martha: But so many don’t pay attention.

S: That[s true.  Thank you so much for asking.  It makes me feel better knowing what is happening since each night, we are seeing new and exciting things.  ?

Martha: Everything is gradually changing. Keep watching!  And let us know what you see. It’s very exciting.

S: You are right about people not paying attention.  You can see that among the people who comment on the post, when we do post things that are different from what people would assume.  I think people are so distracted with political hoop-la, that they are missing the greater picture.  Maybe they will wake up soon.  I hope.

August 16, 2017

Well, my fellow stargazing GEEKS, the open craters are back.   I told you guys I was not the only one watching them and also capturing when they open.  Here are pictures from someone else who is noticing the same as I.

August 20, 2017 

S Facebook Post: Ok………… So……….. someone wish to explain who is flying in-&-out of Cygnus between the two stars Deneb and Sadr?  Also why are the changing course at Sadr and heading E-NE?  Anyone have a clue?  4 objects thus far, no flashing lights, too fast for satellites and outside of earth’s atmosphere.  Sooooooooo………

 August 24, 2017 S Facebook Post: New craters open as of August 24, 2017.  Total of eight now open in mountainous region. Anyone want to explain?  Sorry about the crappy pictures I did not have the ASO with me. 25mm lens with 3x Barlow and iPhone 6.