See the Judge Upon the Bench

By Anna Von Reitz

My kids often come and ask questions, children from many places and many lands, many religions, and many races, all beloved.
I write this so that you can better understand.

Law is an evil thing, that would not be necessary except that we are all infected with a loathsome disease of the mind and spirit.
This illness creates a parasite that we mistake as ourselves. We cannot easily detect it as anything separate from ourselves. It takes much patience and discernment to catch this thief.
For it is a thief that steals who we truly are from us.
Battling this thief requires a plan and the knowledge that this parasite exists. It requires courage. It requires humility. And triumph requires the intercession of God Almighty, because we cannot overcome this evil alone.
God must fight for us.
So we should not look to “law” as an answer or seek justice according to our own understanding. Law is there as a standard we cannot meet.
Yes, I am a Justice, but I am here to judge the Law. Not you.
There are those who have set themselves up as priests to rule over others, to pretend to decide our salvation or condemnation, to act as priests of justice and priests of health, too. Do not believe them.
There is only one true Judge of you, and he is your Father in Heaven.
So know that we all fight this parasite. We are not who we think we are. Nobody else is who they think they are, either.
And the Law is not any answer.
Love is the only answer.

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